Lindsey Becker


Gender: Female

Kit: Physical

Location: Moebius


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: supreme (rank 3)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: ultimate (rank 4)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Fame Points: -25

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Sincere Poet

Moebius Annual Science Convention, the gathering of the youth’s most gifted minds. Or maybe the worlds most spoiled brats, paying their way to a bright future. To know that I’m categorized in the same group as this bunch of Neanderthals sickens me. This year is going to be different; I need finally to show the board of Moebius science division that could take over where my father left off. I’m more than just the pretty red-head with the massive inheritance her father left after his death.

My father was one of the greatest technological geniuses Moebius had ever seen. He changed the world with his inventions. Things like his prosthetic limbs powered by enhanced muscles or his self-sustaining energy source. Perhaps most of all, his discovery of the new element Sollinium, a metal so durable it could only be named after the most powerful man ever to live. After my father’s death I studied over his work, striving to be like him, to be better than him. After months isolated in his labs, trying to create something better than he could, the idea sprang into my head. Immediately I began working on my project.


The board of Moebius’ science division was the judges for the science convention. They were looking for the replacement for my father. They followed behind my Mr.Wagler, my father’s rival on the board. He walked forward to my invention, speaking in a jealous and spiteful tone.

“Well Ms.Becker, let us see what you‘ve brought to present to the board.”

I uncovered my project revealing to the judges my latest invention, they seemed genuinely impressed, everyone except for Mr.Wagler. “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, Becker Industries latest and most innovative technology to date. The Sollinium Suit!” The judges stared at the suit writing notes onto their clipboard, Mr.Wagler chuckled.

“Ms.Becker how is this insufferable fashion statement worth judging?”

Looking into his eyes I could see the mockery screaming through his gaze. “You see Mr.Wagler; this suit is designed to give you superhuman strength, through the power of the Nano-suit built in. The self-sustaining energy core powers the strength, flight, various implemented gadgets and the A.I. I’ve also created a Sollinium weave it makes the armor flexible and otherwise impenetrable. That, Mr.Wagler, is what makes it worth judging.”


Weakness: Thermal

      Character Weakness to Thermal:


“Quite impressive Ms. Becker I must say.” He made no attempt to hide the sarcasm in his voice. “But I have some problems with the suit.” He smirked pausing for a moment.

“And that would be?”

“You’re right about one thing, the Sollinium is impenetrable, arguably one of your father’s greatest accomplishments creating it.” He was beating around bush, treating me like I was still an infant. He worked on a lot of my father’s inventions with him, knowing much of the Sollinium.

“Theoretically, if the suit was put under extreme amounts of heat, the delicate equipment you’ve put within the armor would overheat, and most if not all of your equipment would fail in minutes. This would leave you as worthless as a turtle lying on its back.” He had me beat.

“Regardless of this minor flaw, you can’t deny the success of my creation.”

“You’re quite right Ms.Becker, you’re suit is quite the successful creation. But…” He paused again reveling in the satisfaction that he was going to crush my pride. “This is merely a compilation of your father’s work, put into the form of one creation, thus you didn’t create it and are denied into our board.”


Nano-Suit Enhanced Strength

     Enhanced Strength: supreme


After my humiliation at the Science Convention, I used what money I had to make some practical improvements, much needed in the suit. I still had Moebius contacts inside to send me resources that I desperately needed. Not only was my suit getting stronger, but I trained my mind and body everyday as well. I took pilot classes, combat training, anything to make myself better.

As humiliated and depressed as I was from that defeat, it made me a better person, it made me realize that I was never going to be better than my father. I would always be in his shadow as long as I continued to follow in his footsteps. I’d have to become something more than him to make the world a better place than he had.

I had to become a hero.


ALERT//: Incoming Meteor, Destination Khazan. ETA – 30 Minutes.

“Send extra power to the suits flight systems, the sooner we get this done the better. The suit should be more than enough to push this thing off course.”

LEAVING EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE//: Oxygen Levels 5%, 15 Minutes of Air.

