Van "Vice Law" Hyde


Gender: Male

Kit: Physical

Location: Anywhere Sin Lingers


Alignment: Hero

Team: The Angels of Mercy


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


"Well ain't this a surprise!" exclaimed a young scarlet haired woman as a tall raven haired man entered the boisterous saloon filled with gamblers, drunks, prostitutes and outlaws "Van 'Vice Law' Hyde!" every head in the saloon snapped towards the door as silence occupied the room.

As he strutted towards the scarlet haired woman every eye within the saloon nervously returned to their previous tasks and the sound of sliding chairs and murmurs could be heard as the more timid patrons began to leave, abandoning their card games, drinks and conversations.

Van Hyde walked over to the lady seemingly oblivious to the affect of his presence in the saloon or to the scowling face of the bartender. When he finally stopped walking he was so close to the ruby haired maiden that he could smell the orchid scented perfume in her hair.

"You know I hate when you do that Ruth. It's hard enough getting around without people announcing my arrival." whispered Van Hyde as he stroked the sleeve of her blue dress with the back of his hand.

"You ain't got nobody but yerself to blame honey. If you'd jus quit be being a road agent and give yerself to God maybe the folks roun town would be more friendly. It's time to stop being 'Vice Law'." purred Ruth as she sipped a glass of iced tea.

Van Hyde pulled out a near by chair and fell into it pulling Ruth down into his lap "When are you gonna stop trying to convert me and start loving me woman? replied the outlaw as he wrapped his arms around Ruth's slim waist "If it wasn't for me being 'Vice Law' you wouldn't be wearing those radiant pearls around your pretty neck nor would you be smelling so divine."

Ruth scoffed and put her hand on Van's face "Van, one of these days justice is gonna catch up to ya and throw a necktie party in your honor," she stood up and turned her back to the desperado " if that happened, the only way I could take care of ma-self would be to become a lady of the line. Is that what you want, me sellin my body and you swingin by yur neck?

"Now Ruthie. You and I both know that ain't happening anytime soon. More bullets have been fired at me than rain drops have kissed the ground, it would take Death himself to put me under and even that's not a guarantee."

As Van Hyde stood up to embrace Ruth, the doors of the saloon burst open and the ghastly shadow of a man crawled into the building "So it's true then, Vice Law has returned from the north. God must be happy with me today."

As the mans voice crept into Van Hyde's ears annoyance and anger painted his face "Ruth, get out of here, get as far away as you can." the saloons patrons lost all signs of bravery or bravado and began to flee the saloon in anyway they could, be it door or window.Van Hyde turned to the man and set his eyes upon his coal black hat and matching attire "Now what pray tell could the Cimmerian Cowboy want on this side of the west?"

The Cimmerian watched as Van's left hand clutched his revolver and reacted by clutching his howdah pistol "I was just passing through Hyde. If I knew you'd be in town I would've gotten a box built for you."

The deafening silence within the saloon soon infected the entire town as the gunslingers stood ready to draw their weapons and strike down their foe.


"I reckon you've gotten faster with that draw of yours." growled Van Hyde as he readied him self for the slightest movement "cause if you haven't, you were a dead man the moment you walked through that door."

The spirit within the Cimmerian's howdah shook with anticipation as it prepared to battle the man known as 'Vice Law'. A sharp sneeze echoed in the background and the men whipped out their pistols and fired them with deadly precision. An explosion erupted as the smokey black bullet from Van's revolver collided with the howdah's azure round sending both men flying. Van Hyde was launched out of the window behind him whilst the Cimmerian flew through the door and landed onto the hot dirt.

The Cimmerian quickly leapt to his feet and turned to face the sounds of foot steps and aimed his gun at Van Hyde's head "I see your deal with the devil is still in effect Vice Law. I ain't never gonna understand how a man can sell his soul."

