Dayshift Sentinel Zachery Parke


Gender: Male

Kit: Divine

Location: Khazan City


Alignment: Hero

Team: The Sentinels of Liberty and Justice


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 25

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 3

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


It was a Friday morning at Archer’s Mercy Hospital in Khazan and it was a busy day for the staff. Not 48 hours ago the entire city was under attack by the most recent threat to plague Khazan, a literal infestation of plant-life that swallowed an entire city district before being halted by the local heroes. The order of the day was recovery for all inside the building but some we're handling it than others.

"Ouch!" Zachery Parke howls as a nurse applies moist bandages to his back. Though his entire superhero team we're recovering from the wringer of a fight the bad guys put up, the man known as Mr. mammoth had been personally escorted to the in-patient wing for injuries sustained. His souvenir from the events consisted of bruises and burn marks received from a scrap with Jamiel Merit, someone once considered an ally. Despite the pain, Zach was still dwelling on the fact that fire overcame ice during that fight and it ended with Zach incapacitated. He was trying anyways, another application to soothe his injuries elicited a second cry of pain from him and the nurse watching over Zach winces from the reaction. She had been trying to get him to relax for the last few minutes with little success.

"I'm sorry sir but please sit still and this will move by very quickly." she suggests. At that Zach bites his lips to stop his whining. Truth be told she was still amazed what was being treated was the extent of his injuries after hearing he was in the middle of the action. From what she gathered after snooping she couldn't figure how he wasn't in a much worse condition. Of course Zach was far from normal but the other option was trying to explain that he was a 10-foot were mammoth when he took the beating. He just explained he wasn't in the main combat, it wasn't exactly a lie but it didn't make Zach feel any better. In fact he was using that further to beat himself up since as far as he was concerned all he contributed was getting his ass handed to him. Another stinging sensation down his back ruins his thoughts a second time.

"Ok that feels better." he grits after holding in another yelp of pain. The nurse nods and successfully treats the burn without any more fuss.

“Alright hero, don't do anything to aggravate those. Your in the green, but only just. If it were up to me I'd still have you in ICU.” she warns. Zach gets the hint and she eventually leaves the room. Despite the temptations now that he was alone, Zach follows the advice and rests. As much as he'd like to ice his wounds and leave, even in his current mindset it sounded like a stupid idea. After a lot of thought he sits up from his bed. That was enough rest for one day.

"Ok Mr. Mammoth, it's about time we started pulling our own weight." he whispers aloud before reaching for his phone and hitting speed dial. The number belonged to his team's mentor, he had been in the business a long time and Zach was banking that he'd have just the right connection for him. "Hi Whiskey, it's me Zach...Yeah, I'm doing fine thanks....the others? A little better off I'd say.....hey, I was hoping you could help me out with something....yeah, I'm thinking about squeezing in some extra, solo, I kind of want to handle this one myself.” Zach says. There is some silence on his end before Whiskey replies, he seems to understand. “In all honesty I think I need the confidence boost….off the records yeah, that would be just what the doctor order. Thanks again”. Zach's next move was to he check outside the window to see if he could bail out. Turns out he was nearly three stories up, and rather than risk causing commotion as either himself or Mr. Mammoth he decides to try and sneak out the front door. "Thank you. Tuesday sounds great sir, I'm sure I'll trust whoever you can find to do the job." Zach replies before quickly hanging up after. The next part of the plan was to sneak past his fellow sentinels, they didn't get off as badly but at least a few of them we're recovering in nearby rooms. Once he was sure that he wasn't being watched, he takes a final look around before exiting the building with no one the wiser.

Several days pass uneventfully and the full team was physically ready to go back on patrol. Zach's problem was a mental one however, thanks to Whiskey though he got an address to someone that might be able to help with that and before it hit noon, Zach was in front of an old martial arts dojo. From the outside of the building that looks like it had been running for a couple of lifetimes. Taking in a deep breath, Zach walks through the doors, the place was nicer on the inside to be sure. It was definitely refurbished and well-kept. After a glance around, Zach started to look at the people inside. The man at reception was half-asleep and not really doing anything. To his right a group of kids were practicing Karate, they were probably in their teens, varying backgrounds was the nicest way to put it.

"Great, just what I need, learning how to yell kiai at people. That'll be a confidence booster..." Zach grumbles to himself. He didn't exactly have disrespect for martial artists, but he figured he was going to need more than some basics to be able to hang with the rest of his super powered team. Plus he only now was finding any affinity for physical activity. After standing around awkwardly for a few seconds, the receptionist asked if Zach needed anything. Being snapped out of his thoughts, Zach nods before relaying what he was told to ask for; a crash-course in how to deal with work hazards. The man nods, before motioning to a back room. Zach non-nonchalantly thanks the man before walking in to quite a surprise.