“That’s more than enough time to finish this job off.”


Sollinium and Kinetic Absorbing Plates

     Enhanced Endurance: ultimate


Leaving Earth’s atmosphere, I feel the gravitational pull let go. Scanning the emptiness of space around me, it wasn’t hard to locate the meteor. Flying towards it, I get a better idea of how big it really is, it may as well be classify as a moon. “Transfer the extra power from flight to Nano-Suit. Let’s smash this bad boy”

TRANSFER COMPLETE//: Probability of Success – 35%

“That’s… comforting. Remind me to remove probability of success calculator when we get ba…”

The meteor slammed into my while my attention was focused on more improvements. The Sollinium held up against the impact, and my body remained unharmed thanks to the kinetic absorption plates I’d installed. Unfortunately I was hurled further away from the meteor. I needed to catch it before it entered earth’s atmosphere. Making my way back in front of it I pushed against it, feeling it slow down but not nearly enough. We were in the Earth’s atmosphere already, and I felt the weight shift against me as meteor began being pulled in by gravity. If I was going to stop this I needed to act fast.

WARNING//: Atmospheric Re-Entry Overheating Against Meteor. Estimated time of failure – 1 Minute!


Learning From my Mistakes

     Energy Absorption: superior (rank 2)


WARNING//: Power Level Dropping 80% - 70% - 60%...

The heat was bearing down on the electronics, the suits A.I. was beginning to fade in and out of static. “Activate Energy Absorption now!” The most important lesson I learned from Mr.Wagler was my suits weakness, I’ll have to send him a thank you card when this is done.

ACTIVATING//: Thermal Energy Absorbed: Power returning to 70% - Electronic Still Overheating!

I’ve bought myself time but not much. I need a game-plan or Khazan is going to be crushed. “Find any weak point in this thing and fast, put extra power into the flight systems to get this thing slowing down!” Sweat was pouring out of every inch of my body, if the suit didn’t overheat completely I might. I noticed the meteor had grown slightly smaller at least during re-entry.

SEARCHING//: Targeting Weak Points Complete. Transferring Energy into Nano-Suit Strength.

Feeling the meteor slow down I slammed my fist into the points of vulnerability, the meteor crumbled against the force. The trouble wasn’t over though; now we just had a ton smaller meteors hurdling towards the ground.


Mach 5

     Flight: supreme (rank 3)


WARNING//: Estimated Time of Impact – 2 Minutes

“Put remaining energy into the flight systems and we’ll find a safe place to put these things.” My speed increased drastically. To the people below I must have looked like a fighter jet flying back and forth grabbing the rocks and tossing them into the ocean. As serious as the situation was, I felt a strong feeling of excitement. The people below may not have known who it was that saved them, but the self-satisfaction of being a hero was all that I needed.

Flinging the last of the chunks into the ocean I stopped and smiled, patting myself on the back. “A job well done Lindsey.”

WARNING//: Power Level 5% Shutting Down Flight and Combat Systems

“That’s not good..” I began plummeting down towards the earth at god knows what speed and height. There wasn’t anything I could do now, but pray the Sollinium and Kinetic Absorbing plates were still active and did what they were designed to do.

Slamming into the ground my body laid in a massive crater outside of the city. I started to uncontrollably laugh, screaming and cheering as loud as I could. “I’m Alive!!”


An Ever Evolving Technology

     Gadgetry: supreme (rank 3)


After that day I made many more improvements on my suit, implementing new gear from energy cannons, to EMP grenades, while still working on improving the current equipment already installed. The great thing about technology is it’s always improving and evolving. Allowing my suit to become even more powerful.

Another thing I realized that day, was that I was born to be there hero I made myself become. Being a hero is the greatest feeling, having that sense of responsibility to do the right thing whenever the opportunity presents itself. I guess you could say I found the legacy I want to leave behind.

I’d take up the legacy that Sollus left behind, and become the greatest hero ever to have lived.