John D. Strayne


Gender: Male

Kit: Elemental

Location: Khazan City, alt.


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: ultimate (rank 4)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: weak (rank 0)


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Inside a dark laboratory, two scientists were quietly working. The silence wasn't broken until one activated an audio recorder and began speaking.

"Progress log on Project Sollus Recreation; Dr.'s Vincent and Amelia Abraham, July 5th, 1978. Stagnated progress has led to cut funds for what is believed to be a pointless effort for 'a backup god'. The project has moved in-house, however I have belief we are nearing both scientific breakthrough and the ultimate failsafe; after all the past has shown gods can die, one raised by man may prove useful. Amelia's efforts in gaining a sample of Sollus appear fruitiful, even with it's acquisition in some ways...ambiguous. The genetic sample shall be our crown jewel unless proven otherwise, even so splicing with other donors was necessary to prevent degeneration during the embryo transfer process of subject John Doe, designation DNA Strain #1-993S." Vincent states as the process unfolds in front of him. He's embraced by Amelia however as the two step back, Abraham expresses his worry.

"This is where things get unpredictable. Dangerous in your case." he cites. She disagrees.

"How else will you give me a son?" she teases. "We both know the dangers. I'm prepared".


"Progress log on Project Sollus Recreation; Dr. Vincent Abraham,, umm...let's just say the 12th anniversary of subject #1-993S's birth and...well, yes." Abraham grunts, not in the best of shape and recalling bad memories. After collecting his thoughts, he continues with the log.

"Subject 993S, or John Strayne as he's preferred, is genetically stable as far as I can tell given the donors are unknown....regardless, the intellectual regiment has compensated well. He is more valuable than ever now and nobody needs a juvenile with powers like his taking charge. On that note, the powers stemming from unique biochemistry increases daily, comparisons to earlier sessions show huge stamina increases. Training has been lax recently, unorthodox for him but it's been a big week in the worst way. The imprisonment and death of Sollus is still news, and even I'm starting to regret my criticisms of him. John's taken it particularly hard and I've seldom seen him since the initial report." Abraham notes before shutting off the audio log. Things were silent, normally he'd have to shout at John to quiet down during the taping.

"John?!" Vincent calls out but the only noise came from the library.


Limited Power Source

      Character Weakness to Energy Absorption:


Inside the library Strayne was motionless, his eyes practically glued to the tv. From the looks of things he hadn't moved since the first breaking news report...three days ago. In hindsight the lack of noise form him corroborated that.

"John. Tell me you've rested." Vincent calls out.

"I'm still plenty charged." John replies. "Just leave if you don't care. They've just gotten inside info, we might figure out something new!"

"John, you're being foolish! This won't solve anything." Abraham shouts angrily before shutting off the tv. Strayne isn't amused, but the doctor was continues his own raging. "My notes on you are quite incomplete, you could waste away now for all I know. Daily recharging is a must...your lifeforce powers everything about you, powers and all. If it dissipates for any reason. Dead. At least understand that!" Dr. Abraham shouts.

"I said I'm charged enough, I don't need energy to watch TV. This is important to me Abraham. I need to know, Sollus...Now I pick up from his place, I'm practically his descendant".

"He wasn't a walking rechargeable battery, understand that. You might be called upon, but if you're this neglectful what can you be trusted with?!"


Strength Approaching the Gods

     Enhanced Strength: ultimate


"So you find something, what then? Will you handle it?" Vincent asks. Strayne is unsure and this just angers Vincent further.

"...If I need too." is what Strayne responds.

"What do you hope to accomplish? Childish and overconfident, your too young to do any good. Hmph...Amelia gave her life to birth you, the next Sollus, but now I doubt there was even a single enzyme of him in that vial." Vincent spitefully claims. Under pressure or not, the 'clone' had enough insults and retaliates. His feet make impressions in the marble floor as he acts, Vincent was lifted by his throat with ease. He thrashed helplessly, but to Strayne it was like holding up a yapping dog.

