Prophecy V_2.0


Gender: Male

Kit: Physical

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: superior (rank 2)


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


“What do you know about this man... ‘Prophecy’?” A police Chief asked me, waiting impatiently for an answer.

“He’s an insane person I assure you.”

“Why does is he going around killing people, and why have you not stopped him yet!”

“I’m trying, but he’s good and I’ll need more time; more help.”

“I didn’t ask you to praise him, I ask you to explain to me how he escapes every time.”

“Well in order for me to do that, I have to explain who he is...” I began explaining the backstory of our most wanted suspect, “it all began in his family home… “

“NO! NO PLEASE NO, Don’t hurt them PLEASE!” A young and long forgotten boy yelled as gang members savagely beat his parent to the ground before his very eyes. He tried to stop them, but was powerless to do anything. Two gang members grabbed him and forced him to watch the beating as two others laughed eerily behind him. Tears filled his eyes in the wake of the horror that he befallen his family. Becoming more desperate with each passing moment, he pulled hard and managed to slip from one of their hands and turned and punched one in the groin as hard as he could before kicking the other in the same area. Running to save his parents, he jumped and kicked one away, but two more knocked him down and started kicking him. Suddenly, a loud bang came from behind him, it sounded like a man kicking open the door. All the fighting stopped as the man yelled to the men viciously hitting him to pick him up. They did so, and then tied him to a chair. The man looked him in the eyes.

“How old are you son?”

“T… Ten, can you please stop them, they’re going to kill my parents.”

The man proceeded to smack the boy across the face.

“I asked you a question, an answer is all I expected.” He then turned to the child’s bloodied and battered parents and shot them both in the head.

“NNOOOOOO!!!” The child screamed out in tears. That man punched him and the chair fell on its back. The chair broke and the child ripped the arms from the chair, they were still attached to his wrists. He swung and cut the man’s chest leaving a nice gash of blood. The four gang members who had previously held him back grabbed him again. A fifth put a pistol to the back of his head. The child knew what came next, he closed his eyes willing to accept death because he wanted to see his mommy and daddy again. He was wrong. The leader of the gang whom the child just injured stopped the other from shooting the child.

“That took a lot of balls kid,” The leader smiled. “I tell you what, I can bring your mom and dad back, but only if you’re good.”

Chapter 2:

Three years later… The boy, now a teenager reflects on his past, what went wrong? After his parents were killed, the child was kidnapped and turned into a killer for the gang. It was a painful thought that he did on to others what had been done to him, but he was the only child ever taken, all the others slaughtered like cattle. Many of the gang members who were his new family called him the prophecy sarcastically saying that he was the chosen one. At only age thirteen, he had become better at killing than most of the older gang members. Some even took him under their wing and taught him how to fight, how to survive. Many of the gang members had been ex-military and thought they didn’t get enough, so they took whatever they wanted. But why him? Why was he here? Was he truly a prophecy? Was he actually doing good deeds disguised as evil actions? He then remember a book the his mother had read to him every day before bedtime called “The Bible” which spoke of an all-powerful deity whose love knew no end. He must have put him there for a reason. As he stalked his next prey, a voice spoke to him.

“He deserves this you know,” it said, “He has committed many a sin against me. Kill him in my name.” The boy ran and pushed the man over and stabbed him repeatedly, over and over and over again. He couldn’t stop, the voice told him to keep going. He stabbed the man approximately seventy times before he became so exhausted he just passed out. When he awoke, the leader of the gang, (the one who killed his parents) was standing over slowly clapping.

“Looks like you finally got it huh?”


“That man didn’t stand a chance, keep this up.” The leader through a stack of fifty dollar bills on a table next to his bed. “There, that’s your cut, I gave you extra because you made the front page.” The man laughed while exiting the room. What did he do? Why? Why did he do that? The thoughts flew through his head.

“Calm”, the voice spoke again, “It will all be fine, just listen to me, and all will be okay.” The voice soothed him. He now had a mission and the resolve to pull it off, and it’s what comes next that is truly terrifying.

