Bog Girl


Gender: Female

Kit: Elemental

Location: Ekindha Labs, Moebius


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Creed


Strength: supreme (rank 3)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: supreme (rank 3)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Kate Awesome Is Awesome

At the time of my death I was hungry, tired and lost. But I would happily experience this tenfold if it meant that I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life with him. Maybe the tip off should’ve been when we learned this man lived in the middle of a swamp but I wasn’t the one who decided upon this.

I watched my once pristine white lace dress slowly turn from a tinged yellow, to brown like milk chocolate to the inky black of the waters of the wetland. It took all my strength not to take a sip of the parasite riddled muck. The strength to stand or even kneel had been long gone. I crawled and waded through the thick mud as I felt it rise past my wrists, over my forearms and up to my elbows.

I kept fighting and yet slowly I sank deeper into the filth. The water hit my chin, past my mouth, over my nose as I my vision was just above the water line. The more I struggled the deeper I went under until the murky darkness of the bog engulfed my vision.

My screams were unheard. My prayers unanswered. My struggle for survival was unseen except for the slight ripple on the waters surface.

My name was Lilly Bogart and I died a hundred years ago.


My mother had good intentions. She was a seamstress and worked at a textile factory. I say was because due to an accident she had lost one of her hands at the factory. It was one of the many strings of unfortunate events for the poor woman. I was another one of those events. She believed my father when he said he would protect her in exchange of one night of passion. To this day I never met the man.

Church became my mother’s salvation after that. My earliest memories were of my mother dressing me up in my finest clothes and carrying me into mass. We would pray and sing and those were my happiest memories. However the salvation of church was fleeting. Soon we would return to our tiny apartment where I would be forced to help with chores while my mother would try to make something out her meager earnings.

To prevent me from going down the same path as her she courted me with many of the men of the church. Some were my age but most were much older. For all their talk of love and salvation they were a nasty lot, spouting their hate for everything that didn’t fall in line with who they were.

I was to be wed to David Warwick. He was a particularly nasty individual who picked fights with the catholic Irish when he went out drinking. Mother made me spend time with him during which when he wasn’t thumping the bible he was thumping my face.

Here I am, standing in front of a mirror as my mother tries to apply something to my face to cover the bruising around my eyes. Soon I will be forever trapped thanks to an obligation thrust upon me by mistakes and misinformation. My mother tells me I look beautiful, my long blonde hair passed my shoulders as she gives me a moment to look at myself in the mirror by myself.

All my eyes can focus on though is the open window.


Weakness: Fire

      Character Weakness to Fire:


I was dead. Or so I thought. When the eternal darkness enveloped I was certain it was a confirmation that there was no afterlife or salvation. For long stretches of time there was no thought or attempts to regain consciousness.

There was doubt though. The recurring nightmare of a forest in flames and me trapped in the middle. If I was dead why was I dreaming? Or did I just so happen to show up in hell and was tortured with the horrible visions before being fully tortured.

I had one last dream two weeks ago and then I stopped having them.


Enhanced Strength

     Enhanced Strength: supreme


Two weeks ago I came back to life.

I opened my eyes and saw nothing by thick mud. I coughed and breathed and only sucked in the ooze. I wasn’t sure why I kept trying to find some way to survive. In my head I know I had faced death before. I guess that’s why I didn’t fear it anymore.

My arms strained to pull myself up from the bottom of the swamp. They tore through the loose dirt as I felt like I was swimming through it. Pushing my way to the surface I threw my head up and back as it peeked out of the mud. Looking around the swamp had changed. The trees had overgrown, their large limbs sagging under the weight of thick leaves. Meanwhile I watched debris float by in the murky depths.

My body refused to budge. Looking around I noticed I was pinned underneath a large tree that had fallen over. No sense of despair entered my mind though. I had done so much that to give up now was not an option. Even though in my head I thought it would be foolish to try it I pushed up on the tree. My arms budged as I screamed out, slowly standing up in the mire as I pushed the tree off me before tossing it away from as it gave a huge splash.


