Gender: Male

Kit: Transformation

Location: Appalachian Mountains Kentucky, USA


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: weak (rank 0)

Charisma: weak (rank 0)


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Benjamin Cross

"Yes friends, come...Come and rule like we should"

The man known as hive is just that, A Living hive, but he is more, And so, his story begins.

"Gah, Lost...How am I lost?" a man says to himself looking at his compass and map hoping that it would help him "Damn, piece of crap!" He shakes the compass, but it keeps spinning left, then right no sticking to a direction. "Now what?" he says under his breath as he sits then throws the compass. "Well, at least I have some supplies with me", he digs into his backpack and pulls out a couple of grain bars and a bottle of water, he slowly eats and drinks his next to last meal unbeknownst to him. "I guess I will just have to camp here tonight and see if I can find my way out of this damn mountain in the morning."

Later that night something awoke him, the sound of was loud, louder then it should of been. "Huh...what..." rubbing his eyes and sitting up he began to look around. "What is that noise", he wondered to himself as he climbs over to the door of his tent to open it, and as he does the sound stopped suddenly. "well, that was odd." he said to himself as he shrugged and climbed back over to his knapsack and fell back asleep.

The next mourning he awoke, "Bright new day to get me the hell out of here" he says as he rubs his eyes. "I wonder what that was about" he mutters as he unzips the door to his tent and steps out to stretch, "What is that horrible smell?" He looks around and sees a large deer corps 3 feet from his tent, half decomposed and now rotting in the mourning sun. "How did...what...when...Huh???" the man so confused he could not do nothing but rush to get his gear together and try to head away from the rot...but something was amiss, no larva...nothing, just half a deer... but without a second thought the man left the area, "Okay, the sun is heading this" he looks at his map, "I must head that way!" he shakes his head to try to clear his nose of the smell as he trudges onward to, what he hopes, is civilization...He could not be more wrong...

half of the day passes and he sits to take himself a break, "well, now that I have that smell out of my mind, lets get some lunch" he smiles as he reaches into his backpack, but nothing was found. "what...I know I had two more bars in here...and at least three more bottles of water." he turns his backpack upside down, but only empty wrappers and bottles fell out. "What the..." he examines the bottles and wrappers to find they are covered in small holes. "this was in my tent, how could insects get into my damn tent!" angry and now quite hungry he throws the backpack as hard as he can. "Bull crap! all Bull crap!" the man shouts "I'm going to starve in this damn place...Alone..." with a sigh he stands, and looks to the way he was heading "Maybe if I push myself hard enough, I will make it to a cabin, or, shelter of some kind, at least I hope so..."

That night he stumbles across a small cabin..."THANK GOD....Or...Whoever..." he smiles and slums over to the small wooden cabin. "man this place is old..." he shakes his head "Don't care...hope there is food" he knocks on the door, but no answer, so he knocks harder..."No one home...Whelp...Ill just help myself in!" and with a twist of the nob, the door comes open with a loud crack and he walks in.... " on, there has to be something..." he rummages around until he finds a couple of older jars full of fruit. "Finally, Something to sink my teeth into!!!" he opens the jar, and a potent smell of rot hit him..."SON OF A...." he was cut off by a large noise under his feet. "what was that..." he said as he looked down, trying to see in between the cracks in the floor, "Maybe it was nothing.." a loud crack sounded out from under him. "Shi...." the word cut off as the floor gave way and he fell downward for what seemed to be fifteen to twenty feet, but something, soft, squishy and quite wet broke his fall. Standing up into the blackness of this cave he began to look around "What is this crap?" he says as he reaches into his pocket to pull out a small flashlight, and before he clicked the button, a smell entered his nose like a knife, the smell of rot, the smell of death. "What in god's good earth" as he turned on his flashlight. Corpses covered this large room, deer, bears and even what seemed to be human bones and flesh piled around him. "Holy....crap..." he said as he scanned the room, and to his surprised he found a small passageway just big enough for him to fit into."Might as well" he said to himself as he covered his mouth and tried to trudge his way passed all the nastiness and rot to enter the passage.