Chapter 3:

Two more years went by, and the child quickly became the Gang leader’s favorite. He finished all tasks no questions asked and always without any evidence left behind. One night, he was approaching his next kill, he seen an old china shop with a sword place in the window, he knew he shouldn’t, but he didn’t care. He burst into the shop and stole the sword before using it to gut his victim. He felt wonderful and reveled in his new companion. The next few weeks, he slaughtered countless more people each with his thirst for more blood growing. In the next life he shall surely be rewarded for his actions of killing in the name of “God”. Several weeks pass, and the police finally caught up to him, they arrested him as he was walking down the street.

“How old are you?” A police officer asked as he sat across from him in an interrogation room.

“Screw you!” The child said, his emotions going out of control.

“We know it was you who killed all those people,” Another officer said, “What we want to know…”

“Why,” He said with a demonic tone. “You want to know… why.”

“Well…” The fire officer stuttered, “Yes?”

“I wish I could help you, officers”, He smirked, “But I didn’t kill them. But if I had to guess why, I’d say God told someone to do it.”

This stunned the police officers as all these victims had been good people. They spent hours searching as to why these people were killed with no motive to be found. They revealed this to the child that all of the men and women were good people who just owed money to the wrong people… to his gang. The police officers left the speechless and emotionless boy in the room as they went to discuss the evidence. The boys mind started to fly around, what just happened? He had been lied to, why did he do all of this? Was God really causing him to do this? No. This is it. The boy jumped off his chair and kicked down the door to the interrogation room he was in. He walked out into a dark hallway and headed towards the exit. The lights began to flicker on and off, the bodies of everyone he killed filled the floors as he began to run stumbling of the bodies that lay in front of him. The more he ran, the further the exit seemed to get. He closed his eyes as tears fell down his cheeks, and he felt himself bursting through the doors. He opened his eyes, and to his misery, he seen his parents lying on the ground in a pool of their own blood, standing above them was… him. The vision was too much for him, he fell to his knees and the world turned silent and cold. When he opened his eyes, the police officers who were previously interrogating him were dead and the door was open. On a new mission, he grabbed their pistols and stormed out the door.

Chapter 4:

He went to his room and waited for the gang to arrive. They always arrived shortly after three in the morning. He heard several cars pull up to the building. He knew they weren’t coming to reward him, they came for blood because he failed. He walked over to his window and began shooting at shooting at his former affiliates. He killed three before grabbing his blade and running into the back yard. One member ran around the house only to have his throat slit. Shot at him, but he managed to block the bullet with his sword and shoot back. Two more began shooting and knocked the sword from his hand. He fell to his knees and the previous associates came over to enjoy beating him to death, they dropped their weapons with confidence and ran over to him. They stood no chance, he tripped one and punched the other. The one who fell tried to get up but was kicked unconscious. He walked to the fallen members weapons and shot them both dead. His adrenaline running out, he dropped the gun. He turned back towards the house to see his previous leader slowly clapping before he was shot in the chest. He felt cold, this was undoubtedly the end of him. Hey closed his eyes and went unconscious. We he awoke again the rest of the men were dead and the leader, the one who caused all of this was laying on the ground.

“Wait,” The man said in desperation, “Don’t do this, we can restart.”

“It’s too late for you, and everyone else. I will kill everyone like you.”

“You’re just like me!” The man cried out, “I raised you, created you!”

“Yes, and I will destroy you.” He picked up his sword and stabbed the man through the shoulder intentionally nailing him to the ground. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He walked over to a fallen body and took a knife from a pocket. He walked slowly back to the man and began to skin him alive. The screams from them man could be heard several blocks away.

He stood back up as the man barely clinging to life laid there in irresistible pain and agony.

“Thank you,” The teen said as he picked up a .44 Magnum that had been stuck to the hand of a corpse. “I have long forgotten what my real name is, but thanks to you I have a purpose. You can call me Prophecy, and my prophecy is that I will kill everyone like you everyone like you in the most agonizing way possible.” He puts to pullets in the head of his former leader as the sound of police sirens begin to fill the area. He ran away and knew what he had to do.