Van Hyde's gun was aimed at his enemies heart as his dark brown coat billowed in the hot wind "My friend, you are one stubborn bastard. You know that? How many times do I have to tell you that I have no dealings with ol' Satan and that my soul is in it's right and proper place? Besides, I ain't the one using Indian magic."

"Shut up and die!" shouted the Cimmerian as he fired two shots at the smirk on Van's face.

Van reacted by firing two shots that once again collided with the howah's glowing bullets causing an explosion that shattered the nearby windows "Temper temper old boy" chuckled Van as he fired two bullets.

The Cimmerian barely dodged the bullets and watched as they entered a horse that was tied to the saloon. He spat as the horse's flesh started to rot away "Witchcraft."

"I said it ain't witchcraft!" shouted Van as he raised his gun to fire again. Just as he was about to fire, a loud bang echoed through the town and the Cimmerian's hat was sent flying off of his head. Van brought his gun closer to his face and frowned "The hell?".

The Cimmerian turned and scowled when he saw where the bullet had came from "God-dammit!"


Well Aint That A B!tch

      Character Weakness to Regeneration:


In the distance the figure of a man who seemed to be swathed in despair was approaching the men. Dark clouds seemed to follow him as took each step filling the town with a sickly atmosphere. Upon his face was a skeletal grin that seemed to mock the dreadful mood that now permeated the town.

"Don't tell me that thing is still following you?" Van said as he kept his gun at the Cimmerians head while he kept the grim creature in the corner of his eye.

The Cimmerian could barely mask the desperation on his face as he kept one eye on the Eidolon and the other on Vice Law "The Devil must awfully angry at me today. Looks like you're gonna have to share me with ol' bones over there, Vice Law."

Van Hyde spit on the dusty ground as he replied "Over my dead body. Now listen here you old coot, I'll help you best him this one time but after he's good and gone, you're next. Ya got me?".

The Cimmerian nodded and fired a sapphire shot at the Eidolon which vanished before the bullet could hit it. Out of nowhere the Eidolon appeared behind the Cimmerian but before it could shoot Van fired a caliginous shot that missed the grisly spirit as it vanished once again. The black bullet grazed the wheel of a cart which rotted away causing it to collapse and send dust unto the battle field.

The Eidolon once again appeared pushing away the dust around it. As if struck by lightning the Cimmerian instantly fired another shot that ripped through the spirits leg. As the Eidolon fell, Van Hyde fired three shots into and smiled as he walked away "Well that was easy wasn't it old boy?"

"It ain't over yet Hyde." replied the Cimmerian as he watched the Eidolon's wounds repair themselves "Looks like even your devil weapon has its limits."

Van Hyde turned and cursed as he watched the Eidolon's wretched grin reform "Well ain't that a bitch." he spat as he pulled out a black and silver Bowie Knife from his back scabbard.


Like a Greased Weasel

     Enhanced Agility: superior


The Eidolon swung it's gun towards Van with unnatural speed only to see it's arm fly into the air as Van Hyde dodged and unleashed a counter attack with his Bowie knife. Without hesitation the ghoulish entity drew it's other gun but once again it's other arm was relieved from it's grotesque body and sent flying unto the dry ground.

"What the hell are you waiting for!?" shouted Van as he ran from the creature "Run! Hide!" he ran towards a house and shot the door twice causing it to rot away. As Van and Cimmerian entered the house Van turned to the occupants and put his finger to his lips "Now listen here Cimmerian, the way I reckon, there are only two ways to get rid of that thing. One, I kill ya. Two, I distract that thing while you hightail it out off here." he peaked through the window and watched as the Eidolon reformed "Now as much as I would like to put a hole in that skull of yours I'd prefer to do it on my terms."

"Well ain't that touching." scoffed the Cimmerian "One problem. You killed my horse."

"I'll distract him long enough for you to escape. Just ma-" before Van could finish, a dark figure appeared in the room and fired it's pistols at Van and the Cimmerian. Van dodged the attack maneuvering his body around the furniture in the dwelling and tackled the Eidolon while at the same time unsheathing his knife and severing the monsters head.

