Dead Hunter's Society: Dave Hollens Jr.


Gender: Male

Kit: Elemental

Location: Slaughter, Louisiana


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: superior (rank 2)


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Journal Entry #350

Date: April 22, 2013


My...My...It has been so long since the Society's last meeting. What was it? The 1960's? Then Khazan in the supernatural sector of the city was overrun with horrible vampires, witches , and werewolves running around fighting their stupid little war. Humans were caught in the crossfire and the entire balance of the supernatural world was thrown into chaos. We gathered our most powerful members and slaughtered every last one of them. Every single one of those abominations to society were slaughtered I tell ya. It was our most glorious and finest hour in the history of the Society. 


Now I'm no fool. I know if your reading this my dear friends your probably wonder why am I telling you this after all these years. I'm telling you folks because I figured it's time somebody to you the true about our Society. The Protectors of the Supernatural world who maintain the balance set forth for centuries. Your probably some young fella or gal in there 20's already bitching about when am I gone get to the dark secrets regarding our Society that everyone wants to know about. Sorry to disappoint you but before we get to all that good stuff a history lesson needs to be taught. A little insight to why the Society exists is in play and our important role in the supernatural world.


Back in the 1800's our ancestors the original Dead Hunter's Society first formed after the discovery of a tribe of Indians called the Nomads who were capable of transforming into any animal they desired. Of course the animal they choose often were werewolves. As far as we know they were the first known werewolves known to humankind. They preyed on the innocent souls around them and soon over the years threatened the entire North America Continent as more came to the country. Their tribe was feared and their was nobody around to challenge them. My ancestor Dave Hollens the original was a disciple of black magic originally from Slaughter, Louisiana. Ironic name given the amount of dark magic, vampires, and all things supernatural that came from that town. My ancestor Dave Hollens the original first realized his potential when a member of the Nomads in werewolf form attacked him in the dark forest near Heaven's Town somewhere down South near Mississippi. Hollens had been trucking across the damn country looking for other magic users like him. The wolf attacked him in the darkest of nights and out of the deepest parts of his mind he cut down the wolf with a sword made out of the hottest flame you can possibly imagine. A blue fiery flame sword like the one I form myself now that cut the wolf in half as both parts of the wolf fell to the ground. I was told often the power he felt that coursed through him was one of the greatest feelings in the world to a magic user. The magic that coursed through him then wasn't any old magic from some stupid spell book that's used often by amateur magic users these days.  No...No... That power was what we call now natural magic and only a chosen few wield such magic that's past down through the generations.. What is it? Not important for you to know really and not one I feel bother to explain right now. Maybe we will get to that later if I feel up to it.   Hollens would eventually find out about the natural magic through the legendary witch Selena Saint the first and most powerful of our kind. The now second member of the Dead Hunter's Society and the one all of us have to thank for our extraordinary abilities today along with Hollens. Both helped each other build knowledge on Natural Magic and in doing some increased there Natural Magic abilities to untold heights that one could never imagine. Soon both traveled to together and met others. Next thing you know the first Dead Hunter's Society was born. Of course while this was all happening the Nomads by then had grown all over the North America and spread their power. The most evil and feared tribe ever known in that time had unleashed hell upon the Country. 


What came next is something you see in those god awful Hollywood films these days. A epic battle between Good and Evil fighting over the supernatural world. HAHAHA....YEAH RIGHT..... No...No what came next was the bloodiest and most nastiest battle you ever saw. The real shit they keep out of the history books and don't even dare show on film. Hollen's Society unleashed the most sickest and deadliest magic known to man as they battled the Nomads. Those damn Indians I tell ya put up a hell of a fight as they tried transforming into monsters of all shapes and sizes. But when you got a Society throwing flaming swords, lighting bolts, green fireballs, and all sorts of crazy shit it don't matter what animal you are because death is only seconds away calling your name. Dave like all us Hollens rose up and showed those suckers why us Hollens are not to be f**ked with. Oh was he the toughest son of bitch in our family. Yeah he got broken bones, fractured rib, and all that but at the end it was worth it because he took back the supernatural world from the brink of darkness that the Nomads had cast for so long. He restored the order that was needed. Order that is once again needed again ladies and gentlemen. 


God telling this is making me realize how old I am. I'll finish this tomorrow after a cup of hot chocolate with marsh mellows and a good night rest.




Dave Hollens Sr.