Chapter 5: Epilogue

I’m sure you can guess by now, but I’m the detective behind the capture of Prophecy, he has been detained in my office for several hours now. We can’t seem to get anything out of him, what’s worse is that we can’t put him away because we can’t actually prove he killed any of these people. He leaves no evidence, he leaves no trace that he was ever there with the exception of the dead bodies that litter the crime scenes. He seems so confident that we’ll never truly catch him, and maybe we won’t, but I’m not going to stop trying. I want him put down and if I have to take the law into my own hands, I might just do that. But as it is now, I just finished explaining to you, and the chief of police why this man is so dangerous… and as I figured, the chief says to let him go.

“We can’t hold a man who we can’t prove did anything wrong.” My “superior” said.

“But if we let him go, he’ll kill again.”

“Then next time, your ass had better be there.”

“He won’t get that chance!” I took out my pistol and put two rounds into the heart of my chief, two officers came running into the room after hearing gunfire, and I easily put them down as well. I walk towards the interrogation room where he awaits, this time, I’ll kill him for sure. All other times, he has been armed, he’s had help, and he’s had somewhere to run... to hide. Not this time, this time I’ll put him down like the dog he is. I run into the room only to realize, he’s not even here, where did he go? I turn around to see him, we’re eye to eye. I throw a punch, but he blocks and kicks me back. I catch my step and tackle him to the ground, I throw punches repeatedly, but it doesn’t seem to faze him, he pushes me back and grabs me from the shirt and throws me into the hall. I reached down and grabbed a pistol that had been and shot twice at him, if it had been any normal man it would’ve hit him for sure, but it seemed as if he casually stepped out of the way as if he had been expecting it. I try my hardest to stop him, but I’m no match, he’s faster, stronger, and more agile than me. My only hope is to bring him out to the open. If I can attract attention to him, maybe I can attract some help to take him down. I back up and run towards the exit, he’s not far behind, but he doesn’t seem at all interested in our battle. I shoot back at him, and it seems as though he’s thinking of what to do next, does he know my plan? I kick the back doors open, sirens surround the area, other police officers are here and all I have to do is convince them that he killed all the people inside. I run towards the front and to my surprise, I’m tackled to the ground, I push back and draw my gun. But the man who had tackled me, it wasn’t him, it was another police officer and I was surrounded. I was handcuffed there was no way I was getting out of this one. They put me in the back of one of the squad car, and that’s when I noticed it. He was pretending to be a police officer, he was dressed like one, and had told them what happened. Dammit, how the police officers that had put me in the car walk back towards him and all I can do is watch. He shoots me a glance with a smile that burns into my memory, he had this all planned out. I start to hear a slight ticking noise and I knew, I was dead. The car exploded, my body burned and my limbs were crushed. He had placed a bomb in the car to ensure I wouldn’t live, but for the first time he messed up, I lived. My body was crushed, but my spirit lived on, and after being put in the hospital, I was able to realize, in order to beat him, I too would have to become un-normal, I too would have to think like him. In order for me to take my revenge for this humiliation, I would come to kill millions, I would draw him out for one final battle.

To. Be. Continued.


As I wake up to fight another day, God speaks unto me the people who have sinned. With this knowledge, I pledge in my honor to kill them in the way he deems necessary. It’s true, I did kill in the name of God when I was a child, and many of them were innocent people, but you see, I merely misinterpreted the voice he has given me. He was telling me to protect those people, not kill them. But now, now I understand. People will call me insane, people will lash out, and many more ask me to stop what I do, but truth be told, they revel in the idea that these criminals will no longer put a hindrance on their lives. No, I will Slaughter every last one. I gather my weapons, and head out. People wonder how I am able to get away with murder. People wonder why I don’t get caught and how I never leave behind evidence that is was me. To be honest, I don’t know myself. I don’t take extra precautions, I don’t wear any sort of armor or suit that gives me powers, and I even “black out” during some fights. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is that no matter what I do, God covers my tracks. I jump out of a window from the top floor of an abandoned building that I have made my home, it’s about six stories tall and the room I stay in has been sealed off so it has no doors, the only way in or out is through that window. The rest of the room is sealed off in a protective coating so you can’t detect my heat signature through the roof or ceiling, I guess some precautions are necessary. I hold onto my weapons tightly, I’ve been preparing for this fight for a while. A mob house who controls the majority of Drugs that come into Detroit. I creep in slowly and watch from above. My next move could be the difference of life and death.