"Take it back!" Strayne growls though he did nothing else to hurt his creator.

"Would you feel better if I was dead?" he asks, trying to diffuse the situation in his own way. It works and Strayne quickly releases his grip. Vincent catches his breath. Both apologize for being out of line, today held bad memories; old and new. Vincent turned on the TV and Strayne said he had a cake ready.

"For Amelia." he says, unaware how things will change dramatically.


Ability of the 'Son' of a Scientist

     Enhanced Intelligence: superior


Years later in that very Khazan suburban home, the two are in the middle of moving machinery. The years had taken a toll on both but they acted with purpose. The younger individual moves several power sources into place. When he's done he turns on a recorder.

"Resistance group log; John. D Strayne with Dr. Vincent Abraham, July 20th 1997. Six years since the takeover and Miss March's teleport still hasn't been discovered missing, a godsend. Rerouting power from a nearby Fallen outpost has proven successful. No scouts intercepted us. Dad's in the middle of reconfiguring the power source, once he calibrates the travel path we're going home." Strayne says before turning to Abraham who was fitting the batteries onto the machinery. According to several independent calculations in the resistance, theirs included, the modifications should allow the user to move through time. Time is exactly what they needed. The older doctor smirks as he finishes his job.

"1986...perfect time frame to get the job done. Prevent this horrid event." Vincent speaks confidently but Strayne seemed hesitant.

"Save Sollus....prevent the takeover. Always thought Werewolf would be going".

"He's a good candidate, eager, but it's fitting that you go back..."


Disadvantage from living in a warzone

     Weak Enhanced Charisma: weak


"Fitting? On paper maybe, but all this has made me a soldier, not a hero." Strayne grunts, unsure about what to do next. "Wanderlust would know exactly what to do".

"He might, and your right the years haven't panned out exactly but that doesn't mean you can't be a symbol of hope. You have been to me even as those evil bastards closed in on us. We just have to try harder, we'll work on one-liners and everything." Abraham jokes. The wording still confused Strayne.

"As in us together?" he questions suspiciously. "what about not running into the past us? I can change myself if need be but you..."

"I'm quite sure I won't long as you're confident. We have to save Sollus but if for some reason we can't then replacing him is the next step. You have all the potential to become the hero and you know it. Complaining will just lower your chances of reaching it. It's do or die. You can become so much more than you are, just believe that." dr. Abraham states. Strayne sighs.

"I'll definitely try."

"Right now, you're a better pick than Wanderlust Werewolf could ever be..." Abraham says confidently.


Durability of a Symbol

     Armor: superior (rank 2)


Vincent compounds the statement by looking at his 'son' confidently.

"Besides he's across town" Vincent points out quickly. "Two of him running around could go either way but're a fresh start. Something familiar yet essential. I'm confident you can do this." Abraham comment. Strayne understands and heads for the closet upstairs for something meant for a better time. A super suit tailored to his size capable of not tearing under the most situations and it held a good charge for Strayne to utilize in a pinch. Useful but he wasn't impressed, what was armor to a bulletproof man? Still, he humored Abraham.

"How does it feel?" Abraham asks upon seeing him.

"I feel stupid." Strayne growls as he stretches; the spandex suit proved thick, at least compared to his usual attire of sweats and a muscle shirt. Vincent applauds him though.

"Now that's the look of a hero".

"It's the look of a guy with no dress sense." Strayne retorts, but Vincent seemed to think that was the point. This was exemplified when he reached into the closet and pulled out a biker jacket.

"Something to tie it together. Very late 80's". Strayne waves it off.


Power taken from the Unknown

     Flight: standard (rank 1)


Before the two could argue further a sonic boon grabs their attention.

"A plane?" Vincent questions.

"A scout...damn, they might've tracked." Strayne growls. Abraham is confused.

"With all the ruckus Wanderlust was supposed to make downtown? I don't like this". Strayne agreed, but he knew that plane could ruin everything.

