Gender: Female

Kit: Elemental

Location: Peccavi Cafe, Port of Kings


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Fame Points: 100

Personal Wins: 2

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


She tried to look as normal as possible. I mean for all intents and purposes, she was a normal little girl with a backpack walking down a normal street. To the casual observer, all things were normal. To Chihiro, who kept glancing over her shoulder at the globules spirit behind her, well things were getting weirder by the minute.

She didn’t know where it came from, just that is arrived while she sat and ate a sandwich at a park bench. It showed itself as she began to daydream of another time and other places as she often did. It hopped from around a bush, plopped itself next to her and watched her eat. As she chewed, it chewed. As she daydreamed, it…well, it chewed some more. That is, until it caught her attention in her peripheral.

To her credit, she didn’t freak out, spit her food up and go running down the street. In all honesty, she had seen stranger spirits than this. Chihiro merely glanced sidelong in its direction. She didn’t give it a full glance for fear of it wanting to eat some of her sandwich. That was something she couldn’t have. She hadn’t eaten all day and these little human bodies got hungry often. It sat quietly, blissfully with a little smile on its face. She sighed, reluctant to know but eager to rid herself of the acquaintance, “So what do you want?” It perked up at her voice and beamed a bright grin in her direction. Its voice was reminiscent to some little animal friend of some cartoon princess that is magically able to talk.

Meanwhile, the little spirit chirped on for a few minutes about being hungry and lost. As it did, Chihiro imagined telekinetically pulling the little spirit apart and punting its pieces across the four corners of the globe. She giggled to herself. As she did, the creature stopped talking and began to chew again as if it were eating, a pleasant smile on its face as it did. She furrowed her brow. “You’re eating my thoughts.” She said sardonically. The spirit grinned timidly. “Not your thoughts!” It twittered sheepishly. “Your imaginings, your dreams, your nightmares…”


“A Baku!” Chihiro cried out. The thing nearly fell off the bench at the outburst. Several kids and parents at the nearby park looked up to see the girl sitting alone talking to herself. Chihiro bashfully lowered her head and begin to stuff her mouth with sandwich. “You’re a Baku.” She said a little quieter while spitting bits of sandwich in the spirit’s face. It nodded gleefully. She considered this for a good long minute. Then perked an eyebrow and looked at him with an absorbed glare. “I don’t like you spirits always following me around.” She said, “I especially don’t like you doing it without my permission.” The Baku frowned, not liking where this was going. “But you…” she smirked. “I hate having… having… dreams. I hate this brain. There are things I’d rather not remember. I never dreamed before—“She stopped suddenly and her whole disposition turned sullen. Within a minute, she perked back up and squinted at the little fiery blob wryly, “If you can make the dreams go away, you can stay.”

The Baku quivered with excitement. It started to hop in her direction, when suddenly Chihiro gave it a fierce slap. “Don’t get fresh. Now get out of here. Just be there when I need you buddy.” It gave a quick nod and vanished. “I thought Baku’s were supposed to be scary? Oh well.” Chihiro let out an exasperated gasp. “I hope that was a good idea.”

This is how Chihiro ended up walking home on a perfectly normal day, after a perfectly normal meal with an abnormal spirit bouncing along blissfully behind her. Now, let’s see where that leads her, shall we?


Weakness: Sleep Manipulation

      Character Weakness to Sleep Manipulation:


A lot of weird shit goes down in Port of Kings. It’s one of those odd places that those guys on travel channels go to “taste the local cuisine” or some such absurdity. One thing for sure is a sixteen-year old girl with grey hair dressed like a private school princess is a strange sight walking alone towards Peccavi Café. It would be odder still if anybody besides her could see the little sprite bouncing behind her gaily. With that said, the girl was all but untouchable. In the old gangster films, she would’ve been what’s known as a Made Man. Then again, that same aspect also made her a target. Why? Chihiro had friends in strange places. Then again, Chihiro was from strange places, so…

The little bell rung and Chihiro entered the half-filled café carelessly. A few informal greetings hailed from around the café from regulars and were returned with a quick nod by Chihiro. She quickly propped herself up at the counter and slammed her fist against it.

“Cut that out Chihiro. I know you’re there. We all know you’re important.” Seryph griped. He reached up and poured a red wine into a glass and passed it to the girl. “You’re damned right.” She snarled and chugged the drink down quickly. “Keep em' coming barkeep, I’m trying to drown this nightmare of a life away. Just let me pass out here on the floor.” Seryph smirked and began to turn his head, “When—“ He dropped a glass. It crashed unto to the floor, eliciting few concerned glares. His face dropped as he looked at the seat next to Chihiro.


Weak Strength

     Weak Enhanced Strength: weak


“And what is this?” He said dryly. Chihiro gave a bashful smile.

“You know the policy,” Seryph said as he pointed to the, 'No Pets’ sign. "No exceptions, unless you turned blind overnight and need a seeing-eye pet."

The puzzled patrons of the café struggled to figure out what they were missing. Both Chihiro and Seryph were looking plainly at a seat next to her, but to the customers, nothing was there. The Baku smiled meekly.

“Let me explain.” She said.

Seryph didn’t turn his glance from the thing. “Proceed,” He said. “And I'm assuming the thing is housebroken, yes? Or do I need to fetch you an apron and a mop?"

“No can do..." She said Tipsily. "Child labor laws?” She playfully blinked her eyelids.


Weak Agility

     Weak Enhanced Agility: weak


“You know how spirits are with me Seryph. They flock to me.”