By this time the occupants of the house along with Cimmerian had evacuated the house and were heading towards the stables.

After a few moments of wrestling with the Eidolon, Van was left wrestling nothing but air. He darted out of the house just in time to see the Eidolon form from out of thin air. Van sheathed his dagger and pulled out his revolver.


Death's Double Action Revolver

     Weapon Master: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack


Van's arm seemed to disappear as he ripped his gun from it's holster and fired a shot that tore through the Eidolon's skull "Don't turn your back on me!" he shouted as a fired three more shots into the Eidolon.

Van fired another shot but his bullet only cut through air as the spirit vanished and reappeared on top of of house in the periphery on Van's sight. Without moving his head an inch Van's gun arm swung in the Eidolon's direction and expelled two dark bullets into the creatures legs. As the Eidolon fell and rolled off the roof of the house it vanished and reappeared on the opposite side of Van's sight.

In one fluid movement Van tossed his gun into his right hand and fired two more shots that launched his opponent off the house and out of Van's sight.


.450 Rounds Of Death

     Decay: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack


Van Hyde scanned the blistering terrain for the phantom while his trigger finger twitched in anticipation "Where the hell did it go? From the looks of things old Cimm hightailed it."

A blood curdling howl shook the town as the sky darkened and the shadows crept from their hiding places. Van turned as the Eidolon appeared on top of the church at the end of town and let out a wretched cry that shattered the windows in the church. As if set on fire, screaming people began flooding out of the church with either a child, bible or gun in their hands.

"Yep, the Cimmerian escaped alright." whispered Van to himself as a smirk crawled on to his face "You wanna brawl you son a bitch! Then lets brawl."

The Eidolon walked off the roof and landed amongst the fleeing people. The screams increased as the Eidolon began shooting down those who were in his way or fools who attacked him.

Van Hyde began walking towards the stampede, "Get out of my way!" shouted the outlaw as he turned every soul in front of him into a pile of rotting flesh and bones with each shot.He glimpsed the sight of a body on top of one of the buildings and fired a barrage of bullets. The Eidolon vanished and the rounds shot through the roof.

The sounds of screams increased as the wood and nails of the house rotted and rusted away causing the building to collapse on the occupants "Come on out you devil!"


Vice's Fang

     Weapon Master: standard (rank 1)


One of the occupants of the collapsed building emerged from the rubble covered in blood and dust as he shouted at Van "Vice Law you heartless worm!" he ran through the crowd and lunged at Van and gasped as the honed blade of Van Hydes knife slipped into his heart.

Van Hyde pushed the corpse away and dodged an attack from another enraged man. As he evaded the attack Van sliced through the man's jugular sending blood spraying out on the panicking mob. As the number of his attackers grew so did the amount of corpses that surrounded him, until he saw the horrid grin of the Eidolon.

Van was to close to draw his gun but to far to strike with his knife "Not today!" shouted Van as he shoved the point of his knife into the muzzle of the Eidolons gun and maneuvered it so the revolver was sent flying into the air. He quickly closed the gap between them and decapitated his enemy.


To The Winner Goes The Spoils

     Necromancer: superior (rank 2)


Without wasting a moment, Van severed the arms and legs of the Eidolon and frowned as it's body vanished once again "Listen up you yellow-bellied maggots! If you want to live I suggest you start kicking up dust now!"

The towns people who were left deserted their homes and evacuated the town as fast as their legs could carry them. The only bodies that stood on the town were Van Hyde and the Eidolon accompanied by the sickly silence that infested the area.

"Time to end this old boy." said Van as he stretched his arm in front of him and pointed the blade to the ground. A bolt of smokey darkness shot from the blade and entered the ground with a deafening crack that was followed a cacophony of wails and screams.