When he exited the passage into a small room, that's when he noticed the sound of skittering... "I really hate this" he says as he scans the smaller room. At the other side of the room was an alter. Lined with half melted candles and some kind of book in the center, and symbols covered the walls in what seemed to be blood and insects, it seemed like something out of a horror novel. "What kind of crap is this?" he says as he walks slowly over to the book. and using his flashlight to see, he picks up the book, and suddenly the sound of skittering stops, and With a shrug "mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus, bla bla bla" he whispers to himself as he looks at it..."People actually do this kind of sadistic bull crap?" He shakes his head and looks around the room, but only the one passageway back to the rot was apparent. "well, I'm screwed...going to die down here with a weird alter, a messed up basement from hell and this damn book..." He chuckles loudly at the thought as he turned his attention back to the book and began to examine it again. "well, what kind of B.S. is in this thing anyways?" he opens to a random page and began reading it as dark and sadistic as he could "Adroil Castalo Shidle Addiline" he waves his one had with the flashlight around, "baleah xefiele discandli!!!" he slams the book shut "what bull," he looks around and tries to see if anything was happening, when suddenly the skittering started again, it became louder and louder, almost defining, "What the hell did I do?" he said as he dropped the book in terror. Suddenly the symbols started to shine, glowing and pulsating. "CRAP!!!" he screams as he runs back out of the passage and into the room of rot.

That is when he noticed the billions upon billions of insects surrounding him, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?!" he screams again in terror, but the insects just stood there ground, not moving close to him, "Just move slowly" he says to himself as he creeps close to a wall, hoping that maybe he would be able to climb up it, "please don't come close, please, please, please." As he gets close to the wall he noticed the insects kept moving away from him, almost, clearing him a path as they did, "at least there not swarming me at the moment" he thought to himself as he placed his hand on the wall. The insects where keeping clear of him as he started to climb, but as he reached the top they stopped away..."So close, come on bugs, a a lil more, can't you be nice please?" he thought to himself, but a sharp pain passed through his hand, and that was when he noticed the spider that was standing there.

"no, no, no, no, no!"

it was to late, the pain was to intense for him to handle along with his hunger and thrust. he had slipped and fell once again to the ground, out cold.


"who, who are we...we..." his voice rings out, but something had changed about his appearance along with his mind, the man who once was, was no more, only the thing left behind was a body, a host for the thoughts of billions of insects. Human in appearance, except for his eyes which was now a mix of dark green with light red lines randomly placed throughout his iris and a thin layer around his pupil, his body more toned then before and covered in small holes. "Yes my friend, I know what I must do." a smile crossed his face, as he looks around the room, "such a feast...and all this for me?" he looks around at all the rotting flesh around him. Raising his hand and looking at the insect on his finger "Thank you, I am very famished"

After eating, he jumps out of the pit. Such beautiful scenery he is now experiencing for the first time. "Our home is in threat from the outside, these...things, destroying our home to create there own, it must be destroyed so we can reclaim what is rightfully ours.." He smiles and looks up at the new rising moon. "Let this be the beginning of a new coming, the coming of our kind, a new and beautiful world will be created in our image, our hives will never be destroyed again, our spawn will never be killed meaningless, our revenge will come and wipe the slate clean for us."

And with that, the new mobile and intelligent hive set off to the closest area where these invaders where to reclaim what was rightfully there's.


Fire hurts us.

      Character Weakness to Fire:


"That was easier then expected!" Hive looks around to see all the death that he had created "yet another feast just for us!" he laughs as he looks over to a building burning at the edge of this small town, "that...that is...beautiful", he mutters to himself as he walks to the blaze, "such a, nice" he reaches his hand out to touch it. "AHHH, WHAT?!?!?!" he quickly withdraws his hand. "BAD! This is horrible...its just another one of there destructive ways!!" he turns and runs away from town, fleeing the fire.


Hercules beetle strength.

     Enhanced Strength: superior


He walks upon a couple hiking to deep into his territory, and he violently attacks them. "You will feel our pain, you will feel our agony!" he grabs one of the hikers and quickly pulls her arm off her body and throws it to the side as he keeps tearing her apart. The other hiker runs in terror, and once he is done with the female, and turns and with a quick twist humps through the wooded area, "I know where you are" he says smiling. as he hunts down the other. With a quick pounce he was upon the man holding him down in place, he tilts his head side to side as the man struggles and cries for help. "No one will help you, as no one would help us" he says as he slowly pulls the man apart, limb from bloody limb. " served"


Flexible as a millipede

     Enhanced Agility: superior


He weaves throughout the forest as he runs, dodging trees and jumping over stumps with ease. "Another gathering is up ahead, smaller then the one before...but each must pay...each must suffer our wrath." As he reaches the end the forest into a small residence of possibly 20 to 30 people he smirks and walks to the first house.

"There stench is everywhere"

He tilts his head left and right as he walks around the home, "how to get in?" he wonders. "I am much bigger then the rest of us" he tilts his head again, then sees an open window "There, that is my entrance" and with that he climbs in slowly being careful not to make a noise, "come out, come out" he gently says as he wonders the home silently until he spots a man sleeping on a couch, "such filth" he says quietly as he creeps over.