"You got to be kidding me." Zach comments after looking around the room. The room was filled with training equipment but what caught his eye was the man who in the center of it all. He was dressed in a fine suit, fedora, and to top it off he seemed to be twirling a cane out of boredom. Not quite the meditating karate black belt he was expecting. Zach recognized him as an actor from some action flicks, but that didn't even begin to cover why he was there.

"Connor Jackson at your service, Mr. Mammoth." the man says as he plants the cane on the floor and tips his hat.


Zach wasn't impressed in the slightest, aside of course from the guy knowing who he was. This had to be some kind of joke, he thought. Connor could

apparently tell as he got more serious. "Is there a problem?" he sternly asks.

"Uh, no offense, but I was hoping for someone more....professional." Zach says and it's Connor's turn to be insulted. Before Zach can say anything else, Connor removes his hat, he seems to fiddle with it a little before thinking just what to say in response.

"Come at me. However you like." Connor dares in a plain voice. Zach mulls over beating up an actor for a bit. Jackson made it clear that he wanted him to bring it, so a bright glow forms around Zach, signaling a morph into Mr. Mammoth. Zach figures that would scare him off the challenge, but mid change Connor tosses his hat at Zach's face. His concentration broken, the glow fades and Zach takes a second to recover. This proves more than enough time for Connor to move in and Zach feels the cane press against his throat, with a swift leg movement Zach is shoved to the floor. To top it off he landed right on the burn mark. When he recovers he sees Connor calmly looking down on him as he rests against his cane and poised for a finishing blow. "My time is valuable, and my skills are not to be laughed at." he says. Zach silently cocks his head to the side, now recognizing where he saw Connor last. He was at the SLJ event where Whiskey was named Dayshift’s leader. All in all, reasons he was there were starting to come together.

"Ok, that was pretty good” Zach coughs out as Connor helps him up. Connor asks if Zach would want to go another round as he cracks a joke about beginners luck.

“Maybe you'll do better now that you know I got some moves”. Zach was still confused about why he was sparring with an actor. He decides to take a rain check on the rematch, after a quick call Connor checked out with the SLJ with high marks at that. Good enough to teach Mr. Mammoth how to not die when he wasn't Mr. Mammoth. Apparently it was either him or some nut named Tengoku and nobody he spoke too was recommending that option.

“Satisfied yet?” Connor asks, resting on his cane and merely waited for Zach’s answer and he is just left scratches his head dumbfounded.

“Yeah, I think I got it this time.” Zach says before getting ready for round two. Zach figures keeping distance was the plan, but the fight very quickly gets closer than he’s used to for and from there every move Zach tried Connor had three counters. He finds himself very quickly on the floor again.

“Sorry, I got a bit eager on that one. Word is you just came out of the hospital.” Connor apologizes as he helps him up but with his demeanor Zach takes it as an insult.

“I'm fine!” he responds, anger fueling him, as tries to sucker punch the guy. It nearly connects but the swipe is dodged and he receives a side-kick from Connor in retaliation which sends the hero in training back. A gesture for Connor signifies this is round 3,

"I don't just take anyone to train. You're looking like a lost cause right about now". Zach decides it's time to not mess around. He holds his ground and starts firing icicles his way but none of them hit their mark, Connor was quick as hell. He comes in range and goes for a swipe with his cane, but Zach ducks the first one before rolling away from any follow-up strikes. A final icicle is fired once he recovers and it digs into the shaft cane. This gets the actor to sport a wide grin as he brushes off the icicle and before any more projectiles come his way he calls off the fighting.

“Ok, now there’s the drive of an upstart kid. Now you can show me what you got.”

“Damn right, get ready to be put on ice.” Zach retorts, doing his best to not be discouraged by how hard Connor is making this. He figured either this guy was good or Zach was having an off day, his heavy breathing was implying he was just not as fit to keep up the stamina game. Even so, he didn’t have any plans to try and morph Mr. Mammoth again and Cryodon was either dormant for the moment or decided against suggesting it to even the odds in this moment of doubt.

“There are those ice puns I’ve heard about.” Connor says before readying himself for another icicle barrage. Oddly, for Zach anyways, Connor blatantly gives him the first move and patiently lets Zach take a few extra seconds to regain composure. It was back to square one though, and Zach finally saw this. He figured he couldn’t get off more than two moves before getting floored. He wasn’t the slightest bit happy, but he had no intention of giving up. Despite just have having taken more beatings than your average punching bag within ten minutes he was ready for the next bout.

