Roscoe McCoy


Gender: Male

Kit: Physical

Location: Venus Junction, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Infamy Points: 175

Personal Wins: 5

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


The Gilded Shiv nightclub was ram packed with apathetic drunks, amorous couples, lusty bachelors and flirtatious bachelorettes while a swing band performed a boisterous tune that mingled with the tobacco and reefer soaked atmosphere of the popular nightclub. Sitting in one of the shadowy corners of the club was Roscoe McCoy accompanied by a bottle of whiskey, a whiskey glass and a lit cigar nestled between his fingers. As he watched the clubs patrons skip and gyrate under the dim smokey light, he noticed a tall husky man in a blue suit pushing through the mob of revelers in his direction. Roscoe filled his cup with the amber liquid and watched as the cinnamon maned man approached him; paused, smiled and then sat in the chair across from Roscoe.

"How you been Roscoe?" asked the man as he signaled a waitress for a glass. " You still dustin people for mistah Styx?" he watched as the scantily dressed waitress walked up to him and placed a whiskey glass on the table "Thanks babe." he reached into his pocket, took out a hundred dollar bill and wedged it between her corpulent cleavage and watched as she strutted towards another patron.

"What do you want Rigz?" droned Roscoe as he sucked on his cigar causing the end of it to glow orange.

Rigz turned and looked at Roscoe's damaged face. The majority of the left side of it had been replaced with cybernetics leaving only his mouth and chin untouched by the bronze metal.

"What did I tell you about staring Rigz?" growled Roscoe as his cybernetic eye glowed red. "Now, tell me what you want." continued Roscoe as the metal fingers of his right hand wrapped around his glass with a series of clinks.

"Come on now McCoy, whaddya you take me for, a moocher? I thought we were closer than that." he poured some of Roscoe's whiskey into his glass and smiled as he sipped it "It just so happens that I'm here to give you something."

"Really, what could that be?"

"The most important thing in the world. Information." he throws the liquor down his throat and grimaces.

"And how many wads am I going to have to fork out for this information?"

"Think of this as an early Dia De Venus present. Besides, considering the nature of this info this is more of a duty to my city than a favor to you."

The shadows in the club grew as the lights were dimmed and the tempo of the music ebbed as the band began to perform Cab Colloway's "Zaz Zuh Zaz".

Rigz stared into Roscoe's real eye and poured more whiskey into his glass. "One of your old friends came into town yesterday, from the looks of things he plans to stay for awhile."

Roscoe puffed on his cigar creating a smoke cloud that writhed above and around his head. "I have a lot of 'friends', Rigz, and seeing that Dia De Venus is around the corner all sorts of unsavory types will be swarming the city."

Rigz placed his glass on the table and took a cigarette out of his top pocket "You see Roscoe, thing is" he lights the cigarette and releases the smoke from his nose "this particular friend isn't unsavory in the same sense as your other friends are."

"Will you spill it already?" barked Roscoe.

"One of my friends said The Conspiracist came into town yesterday, looked as if he was on a business trip if catch my drift." a chill went down Rigz's spine as he watched Roscoe's cyborg eye glow crimson behind the smoke that cloaked his face.

"What could that bastard want in Venus Junction!?" exclaimed Roscoe as the glass in his cybernetic hand began to crack.

"Your guess is as good as mine buddy. "

"Think about the damage he could do when the police go on leave on Dia De Venus." Roscoe extinguished his cigar "The last thing we need is the Angels mucking up Syndicate business on one of the biggest holidays of the year."

"That's why I came here. If there's any button man in town who can deal with that mug it's you."

Just then Roscoe's phone vibrated sending ripples into the glasses and the bottle of whiskey. He took out his phone and pressed it's buttons while his eye scanned it's screen.

"Always on the job huh?" chuckled Rigz.

