Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Gas Light District, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 150

Personal Wins: 2

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Flashing lights brighter than the stars, the intoxicating odor of sex, food and violence, the vibrating cacophony of despair, music and jubilation. It was a deceptively typical night in Venus Junction which meant hustlers were prowling the streets; brothels were teeming with lust; and Mr Styx was in his office atop the black spiraling spire of Charon Tower Hotel

"You came earlier than I expected Ms.Nocht. Is this a good omen or bad?" Mr. Styx addressed his visibly annoyed associate while he extinguished his cigar in a silver ash tray.

Alma took an envelope out of her handbag and placed it on Mr.Styx's black marble desk. As he stretched to pick up the envelope Alma placed her hand on top of it as she peered into his burgundy eyes. "The price has doubled, Styx."

Mr.Styx withdrew his hand as he furrowed his brow "And why is that pray tell? It couldn't be for the early delivery."

"No, it's not that. The reason I'm doubling the price is because you didn't tell me he worked with the Angels Of Mercy. Turns out he was a telepath too, not to mention out of his damned mind!" her voice echoed around the large violet and alabaster office as a smirk formed on Mr.Styx's face.


"Yes really. As soon as I started working he kicked me out of his head and started causing all types of havoc. By the time I knocked him out my place was in shambles."

"I still don't see why I should pay you twice the agreed amount." replied Mr.Styx as he sat back into his chair "In your line of business things like that are to be expected."

"It's either you pay up or you don't get what is in this envelope." she looked into Mr.Styx's eyes defiantly knowing he would have to pay. The room was silent except for the dull flapping of a large raven on the flagpole outside of the large window behind Mr.Styx

"Well there is something else we can do. How about I pay you the agreed price and repair all of the damages." he smiled as she shifted in her chair "And if you want, you can spend the rest of the night in Venus Junction. You can go to any of my establishments; gamble at the casino, party at the clubs, dine at four star restaurants. As long as I own the place everything is on me."

She smiled as she threw the letter on the desk "Fine you win, just make sure it's done well or I'll come after you."

Mr. Styx watched as she left the room, her scarlet dress a drop of blood running on the bone white marble floor. He began to eagerly open the letter but before he could read it a tall honey colored haired woman dressed in a gray suit entered the office followed by the flowery aroma of the notoriously expensive Orchard Of Khazan perfume "Excuse me Mr.Styx but your meeting with Don Francis is about to start."

"Ah, Mrs.Saduj." he put the letter away and folded his arms "I see you're wearing that necklace I bought for you, pearls suit you, although they would look better if you let your hair down."

"Stop trying to change the subject, you have to meet with the don to finalize the Gehenna deal." she took out a smartphone, typed a few keys and turned her eyes back to her boss "you have to get there in thirty minutes and traffic is unusually terrible today."

He stood up and walked over to the window and watched as the raven flew off into the distance "Fine, this better be good merchandise. I would hate for things to go sour."


As Mr.Styx walked to his limo he turned to Mrs.Sudaj "I'll be back soon.....unless I'm assassinated, then you're in charge."

"Your not going to be assassinated, at least not in Venus Junction." she opened the door to the limo and watched as he entered "and please do your best not to disrespect Don Francis, I worked for months trying to set up this deal." she closed the limo door and watched as it speed of into the chaos of the night.

As the limo darted passed traffic Mr.Styx sat inside reading the contents of the envelope that he had paid an arm and a leg for. As he read through the information a sinister smile spread across his face exposing his snow white teeth.

"Looks like good news sir." noted the driver of the limo as he looked at Mr.Styx through the rear view mirror.

"Not sure if good would be the correct term Pete, I should have paid Alma double for this." replied Mr.Styx as he put the notes back into the envelope "By the way, do we have any of our own men waiting for me at the warehouse?"

"Yes sir, Simon and Sam already secured the area as best as they could."

"Good. Wouldn't want to be ambushed now would we."

