Gender: Female

Kit: Techno

Location: Los Angeles, California


Alignment: Hero

Team: The Angels of Mercy


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 10

Personal Losses: 58

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Sonja Sullivan was a detective assigned to the anti-gang unit of the LAPD. Sonja's maternal grandparents had moved to the US from Brazil after World War II, and she grew up in a multilingual background, and though her father was Irish, she looked for all the world like a Latina who had just come across the border from Mexico, thanks to her regular appointments with a tanning salon. She had the Hispanic features one would expect, but paler skin, though thankfully she did not freckle, as her father did. Her parents were well-off, and truth be told, if she didn't want to, she didn't have to work at all.

She did her job well, and she felt the system, even with its limitations, did a fair job of keeping the bad guys she put in jail there. Until one day, she came across a case of human smuggling. A bigger ring than she'd ever encountered, or even heard about. When her information was simply noted, and passed on to ICE (who did nothing, as far as she could tell, to act on the information), she became skeptical, and investigated on her own.

That investigation eventually cost Sonja her job, though they called it "early retirement" and gave her her pension (which to her felt like hush money) and politely told her never to seek employment in law enforcement with any more power than a security guard ever again.

That is when Bloodhound was born. Through contacts she'd made while working the anti-gang unit, her family's money, and some well-applied political leverage, Sonja secured various pieces of equipment that she incorporated into the Bloodhound armor. State of the art sensor equipment linked to a HUD, a bullet-proof vest under a ceramic riot gear chestplate, and various other pieces of armor cobbled together from sources as exotic as former KGB equipment to mundane sources as close as the local sporting goods store.

Sonja was always fairly good in hand to hand combat, but she redoubled her focus. She reentered training and started entering martial arts tournaments. Now, her parents were finally happy with her. She'd found a hobby, that while somewhat dangerous, wasn't as "seedy" as being a police officer, she was jetsetting around the world, and living off of her parents.

Three years later, she'd finally finished work on what she hoped would be the first fully operational Bloodhound armor. The hard armor pieces on chest, arms and legs were interspersed with Gnomex-treated Kevlar, with an under layer of a thin carbon fiber fabric meant to stop punctures and tears that the Kevlar was weaker to. It was (she hoped), bullet-proof (at least to small arms) fireproof, and knife proof.

During all this time, she had never ceased keeping tabs on the human smuggling ring. It seems that elected officials in both San Diego and Los Angeles Counties were on the take and just taking money in order to look the other way and let it continue. As much as she wanted to, and as much as she had been ostracized for bringing this case to light, she couldn't take the law into her own hands when it came to the officials - she had to take this fight right to the leaders on the Mexican side of the deal.

She borrowed one of daddy's planes to "take a little jaunt down to Cabo" she told her parents, who were thrilled. After the requisite time showing off for the paparazzi and then retreating to her room to "recharge" she went to work, ferreting out the leaders of the operation whom did not live in the near third world conditions commonly found near the border, but in places such as this, Cabo San Lucas.

A week later, her armor tested (and a little battered), and with several of the leaders of the smuggling rings turning up dead, Sonja returned to Los Angeles. The Mexican authorities put it down to inter-gang violence, glad to have some of the major kingpins out of the way, if only to increase their own corrupt share in the coyote business.

Sonja knew that sort of justice wouldn't often fly or be ignored so much in the US, so she was extremely discrete as she began her vigilante work in and around LA. Eventually she caught the attention of a member of the Angels of Mercy, which she gladly joined.


Sonja is devoted to what she now believes to be her life's work, disposing of the criminals that conventional means will not work against. That being said, she is the celebutante daughter of rich parents and when "off the clock" is just as extroverted and seemingly carefree as any thirty-something rich girl would be. It is hard to win her trust, but once you have it, it's practically unshakeable. She has a quick wit and often quips both as Sonja and as Bloodhound.


Experimental Sensor Array

     Environmental Awareness: standard (rank 1)


Built into the helmet, gloves, and boots of the Bloodhound armor are a series of sensors. The helmet houses IR and UV sensors, as well as a two way wideband radio and a very short range ( 3 meters ) passive sonar unit, all patched to the HUD in the goggles. The gloves and boots have ultra-sensitive seismograph-like sensors in them so that the wearer can "feel" movement nearby. A metal detector is built into one glove's palm, and a Geiger counter is built into the other.


Prototype Battle Armor

     Armor: standard (rank 1)


The hard armor pieces on chest, arms and legs is interspersed with Gnomex-treated Kevlar, with an under layer of a thin carbon fiber fabric meant to stop punctures and tears that the Kevlar is weaker to. It is (she hopes), bullet-proof (at least to small arms) fireproof, and knife proof.


Mixed Martial Arts Master

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


Sonja was always fairly good in hand to hand combat, but she redoubled her focus to become Bloodhound. She reentered training and started entering (and winning some) martial arts tournaments.



     Detective: superior (rank 2)


Between an amazing intuition and her natural intelligence, along with the resources gained from both high and low (her parents' money and her former LAPD/Gang connections) Bloodhound is an overall superior detective. She repurposed data mining software to keep a database on local and high profile national criminal activity, and studies this often, to attempt to get the jump on furture crimes. And coupled with the forensic equipment at her disposal, there are few in the world that could be considered better detectives.


Excellent Shot

     Marksman: standard (rank 1)


Bloohound keeps a pair of O'Dwyer VLE (Variable LEthality) pistols with laser sights, and is an excellent shot. The VLEs have three barrels - One standard 9mm barrel, a rubber-shot barrel, and a tranquilizer dart barrel. For specialized missions, sometimes she brings along a Galil sniper rifle.