The Eidolon fired multiple shots at Van but each one was engulfed by a mist that now engulfed the town and never touched their target. Some of the mist separated into clumps that then formed into ethereal doppelgangers of the men who had been slaughtered by Van's blade. The Eiodolon fired at the specters but his bullets had no effect on the entities that now approached it.

The Eidolon teleported to another area only to be swarmed by more specters that emerged from the mist. It teleported all around the town only to be swarmed each time it reappeared.

"There is no escape monster." sang Van as all the mist started to congregate around the Eidolon "Since I can't kill you and you can't kill me at the current moment you have only one choice.

The Eidoln's eternal eyes met Van's gray iris's and then vanished taking the darkness with it.


Aint No Grave Can Hold My Body Down

     Regeneration: supreme (rank 3)


Van slowly walked towards the stables passing each empty house with cold indifference as the mist slowly dissipated taking the wraiths with it. A brisk wind ran through the ghost town as storm clouds masked the sky and growled as they blocked the sun.

"I hope they didn't take all the horses. I'd be mighty pissed if I had to walk out of here." grumbled Van as he passed the remains of the house he had destroyed.

Among the sounds of rubble tumbling in the wind the cry of a trembling voice could be heard on the wind "V-Van, is that you?"

Van stopped dead in his tracks as the call seeped into his ears and clutched his heart.

The voice called out again in strained desperation "Van, help me!"

Van Hyde ran into the rubble with mad fervor following the familiar sound "Ruth!" he cried as he searched the rotted remains of the building "Ruth!" he cried again his voice soaked with dread.

"I'm here." she responded from beneath a beam of wood.

Van fell to his knees as his fell upon Ruth's crushed body, he crawled over to her and cradled her head in his arms "I'm sorry, Ruthie. This is all my fault." he held back bitter tears as each word whipped his heart.

"Don't worry about me honey." replied Ruth "I know where I'm going, just make sure you meet me there." she sighed and closed her eyes wincing with each breath.

"No, don't you dare close your eyes! The only place you're going is the doctor ya hear me." he pressed his dry lips on hers as he stroked her face "I'll be damned if you die here."

He gently placed her head on the ground as he stood up and walked over to the large beam "You ain't dying here." he mumbled to himself as he approached the beam only to see a murder of crows descend upon it.

A grimace of pain fell upon Van's face as he turned and saw the figure of a tall undertaker with a pitch black coffin slung across his back walk towards him "Stay back you bastard!" Van shouted as he fired round after round at the grim figure. Ho tears ran down his face as each bullet evaporated before they could strike their target.

The undertaker stopped in front of Van and put his bone white hand on his shoulder as he spoke with a voice that seemed to chill the air "You knew this day would come Vice Law."

"NO! No I didn't! You promised that you'd protect her from my enemies. You said she'd be safe and happy." replied Van as he shrugged the ice cold hand from his shoulder.

"Yes, I did say that, and i held up my end of the bargain. She was safe and had nothing to fear from your enemies. In the end, Van, it was you who did this.

Van tried to respond but could not. Silence ruled for a moment until Van spoke "You still owe me Azrael."

"Yes I do Vice Law, but not enough to bring her back."

Van clenched his fist "Then send me where she's going."

"You know that's out of my realm of powers."

"There must be something you can do god-dammit! You're the Archangel Death."

Azrael frowned as he looked down on Van's sullen face "There is something I can do, but it won't be pleasant and it will last for centuries."

"I don't care, just do it."

Azrael shoved his hand into Van's chest and gripped his heart " Van Hyde, I curse you. From this moment; you shall never die, sleep, feel love or lasting joy; until you redeem your soul and are deemed fit to join your love in the creators kingdom." Azrael pulled out his hand along with Van Hyde's heart "It is done."

The clouds released their burden as Van collapsed and watched as his wound healed "Be patient Ruthie. It might take awhile but I'll be up there with you real soon.