Rebel Savage


Gender: Female

Kit: Physical

Location: Los Angeles, California


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Wicked Garden


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: superior (rank 2)


Infamy Points: 100

Personal Wins: 3

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Kate Awesome Is Awesome

My parents divorced a few weeks prior to my first little experiment. When people ask me now if it affected me I like to say it didn't. In a lot of ways it really didn't. I was sad that it didn't work out for them but I was mature enough to realize that people can fall out of love like that. You're mature for your age was often I compliment I got. I still love my father and mother to this day though I don't see them all that much. They split amicably and the years since the divorce they have maintained a good relationship with myself and each other.

However it did affect me and I guess my actions on one Sunday afternoon proved that it did. I remember I was in the attic rooting through my old chests to find all my old dolls. I gathered them all up, the Barbies, the Kens, the random knock offs aunts and uncles bought for me. I took them to the backyard and put them in the huge Barbie dream house I got for Christmas when I was six. As I sat them all in difference scenes of my parents happy marriage I grabbed the lighter fluid and doused the sucker before setting it aflame with the barbeque lighter.

It took my mother only a moment when she realized how quiet I was to realize I was up to no good. She came running with the garden hose as she pushed me away. Even as he tried to take out the fire I admired the melting bodies and the charred fabric of the intricate house as my mother grabbed me and looked me in the eyes.

"Rebel what the hell were you doing sweetie?"

I just shrugged and said "I just wanted to see how things can fall apart."

As she held me tighter she cried probably from some weird sense of grief. Yet my response was genuine.


There is no noise. When you're this close but in no danger time doesn't slow down but instead runs at a quicker speed. Everything goes in a flash as I hold my phone. Maybe it's some sort of natural defense as I know how loud it is after I watch the videos on my computer but all i see is the sped up ballet of shards of glass, twisting metal and burnt papers that fly through the air like snowflakes. The heat makes me sweat as I pan over scorched carpets, half blown desks and computer monitors that are nothing more then charred shells containing twisted wires. In a matter of seconds it's all over. The soot floating in the air begins to settle as the silence overtakes the whole scene.

I slowly walk through the blast zone as I see my handy work. A section of the large high rise blown to pieces. It was like a huge beast with burning teeth took a bite out of the side. I liked seeing the exposed beams. The metal girders now peeling out as if they were banana skins. I saw the shards of glass meant to turn into harmless beads in case something slammed into them, half of them melted into blackened carpet. Large piles of desks and cabinets displaced by the initial blast pile up in awkward sections of the office tower.

I loved the sight. What was once in its right place is now blown in the utter chaos of explosives.


Internet Famous

     Enhanced Charisma: superior


I took one last pan of the office building as I turned the phone's camera to myself.

April 25, 2013. This was the thirtieth floor of the new Dollar Corp skyscraper they built in Los Angeles now half blown up courtesy of me. If you want to help the come down here in fifteen minutes."


Pineapple Surprise

     Gadgetry: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


I start whistling as I made my way to the stairs. The fire alarms were already blaring as swung open the door and quickly made my descent. Even behind the thick concrete I could hear the sirens from the outside world. As I felt my heavy boots clack on the concrete I heard the shuffle and rumble of people coming up the stairs against me.

Stopping at a landing I looked down and saw the SWAT make their way up and around the spiraling stair well. Humming the tune of "Pop goes the Weasel" at first I started to sing as I gauged their location.

"All around the stair well here, the cops chased the girl.."

Grabbing two grenades as I pulled their pins I kept singing.

"The pigs were dumb, thinking she was un aramed..."

Dropping the two grenades I watched as they tumbled down the stairs. The team screamed as they tried to order everyone to fall back but it was too late. The boom echoed up the stairs as I watched the smoke rise from the rubble bellow me.

"Pop goes their entrails."


Molotovs: A Girls Best Friend

     Fire: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


Panic was stricken through the building as the efforts to save the trapped men in the first fire escape stairwell seemed to take precedence over finding me. As I watched the numbers on the floor countdown the second stair well I made it too I realized for the first time during this even at how close I was to being stopped. Blowing up abandoned homes and derelict factories is one thing, seeing how a working brand new skyscraper was probably taking my little obsession into a dangerous area. However I saw the large spray painted ONE on the wall and thought to myself I finally made it out.

As I swung open the door I saw one lone officer holding his semi automatic rifle at me. The red dot aimed at my chest as I looked him up and down.

"Freeze!" he screamed as I stood there.

"Ok Barney I'm frozen. Now what?"

"Put your hands in the air." He was shaking like a leaf. Probably a rookie who's first moment just so happened to be some sort of terrorist attack that made him nervous.

"Do I look like someone who would do all this?"

"You also don't look like someone who works here. Plus your bandana. Wait a minute I'm the cop here just free..."

"Oh enough of this!" I said as I interrupted his words throwing the improvised Molotov at him from inside my coat. He dropped his gun as he was covered in flames. Screaming the whole time as he tried to run to the front entrance of the foyer. I waited till he was close to the doors before I kicked him sending him flying out of the doors before I stepped out to see a riot scene in front of the office.


A Face in the Crowd

     Shapeshift: standard (rank 1)


They were all kids wearing my skull bandana over their face as an unlucky crew of officers tried to quell them. They were all chanting about something but not about the same thing. Some chanted about the inequity of the rich against the poor. Some simply screamed anarchy over and over. There were anti religion signs, pro abortion and signs about the redistribution of wealth. As soon as I stepped out several people screamed "it's her" as they all surged past the police barricade.

Fist fights broke out all around me as I entered the crowd. Even with all the chaos swirling around me the kids, the poor misguided wannabe rebels parted for me. I watched as mobs grabbed cops and dragged them to the ground, beating them senseless. I saw others throwing their own improvised explosives at the building as I had to chuckle at how amateurish their efforts were.

All I cared about though was getting some distance.


The Girl's A Time Bomb

     Gadgetry: standard (rank 1)

  • Area Affect
  • Super Area of Effect


When I was safely away from the crowd and away from the screaming cop cars that were all making their way to the epicenter I turned into an alleyway as I looked back at the Dollarcorp building. Pulling out my phone I loaded my special app as hit the button. The beauty of a dozen or so high powered explosives going off almost brought a tear to my eye as I watched glass and metal blow out from the other floors. Soon there was a scream as the people around the building realized it was about to collapse. I kept staring and waiting for it tumble in anticipation.