"Sir why do you have to be so negative? When was the last time anyone made an attempt on your life." the car came to a stop in front of a small warehouse with windows painted in black "Looks like he's already here."

Outside of the warehouse were two black cars with no license plates, a limo, and four burly men. "Hmm. Looks like the don brought men with him as well." noted Mr.Styx as he exited the limo "I'll be back soon.....if things go well."

"O.K sir." chuckled the driver as he sat back and closed his eyes.

Two of the men who stood outside of the warehouse approached Mr.Styx as he walked up to the entrance stopping him in his tracks, "Are you sure you want to go in there alone sir? He has a guy in there with him." asked the thicker of the two as the streetlights reflected off of his naked scalp.

Mr. Styx turned to the darker guard "I think I'll be fine. What do you think Sam?"

"To be honest sir, he didn't look like fighter to me. He was probably a handler or something." responded the taller gangster beneath his black fedora.

"I'll go in alone. You guys make sure that you're ready to move if anything happens, and wake up Pete." He dismissed his guards and entered the dimly lit warehouse.

Waiting for him inside were two men. One was dressed in an emerald suit, slim and looked as if he had never been touched by the sun. The other man was dressed in a black tuxedo, fat and had the worst excuse for a toupee on his head.

"Right on time as usual Mr.Styx. A quality rarely seen in young people these days." he put his hand on a large crate and smiled "Just as I promised one million dollars worth of top grade Seamair 'Shamroq' powder." he pointed to the other man in the room and his yellow smile grew "I even got one of Beoir's scientist to grade the stuff."

Mr.Styx turned to the man "What grade would you give the merchandise?

"Any higher and Mr. Beoir would have brought the shipment himself." answered the scientist with hint of pride.

"Well Styx, there you have it. I expect you to hold up your end of the bargain."

"Of course Don Francis." replied Mr.Styx as he opened the crate and gazed at the green packets of powder inside.

"So tell me Styx, what exactly do you need with that much Shamroq? The only thing I could think of was hex bullets, but you could have just bought those from Beoir ready made or get some smuggled in from Port Of Kings."

"Well Don Francis, there are more uses for Shamroq than hex bullets. I'm afraid I can't tell why I need them though." As he closed the crate and turned to leave all of the windows in the warehouse were blown out letting in orange beams of light along with the cool musky night air of Venus Junction while people dressed in gold ski masks and matching army attire started rushing into the building as the crash of broken glass filled the building.


The Ravenous Wraith

     Energy Body: superior (rank 2)


The scientist quickly vaulted towards the crate and stood in front of it while Don Francis pulled out a gun to defend both the scientist and the merchandise "Styx, what the hell this?"

Mr.Styx inched closer to the crate as the armed intruders formed a circle around them. He could hear the sound of gun fire increasing outside as their guards tried to save them and shook his head "It looks like we've been ambushed. From the looks of their attire, they're from the Midas branch of The Angels Of Mercy."

One of the intruders lowered his gun as he addressed the crime lord "You are very well informed Mr.Styx, there are very few people who know about us, we're going to have to find out where you got your information from, that's for another time though. Now if you and chubby over there want to live you need to answer our questions." the gunfire outside subsided for a few seconds and then intensified "From the sounds of things your chances of being rescued are very slim, so I suggest you don't give us any trouble."

"Did you just call me chubby you little punk?" Don Francis directed his gun towards the vigilante which resulted in his partners focusing their aim towards the don.

One of the vigilantes cocked their guns "Make another move and I'll shoot that rag off your head." one of the other intruders snickered as Don Francis' face turned bright red.

"You think that's funny bitch? Come over here without that gun and I'll show you funny."

"That's enough" barked one of the members of the group "as you were told before, you're gonna answer our questions. We need to know what you plan to do with that crate of Shamroq, who makes it and where fatso over there got it from."

"I'm surprised." replied Mr.Styx "You were able to track and trap us here but you weren't able to find out who we do business with? From what I've been told the Midas branch prides itself in infiltration and reconnaissance, you must be new blood."