“Ok, so you’re really good. You win that argument” Zach mutters. There was no way around it; he really needed to stop just thinking of him as an actor. Every move Zach tried was picked apart. As hard as he was getting hammered though, it was just reminding him of the last beating he took but he didn't plan on failing this; otherwise he'd never trust himself on the field to protect others. “Getting tired yet?” Zach hollers at Connor.

"Heh, you really do have spunk don’t you?” Connor says, respecting Zach’s tenacity before he twirls his cane, stopping the beat down. “You held up well kid. Thing is tenacity is all well and good, but you’re not in any shape to learn the traditional stuff..." Connor mutters aloud in full view of Zach though before he can say anything back Connor continues. "Though I think you already knew that, you are here for a crash course. So, come by tomorrow around this time and we will get to work on building instincts. Congrats Mr. Parke, I’m impressed. Bring your work outfit though; I don’t want to mess up your good clothes.” he snarks.

“Alright, though you should take your own advice” Zach begins to taunt, pointing out Connor was wearing a fine suit, but he stops as soon as he realizes he didn’t so much as cause any wrinkles in it during the whole fight. He sighs before forcing his bruised body out of the door. One last comment does put a smile on Zach’s face though; “I’ll probably wear a jacket, this place might drop a few degrees.”


Week 1

     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack


The next day Zach enters the dojo dressed in his full hero disguise; a thick hoodie, some goggles, and a bandanna to cover his face along with some thick gloves. The only thing that designated him as SLJ was a patch on the upper part of his jacket that said as much. Almost as soon as he entered he got some odd looks from the guys practicing. He ignores it and quickly heads inside where Connor is. True to his word he was in an overcoat, though to Zach he seems even more restrained than before by the clothes' stitching. Connor turns to greet Zach but he looks just as surprised as the others were.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Connor wastes no time in asking. Zach scratches his head in confusion. He lowers the bandanna from his mouth so he can speak.

“I’m in my work outfit. That’s what you said.” Zach answers.

“Yeah, you are wearing what looks like every piece of outerwear you could scrounge up. You don’t actually wear that on the job, do you?” Connor asks. Zach nods before asking what’s wrong with it.

“Other than looking like you’re about ready to rob a convenience store, nothing I guess.”

“No one’s ever complained about it before.” Zach mutters under his breath. Connor decides to drop it and get to the point.

“Alright, let’s just see if you can work wearing that clutter, time to get to work. Show me what you can do. Connor says and almost as soon as he asks an icicle flies dangerously close past his head. The thud of the projectile sticking against the wall snapped him out of his surprise. Connor turns to inspect it. He grabs a hold of it after some trouble of gripping the solid ice construct and yanks it out of the wall with some difficulty.

“Looks good right?” Zach asks, already readying a new pair of icicles in his hand already to further prove his point.

“Not bad.” Connor nods as he feels the icicle in his hand for a little longer. “I’ve been meaning to ask though, out of all the things you could do with ice, why did throwing icicles end up as your signature attack?”

"I'm a hell of a darts player." Zach replies matter-of-factually.

"You should see me at the carnival games; always walk away with a stuffed animal.” Zach boasts.

"That’s it?" Connor asks, rather surprised. He only receives a shrug from Zach.

“I’m sure it’s not the silliest thing you’ve ever heard.”

"Fair enough." Connor says before reciprocating the shrug. He turns to examine the icicle, he tries everything from licking it to trying to bend it with his hands. “Solid. Let's see how fast you can churn these out, no holding back." Connor mutters as he walks back a few steps. Zach begins as Connor continues. "I do recommend that you make sure each shot count, don’t lose accuracy, and trust me that kind of thing is sort of important. The next few days are going to be target practice and I want to see you stacking these things on top of each other by the end of it.” Connor says, now acting something akin to a drill instructor. Zach does as he's told and after a solid minute of shooting icicles into a wall Zach is told to stop. “Not bad, don't need much here. What else have you been working on?"

"Working on?” Zach mutters when he gets an idea. “Ok, I got something.” he says, thinking of something. And with that, a large icicle protrudes out of Zach's hand for him to wield like a kitchen knife, and small claws made of ice form around his other hand's finger tips. It wasn't the most refined looking weapon, but he was happy with it. "Cool, huh?" he says, beaming over his ingenuity.

"Very...." Connor grins as he takes a few steps back. He snatches up his cane before facing Zach once more. "Ok, new plan. I think we'll stay on close quarters training this week." Connor smirks as he grabs up his cane, before unsheathing and revealing that the handle is to a rapier-esque blade hidden inside the wooden shell. Zach backs up, very suspicious about his mentor's activities. Of course he was also a bit unsure about this idea however Connor already is in a fencing ready-stance. "Now then, this sword's made out of Damascus steel so I'd be careful with the parrying. Don't want the ice to shatter at a wrong moment." he comments as Zach really begins to complain. Connor rushes in anyways, quickly batting away the icicle as Zach tries to stab him with it. He gets sent to the floor after attempting to grab him with the ice tipped fingers, Connor proved quite fast enough to dodge slashes.