Enhanced Endurance

     Enhanced Endurance: supreme


The trek through the swamp was much less strenuous than I last remembered. Granted I didn’t know why at the time, I just assumed that the long rest was all I needed. I waded through the muck till it slowly receded away from my waist, down past my knees until I was barely ankle deep in the foul water.

The landscape changed. Where were once empty fields I saw lights that hung from the air and roads that were now covered with smoothed stone. I climbed over an iron barricade and stepped on the road, figuring it would lead me to someplace far away from my former burial ground.

Two lights shone in the distance. I kept walking along the road while the lights came closer and closer. Through the night air I heard the blare of a loud horn. I kept walking when the light was so close it blinded me. I felt the impact and yet I did not budge while metal twisted around me. When my eyes opened the stillness of the night was in front of me. It was only when I turned me head did I see the flaming wreckage.



     Regeneration: supreme (rank 3)


I continued my way down the road I came upon what I would learn later was a gas station. I didn’t care what it was at the time. I just wanted someone to tell me where I was. Opening the door to the convenience store I saw a man with long blond hair smoking a cigar that made the air thick and soupy with its smoke. My mouth moved to try and say something but I stopped when the man noticed me. He blinked in disbelief before he reached under his counter and pulled out his shotgun.

He called me a monster. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about until I saw the reflection of myself in a mirror that was placed on top of a display of sunglasses. My skin, my hair, my arms and my body all changed. My eyes were fixated at my when I felt the burning hot sensation of buckshot fired into my chest. The impact so strong it sent my flying through the door.

When I landed outside I held onto my ripped open chest, seeing the green liquid ooze from the cavity as I watched in awe. The wounds I had sustained started to stitch back together as I tried to get away.


Plant Manipulation

     Plant Manipulation: supreme (rank 3)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attack


By instinct I crawled towards the woods behind the gas station as I heard the man reload his shot gun and mutter to himself. He mouth twitched as he muttered psalms and verses under his breath. He stalked me and kept saying how I was the spawn of the infernal. I kept my arms up feeling hot buckshot shred them as I cried out landing on the grass on my back.

He looked down at me while I tried to say something. The pain as too great to utter more than pleads for mercy which was only met with the cursing of the damned creatures he uttered. He casually started to reload his shotgun as I watched a blade of grass shoot up, extending so long that it wrapped around the man’s neck.

The man struggled to get free as I felt my wounds heal. Looking behind me I watched as the tree line of the forest steadily grew closer and closer towards us. As if they were alive. Mighty oaks started to surround the man as weeds and grass shot up and held him in place. I watched through the cracks of my fingers as the very forest took my revenge on him.



     Teleportation: standard (rank 1)


Sirens blared into the night as I looked around. There was a fantastic dancing of blue and red shining from the horizon. I knelt beside the man’s lifeless body as I closed my eyes and wished I was somewhere else. Soon I opened my eyes as I wasn’t sure where I was until what looked like the bark of tree split in front of my face. I was a good few feet away from where I was kneeling, a husk of bog weed left as I looked down. Instead of moist vegetation a hide of bark covered me, my limbs now branches. Closing my eyes again I whisked myself further away. As I emerged from my trance petals peeled away from my head and down my body covering me in beautiful white petals as I saw the previous husk of bark lying on the ground. Satisfied with how I looked I ran into the night and never looked back.


“Interesting story, it’s very Frankenstein-esque, but with a lot of heart. You got some real talent there Lilly. You are an interesting girl after all. No one has ever seen a case of a meta-human gene kick starting a hundred years after death.”

“Thank you and please I go by my Creed name now, it’s Bog Girl though they asked me to pick one on the spot and I’m not sure if I picked a good one and…”

“Do not regret your Creed name. I happen to like it. It’ direct, to the point.”

“So you think people will read my story?”

“Sweetie we flesh out the background, add a little more drama to your resurrection and boom. instant poster child.”

“You’re far too kind Mr. Friendly.”

“Please, call me Felix.”