“Yeah, been meaning to talk to you about that… one day, you’re going to attract the wrong kind of attention—“

“Would you let me finish? You know, I’m eons older than you. Don’t have to talk to me like some child.” He nodded sarcastically and looked her up and down. She gave him a malicious look and continued, “You know I can’t help this.” She pointed to her adolescent body. “Besides, you said you were going to help me—“This time, he cut her off.


Weak Endurance

     Weak Enhanced Endurance: weak


“Finish your sob story Shog-go.” She squirmed. He only called her by her true name when he was mad. He knew she hated that. Lacking the Dreamtime abilities of her previous life to turn him inside out for a while, she was somewhat at his mercy. She frowned, but continued.



     Necromancer: supreme (rank 3)


“He’s a Baku.” She sighed. “Ever since I was summoned here and left for dead, I’ve had to fit in. This form…” She looked down and pulled her skirt scornfully, “These clothes, this hair…” Mussing her hair, she sneered, “this little itty bitty human brain.”

“Hey…!” Seryph scoffed. “Speak for yourself.” Chihiro rolled her eyes. “I was the spawn of Lu-Khathon. I am better than this!” Seryph quickly slide another drink. “Get a grip Chihiro.” She glared at him, fixed herself up and took a quick sip.


Energy Absorption

     Energy Absorption: superior (rank 2)


“Well you’re here now. So what, now that you’re stuck in a little girl’s body, you want a little pet too?” He jested. “Of course not.” She said. “But…! Watch this.” Leaping from her seat, she began to scowl up her face tightly. “Do you need to use the little girl’s room? What are you doing?” She rolled her eyes and continued. She began to dream of her old life. She remembered her old form. She thought about her battles as a servant of the Elder Gods. As she did, Seryph’s eyes turned and remained fixed on the Baku, who was beginning to chew feverishly.

With every chomp, it swallowed. With every swallow, it grew… and grew and grew. “Hey!” Seryph called, but looking at Chihiro, he noticed her eyes were lost in thought. “Hey!” He shouted louder. As he did, the thing grew even larger. Its face became elephantine complete with tusks and trunk. Claws and two massive horns began to form. “What the hell?” Seryph cried. “Damn it.” The crowd stared confused as the girl stood in the middle of the floor squeezing her eyes like she was ready to take a dump on the floor.

Seryph jumped across the counter, reaching to shake the girl back to her wits, when suddenly… the spirit disappeared. Seryph fell back bewildered. “Oh boy.”


Elemental Form

     Elemental Form: supreme (rank 3)


Abruptly, Chihiro’s eyes sprung open. She grinned from ear to ear. Without warning, her body began to glow blindingly. Seryph leapt back behind the counter, closing in on his sword. Tendrils of astral energy bursts from Chihiro’s body, she doubled in size and let out a sound like nightmares manifest. The customers fled from the bar before she could complete the transformation, knocking over chairs and neglecting to pay. “Hey, hey hey!” Seryph shouted. Like a cyclopean titan of some old world fantasy, she changed form. The girl who was once Chihiro was now the shapeless, mass of energy, flesh, manifold eyes and protoplasmic bubbles known as Shog-go. It lowered itself and shuddered fitfully, letting out a chortle as it noticed a sword jutting from its mass and flesh.

“Well, that was uncalled for.” Chihiro’s voice called from somewhere within it. “Seryph’s eyes widened and he withdrew the sword from her essence. “What is going on here, Chihiro?” He said forcefully, still posed to attack.


Cartoon Physics

     Cartoon Physics: supreme (rank 3)


“Symbiosis.” She said nonchalantly. Seryph looked at the spot where he had struck. There was no wound. The quivering mass jiggled erratically. Seryph jumped back at the spastic noise it made. “I’m in here Seryph, but you’re going to have to do better than that to hit me.” She said. Quickly, her body began to shift and change again. Seryph watched as before his eyes, she changed into the form he knew her as. He continued to stare, puzzled and waiting for an explanation.

“Look at me Seryph. No offense to you or your kind, but I hate this body.” In her human appearance, she stood before him looking gloom. “I hate this world and I hate this itty, bitty girl brain.” She tapped on her head for emphasis. “Do you know how much information I had acquired over my lifetime?” Seryph nodded.

“Of course I do, that’s why I let you stay here.”

“That’s why you let me stay here.” She mocked. “This…” She pointed again to her head. “This little spirit. This Baku. He is my only connection to who I was.” She walks around the room. As she does, she defies all law of man by walking up walls, across the ceiling. She walks down from the ceiling as if on stairs towards Seryph. “I’m not sure how he does it, but when this thing feeds off my energy, he also releases just a little of my old power. These spirits feed off my residual energy all the time, following me around. You know, we’ve had to fight some of the damned things off.” He nods again.

“Not this time.” As she says this, the word ‘NO” appears in a puff of smoke above her head and then dissipates like an afterthought. “For once, I feel real again. Closer to who I was. It’s not my full power, but somehow this little guy is able to tap into what I once was.” In a brief flash, she transforms to her astral self and back to Chihiro. Seryph jumps back, startled. “No” she says, wagging her finger in his face. “I’m keeping this one.” As she says this, her body becomes translucent. “…Oh and by the way, we still keep our bargain.” With that said, her body complete disappears with only her hand still present, pointing at Seryph. He frowns at the odd appendage floating before him. As he does, a Cheshire smile appears in thin air. “Here's a riddle: When is a croquet mallet like a billy club?”

Seryph furrows his brows tightly. “What?”

“I'll tell you:” She replies. “Whenever I want it to be!” With that, the Cheshire smile and the hand evaporate as the voice trails away like a breeze.

Seryph puts his palms to his head, looking around the café. “Yeah well, you owe me for the damage girl.”