"How did I do?" Zach asks, dazed from the impact. Connor scratches his head as he puts out a hand to help Zach up.

"Well, we'll work on it. Either way, this is probably best as an emergency plan." Connor suggests. Zach clears his head before silently agreeing. "Good, now prepare yourself cause were going again." Connor says as he twirls his blade. Zach sighs before groggily getting in position.



     Transformation: superior (rank 2)


Armed combat training went about as expected, though Zach managed to impress once more by lasting the week out. After the last session, Connor had some towels and water ready. The last spar is quick, but the key difference was Zach's actions. He takes the initiative, trying to grab the sword out of his hand. It ends with him judo tossed onto the burns again, but Zach was learning how to get up from being thrown head over heels.

"You did better that time, actually tagged me with the icicles once or twice.” Connor says as he helps clean up Zach, whose shirt is ripped to shreds from the close cuts Connor did. “When we come back to it, I think we’ll switch to prop weapons…” Connor notes, Zach is quick to agree. After a good half hour of break time, Connor comes back and Zach is ready for the next step.

“Alright, so unarmed it's not that difficult to overpower offense, so let's move on. You’re called Mr. Mammoth for a reason, let's see it." Connor orders the second Zach enters the secret room. Though he's a bit surprised by the pace they were going, he nods before trying to focus. Immediately he began to glow with a bright light surrounding him and within seconds Zach's skinny 5'7 frame was replaced with that of a massive bipedal mammoth, almost twice as tall and easily several times as wide. He stretches out, not having morphed since the big fight.

"How was that?" Mr. Mammoth asks. Connor was somewhat impressed.

"First time I've ever seen it up close, but the end products good, looks sturdy, though was the glowing necessary? No offense, but if you take even a second longer than what you did just now out in the open, you’re asking to be shot." Connor chastises as he takes a hard look at the Mr. Mammoth before critiquing further. “At least your humanoid, proportioned alright.” he mutters. He takes his cane and lightly taps his skin, seems solid until he accidentally hits an area where there is still some burn that's not done healing.

“I thought you said you were all better.” Connor complains after Zach shows some irritation.

“Better than most. I'd like to see you come back from third degree burns this fast.” he gripes.

“Fine, let's see how fast you are where it counts." Connor says as he grabs up his cane to use as a weapon.

"You’re joking right?" Mammoth asks, sure Connor proved skilled but Zach was at full power now. Connor seems confident in his abilities all the same as he just smirks in response. “Your funeral” Zach snarks as he steps in wild swing with his fist. He was sure he had him, but for that one second Connor had moved faster than Zach thought possible.

“What the hell?” Zach blurts out upon realizing he hit nothing but air. Connor slides between Mammoth’s legs before striking one with the cane. With grunt of pain Zach drops to a knee. By the time he turned however, Connor had the hidden blade out and tried stabbing him. Zach managed to block it with a summoned ice stalagmite which the sword imbeds itself in.

“Good reflexes.” Connor compliments before trying to grab his sword out of the ice. Zach makes no reply and instead impatiently kicks through the ice construct to hit Connor. He rolls out of the way before ejecting the sword from the cane and pointing it right at Mr. Mammoth’s eye. “Maybe you should sign up for anger management.” Connor grunts as Zach stops movement, saving himself from losing an eye.

“Good move.” Zach grudgingly says as he backs off. Connor sheaths the blade before giving him a second. Connor tilts his head as he looks over Zach who was panting heavily in his mammoth form. Connor smacks the cane on the floor, breaking his concentration.

"You could use a bit of finesse, but you’re movement is much better than I thought, far from lumbering. Watch your stance and I don't think anyone with a brain would want to get near you." Connor says positively, though Zach shakes his head. He knew better than to assume something like that, especially since getting his ass handed in this form to him was the exact reason for wanting to improve. Zach reverts to his human form and huffs before countering the prognosis.

"No." He says much to Connor's confusion. Zach takes a deep breath, already getting ready for round two. "No I need you to pick this apart; seriously if I improve at anything, it's got to be this." Zach says, dead set on hammering that point home as the fight with Merit plays in his head. Connor understands before thinking it over. He draws the blade again.

“Very well then.” Connor replies before tossing his hat at Mammoth similar to their first bout. This time Zach knocks away the hat with his trunk now that he is already morphed.