Olympic Strength

     Enhanced Strength: superior


I take out my sword and stalk from the second floor. I gathered Intel that they were having a meeting of their top drug lords today. If I can gather info about the trade routes I can hit them where it really hurts. I sit next to one of the doors and listen to the conversations. Security it tight, so I could be caught at any moment. I decided to head towards the roof of the building and listen through the sunroof. I climb up a ladder only to find the steel door to the roof is bolted shut, with a few punches I manage to break it open and jump onto the roof. I am quickly surrounded by armed men who attempt to take me hostage. I grabbed a rifle from one of the men behind me and throw it at the one across from me. When the man’s face goes up from impact I duck as another swings at me and grab his feet. I pick him up and swing him around knocking all but one man to the ground. He reaches behind him and grabs a grenade.

“Take on more step and I’ll blow us both to hell.” The man says in a desperate plea.

“You think you can scare me with that?” I laugh as I quickly snatch it from his hands. “Besides, only you’ll be going to hell tonight.” I take out my sword and slash his throat. I kill the rest who were previously knocked out before making my way to the sunroof above the main room. I look down and all of them are still there with the exception of the head honcho. They look uneasy, did I miss something important. I feel a gun pressed against the back of my head.

“Did you think you’d kill me so easily?” The missing mob boss asked.

“Well I had hoped so, to be honest I knew you’d be one of the tougher people I’d kill today.”

“Do you think this is some sort of game?” He snickered, “Do you have any idea who I am.”

“I guess you could call it a game, and I honestly don’t care who you are.” I sarcastically responded. I kicked back and broke his knee. He yelled in pain as the other members of the board looked up to see me. I laughed as I threw the grenade into the room and turned and grabbed onto their boss and jumped back. Shrapnel flew in every direction easily killing everyone in the room, I use the boss as a shield and we fell through the table.

“Bingo!” I laughed while trying to catch my breath.


Tactical Intelligence

     Enhanced Intelligence: superior



Again the police were closing in on the area and I had to think fast. How was I to escape? I kicked down the door to the hallway which lead towards the front door. I peaked around the corner and several police cars were lined up and helicopters searcher the grounds around me. I heard rustling behind me as several of the drug dealers were scared and had no idea what to do.

“Listen to me, and you all will live,” I lied knowing they were all about to die, and for all I know, I was about to as well, “I need you all to leave this house and run in as many directions as possible. If you do this, we’ll throw the police off guard and make them chase us.” They all did what I said, it was amusing to see how my adversaries would listen to my exact orders. I ran back to the main room and jumped through a window that went to the back yard. Several police officers began to shoot at me, but I managed to escape through the woods that surrounded the house. They gave chase, but I planned ahead. I climbed up a tree as several of the drug dealers had run into the woods behind me as I passed them all. I sat in the tree and smiled as each of the dealers had been gunned down or taken into custody as I remained just above the officer’s heads and out of sight of the helicopters. I waited for several hours as the crime scene was cleared and the police officers left without ever finding me. I climbed down from the tree feeling like nothing could go wrong, and headed towards home. I needed some rest. As I walked through the forest however, it seemed as though one other managed to escape the police officers sight by hiding underneath a fallen tree. I walked in front of him, he played possum, did he think me a moron? I grabbed the man by the throat and pulled him out of the spot, and he smiled. An explosion followed, it knocked me to the ground and shrapnel had pierced my body. That bastard knew I would find him and tried to take me with him. Brilliant. I got back to my feet, the searing pain filled my body, but I pressed on. I walked twenty four miles before I made it to the other side of the woods.