"Listen to me you little bastard. I'll blow you and Don Sumo over their away if you don't tell us what we want to know, so get talking."

"Son of a bitch!" Don Francis lunged towards the gunman but he was stopped by the collective sound of guns swinging in his direction.

The leader chuckled and turned towards Mr.Styx only to see empty space "Where the hell did he go?" His companions start scanning the room until they heard a bloodcurdling scream and the heavy thud of a body falling on the ground.

"Where the fuck did he go!" shouted the leader as he watched all of his allies stare behind him in disbelief as a mass of black and purple darkness formed behind him in the amber glow of the streetlights streaming through a window.

"Behind you! shouted one of the gunmen but before he could react two arms emerged from the mass and snapped his neck "Shoot it!" instantly a barrage of bullets were launched towards the creature as it swiftly darted around the shadow littered room, picking off the attackers as they tried to defend themselves.

"Die!!" screamed Don Francis as he wildly shot at his enemies. As he randomly shot at the attackers one of the gunmen aimed his weapon at the back of Don Francis' head, but before he could pull the trigger he was engulfed by the ravenous dark entity.

As muffled screams of terror leaked from the wraith a barrage of bullets flew into the mass scattering it into the shadows. The vigilante ran towards his ally , desperately checked his pulse and ran as the door to warehouse was kicked down followed by a swarm of bullets.

The intruders vaulted through the windows as hoards of bullets flew passed them. As Pete and the other guards chased away the attackers they ran to Don Francis and the scientist. "Where is Mr.Styx?" wheezed Pete as he caught his breath.

"I'm right here Pete" grunted Mr.Styx as he walked over to the group with blood trickling down his left arm.

"Are you O.K sir? questioned the gangster as his ruby hair danced in the night breeze.

"Yes Pete, it's just a scratch. Give me your phone."

"I've seen what you call 'just a scratch' before sir, let me have a look at it." he handed his phone to his boss as he inspected his wound "Scratch my ass".

Mr.Styx dialed a number into the phone and put it to his head while Pete tended to his wound. "Hi there Alma dear. I was wondering if you could come back up to my office tomorrow, somethings come up.........Thanks."

"Well at least none of the powder was damaged." sighed Don Francis as he inspected the crate "What are you going to do now Styx?" asked Don Francis as he watched a murder of crows and fly into the room and begin feeding on the corpses and spat "Damned pests."

"Back to business Francis." replied the injured kingpin as he walked out of the bullet riddled warehouse "Back to business."


Thee Keen Mind Of A Predator

     Detective: superior (rank 2)


Mr.Styx sat at his desk mulling over the events that transpired earlier that night. He had acquired the Shamroq and returned to the tower safely but the fact that he had been attacked by the Angels Of Mercy within Venus Junction overshadowed everything in his mind.

The doors to his office flew open as Mrs.Sudaj marched into his office cloaked in the scent of amber and musk, while a silk scarf desperately clung to her neck. "Are you O.K sir?! This is all my fault, I should have had him come here."

"Calm down Mrs.Sudaj. I've been through worst." He gestured for her to take a seat and continued "This is troubling though. I had gotten information that the Angels were after me but I never thought they would attack me here." he placed his hand on the envelope he acquired from Alma as he stared into Mrs.Sudaj's azure eyes.

"This could make you look bad with the other bosses."

"True. But what is even more troubling is that I have also received information that the Angels have somehow infiltrated my organization."

"What?! That's impossible sir, there are protocols to ensure that such things could never happen." snapped Mrs. Sudaj in surprise.

"Then you could imagine my shock when I realized that the infiltrator was you Mrs.Sudaj." He watched as confusion crept unto her face and chuckled "I must admit you are good."

"Sir I'm not sure who has been giving you this information but"

"Mrs.Sudaj." Mr.Styx interrupted her as he leaned forward "You have been working as my assistant for five years, do you not think I know your chuckle or that perfume you always wear? I know you were at the warehouse."