“Nice try, but I’m onto that.” Mammoth teases before trying to charge at him but Connor sidesteps it and Zach gets a good smack with the wood part of the cane for his troubles. Dazed, he stumbles around for a few seconds before Connor whistles to get his attention. An angry snort escapes his trunk and Zach goes for another charge, but Connor sees it coming and this time he slides low right between his legs and the end result is Mammoth with his tusks stuck into the training wall. Connor waits a few seconds as Zach desperately tries to pry his tusks free, but by the time he gets some progress Connor decides to continue the fight.

Zach feels the sword point lightly poke a tender area. Zach growls angrily before punching right through the wall. Connor realizes he’s about to go on a pity parade over losing and sheathes his blade. “Break time” he calls before giving a suggestion to de-morph and cool off.

“I’m fine.” Zach says though his sparring partner isn’t exactly convinced. Connor twirls the cane a bit before taking a seat, showing he’s not budging one inch.

“Ten minute break, do some thinking or relaxing...whichever sounds better to you.” Connor says, taking the opportunity to check his phone. Zach sighs before taking a seat. He contemplates on how to outmaneuver Zach all the while eying him as he checks his texts. Connor looks up once and waves.

Zach is about ready to bury his head into his lap when a familiar voice appears inside his head. Connor eyes Zach intently as he begins muttering to himself. A smirk comes over Connor’s face as he quietly leaves the room to get a snack while he conversed with his ‘backup’. “Took you long enough to resort to that.” The actor mutters as he exits the room as Zach is deep in thought.

About ten minutes later Connor comes back to Zach in the middle of practicing something related to ice forming.

“Oh hey Connor. Where’d you go?” Zach snarks as he turns to greet him at the entrance. Connor smirks before responding.

“Just took a break, hope you did too.”

“Yeah, just did some thinking with Cryo.” Zach admits. Connor pretends to ignore Zach, but just waits for Zach to issue the rematch. This takes a minute or so for Zach to actually build up confidence and ask, but after one last pep talk from the guy in his head Zach agrees to it.

“Ok action star, come at me!” Left curious as to what pumped up him up, Connor nods before he lifts up his cane, at least he tries to, it quickly becomes clear that the walking stuck is iced to the floor. Forgoing any puns, Zach charges and in response Connor moves to unsheathe the blade from inside the hollow cane. He gets the sword about halfway out of it's holding when he finds a morphed Mr. Mammoth grabbing him on the shoulders and a block of ice forms up to the actor’s waist. Mammoth follows up by aiming an icicle the size of a javelin right at Connor’s neck. Both fighters just trade smiles.

“Was wondering when you’d stop trying to be me at my own game.” Connor says as he knocks on the ice; solid as a rock, just as he figured. “It’s real nice, did that pachyderm in your head help you out with this one?” he asks before trying to chip the ice with little success. Zach answers rather happily.

“Yeah, he talked me into letting him lend a hand for this one.”

“Smart move. Looks like the boost you needed.” Connor quips. He continues to struggle to get out as Zach watches. After a few failed attempts to escape Connor comments that his legs are getting cold. He then checks his watch. “Well, it’s official this is some heavy duty ice…and it is lunch time. There’s a pizza place across the way, wanna talk about it over a slice?”

“Sounds good.” Zach says as he turns around to the exit. Connor has to call out to get his attention when he was leaving the room without him. He asks if Zach is going to thaw him out, to which he replies. “Don’t worry it’ll melt in a few minutes.”

“I highly doubt that.” Connor calls back. Zach only chuckles as the big mammoth frame is replaced by his slim human body before he exits the room. Without another word he closes the secret door behind him, leaving Connor to ‘chill out’. Connor quickly starts to panic and begins to chipping away at the ice with his cane.

Zach calmly made his way around the corner and decided to order a large pepperoni pizza. Nonetheless, he found himself quite surprised to hear a familiar voice as his order number was called.

“Pepperoni and cheese, good choice. I love the classics.” is heard behind the seat Zach was at. He turns around to see Connor seated comfortably on another chair. A quick glance shows his clothes partially soaked and a little worse for wear, but that aside he was fine for having been stuck in an ice cube for close to ten minutes.

“How did-? The ice, and you…inside it. You got out. How?”

Connor smirks and decides to cut off Zach’s rambling.

“It’s a secret. Now are you going to get that pizza or what? I’m starving.”

“You’re going to get me back for this aren’t you?” Zach questions, though he only responds with a Cheshire-like grin and another poke to go get the pizza.

“Don’t forget to get soda. I imagine you’re paying, so I’ll take something clear, no diet though. I'm not watching my figure that much.”

Zach gets up to collect the order, soda and all. He had a few more things to think on.