Olympic Endurance

     Enhanced Endurance: superior


By now, any other person would be unconscious or even worse, dead. I walked to the nearest hospital covering my wounds as best I could, and snuck into the back rooms where I grabbed some tools and began prying the shrapnel from my wounds. Trying my hardest not to scream, I bit on a wrench. One down, and twenty seven left. I could hear someone making their way into the room I was in and tried to hide, but it didn’t matter, blood dripped all over the ground. I instead decided to ask him for help.

“Y-You’re that crazy guy they all talk about.”

“I’m sure some would agree, but to the matter at hand, can you help with the shrapnel.”

“I can, but I’ll need to put you under for this, even the toughest person could die from the pain.

“I’ll live, no need to put me asleep, just pull rip them from my wounds and I’ll deal with it.”

“Alright, but let’s get this straight, I don’t believe in what you do, but you saved my brother, so i’ll help you. Don’t expect me to help you again.” Well, that didn’t work out that way, he’s now my personal doctor. He gave me his home address and told me to wait there. His wife wasn’t home, so he could take care of my wounds without raising any suspicion. After several hours, he came to his home and took care of my wounds, and suggested I get some rest. I thanked him before leaving. There is no rest for a person like me, only a mission that never ends.



     Enhanced Charisma: superior


I awake the next day, feeling much better than I did while falling asleep the day before. I jumped outside and took a stroll to the local shopping mall to purchase some bandages and dressed my wounds in the restroom. And headed towards a bank that I gathered from a previous battle that it was going to be robbed today. I walked to one of the tellers, she was a cute little thing, not very bright however.

“I’d like to open an account” I fibbed.

“Sure, let me just go get...”

“Oh that’s a shame, I was hoping you could help me out.”

“Well,” She blushed,” I’m not really all that good at that.”

“Oh come now, how can you expect to get there without any practice?”, I smiled “You can practice on me.”

“I guess I have to learn sometime don’t I?” She took me to her office and she told me to wait there as she gathered the paperwork. When she came back, I decided I needed more time. So I put on “the moves”.

“Wait a second,” I said. “You know I didn’t come here to open an account right?”

“Well then, how can I help you?”

“I seen you through the window as I was walking by and I just knew I had to get to know this beautiful young woman.”

“Uh,” She was speechless her cheeks were bright red.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” I asked. She pulled me towards her and our lips locked, I admit even though it was wrong, it felt right. I told her to close her eyes, and she did, I pulled some duct tape from out of her drawer and taped her mouth shut. Fear filled her eyes as I held her down and taped her to the chair. I whispered to her that the bank was going to be robbed and she would thank me later for this. She began to cry feeling helpless, I ensured he that I wasn’t going to harm her and I wasn’t taking her anywhere. When the alarm went off, I let her go and told her to hide under the desk, she cautiously did so. I peeked out the door to see four armed men holding several people hostage, there was probably more walking around, I pull out my .44 magnum and waited for the opportune moment.


Weapon Master

     Weapon Master: supreme (rank 3)


I watched for several minutes with my magnum in hand. I looked back at the panicked woman and try to reassure her that I would save everyone here. I opened the door and snuck towards the back security monitors so I could count how many people I was dealing with. I heard one of the men behind me being told that I was sneaking around, and they pursued me. I turned and opened fire shooting one man in the head. Another rushed at me from over the table, but I managed to shoot him as well, his body flopped against the wall. Three men with automatic rifles began blasting at me. I hid behind the body so he would take all of the impact, I can take a few shots and be able to be fine, but not a few clips. When they ran out of ammunition, I stripped the rifle from the dead body and with three shots killed all of the people who tried to gun me down. I busted into the security room to see there was a criminal who had taken a security officer hostage.

“Put the gun down, or by god I will put this man down like a dog.”

“That’s funny, by which God do you serve?” I laughed as I threw the rifle to the ground.

“Don’t presume to know who I am!”

“I don’t know who you are, but I know what you are.” I pulled a knife from my back pocket and threw it at him, he turned his gun and shot me in the shoulder. I got him in the head, I guess I win, “you’re dead is what you are.” I grabbed my shoulder and looked into the monitors, the security officer looking at me with shock.