"No rest for the wicked my friend." replied Roscoe as he rose from his seat. "I'll be sure to check around town. If he's still here it wont take me long to find him." he began to walk off and stopped "You owe me a bottle of whiskey."


As Roscoe exited the club he was bum rushed by the flashing neon lights and fumes of Venus Junction, while he walked down the littered sidewalk, a parked black Cadillac Eldorado caught his eye. As he walked over to it he smiled "Vintage Cadillac, looks like someone around here has class." he pressed his cybernetic finger on the door of the car and after three seconds the door unlocked with a loud clunk "To bad they're gonna be walking home."

Roscoe slid into the car, put his finger on the ignition and smirked as it came to life. As he drove out into the night he took out his phone, dialed a number and put it to his head. "Hey Jojo, It's Roscoe. Do me a favor and inform some of those dirty cops that the Conspiracist in town, make sure they get him alive. Call me when you get this message.".

As Roscoe sped down the road he was stopped by a police officer with a scowl on his face "Night sir" started the cop as he put his hand on his holster "I have two questions for you. One; do you know how fast you were going? and two; are you aware that this car was reported stolen not too long ago?"

Roscoe answered the cop with audible disdain "I would chat with you officer but I'm on business, so if you don't mind go hassle someone else."

The cop's scowl grew as he replied to Roscoe "I'm not one of those crooked cops that you can push around you little punk. Now get out the car slowly!"

Roscoe sighed as he took out his gun and shot the officer in the head. A few seconds later another cop ran out of the darkness of the night "What the hell happened here?

Roscoe put his gun away and lit a cigar "He shot himself. Now do your job and clean up this mess."

"Y-yes sir." answered the cop as Roscoe threw a roll of money at him through the window and drove off.

Roscoe was deep in thought as he sped down the road until his phone started to vibrate. He took out the phone and put it on speaker "Hey JoJo how you been?"

"Everything's copacetic Roscoe" responded the raspy voice that came from the phone "Now whats this I hear about the Conspiracist being in town, he's not coming after you is he?"

"I don't know Jo. I only just found out today, Rigz said he's been in town since yesterday."

A sigh could be heard on the other side of the phone " Now I know that nudnik did you wrong Roscoe, but the last thing you need to do is go looking for revenge."

"Don't you spit that garbage to me Jo! That sick wannabe P.I vigilante took more than a few body parts from me. You know what he stole from me in the name of 'justice'. Well I'm gonna do more than scrag that mother fucker, I'm gonna tear his heart from his chest while it's still beating, I'm gonna make him beg for death just like she did. But this time I wont pull the trigger, he doesn't deserve a quick death, I'm gonna do it real slow so I can savor his screams."

"Come on McCoy." responded Jojo in a sympathetic tone "The last thing Bella would want is for you to get yourself hurt or killed in her name. I'll get some detectives and cops to hunt him down and then get him charged for murder. He won't last a week in prison."

"I want him to look into my eyes and see the monster he created when he took my wife and the child inside her." snarled Roscoe in response.

After a few seconds of silence Jojo's voice came over the phone "I-I didn't know Roscoe. I'm sure he didn't know either."

"Don't you dare defend that son of a bitch! Now please just do what I asked. I gotta go, I'll talk to you later." he ended the call as he approached an old abandoned clinic.

"God-damned cop almost made me late" mumbled Roscoe as he slowed down, took out his phone, checked the message he had got in the club and exited the car "I hope this doesn't take too long" he mumbled as he reloaded his .22 Magnum Semi-Auto pistol "I've got bigger fish to fry."


"Bang Bang They Hit The Ground"

     Weapon Master: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attack


Inside the waiting room of the clinic, four men dressed in gold ski-mask and gold colored camouflage army attire were playing poker while the sound generic pop music flowed out of the radio that sat on the table where the men were sitting.

"By the way, did you guys here that the Conspiracist is in town?" asked one of the men in a deep baritone that vibrated around the room.