Journal Entry #351

Date: April 23, 2013


Okay now where did I last leave off? Hmm lets see...Oh yes I had just finished the story on the beginning of the Dead Hunter's Society. Okay so let's go back to the 1960's a hellish time for our Society and the whole damn world then. America like always was a pain in the ass with all that damn discrimination, politics, and crap. Though the 1960's is when the world started to see it's first public heroes and villains. Little men flying around in capes and tights with great power battling these moronic idiots who were later labeled villains. Our Society didn't bother with such foolish. That isn't and has never been our goal. We maintain balance to the Supernatural world so should anything befall it your little world my friends would collapse into utter darkness. It's as simple as that and no need to go any further. During those 1960's my friend it's when we first learned just how powerful some of those abominations really were. 


Take this Jennifer Blood for example...


God thinking about that wrenched creature brings back horrible memories. She was even more sinister and psychotic back then. In those days she was a member of her vampire race the Originals who were the first and most powerful vampire race . In the 1960's they were still alive and running things. Insanity and completely evil this vampire race was. I remember my father telling me of rumors he heard that they made a deal with the Devil himself to wield the power Jennifer Blood has now. I don't know what the hell happened. But that crazy light blue skinned filth actually found a way to become more psychotic then she ever was. Started taking her race's whole twisted views on what's good and bad to new levels. Look all you need to know is the crazy bitch wiped out what was left of her race. Don't know how or why. I only know out of all the abominations we killed over the years we could never catch nor beat that one. Still bugs me to this day. However that's gone change now. You see my Society has formed again and this time a group of the finest descendants of our time have risen to take there place. My son Dave Hollens Jr. has taken my place as the leader of his Society and the Natural Magic has been pasted down to him. Oh what a glorious new day it will be for our Society. Abominations such as Jennifer Blood will finally be put to the ground and pay for all the evil actions they have committed over the years. Good will prevail once more and the balance to the Supernatural world shall once again be restored.


Okay that's it for today. I gotta go meet with some buddies of mind who use to be members of our Society. We gotta plan a whole ceremony and all that crap as a formal recognition that the passing of the Society from one generation to the next has been complete. Some shit like that.




Dave Hollens Sr.


Journal Entry 352#

Date: April 27, 2013

You should have seen my boy and the rest of his Society on stage at the ceremony. All of them looked amazing with the black sacred Society robes as they stood on stage with the former members. A lot of tears and joy going on as we celebrated the start of a new generation of heroes. My boy Dave the smart, fearless, and heroic leader of the Society. Dave delivered a wonderful speech on behalf of his Society and I could tell was ready for anything those abominations of the Supernatural world threw at them. Amy Saint was filled with excitement and could barely maintain herself. Amy was always a hopeful girl and full of pride regarding her family's legacy in the Society just like her mother. The constant smiles between her and Dave obviously hinted at some kind of relationship there. Good for those two. The Saints and Hollens' families have a nice long history together. It's like both families are meant to be together for eternal in some way or another. Hell me myself I hooked up wit Amy's mother Sandra a couple times before settling down with my current wife Judy. Anyways the other members were all excited as well but one or two clearly would need to be watched careful by Dave and Amy. David Johnson who stood on Amy's right side on the stage was always a damn hot head like his father. Running off and killing any damn thing in site he felt was even remotely evil and a abomination. The boy caused a lot of problems for us with some alliances we formed over the years with one or witch covens. I still don't know how he made it on the damn team . That kid has always been trouble since the day he shot out his mother.

The other one I didn't care too much for was Lisa Love. Don't let the name full you that little bitch is as dark and twisted as they come. But she is a hell of a magic user and one of the best in the group with Natural Magic. However she likes to tap into the dark side of the magic and that's something few of us ever did. To tap into the dark side of Natural Magic is too play with fate and is said to bring severe consequences for those who choose to wield it. I pray for that poor girl everyday she stops using it before something horrible happens to her. Of course there were also rumors the girl got around quite a bit if you know what I mean. Let's save that for another time. All 8 members stood on stage as the ceremony finished and they were deemed the new Dead Hunter's Society. All sort of gifts and family traditions were given to those kids. A bunch of young 20 year old's were now taken over. In some part of me it felt good to have that part of our lives officially over so we old folks could retire. Other parts prayed to the lord that he watched over them because when your part of the Dead Hunter's Society death is always around the corner waiting for you like the devil it is.

Oh gotta go! The Society's first mission is in a couple of weeks and I gotta get my boy ready. Finish showing him a thing or two with the Natural Magic. Dave's Society is prepping to take on Jennifer Blood. Don't even know how they tracked that one down. By doing that those kids have already surpassed my generation. We could never track her down after the 1960's.


Dave Hollens Sr.