“Boo.” I said and he ran out of the room. There was one criminal left, he was unarmed and a pretty big guy. I turned the corner to take a shot, but he was closer than I thought. He punched me in the shoulder that I was just shot in, and that is where the true battle began.


Hand-To-Hand Fighting

     Hand-To-Hand Fighting: supreme (rank 3)


I grabbed my shoulder and head-butted him, he didn’t seem to care all that much, he was just as strong as I was. He grabbed me by the throat and threw me into the open. He slammed his fist down trying to crush my skull, by I pushed out of the way. I kicked him back and got back to my feet. He was just as strong as me, and he had both arms, I had to win by skill. He swung at me, but I dodges and socked him in the jaw. He shook it off, but I kicked him back into the security room. I slammed the door shut, hoping to find a better way to combat him, but it didn’t last long, he broke down the door and charged me busting me through a desk. Papers flew everywhere. He grabbed an envelope opener and tried to stab at me, but I grabbed his wrists and kicked him over me. He landed on his back and quickly tried to get back to his feet. Before he could regain his composure, I kneed him in the face and watched as the blood gushed from his now broken nose. He looked unconscious, so I picked up a rifle and put a bullet through his heart. I turned back and started to head back and check on the hostages.

“Are you guys okay?” I asked

“Y-Yes thanks!” A young man said getting back to his feet. It was weird, the voice in my head began talking again.

“Kill them,” The whispers spoke, “Kill them in my name. My mind was conflicted, what did I do? Do I kill them? NO. Not this time, this time it was just my pain talking. The police flooded the room, and I started to raise my hands, but the woman who I had taped to the chair grabbed my wrist and put my arms down.

“Let’s go sweetheart she said while nudging me towards the door.”

I walked out with the rest of the hostages camouflaged in with them, any of them could have ratted me out, but they remained silent. The police were thrown off, they came to the bank expecting to stop a robbery only to find all of the suspects dead, and nobody took credit. As we stampeded out the doors, a military man stepped in front of me and looked stared down at me. I thought I was caught for sure.

“Are you okay sir?” He asked.

“I’m fine, thanks.” I walked passed him and the woman pulled me into an alley. And for the first time, I was hit with a purse.


Enhanced Reflexes

     Enhanced Reflexes: superior (rank 2)


“ARE YOU OUT OF YOU FUCKING MIND,” She screamed. She smacked me in the head with her purse. “HOW DARE YOU TAPE ME TO A CHAIR?”

“Would you have listened to me otherwise?” I joked.

“You know, I actually believed you liked me.”

“Well, that part I didn’t lie about, but I don’t have time for a relationship.”

“Then why, why me...”

“You were the first one I seen.”

“I pulled you out, but I will give you a ten second head start before I call the police.

“Got’cha” I smiled as I jumped onto a fire escape ladder. I looked back at her and we locked eyes, I think we both knew we’d meet again. I ran up the stairs and by the time I got to the roof, I could hear swat team and FBI officers giving chase. I jumped to a building next door and began running. I didn’t look back, but I could tell there was maybe five or six people not far behind. The woods were too far away, and I was surrounded, so I couldn’t exactly head back to my home. I jumped to a fire escape and head towards another abandoned factory. I turned and pushed the resident of the home I ran through into the doorway and kept running. I managed to keep myself a few steps ahead of the pursuing officers, and I jumped a fence and ran into the abandoned room, I used my katana to slice the hinges off the heavy steel doors. I climbed up a ladder and up through the rafters of the building. By the time they got into the building, I was out of sight. I heard a helicopter above, and the officer started searching the building, they knew I had to be in there, but didn’t know where. I could see all of them, but they couldn’t see me. I waited until one wandered too far from the herd, jumped down, knocked him out, took his uniform and hid his body in a closet. I walked outside and headed home without giving any suspicion about what happened. When I laid down, I was surprised to see the woman I had met earlier waiting for me there.

To. Be. Continued.