Gender: Male

Kit: Transformation

Location: Port of Kings


Alignment: Hero

Team: KALI


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: ultimate (rank 4)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Fame Points: 25

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Rick Crowley died doing the right thing.

As the gunman raised his pistol, time slowed to a crawl for Rick. He looked from the muzzle of the gun to his fellow hostages and saw it was trained onto the woman a few feet next to him. No, wait, she's just a girl. Certainly younger than he was.

Good. That made it logical, though no less stupid for him to do what he was about to do. He knew it was stupid. That he was just being stubborn. He was terrified, but he had to do it... no, he didn't have to, he chose to. He told himself it was instinct that made him, but those precious seconds that lasted forever gave him all the time in the world to admit that it wasn't instinct. It was choice.

Putting himself between the girl and the gunman, Rick took the full barrage of bullets and died within minutes of bleeding out on the floor.

The gunman gave the authorities another hour before he would kill another hostage. It didn't matter. Fifteen minutes later, the gunman was taken down. No one else was harmed.

Rick Crowley died doing the right thing.


What would you do if you had all the power in the world, but no responsibility to go with it? What if you had power that others could only fantasize about? What if you were essentially, a god?

What would you do?

For Crow-Man, the answer to that was simple. He would do the right thing. Not because he was some unrealistic paragon of virtue, but because what else was he going to do? Since waking up from the morgue... and with resurrection, came the knowledge that he was power incarnate; Crow-Man has anguished over the simplicity of his answer. But in the end, it was all too obvious.

He held no debt to anyone, but he was also too far beyond mankind for any earthly desire to matter to him anymore. What drove him henceforth, was his moral code. A code he thought he had to eventually forego, but yearned to live by anyway. The childish sense of chivalry he had to give up in order to live in a world of "grown-ups".

Now he can.

Rick Crowley did the right thing in spite of the consequences. Crow-Man does the right thing with no fear of consequences.


Unkillable Are The Dead

     Enhanced Endurance: ultimate


The earth soaked in his blood.

He wasn't just a man who would have sacrificed himself for others, he was a man who had already done so. For this, the Powers That Be saw fit to "reward" Rick Crowley.

Crow smiled the smile of crows, and when has one ever seen a crow smile?

He was to have been returned from the dead. Made undead, but not alive.

Crow interfered, as Crow was wont to do. Crow would not allow such a travesty to occur. It wasn't that Crow wanted to save Rick from the mockery of justice that was to be played upon him. It was simply because Crow was, is and ever will be a bastard, even to the gods. No, especially to them. Thus, where They would have merely granted Rick unlife, Crow gifted him with Quantum Life.

The faintest sliver of existence. So faint that it couldn't even be considered as actual life. And where there is no life, there can be no death.

Try as one might, killing Crow-Man may well be an impossibility. Even were he to be shuffled off his mortal coil, his life would persevere and he would return anon.


Acts of Crow-Man

     Reality Warping: ultimate (rank 4)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Long Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Super Area of Effect
  • Multi-Attack
  • Target Seeker


Miraculously, the crew of the Challenger survived the explosion of the space shuttle. But as the crew compartment careened toward the ocean at 200 miles per hour, their fates were nonetheless sealed... until their descent was somehow slowed and the compartment mysteriously brought ashore. Not everyone survived, but four of them did. It was better than a complete loss of life.

The Indian Ocean earthquake claimed an estimated 230000 to 280000 lives. But as investigations would reveal, it could have been much worse. If not for several incredible happenstances, experts say the death toll could have easily exceeded 300000.

The 3rd Nibiru Impact would be averted altogether, saving the whole of humanity.

All over the world, across space and time, both seen and unseen, lives were saved. The majority of these "interventions" went unnoticed. Sometimes, not all were saved, but things could have been worse. Most times, it would be just a few individuals involved, but it all added up. Always, life was prioritized. Unlike some purveyors of justice, collateral damage was kept to a minimum.

Call them beneficent acts of god, luck or just plain happy coincidence.

I call them the works of Crow-Man.


The Strange Origin of Morality

     Creature Form: standard (rank 1)


His mother was a liar. He knew that. She was also a gambler, though he never knew how much that contributed to her leaving because of the sharks. He barely saw his father before the divorce, and it wouldn't be for years before he knew just how much debt his dad had to pay off to the sharks. Regardless, that only made him respect his father more.

But respect or no, dad wasn't around during his formative years and he always knew his mom was a bad influence. So as silly as it may seem, the one who taught him to do good rather than bad... was television. It may seem ludicrous, he knew TV was fake, but still, he wanted to live in a world where people were basically good inside and that karma favored the kind.

He held onto his naivete for as long as life would let him, and just when he thought life finally beat the "rightness" out of him, it came back and got him killed.

And now, upon the grave of Crowley Sr, the unnatural mist that covered it coalesced into a crow and flew away.

The right thing wasn't going to do itself.


Flight of the Crow-Man

     Flight: standard (rank 1)


By flapping its wings, a bird can achieve lift due to the lower pressure above its wings and higher pressure below it. After that, it's just a matter of further flapping the wings to create thrust as well as more lift. Gliding is interjected to maintain or control speed and altitude while reducing calorie usage.

This is not at all how Crow-Man flies of course. He could do it this way, but that's not how he usually rolls.

The precise mechanism of how he flies is pointless to describe simply for the fact that it is utterly impossible. But he does it anyway.

Crow, the entity who had a hand (or claw rather) in Crow-Man's rebirth, would approve. Chaos and impossibilities were almost always welcomed. Crow does not approve much else of Crow-Man though, being as Crow is malevolent by nature while Crow's creation is just the opposite. The former mere mortal paid Crow no heed.

Crow-Man was happy. The petty squawking of both gods and the masses did not bother him at all. Power without consequences.

It might never be a perfect world, but he could work to make it a better one.