Not Even The Society Is invisible

      Character Weakness to Energy Absorption:


Journal Entry 353#

Date: May 5, 2013

The first mission is always the most dangerous. It can make or break you. As I stare at my TV screen I see this young and fresh Society ready for battle. Jennifer Blood and a group of vampires stood right in front of the Society. Jennifer had called out the new Society to challenge them to a battle. Why? I don't have a god damn clue and she did it in broad daylight. Maybe she wants to put the heroes on notice she is back and figures taking out the new Society is a hell of a way to do it. I see on the TV screen Dave is trying to talk some sense into her. Poor boy doesn't know you can't talk sense into a crazy person. That definitely goes for one who thinks killing innocent people will bring about good things and all that mess. The vampires rush the Society as they jump in the air and begin attacking. The first thing I notice is that the vampires immediately seem to grab for any open fresh. Some vampires glow with a weird glow of energy or some kind of mystic vampire crap. Those damn blood suckers start leeching off the Society members weakening them quickly of either their strength or speed. Either way with a weak body you won't be able to draw on natural magic in order to use it. It's one of those the spirit needs the body and the body needs the spirit type things. Very dangerous ability Jennifer and her vampires have. Don't know whether they absorb energy or magic. Either way the Society needs to be careful and avoid skin contact.


Giving Up Ain't An Our Blood

     Enhanced Endurance: superior


Look at my boy Dave and Jennifer go at it. The boy doesn't need any time to rest at the moment and he been fighting for a good hour now with Jennifer. They been trading blows, countering, trying to go for the quick kill, and all of that. As a natural magic user one of the benefits is enhanced endurance which comes in handy in fights like this. Probably one of the things giving him a higher chance against Jennifer to keep up with her superhuman strength, speed, and all that without using too much natural magic. Giving up ain't a Hollins attribute and isn't in our vocabulary. Surviving is in our blood and we keep going no matter what the cost until the mission is completed.

Jennifer manages to grab the forearm of Dave as she leeches off him and starts to rob him of his strength. Dave counters with blasts of pure natural magic that sends her flying off him. Despite having his strength robbed the boy keeps on battling. Jennifer speeds up and begins to pound on him furiously with her increased strength. Damn bitch has turned the tide again in the battle.

I got faith in my boy. He won't go down this early in the battle.


Hollins Are Born to Lead Not Follow

     Enhanced Charisma: superior


Okay so now Jennifer got a real damn good increase in power. Dave being a natural magic user somehow must be more powerful for Jennifer whenever she touches him. Now the crazy bitch starts to throw cars flying his way. The boy's first reaction to order the police officers nearby to evacuate the area completely. Without even arguing or complaint the officers do as their told. Only a few men have that natural ability to lead and command others. With us Hollin men we always had that charisma that could capture others within a moment's notice.

Hell it's probably why that girl Amy is drawn to Dave. I know it's because of our natural ability to be great leaders Hollins have others been the leaders of the Dead Hunter's Society through the years whether men or woman. Hollins are born to lead not follow.

That's our motto folks.


Pure Natural Magic

     Chi Manipulation: supreme (rank 3)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


Damn what a nasty battle that's happening right in front of my TV in the lower side of Khazan City. The Society has been battling Jennifer Blood and a group of firstborn vampires she turned for a hour now. Neither side wants to give up. My boy Dave is squaring off with Jennifer while the rest of the group battle the other vampires. All the Society members were dressed in their sacred black ropes as they battled the vampires in a chaotic battle that had took place all over the city. Jennifer seems to get stronger as they battle. She smacked my boy down 2 or 3 blocks easily. Dave I could see used the natural magic to enhance his durability so that he could take the impact of the attack with minimal damage. Must be something about her abilities or bloodsucking that makes Jennifer stronger as she battles. I hope my boy figures it out before things get worse. Dave is firing off multiple blasts of pure natural magic that seem to be doing her some major damage. I taught my boy well with that Natural Magic. I could see in his eyes and and body he was building up all the energy he had as a red energy build up around him. Dave keeps pressing the attack with the pure natural magic as those red energy blasts send Jennifer flying right into a truck which she slams through as it explodes causing a huge explosion as debris flies everywhere. After a couple of minutes she gets up only minor hurt and has started to heal. No matter what Dave does whether blowing off her limbs and shit the bitch keeps on coming back hellbent on destruction. Jennifer must have a hell of a durability to go with that healing ability which is making it hard for Dave to put her down. Pure Natural Magic is a red fury of energy that's a nasty shit to be hit with. It's one of our best attacks as a Society Member and the most destructive thing I have ever seen if you do it with enough power. Thankfully Dave is doing it powerful enough to hold her off until he can figure something out. The best attack to go with at this stage of the battle against Jennifer in my book. I would have done the same thing if I were him years ago.