Pop quiz

     Bio Vampire: standard (rank 1)


The following week, Zach entered the room, more confident about using Mr. Mammoth in conjunction with his ice powers than ever. So much so that he asked Connor to work around that new-born confidence and make things more difficult. After the usual warm up, Connor would speak up.

"Alright, to start off I was hoping we could try and press and see what ‘cool’ constructs you can make when you’re a giant mammoth, just like last time…just bigger”. Surprisingly Zach was a bit apprehensive about trying that.

"Uh, before we do that, let me explain something. I can definitely turn up the ice but there's kind of a limit on everything I can do at once. I'm always getting a bit better, but the guy in my head compared it to putting too much air into a balloon at once if I push too hard." Zach says grimly. Silence takes it over for the next few seconds before Connor says anything.

"Oh... well we don't want a mess, we can take it slow.” Connor says as he props up several big silhouettes Mammoth sized to give some leeway. “Let's see how many of those big spear sized icicles you showed off last time can connect with these targets." Connor says, pointing at the targets. Mammoth calmly forms a spear of ice a good several feet long before he tosses it. The test shot connects, causing some confidence in Zach to grow. Each shot came out at a faster pace than the last and his went for a few minutes straight until one attempt didn't produce any ice and less than a second later Zach reverted back to his human form. Both look at each other, equally confused.

“Out of juice.” Zach says after fatigue starts to hit him. He almost collapses and Connor has to help Zach keep balance until he recovers enough to stand properly. “OK, I think that falls under overdoing it.”

Connor nods before helping Zach to a nearby bench to sit at.

“Alright then, we’re going to have to not do that again.” Connor says, actually worried for the kid, but that only lasts until Zach has enough breath to speak.

“What are you talking about? That’s exactly the result we were looking for right?” Zach gasps before asking for a glass of water, figuring that might help.

“Stubborn ass.” Connor growls before going to go get a drink for him. Now alone Zach quickly attempts to make a regular sized icicle in his hand to no avail. Annoyed and now even more exhausted, Zach turns to his left noting a potted plant. He absentmindedly tries to fiddle with one of the branches out of boredom when a blue aura covers his hand. He quickly retracts his hand in surprise.

The damage was done however as he watches the plant slowly wither.

"Hardcore." Zach mutters to himself. After taking a deep breath, Zach actually felt a little better, not perfect but at least now he didn't feel like he was two seconds from passing. He was in the middle of contemplating what the hell just happened when he hears the door begin to open. Zach quickly snaps off the wilted branch and hides it as Connor enters.

"Hey man, I got you a bottle of water, though it's room temperature." Connor begins to say, though Zach takes it out of his hands and on reflex he chills it courtesy of cryokinesis.

"Not a problem." Zach replies with a grin before chugging it down. Connor immediately spots a problem with that.

"I thought you were out of juice."

"Huh?" Zach says, before realizing. "Oh, well quick recovery time I guess." he says mid-drink. In all honesty he was just as surprised. "That was good, onto the next round." Zach says, dropping the bottle and picking himself up. Connor scratches his head but eventually goes continues the regiment after an extended break, albeit toned down. After the session Zach quickly thanks Connor before equally quick runs out of the room.

Outside Zach spends a few seconds trying to reach Cryodon, hoping he would have a clue about what just happened. Cryodon gives an answer once he awakens, explaining that Zach was able to forcibly steal energy when running low. Or at the very least, that's what Zach took away from it.

"Well that's interesting...stealing heat right out of a guy, that could come in handy." Zach says, already having some useful situations in mind to employ such a technique. Sensing future problems, Cryo warns about abusing a power that dangerous but Zach feels confident enough in his restraint to avoid a lecture.

Over the next week, Connor agrees to have a sort of endurance run, trying to find a good balance between needing to rely on cryokinesis as Zach and when to go all out with Mr. Mammoth.

During the last day of the week, Connor decided to test how well Zach could manage his mammoth mode with a full contact spar. This time Zach merely agreed and told Connor to not hold back. Come the final day Connor comes into the sparring room, having brought full-sized long sword to the match rather than his hidden cane blade to prove he means business. Zach meanwhile meditates to get in the right mindset, shoving out anything that could screw over his confidence. This was an endurance test and he knew that he was dealing with someone who was more skilled than him along with being a great deal faster. That didn't matter to him though, this time he had to win.

"Begin!" Connor shouts and Zach answers by flinging a trio of icicles at Connor to get him on the defensive and he wastes no time morphing into Mr. Mammoth. Connor rolls out of the way, the weight of the blade seemingly having no impact on his speed, and twirls the sword with a grin.

