Skylar Ray


Gender: Male

Kit: Transformation

Location: Archer, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Infamy Points: 50

Personal Wins: 3

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


That morning he had slipped through the closing doors of the train, checking behind himself anxiously to make sure he lost his trailer. As he stepped inside however, someone had called him a ‘lucky duck’, but he started to feel really bad because he didn’t want to be a duck, but a dragon.

He wanted to be a dragon…

The blood and viscera was a darker, fuller red than he had remembered. The smell had filled his lungs and he suddenly felt sick to his stomach. He tried to take a step, but then suddenly he was on the floor. Blood now covered his face. His sight began to haze as he could finally hear the alarm blaring, then that was when he saw him, Agent Meryl was at the door…

The tic toc of the standing clock rattled around Skylar’s mind, awaking him from his waking slumber. He sat aright in his chair and did nothing, said nothing, but just listened until he could decipher the strange language of the clock.

Think About Burning Everything to The Ground…

Meryl sat across from Skylar in the white room and said nothing. He nonchalantly scribbled upon his pad and stopped when he was done, staring into Skylar behind his black shades. Skylar then continued to sit as still as he could.

They had said he was a bad boy. A dangerous boy. One that did better not to mingle with high society at penthouse parties or scramble with the lowlifes in the alleyways and slums. He deserved only his room and his hat. That’s what they said. But he knew that was only until the next field trip, until the next assignment.

Meryl then looked at his watch, and then to Skylar before asking the same question he asked every assessment.

“How do you like Barrington, Skylar?”

“I love Barrington. This is my home.”

His assessment was over.

Later, Skylar found himself in the lobby, listening to the nothingness.

Don’t You Just Want To Escape This Place?

He didn’t answer, but pondered this predictable life that he lived. He knew one day he would have to leave, leave this place behind, but to go where he didn’t know. He spent most of his life behind these walls. It was in fact his home. Skylar’s train of thought then crashed as Bobby scuffled into the lobby, his nose running and hands wet. The front his white shirt, which was identical to Skylar’s, was also spotted with who knows what.

Bobby had been here before long before Skylar and was older than him by a couple years. Bobby was real slim and his clothes were always too big. Skylar always envied his red hair too, disliking his own dark brown hair. Bobby’s was also curly, while Skylar’s was straight. He pulled his hat tighter to head.

“Hi Bobby,” Skylar greeted him.

“Skylar,” He was never much of talker.

They were the only boys left but there used to be more. There were six rooms attached to the lobby, but kids would sometimes go missing on fieldtrips. The last was Emily. Skylar hated her and her glasses and her stupid freckles and was glad when she went missing. Bobby said she ran away, but Skylar refused to believe it.

“Why did you have to kill all those people? Now we’re both in trouble.” Bobby pouted.

“I didn’t mean to… It just happened.” Skylar threw himself on the couch.

Nurse Gupta then walked in, eyeing both of the boys heavily, with much disgust in her eyes.

“It’s time for medicine.” She said, holding two paper cups.


Even with his medicine, sleep never came. The night took it’s time in passing. Skylar watched as the stars moved and then was outshined by the rising sun. He could still see the moon, though. He threw his covers off and slipped into his slippers that sat before his bed. He had already slept in his hat.

He sat and waited for some time, for usually the door is locked, but after a while he stepped to the door. Listening, he slowly opened it, listening to every mechanism turn.

Bobby was already in the lobby, waiting by Nurse Gupta’s office.

“Something’s wrong.” Bobby said plainly before continuing to chew on his shirt collar.

Skylar listened closely and silently agreed. Simultaneously both of their eyes fell upon the double doors.

This Is Your Chance.

They were both hesitant. They knew the rules and even better the severe punishments. Skylar’s heart fluttered with the first step, and Bobby’s worrisome eyes blinked excessively as he seemed to flutter in and out of existence.

“This is our chance.” His second step was stronger, followed by another and another as he placed a hand on the cool double doors.

He turned back to Bobby who was still frozen in place, still flickering. And then with a push…

There was no alarm, but the emergency lights were on, flashing red. It made the whole corridor seem eerie and did not compliment the white walls. The two walked on, passing the metallic doors, until they came to a pool of blood which came around the corner.

Bobby bent down and touched it with the tip of his finger, staring at the crimson drip down his hand. His eyes held almost an excitement. Skylar turned the corner to find the pool’s owner, Agent Meryl.

He was alive. His fingers trembled weakly. Skylar saw no bullet holes in his suit or wounds but there still was the blood trail that was smeared down the corridor. He grabbed Meryl, shaking him until his eyes were semi focused.