"Sir I have no idea what you're talking about."

"At first I thought I was being paranoid, after all if you were a spy why would you go to the warehouse and risk being discovered. But it's quite understandable, after all, who wouldn't want to see all their years of hard treacherous work and dedication come to fruition before their very own eyes?" he leaned back into the chair and put his hands in his lap "But then you come in here thinking that you tricked me. Did you think I wouldn't realize that you aren't wearing your wedding ring? Or that you smell of men's cologne? And I would bet my life that under that scarf is a mark on your neck that wasn't there this morning."

"Sir, I" droplets of sweat began to form on her nose as Mr.Styx continued.

"Now any normal person would come to the conclusion that you were cheating on your husband with someone in the office. It would explain the missing ring, cologne and the scarf which could be hiding a hickey. But we both know better don't we." he smiled as she squirmed in her seat.

He continued "When you left the warehouse you forgot to put your ring back on and you realized that you smelled like old warehouse and blood, so you sprayed yourself with the first thing you could get your hands on. That scarf you're wearing is probably hiding a scar or bruise that you got in the skirmish."

"Sir, you are just being paranoid."

"You are probably right, I am paranoid but that doesn't change the fact that I am right. You would be surprised to know how easily a paranoid mind can pick up on things, like the breathing coming from the other side of the intercom."

No more than three seconds after the words came out of his mouth three men came running through the office door with guns pointing at Mr.Styx's face. "Don't move you bastard." snarled Mrs.Sudaj as her lips curled back to show her perfect teeth. "There's no way your getting out of this."


Munnin & Morrigan

     Necromancer: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attack


Mr.Styx cocked his head and frowned "I don't know these gentlemen. Do they work here?"

"They worked undercover as janitors, I hired them myself to make sure you wouldn't find out." answered Mrs.Sudaj grinning proudly.

"This won't do. I'm going to have to make Pete tighten security so lapses like this don't happen again." replied Mr. Styx unfazed by the guns pointing in his direction.

"This guy obviously isn't going to talk without a little persuasion Sudaj. I'll do the honors if you want." growled one of the gunmen as he began to slowly walk towards Mr.Styx.

Before the gunman could make four steps, a flock of crows smashed through the window and swarmed the men pecking and scratching them as bullets went pelting around the room hitting some of the birds to no effect. Soon the men were on the floor whimpering as the birds landed on their bodies. One of the men managed to shoot one of the birds who instead of dying reacted by eating one of his eyes.

"Morrigan." snarled Mr.Styx, instantly all the crows snapped their heads in his direction. "Kill." on command all of the crows began devouring the men in a cloud of black feathers and horrid screams.

Mrs.Sudaj quickly turned her head from the carnage, pulled out a gun and pointed it towards Mr. Styx only to have her gaze meet the blood red eyes of a large raven that stood in front of Mr.Styx's face. Before she could squeeze the trigger two clawed arms emerged from the birds feathers and dug their talons into her arms causing her to drop the weapon.

"What the hell are you!?" She cried as her blood fell unto the desk.

He smiled as he answered her "What would you like me to tell you? That I am a demon? An evil spirit or warlock? Does it really matter at this point my little Judas? What you should be worrying about is the safety of your husband, your children and anybody else in your family that I can hunt down."

"No! Don't you dare you sinister son of a bitch! Leave them alone, this is between you and me." tears of desperation ran down her face and fell onto the desk mingling with the blood.

"Oh don't worry Mrs.Sudaj. I'll deal with you in due time, I'm going to need you alive so Alma can rip the secrets out of that beautifully traitorous mind of yours ." He licked his lips and the crows head twitched to the side and then turned it's ebony beak back to her as it's tongue stretched out of its mouth and slid across her face "Fortunately there are many parts of the body that you don't need in order to live."

She sobbed as she felt the ravens unnaturally long and frigid tongue move closer and closer to her eye "Please, I'll tell you anything."

Mr.Styx grinned as her grim cries permeated the room "Muninn. Feed"