"Not a bad opening. I'd suggest trying to capitali-" Connor begins to say when an icicle twice as large as the last one nearly takes his head off. The actor's surprisingly tuned reflexes are the only thing that saves him from taking it right in the jaw. Gratified he got Connor to shut up, Zach lowered his head as if to gore Connor. Next thing he knows however, he feels something slide down his back. Turning Connor bats the flat end of the long sword across Mammoth's face. This makes him stumble, but he recovers in time to backhand Connor before he can move out of Zach's range.

Connor hits the ground hard and lays sprawled on the floor. Before Zach begins sweating about the possibility of him just having killed a celebrity AND an SLJ liaison Connor handsprings to his feet, seemingly ok. "Ta da. Good

recover." Connor grins. "Don't make a habit of it though..." Zach sighs, then feels like hitting him again. Connor however makes a time out gesture. Connor gives a brief pause as his only warning before attempting to kick Zach's head in. The stomp misses and Zach also manages to duck an incoming slash with the long sword.

“That was a little too close man!” Mammoth howls out in a distorted baritone at Connor before tossing a handful of ice shards in an attempt to keep him back. Each shot misses and Connor is quickly in range for another swipe. Bad news occurs as Zach runs low at that time and morphs into a human. Connor holds up the attack, but Zach tries to blast some frost in his opponents face, determined to win this. The shot misses and Connor goes for a stab which Zach tries to parry with a formed icicle but it ends up knocked out of his hand. On the ropes Connor gets ready to wind up for another swing when Zach tries a trick Connor taught him. Zach manages to grab the sword hand at the wrist in an attempt to redirect the weapon down, but he gets a response neither men expects.

Connor grits his teeth as his arm shoots of pain and tenses up. The sword clatters to the floor and both just stare on in shock. Zach let's go, worried that he did something bad and wondering what happened when a thought crossed his head. He touches Connors shoulder and after a second or two, a minor cry of pain is heard. Confused Zach backs off when he feels like his adrenaline just started pumping. Connor eventually comments that he's fine, but the young hero still questions what happened.

"I can't feel my arm..." is all Connor is able to mutter. He slowly tries to rub his arm to get some warmth in it. Zach watches dumbfounded. He asks if he's fine, Connor waves it off when he's in the mindset to speak. "I can't say I've had frostbite but I imagine this is what it'd feel like." Connor snarks, luckily there didn't look like there was permanent damage. Zach checks his hand and much to his surprise there is a blue tint of light radiating from his skin like last time. Connor glimpses this and responded with a half confused "New power?"

"I have no idea....." Zach lies, waving around the hand to get a better view on it. Connor wisely keeps out of the arms reach as he does this. With the aura showing once more he curiously he tries it out by poking himself. Nothing feels out of place and Zach certainly doesn't feel like how Connor described. He tries a few more spots when the glow dissipates.

"Maybe it doesn't work on you?" Connor suggests.

"Makes about as much sense as anything else I can pull off." Zach shrugs. Connor points to the potted plant that had been 'tested on' earlier. Zach nods, understanding what he is thinking, though he takes some concentration to pretend like he hasn't done this before. Closing his eyes to focus as he grips a branch, the plant leaves start to wilt in front of them. Both men stare at the sight and speaking with Cryodon is suggested.

"Stupid voice in my head; always picks the wrong time to shut up." Zach grunts, trying to get out of saying more than he'd like to. After some brainstorming about what the hell the glowing means, some of which are surprisingly educated guesses given Connors background. The two agree to end the session early so Zach could practice enough to not do that on reflex. Zach exits the room as soon as he is cleared.

Once outside he forces the hand to brighten once more. He continues wondering about his hypothesis. He also wondered the possibilities of weaponizing it; a way to speed up his cryokinesis by forcibly taking heat energy to transmute. Stop the bad guys in tracks to boot. Zach was contemplating the repercussions of such a move. He didn't want to be drastic if the situation didn't call for it, but the fight with Jamiel kept popping back into his head. It was something to think about.


End result

     Cold: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


More careful about giving his mentor frostbite, they scale back back with the sparring and the drills don't leave much opportunity to suck the actor's heat energy dry. Connor is about to kick out Zach once they finish training, but he insists on staying late and doing some more practice. practicing at his apartment was not such a good idea given what's happened today.

"Watch it you don't become a workaholic." Connor warns, but after some more prodding he allows him to stay, handing Zach his set of keys and giving a warning not to stay too late. Within minutes of Connor leaving Zach forms an obstacle course to bring everything together. Zach continued to practice until at some point he realized it was close to midnight.

"Shit, that killed a lot of time." Zach mutters as he exits the building, making sure to lock it behind him. After making sure no one would be breaking in, he pockets the keys. After some thoughts regarding how he should return them, he figures someone had a spare set then he quickly heads to his apartment and hits the hay.