"Yeah I heard," responded the smallest man at the table as he counted his chips "I'm not sure if it's a good thing though. The last thing we need is more trouble especially since the police have been cracking down on vigilantes."

"If anything we need him now more than ever. Now that Sudaj is gone some leadership would be nice." replies the tallest man at the table as he threw some chips into the middle of the table and continued "then again, who knows why he's in town. The boss of the Furies division..."

Before the vigilante can finish his sentence there is a loud knock at the door. "Who the hell could that be whispers the short vigilante as he stands up and walks over to the door. "Who the hell is there?"

"Jehovah's Witness." chimed the person on the other side of the door.

The vigilante turns to his comrades and mouths "Jehovah's Witness?" but all they do in response is shrug. He turns to answer the person but the door is sent flying off it's hinges and onto the short man. In the doorway stands Roscoe McCoy with a lit cigar in his mouth and a gun in his hand.

Roscoe steps inside the building and puts his gun in his mechanical hand "I've come to bring the good news. I'm gonna put you out of your miserable lives.".

Before the men can react Roscoe fires three bullets from his pistol into the men sending them flying onto the floor. As he walks further into the building he sends another bullet through the door killing the man that lay under it. "What kind of garbage are they listening to?" he mumbled as he turned the radio to a station that was playing "Hey Pachuco", and smiled "That's better."

Soon multiple armed vigilantes dressed like the men Roscoe had just dispatched started running down the narrow white corridors of the large clinic.

"Dammit, I should have thought about that" snaps Roscoe as he vaults into a small examination room. As the vigilantes start to enter the room Roscoe starts shooting them one by one from behind the examination bed but soon they start charging into the room faster than the gun can fire bullets. "I don't have time for this crap."


Call Me Mr.Versatile

     Transmogrification: superior (rank 2)


Before his attackers could swarm him a jolt of static crawled from Roscoe's cybernetic arm onto his gun transforming it into a Tommy Gun "Die mother-fuckers!" Roscoe jumped up from behind the bed and started showering the room with bullets until the barrel was empty. "And that's how you deal with pests"

As he slowly walked out of the room he searched his victims and transformed all the ammo he could find into a large Tommy Gun drum clip. As he put the ammo into the gun he slowly walked down the corridor from where he could hear the sounds of feet running in his direction. As he turned around the corner of the narrow corridor he pulled the trigger of his gun and released a swarm of bullets upon his enemies.

"Come on Angels! Your making this to easy!" he bellowed as he slaughtered his unprepared foes. The Angels Of Mercy started to retreat but then the bullets stopped and all that came from his gun was the click of an empty clip "Shit."

As if on cue, the remaining Angels let their vengeance upon Roscoe who had turned his arm into a shield as he ran towards them with unrelenting speed. As he crashed into the mass of thugs he turned his arm into a blade that he used to eviscerate anyone in his way. Amidst the chaos the confused Angels shot wildly sending bullets through doors, walls and each other painting the hallway in dust and blood.

As the gunfire ended Roscoe stood up and turned one of the henchmen's 9mm handguns into a .22 Magnum "Now to collect the goods." as he followed the trail of corpses a bullet darted passed his head "What the hell!?"

Another three bullets darted towards Roscoe as he rolled across the floor and turned to face his attacker. Amidst the floating dust Roscoe could see the figure of a masked man in a brown trench coat with a gun in one hand and a briefcase in the other. "Still doing the Syndicates dirty work I see. To be honest, I'm surprised that you're still alive and swinging."

"Conspiracist." spat Roscoe with disgust "Still shoving your ugly mug in other peoples affairs. I must admit, I didn't think you'd make finding you so easy." he clenched his gun as memories of his wife's screams and sobs rang within his mind. "It's been five years Con, do you know what five years of pent up pain of hate does to a man?"

"Don't go blaming what happened to you and Bella on me, I told both of you that playing both sides would get you hurt."

"We were getting ready to quit you self righteous son of a bitch!"