"Start up the machine, we're leaving now. I'm going to handle a bothersome fly".

"Ok just be careful, don't let them bait you into a fight." Abraham warns as Strayne moves towards the nearest window, more used to the segmented joints of the armor now. He quickly steps off the second floor before taking off after the plane. "Go get him." Abraham smirks, powered flight was one of the powers he couldn't explain but he thought Strayne made it work. With him gone, Abraham does as told and rushes back downstairs to activate the machine. After flipping a few switches and praying, the jury rigged time machine seemed to hold as a portal opens.

"If only there as someone I could boast this to..." he snarks before something crashes through the house. Twisted metal reaches down to the basement and knocks Abraham on his ass. Strayne handled the plane.


An External Force to Defend with

     Kinetic: superior (rank 2)


The good doctor takes a few moments to recover from the crash, only to realize a gaping hole in the ceiling. Seconds later Strayne enters through it and calls out for him.

"That couldnt've been a cleaner takedown?" Abraham complains, luckily both individuals find that the teleport was unharmed in the crash.

"You didn't hear the dogfight outside? Catching it was I crashed into it." Strayne grins. No harm seemed to be done to him despite playing chicken with a predator drone. The suit even survived the impact. He thumbs up, energized, before checking progress. Abraham explains that it worked, but to be sure they should wait. "Well make it quick, I spotted ground forces following the drone. If we've gotta wait, I'll give those things something to shoot." Strayne says before flying back out the hole in the ceiling. He quickly re-acquires the squad, they were machines- which means he wasn't going to play nice He makes a beeline for them but the robot with a rocket had good aim and knocks Strayne out of the sky. Despite not having cat DNA, Strayne lands on his feet.

"Didn't hurt." Strayne taunts at the incoming assassins.


Weaponization of Vengance

     Electricity: standard (rank 1)

  • Area Affect


The robots respond by firing away on Strayne but he defends as energy arcs around him, the only hint he was protected by more than tough skin. The bullets glance off his frame or flat out drop to the floor, energizing him rather than hurting. he smirks, anything other than robots might've been scared but Strayne decided to beat fear into their programming. The arcing electricity becomes more noticeable, around his arms in particular. They open fire again, but this time Strayne was faster and took initiative. He weathered the assault until he got close enough to smash the first one's head in. Two different attackers try to grab Strayne from behind but an electrified fist sends both flying back into the crowd.

"Leave it to Syndicates to send literal drones to handle a problem." Strayne grunts before realizing he was outnumbered by about thirty still. Realizing he didn't have time for this, and he had some extra juice stored up, taking them all in one go was the plan. As the robots came in Strayne focuses as the energy aura expands until he releases it in an explosion. When the dust cleared Strayne was surrounded by fried hardware.


A Final Gift from Sollus

     Healing: superior (rank 2)


While Strayne handled the main force outside, Dr. Abraham was putting the finishing touches on the portal. He looks on, reminiscing about rule under the villains. How they could stop it and prevent the carnage. He was too busy musing on what could be if they succeed when he's shot in the back.

"No.." he coughs, dropping to the floor. The world starts to spin as he bleeds out. There's a faint crash, but he wasn't in shape to pay attention. Only after everything subsided did he start to...feel better.

"Dad!" cuts through his clouded thoughts. He see's Strayne whose happy to see his desperation act work. Abraham looks himself over, the wound closed and healed up. Abraham felt he was seeing Sollus incarnate. "I'm so glad that worked." Strayne chuckles, amazed at himself. Abraham reciprocates the feeling, happier than he's been in awhile. Both quickly stands up but to their dismay the time machine was also shot in the struggle.

"Will it still work?" Strayne asks.

"Yes...but I have no idea where we're landing, relay circuit's ruined. 1986 is a bust." Abraham frowns, though Strayne walks them through the portal, unfazed.

"Fingers crossed then."