Despite having stayed late last night Zach is up early the next morning and all stretched out. The last day of training was scheduled that evening and he was ecstatic to finish, part of the reason he had practiced so much in fact. After some cardio exercises he got put on for training regiment, he enters the dojo before noticing that no one was practicing. He checks his phone for time, he was a bit earlier than usual but that wouldn’t have warranted the place being empty even if it was before noon. The sound of some hitting of metal gets his attention.

"Stupid machine." a man mutters. Zach quickly spots who it is, some mechanic, and curiously walks over to him. "You alright there man?"

"No." the man grunts. His breath was noticeable and he was wearing a jacket. "Damn thing is outta whack. Keeps circulating cold air and none of the guys want to practice in these conditions." he mutters before checking the inner compartments. Zach scratches his head before motioning outside.

"It's 83 degrees out there." he comments, but the mechanic just shrugs. He finds that something went haywire; the machine hadn't even been active over the night. Zach had reciprocated the shrug by then and turned to walk, not feeling cold in the slightest.

He leaves the man to his work and heads to the back room to wait for Connor. Zach nearly slips on the floor on his way in. He curses as he look up, much to his surprise, the room has a complete layer of frost on it. In the center of the room was Connor though rather than a nice vest and slacks he was in a parka.

"Oh, uh, you're early." Connor comments, a noticeable frown on his face. He motions for Zach to close the door before pointing out the ice in the room and the coldness of the building in general. "I think we need to talk about your power control." he says. Zach glances around.

"You think I did this? Look, your heater's out so maybe-" Zach begins to say in an attempt to defend himself when he nearly slips again. Looking down he sees a thin layer of ice in patches around the whole room. "Ok, I see your point."

"I think you overdid it last night." Connor says straight out as he tosses Zach a decent sized stalagmite that was apparently forced out of the ground, much to his surprise.

"I guess." he says nervously. “From what I know of what I can do, I turn hot to cold and cold to frozen. This is something else though.” he shrugs, amazed at what he just did without trying. "I'll have to look into it later." Zach comments, but Connor shakes his head.

"That seems the more pressing matter, I agree. We really went at it last night, it's probably better to see what the hell accelerated this kind of reaction." he suggests. Zach grudgingly agrees then Connor keeps talking. "I’ll clean up this place, you rest, and we can pick up tomorrow. You need to get those powers in check before anything else, that's the most important thing."

"I don’t know, I kind of-" Zach starts to say when he gets a text. It’s from one of his teammates in Dayshift, Finn, one of them at least.

"I apparently have somewhere else to be anyways." Zach says, checking the text. He forgot to let them know he'd be busy with extra training, he realizes after seeing that the text read "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU DUDE?!?!” that he was dangerously close to missing a very important SLJ briefing. Zach goes completely red-faced at that, maybe he was too single-minded.

"I'll definitely try and work out the whole heat absorbing thing, but you owe me tomorrow," he says. Connor is busy chipping off some thick ice off the wall; he silently gives thumbs up, barely turning around as Zach exits the building. He instantly feels the sun's rays against his face as he steps outside.

Cryodon gives him a few mental notes about what the meeting as supposed to be about, hoping to bring him up to speed, though he is more focused on how his training went. Even after strolling down a few blocks, he gives a big grin over what he had accomplished, taking a mark of pride over his accidental accomplishment. He quickly entered the Sentinels of Liberty and Justice HQ with his wide grin on still. He headed down towards the meeting room and ended up in front of the door. Hearing some chatter on the other side listened from the sound of it, everyone else was already inside. Zach quickly opened the door to join his friends when a funny little idea formed in his head; If he could freeze a weight room over the better part of a night without even trying, what are the odds he could flash freeze the room in front of him in a few minutes with focus.

“Totally going to be worth it.” Zach thinks to himself as a small grin appears over his face. He kneels down in front of the door before placing his hands against the door knob. Ready to cause chaos, he starts testing his power. “Payback time Finn.” he mutters, recalling his introduction to the ‘multi-man swirly’. He then focuses on absorbing and gaining energy, much like how he accidentally pulled out the chilly hands trick against Connor.

After a good ten minutes of this, he stands upright before slowly opening the door. He sees his allies all clinging to each other with the stiff air proving very cold. It wasn't enough to be noticeable, so he didn't bring any attention to it. He apologizes for being late before taking a seat, comfortable as ever with the heat not much of a problem to him. At least for the first few minutes no one seemed to put it together.

“I tell ya, this place has a lousy heater, second time that’s happened to me today.” Zach sneers, rather enjoying himself for the first time in weeks.