"You waited to long, I would have preferred to let you guys go but there was to much at stake and I couldn't trust you, Mr.Styx had his claws in too deep. Believe it or not, it pained me to do what I did."

"It pained you? HA! You don't know pain yet." Roscoe shot three bullets at the Conspiracist but they all hit the wall as his target ran down the corridor. "Don't run you son of a bitch!" shouted Roscoe as he ran after his enemy. As he turned the corner a bullet flew over his head taking a few strands of his hair with them.

"Fine, I'll finish what I started." the Conspiracist fired shots at Roscoe as he walked backwards and hid behind one of the dusty couches that sat in the waiting room. "If your going to blame anyone for Bella's death it should be yourself, you can't be a hit man and a family man Roscoe, you knew that."

Roscoe's gun slowly turned into a Tommy Gun as he slowly walked towards the Conspiracist with savage rage in his eyes. "Keep talking you ugly bastard, it'll make greasing you even more pleasurable." he opened fire on the couch that the Conspiracist was hiding behind sending fabric, dust and feathers into the air.

The Conspiracist leapt up from behind the mangled couch with a sawed of shot gun ready to fire but Roscoe was nowhere to be seen. Before the Conspiracist knew what happened a cold metallic fist hit him in his chest sending him flying to the other side of the room while the briefcase and the shot gun flew in the opposite direction.

"That thing that's throbbing in your chest right now, that's pain. But it's still nothing compared to what you put me through." Roscoe slowly walked towards the Conspiracist as the Tommy gun turned into a spear.

The Conspiracist quickly turned to face Roscoe and fired two shots into his legs. One bullet flew through the flesh of Roscoe's right leg while the other bounced off his left leg and hit the Conspiracist in the arm forcing him to drop the gun. As Roscoe fell to the floor, the Conspiracist fled the clinic and jumped into his Mustang which quickly squealed down the road leaving a cloud of smoke and the smell of burnt rubber.

As Roscoe used his spear to prob himself up he dialed a number on his phone and put it to his ears "Hey Pete, tell Mr.Styx that I need to talk to him. We have a problem, a big problem.


I Spy

     Enhanced Senses: standard (rank 1)


Roscoe put his phone away, picked up the briefcase and sat in one of the dusty chairs wincing as pain ran down his injured leg. He opened the briefcase and rummaged through its contents carefully so as to not soil the papers inside "Slick son a bitch thought he could trick me." he closed the suit case and gently slid it under one of the couches in the waiting room. His cybernetic eye started to change colors as it switched between infrared, ultraviolet and X-ray vision "Where could they have hidden the rest of it?" mumbled Roscoe as he slowly searched the clinic while he stepped over dead bodies and rubble. Then he stopped abruptly in front of a bare wall "That's interesting." he backed up, turned the spear into a shot gun and fire three shots into the wall.

Roscoe's hair was pushed back as stale air leaked through the hole that was now in the wall "And into the shadows I go." he tore down what was left of the wall and entered the inky darkness of the hidden passage way with only his right eye to guide him. Soon he could see a dim light at the end of the passage and as he ran towards it he could smell and feel fresh air blowing towards him.

As he stepped into the light he heard a sharp whistle as he felt a blunt object crack against his skull.


Lets Call It A Crooks Intuition

     Detective: standard (rank 1)


Roscoe woke up chained to a metal chair surrounded by guns and familiar faces. "Well isn't this touching, the whole gang is here, minus Jill and Reynolds of course. Hey Gracie is that you!? So your rolling with these guys now huh?"

"A tall man in a suit stepped in front of the young girl and smiled "Roscoe, how ya doin? Never thought I'd see you in one piece......well alive anyway." the other Angels put their weapons away as he approached Roscoe followed by a woman with sapphire eyes" You really surprised me, I would've bet cash money that you'd follow Conspiracist to tha ends of the earth."