“How do we get out? How do we get out?” He yelled, but Meryl was not in this world. He let go of the man and he slumped into his own pool of blood.

Skylar then looked to Bobby, bloody finger prints now covered his shirt, which the collar of was in his mouth. He then looked at the bloody trail. It had to lead to the exit. It had to.

“This is our chance.”


Become Their Nightmare

     Illusions: supreme (rank 3)

  • Area Affect


This night was specifically cold for a Khazan summer night. The sun seemed all too ready to fall beneath the horizon and allow the subtle moon to rein the sky. The stars played a part as well, twinkling especially bright as if making sure not to miss anything going on beneath them. It was a perfect night to go out, but it was a school night. A Sunday night at that. Eric was wrestling with his covers, as if trying to churn slumber itself out of them. It was then when he heard the footsteps, then a whispering. He immediately sat up in his bed, a cold sweat building on his back.

He listened.

And there it was again.

He wanted nothing but to ignore the sounds and go to sleep, but his curiosity was relentless. He leaped out of bed as quietly as he could, grabbing his whiffle bat as he inched towards the window. He pulled back his curtains slowly and there in his mother’s garden he saw a boy, munching away at some ripening tomatoes. The boy was dirty, in what was presumably used to be a white jumpsuit. Eric watched for a second as he ravaged the veggie. The boy was no older than him, what was he doing out there? He slowly opened the window, startling the boy.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.” The wild boy’s deep brown eyes seemed almost feral, but had an innocent hue. “Are you hungry?”

This was when another, redheaded boy, appeared.



     Berserker Physiology: superior (rank 2)


The two boys munched silently on two packs of lunchables as Eric sat curiously across from than at the dining table.

“Where did you guys come from?” The question seemed rude, but Eric didn’t know another way to bring it up.

These two weren’t much talkers, but the question made them falter from their feasts. The second boy eyed the first cautiously.

“We…” Skylar began.

It was then when the voice startled all three of the boys.

“Eric! What the hell is going on in here?” It was his mother. She stood in the doorway to the kitchen, tightly holding her night gown to her body. Bobby jumped and Skylar glared at the woman. The look of disgust in her eyes met his grimace and floor of the kitchen suddenly gave way to darkness. She called for God.

Let Him Come.

The floor gave way to darkness and the lights were snuffed out by this sudden shadow that took over the room. Bobby still was visible. He flickered softly in the darkness, chewing on his collar and what now could be presumed to be blood, not tomato juice. Eric fell out of his chair in fear and clung to his mother as they joined in their desperate gasping. Their eyes were drawn to the flickering red head and his mouth slowly twisted into a devilish sneer. The room began to twirl and monstrous forms moved about freely. Eric’s mother grabbed his hand as she bolted for the door with him in tow.

Die Tired Then.

The floor seemed to stretch under their feet and the door seemed to shrink, their feet not quick enough to catch it. It was then when the mother felt the sharp pain through her middle. She looked down to see the long talon tear through her flesh and then disappear gruesomely allowing her innards to pour into her hands. Eric cried out, her splattered blood covering him.

“What are you?” Eric cried as the bloody talon caressed his face, mixing his salty tears with his mother’s metallic blood.


Be What You Want

     Creature Form: ultimate (rank 4)


Morning came. Grey skies loomed over Archer with clouds fierce and threatening. Skylar awoke groggily, the blood of his victims dried and chipping from his face as he smacked his lips. The metallic and stale taste still lingered in his mouth, upsetting his stomach.

He picked himself up. He could hear the sounds of talking coming from a room over. In the living room, Bobby sat, his red hair matted, but not in his dingy white clothes. He wore a vibrant polo shirt and a colorful pair of swimming trunks. His eyes were transfixed on the television which flipped through the channels as he blinked rapidly.

Skylar stood there for a moment. Thunder rumbled in the sky.

“Bobby.” He called.

Bobby snapped out of his trance, finally turning to Skylar.


“We’re free.”

Bobby wore somewhat of a frown as he seemed to search himself before speaking again.

“What do we do now?”

“Whatever we want…” He couldn’t help but smile. He knew now, he could be that dragon. He could be that dragon.

Skylar sat with Bobby as the news channel ran. The reserved newswoman relayed the news of how heated the debate of meta-human registering was becoming. How the recent slaying of in Central Archer Station was adding fire to protestors, making the movement more violent. More and more incidents began to occur. The segment ended with her questioning whether Khazan was ready for such a turn on its trusted heroes.

Yes, Be Free.