Jennifer runs with extraordinary speed toward Dave as Dave flies up in the air right above her as she goes to grab him and smiles. Holy shit! In all my years I ain't never seen anybody use the Natural Magic to fly! I swear these new kids in the Society are years ahead of us old timers. Dave's eyes glow with red energy as he powers up his entire body as red energy forms around him. Dave flies right toward Jennifer who is standing on the ground grinning as Dave boosts his flight speed and slams right into her causing a massive shock wave The power of the attack sends a red energy blast that shatters all the glasses of the buildings on the block and destroys anything on the ground around them. A crap load of smoke is covering the area as newscasts and the other combatants on both sides were blown back from the attack. All of them are on the ground coughing and covering their mouths as they move away from the battle.


Jennifer gets up first with a sick smile and with minor bruises. Though she seems....

Stronger...More powerful...

My god Dave struggles to get up as it seems that powerful attack seemed to do more bad then good. It's like he filled Jennifer's tank right back up and actually helped her with that attack. Dave seems to be weakening in his attacks with the blasts of pure natural magic. Jennifer leeching off him is not helping at all. Jennifer Blood must have some variation of energy absorption which is one of the deadliest abilities a Natural Magic user can face. When calling on the magic it's always been the person's own inner strength that determines how powerful one is with the natural magic. Though if one is hurt physically or being drained of their magic to a certain point it will cause the magic user to start to weaken severely. God...saying this makes me realize how worried I am for my boy now. He needs time to rest and gain some power back. The rest of the other Society is busy with the rest of the vampires.


Together for Eternal

     Commanding Leader: supreme (rank 3)


If there is one person my boy can count on to back him up it's Amy Saint. The damn girl done joined in the battle with Dave just in time using Natural Magic just like Dave. Shit the girl is trading blow to blow with Jennifer and giving her a hell of a fight! Jennifer just threw a car at her and she flipped out the way with some damn good speed. She must be using the natural magic to increase her speed, reflexes, and strength rather then in the form of magical attacks like the others. In her case the Natural Magic is a blue sort of energy that surrounds her and powers her up since she uses it differently then Dave. Smart girl and in her case it makes sense. She was always a better fighter then the others since her mother had her trained in martial arts over the years. Learned to use her martial art skills and combine it with her natural magic to become one of the world's best fighters in the Supernatural world. Jennifer looks like she is being worn down by Amy finally. Look all those powerful kicks, punches, and throws Amy is doing thanks to boost from the natural magic. F**king Jennifer Blood may actually go down anytime soon finally. I said once and I will say it again. Dave and Amy are gone be together for eternal. Can't wait to see them grandchildren. I can see it already folks. Both of those kids been together since they were in elementary and done had each others backs for years. I have always known both shared some kind of special bond together that I ain't never seen before among Natural Magic users.


Sword of Fury

     Fire: superior (rank 2)


My boy stands up as he closes his eyes and once more charges up his Natural Magic as Amy fights Jennifer Blood. Amy went for a series of punches as Jennifer effortlessly dodged all of them and smiled as she grabbed Amy by the throat and raised her in the air as she slammed her head first into the ground. Amy choked as a large bruise formed on her head as blood starts to flow down her face. Sadly right before my eyes on the TV I could see Jennifer was absorbing her strength and speed to increase her own. This wasn't good at all as Jennifer quickly and effortlessly changed the tide of the battle within a moment's notice. Dave's eyes widen as he finally gathered his magic and wits as he extended his hand as a blue fire formed around it. Dave formed a blue flame sword with the Natural magic which we call the Sword of Fury. The hottest of fire blades formed out of Natural magic and Dave rushed Jennifer as she threw Amy onto a nearby car. Dave in the nick of time before she could attack took a big swipe at Jennifer with his Sword of Fury and the flaming sword burned right across Jennifer's chest. Jennifer yelled in pain at the scorching heat and the third degree burns that would form a bit later as she fell to the floor rolling on the ground. Dave keep the attack jabbed the sword down through her chest while she was on the ground as the fire increased and most of Jennifer's upper body was on fire. Dave put away the sword satisfied and smiled as Jennifer got up on fire yelling in agony. The vampire bitch finally got the ass whipping she deserved after all these years. Lucky for Jennifer her healing factor would keep her from dying but it would be a good while before she was healed. She would be out of it long enough for the Society to trap Jennifer in a coffin and drop her in the depths of the ocean where know one would find her.

What a hell of a first job well done. Dave walked over to Amy and helped her up. The rest of the Society were just finishing up the other vampires. From here on out the Dead Hunter's Society had sent a message to all the other evil abominations that threatened the Supernatural world. If we took down Jennifer Blood then we can take you down as well. You have been warned.


Dave Hollens Sr.