"Tony De Luca" responded McCoy wincing as his leg and head surged with pain "I see you still got Merci on your arm." he turned to a woman dressed in white armor "Helen you look divine as always."

Helenas spat as she answered him "Keep your traitorous words, viper."

"Just as lovely as I remember. I must admit, when I heard Con was here I knew it wouldn't take long for you guys to show up. But to think you got into town unnoticed." he gazed at the roof and frowned "let me guess, you guys decided to help the Midas division of the Angels improve by pulling off some huge bust on Dia De Venus."

"Sharp as always McCoy" replied Merci as she wrapped her arms around De Luca's

"There's one problem though." continued Roscoe "You don't know your way around the Junction and you barely know the territories or the bosses who run them."

"Quite the dilemma ain't it Roscoe" mused Tony De Luca as he placed a chair in front of McCoy.

"Which explains why you guys got in undetected while the Conspiracist was seen the moment he got in town." he lowered his head until he could see Tony "You knew I would hunt him down."

"Yes, but as you can tell we didn't expect to see you so soon, you almost screwed up our plans." replied Tony as he directed Gracie Fletcher to sit in the chair in front of Roscoe.

Roscoe watched as Gracie nervously sat in the chair "Let me guess. You're going to have this young dame search my mind for info on Venus Junction."

"But that's not all Roscoe boy. We need to find out what that jabroni Mr.Styx is up to." he put his hand on Gracie's shoulder and squeezed it. "O.k doll, lets get this done."


Dual Processor

     Psychic Shield: superior (rank 2)


Gracie looked into Roscoe's eyes and then her body went limp. The room was eerily quite as the Angels Of Mercy waited for Gracie to finish her task, all the while Roscoe was not troubled in the least that a young woman had astral projected into his mind and was rummaging through his memories. He sat patiently as he surveyed the room looking for the other briefcase. "So, how are Jill and Reynolds doing? She have the baby yet?."

Helenas pointed her gun to Roscoe's head and scowled "That is none of your business charlatan!"

"O.k, calm down no need to get jumpy." chuckled Roscoe as Helenas put her gun away.

Gracie's body stiffened as her consciousness returned to her body causing the Angels to tense "That was quick, how much did you yank from his noggin?" asked Tony as stroked Merci's hair.

"Very little, and the few things I did manage to get was useless unless you want directions to the premier brothels in Venus Junction." sighed Gracie as she looked up at Tony.

"I don't understand." said Mercie in her soft voice.

Gracie stood up and looked at Roscoe "It's almost as if he was able to erase his own memories or send them to a different place altogether."

Roscoe shook his head and laughed "You almost got it, let me help you out. You see, the last time we saw each other the Conspiracist blasted a few of my body parts off, the left side of my brain was amongst those body parts. When Mr. Styx had his scientist reconstruct my body they re-built my mind as well. The cool thing is, I can move my thoughts and memories between the organic side and cybernetic side of my noggin. So unless you got a cyberpath here with you, little miss Ghoster is useless."

"We're going to have to call Jill" grumbled Gracie.

"There's one problem with that." interrupted Roscoe "I've found what I came for and I'm afraid that means I have leave." The handles of the chair Roscoe was chained to turned into small gatling guns that started spraying bullets at the Angels who were now running for cover.

Roscoe stood up from the chair and ran towards the brief case in one of the corners of the room and grabbed it. As he started to run towards the exit gunshots zoomed towards him as the Angels started to pursue him. "Catch!" shouted Roscoe as he turned his gun into a frag grenade that he threw at the Angels.

"Shit!" cried Tony as he and his allies ducked behind crates and boxes "The son of a bitch got away." after a few seconds of waiting for the explosion Tony slowly stood up and cautiously walked over the grenade "don't tell me..." he picked the grenade up inspected it and threw it to the ground "Dammit it's a dud." he turned to the other Angels and rubbed his forehead "We're screwed."