Gender: Male

Kit: Physical

Location: Venus Junction, Khazan


Alignment: Hero

Team: The Angels of Mercy


Strength: ultimate (rank 4)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Fame Points: 75

Personal Wins: 2

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Deep underneath the grimy sin plastered streets of Venus Junction, passed the blood soaked soil blanketed by steel, gravel and concrete, down in the depths of the Shadow Brig; the grisly vigilante known as SynSlayer sat bound to a chair surrounded by Roscoe McCoy, The Broker and the teenaged Mr.Styx who stood in front of a tall empty suit of armor. The golden flames of the torches that lit the chamber cast shadows that crept into the grotesque hieroglyphs that adorned the walls "So let me get this straight. You, the Syndicate wants to turn me into a super-powered hero?"

"Correction, we want to turn you into a super-powered vigilante." replied Mr.Styx.


"Because of the recent death of Sollus. As much as I hated the man, at the end of the day he protected us from calamities that even the most powerful organization on the planet couldn't stop. So my friends and I have decided to make one."

"I spent my life on these streets, your streets, doing horrible things in the name of justice and you believe that I would be the perfect replacement for him; do you even know what that man represented?"


Mr.Styx walked towards the leather clad vigilante and brought his face a few inches away from the edge of SynSlayer's nose "I know exactly what Sollus represented. He represented a fantasy that all humans believe in from the moment they can conceive what a hero is; or at least used to believe in. Before Sollus' imprisonment and death it was thought that it was possible to have both absolute power and immaculate virtue; that one could protect the world efficiently without breaking the rules."

Mr.Styx stood up and turned his back to SynSlayer "Even when he destroyed their cities never did their beliefs waver, but now their paradigms are shifting from naivety into truth." he turned towards Synslayer and continued "You will be the hero of their new truth, a man not afraid to do what needs to be done for the safety of the world."

"What do you vultures want in return?" snarled Synslayer.

"We simply want you to protect the world from it's occasional calamities and from those who would destroy it. As long as you stay away from Syndicate affairs we will ensure the public's adoration."


Sealed In Blood

      Character Weakness to Mind Control:


The room was filled with tension as SynSlayer contemplated the offer presented to him. He closed his eyes and exhaled as he responded "I've been protecting the streets for twenty years trying every approach to stop your filth from contaminating the city; I've killed, robbed and kidnapped so many people that I'm starting to wonder who the real villain is. I'm sick of it!" he opened his eyes "I'm tired of sacrificing my life for nothing and if accepting this deal will allow me to make a real difference, you have your man."

As he finished speaking Roscoe shoved his cybernetic hand into his chest and ripped out his heart. The Broker walked up Roscoe took out a large syringe filled with blood and impaled the heart injecting it's contents into the muscle "What the hell was that?" exclaimed Roscoe in shock.

"The blood of a few members of the Syndicate." replied The Broker "The Armor of Erebus is powered and controlled by the heart and blood that is placed within it. I just ensured that SynSlayer acts in the Syndicates best interest. As long as our blood remains in that heart, the Syndicate will be able to influence him."


Raw Power

     Enhanced Strength: ultimate


Chaos ripped through Holiday Avenue as the ground violently undulated sending buildings toppling towards the frantic crowds that sought to escape the source of the unbridled destruction. The cacophony of horrid screams and crumbling structures were muddled by the savage bellows of a colossal tentacled titan that thrashed through the town in blind fury. High above the catastrophic attack, fighter jets swarmed around the monstrosity unleashing a hellish arsenal upon it that only served to intensify it's rage.

On the decimated streets below a news team scrambled through the debris trying to to as near to the action as possible. As they climbed over wrecked cars and steel beams a massive tank hurtled in their direction. The teams camera man lifted his camera in an attempt to capture his final moments when what seemed like a black bolt of lightning shot into the tank sending it vaulting in the air.

As the smoke cleared the image of a pitch black suit that seemed to absorb the radiance of the sun came into view "Do you idiots have a death wish? This ain't some bank robbery, now get your asses out of here now!"


The Erebus Armor

     Armor: ultimate (rank 4)


The news team stared at their obsidian savior in awe as the beast started lumbering in their direction "Get the hell out here!" roared the voice in the armor in annoyance.

The news team's reporter raised her mic and cleared her throat "I'm sure the people of Khazan would love to know the name of their savior."

"My name is Erebus, now leave because from here on out I ain't responsible for anything that happens to you." snarled Erebus as he flew towards the monster leaving a trail of black smokey energy behind him. As he approached the creature, massive scaled tentacles assaulted him with staggering force sending tremors through the air as they impacted his body sending gushes of slimy blue blood on to the surroundings as he ripped through each tendril unfazed.

Erebus clenched his fist to strike the beast when he heard the news reporter scream "WATCH OUT!"

Out of nowhere a huge missile crashed into his body releasing a blinding explosion that vaporized the surrounding buildings and sent the behemoth crashing into the ground with a bloody shriek.

When the dazzling flare subsided only the odor of ozone and Erebus' shadowy figure remained in the air.


Obsidian Essence

     Chi Manipulation: ultimate (rank 4)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Super Area of Effect


"Idiot's." mumbled Erebus as floated in the air cloaked in a shadowy aura that emanated from the creases of the armor.

"Who are you?" boomed a voice cloaked by the sounds of rocket propulsion and the groans of the monster as he rose from the ground.

Erebus turned to see the gleaming suit of Miss March as she hovered towards him "So the SLJ has finally decided to grace us with their presence."

"Dozens of these things have popped up around the world, we're stretched thin." the beast roared releasing a burst of fire that struck the duo sending Miss March flying into a building that started to collapse.

Below the falling rubble was the news team interviewing a crowd of citizens. Erebus lifted his arm in the crowds direction sending out a stream of caliginous energy that formed a dome around them stopping the rubble from crushing them while Miss March attacked the monster.

"A little help here!" shouted Miss March as she dodged flailing tentacles.

Erebus turned his other hand towards the creature sending out a huge burst of energy that tore through the beast sending it falling to the ground with a gaping hole in it's head.



     Emotion Manipulation: standard (rank 1)


"Welcome back to the Caesar Show. We'll be switching topics to the newest hero in Khazan, Erebus. With me I have Percy Siren and Hermes Guile senators from Venus Junction and Storm City respectively. So gentlemen, what do you think of our new hero?"

"I like him." started Percy as he pushed back his blond hair "I think he's the type of hero we've been waiting for; he's powerful, efficient and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty."

"Saying he's not not afraid to get his hands dirty is kind of an understatement. He's been around for a month and he has.......'eliminated' more villains than some heroes do in a year. Aren't you afraid he's sending the wrong message?" asked Ceasar.

"Not at all." replied Hermes "I agree with Percy. Erebus may be crass and a tad bit raw but at the end end of the day we can be sure the villains he stops wont be coming back, and I don't think I have to mention the lack of collateral damage. In my opinion he's an improvement from a certain fallen hero."

"Well viewers, there you have it. Erebus has done the impossible and has received bipartisan endorsements."