"Death will be quick for you"


Will of the swarm

     Enhanced Endurance: superior


"We are driven, we are one, we have one dream, one destination... There is only one outcome, destruction of the invaders" he runs from home to home, never slowing, never stopping for anything, killing women, men, children, all of there spices must be eradicated from this planet, from our planet. "I will not stop until I have destroyed all of them" he mutters to himself as another victim falls to him in there sleep. "they are quite easy to kill when they are so unaware of there surroundings."


Single Thought

     Weak Enhanced Willpower: weak


"We must destroy, we must eradicate all of the invaders, we must rule."

The only thing going through the Hives head at all times, Thoughts are not part of the programming, but sometimes, the mind plays tricks on Hive. Trying to push back is some kind of conciseness that does not want this to happen, weakening his mind at times, until the drive to kill once again rises and the killing begins again.


Outsider mannerisms

     Weak Enhanced Charisma: weak


Twitching, speaking to himself, and his constant observing of the people in crowds makes him stand out like a sore thumb. he just gives off a creepy vibe, people usually know just to stay away from him due to human fear. But like some insects he hunts and night and waits until the crowds thin and grabs an unexpected victim to drag them off into the woods, or a dark ally so that they now become his lunch or a feast for the rest of the swarm.


One of the family

     Creature Form: standard (rank 1)


"THERE HE IS!!!" a man shouts as he points to Hive "HE IS THE ONE KILLING EVERYONE, I HAD SEEN IT WITH MY OWN TWO EYES!!!" Angry people have surrounded Hive, with guns in hand and flashlights spotting him he had nowhere to run. "Witness the birth of a new age invaders." a loud shout rang out from Hive as his close ripped, his body changing into something else. "Your Destruction is now!" Hive shouts as his body takes on a form of a giant insect like creature, his arms up to his hands where like scythes his knees bent backwards, his skin now taking the form of a shell his head changing shape to what seemed to be like that of a scarab, Long pincers protruded from his face, and as all the men where shocked, a loud hissing noise erupted from Hive, and with quickness and strength he shredded the men. "Thissss isss the end of thessse invaders," Hive says as he turns to go back to the woods, the area now cleansed of the invaders.


Reactive Adaptation

     Evolution: superior (rank 2)


The saying "That which does not kill you, makes you stronger" is more then just a saying for Hive, due to his forced insectoid ability from multiple types of insects, plus the human aspect of his DNA and some magic thrown in, his body is something more, if he is shot, his natural Exoskeleton can even harden beyond that of some stronger metals, if he is not strong enough, his muscles can become even stronger so they can due the job. if he has to be underwater for along time, he will gain the ability to hold his breath for extreme amounts of time, And even if the oxygen is thin, his body will adapt so it will use less.


My Swarm

     Creation: standard (rank 1)


as he stands in the supermarket filled with people he looks around, "so many gathered here", Hive says, "but, nothing a couple of hundred of us cant handle" with that Hive placed his hand on the ground, and out pored from his arms, legs, and chest and hundreds of spiders, venomous millipedes, and scorpions, crawling and skittering about, attacking each of the invaders as quickly as they could injecting them each with there own poisons. "see, with our numbers, there is nothing we can't do" he smiles as he joins in attacking anyone who wishes to leave the supermarket to try to survive, but hive was having none of that. "That must all be dead!" Hive smiles as he tears into another invader helping his swarm.



     Armor: superior (rank 2)


His skin hardened like steal, giving him great defense unlike anything else. Not much able to cut such a thing, he is more then likely to grab a blade from someone and rip it from there hands than try to dodge such a thing from a normal invader.

A gunshot rings out, "You try to kill me?" Hive says as he turns to the policeman "Your weapons have no effect on something such as this body" He smiles and he walks to the policeman, and another shot rings out, but because he was closer it actually hurt. "You are weak" Hive says as he leaps at the policeman, warping his hand around the policeman's neck and beginning to squeeze, "You're changing color" he keeps squeezing, harder and harder until his finger touch and a blood splatters across him and the ground. "Your skin is to weak to fight me, invader"



     Regeneration: superior (rank 2)


As he stands from the policeman and looks around more pulled up quickly, jumping out of there cars and getting into position, they draw there weapons. Hive tilts his head and smiles as he looks around at them. "look, They want to be like us, but they are still weak, no matter how many they are."


Gunfire rings out loudly as contentious shots are fired at Hive. Hive is pushed back and with jerking and twisting body finally falls as the last gunshot sounds, blood and small parts of Hive lay scattered around him. The policemen walk cautiously up to Hive, guns still drawn down on him. "we got him" one of the officers say into his mic. Suddenly a chuckle comes from Hive. "Weak", not noticing all the venomous insects that have crawled out of Hive and on most of the Policemen they began to scream out in pain and fall as Hive rises from his back, "We will not be killed that easy" Hive says to the last policeman standing "your destruction is now invader", he stands and smiles, then pounces and shreds the Policeman.