Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Manhattan, New York


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 200

Personal Wins: 3

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


The sounds of heavy locks snapping open snatched Westley from his slumber. He wasn't used to people entering his cell so late in the night, "This better be good Bass, its three in the good damn morning!" he groaned as he sat up in his large pillow-top bed. "I'm not paying you to.". As the door opened he realized that the man standing before him wasn't Dr.Bass. He was dressed in a white suit with crimson threading and a white mask with scarlet markings in the shape of a skull.

"Hello Mr.Cole.". The words slid from his mouth as he slowly entered the milk white room luxuriously decorated with polar bear hides and busts of Westley. "I'm glad to see that you are awake." he said as he closed and locked the door behind him.

Westley frantically searched for his phone to no avail. "Ho-How did you find me?" He sputtered with the taste of fear in his mouth. "And how did you get in here undetected?".

" Did you think you could hide from the Syndicate Mr.Cole?". He tapped his head and continued. "That wasn't very smart of you. Have you forgotten how deep our roots go?" He pulled out a chair from a nearby table and crossed his legs as he sat in it. "You were once a head of the Syndicate, you shouldn't be surprised that we would eventually find you and collect what is due."

Westley could feel his heart punching at his chest. He knew what this man was capable of, he had seen him wreak silent terror with his own eyes, he had sent him on seemingly impossible investigations many times before. "Listen, Albtraum. I'll give you anything you want. I'm triple what I was worth back then, and I have more than half of the Tri-state area in my pocket." Westley was dripping with salty desperation as he gazed into Albtraums eyeless mask.

Albtraum pointed at Westley making him leap off of the bed unto the carpeted floor."And therein lies the problem Mr.Cole, you posses a vast amount of assets all of which you gained from The Syndicates influence and knowledge."

"What do want to know? I'll give you access to all my databases! My bank accounts! Just tell me what you want!" By now Westley was crying, he knew it was futile, he knew Albtraum didn't need to ask for anything, the moment Albtraum had entered the room he had obtained everything he needed. Now the only thing left unknown was how this was going to end. But perhaps as Westley gazed at the blood red markings on Albtraums mask, knew the answer to that as well.


On the balcony of his penthouse Albtraum sat with his legs folded in the same way he did when he was just a child high in the mountains of Tibet. Living sixty stories high in a city like Manhattan somehow gave Albtraum calm clarity, like being in the eye of a storm. As much as he loved the beauty of the Himalayas, it was nothing compared to this place.

Albtraum slowly stood as a knock at the door brought Albtraum out of his meditation. "It open Niko!" shouted Albtraum as he entered the apartment and poured an amber liquid into two whiskey glasses.

Niko walked over to Albtraum and grabbed his drink. "Whats up Lex?" he smiled as he put the glass to his head and emptied it. "I hope you don't have plans." Niko said as he poured more of the copper liquid into his glass.

"And why is that?" Albtraum finished his drink and put the glass aside and sat on a nearby stool. "I'm not in the mood to go on any of your side jobs, they aren't worth the trouble or the money."

Nikos teeth glowed in the moonlight as he chuckled and poured himself another glass of bourbon and gestured at Albtraum. "This job is from the Syndicate.". He smiled as Albtraums gaze moved from the sparkling skyline back to his grinning face. "Yep, this assignment came straight from the top."

Albtraum walked over to a closet and started to unbutton his shirt. "So you came all the way here to tell me that? I thought we were above messenger boys on the ladder. Unless your rowdy antics got you demoted."

Niko turned to look at Albtraum, the moonlight flowed over his shirtless body highlighting every muscle on his blemish free figure. Somehow after more than nine years working for the Syndicate he had managed to avoid getting anything more than a scratch or a minor bruise. "They haven't demoted me yet Lex, I'm going with you."

Albtraum slowly put on his ivory suit and fixed his ruby stitched tie. "Both of us? What kind of job could there be in the city that I can't handle on my own?" He slowly walked over to a small cupboard and continued. "Did you mess up again?".

Niko brushed the insults aside. He had gotten used to Albtraums pride and snarky comments long ago. "This job isn't in the city. Heck it isn't even on this continent." He watched as Albtraum put on his grisly white and red mask. "We are going to Khazan."

Albtraum turned to Niko "Khazan!? Why the hell do they want us in Khazan?"

Niko took one last swig of bourbon and smiled. "Trust me,we're gonna have hell of a time."


Digging Deep

     Telepathy: superior (rank 2)


"Well get talking, or I'll feed your balls to my dogs!" Shouted Benji Bolo as he unsheathed his blade and pressed it against the crotch of Nikos pants. "Was it the Angels or the Syndicate!?" He watched as his two prisoners turned to look at each other. "Don't you get no ideas. Your all tied up and out numbered." He spit on Albtraum and chuckled. "Whats wrong, you too scared to run your mouth off now?"

Albtraum smiled underneath his mask. He had to admit, the denizens of North Hall weren't known for their intellect but Benji Bolo seemed to be an exception. He had not only managed to lure and capture both Niko and himself in this rundown building, but he also seemed to be in control of his unlikely gang. "Tell me Benji, how did a biracial punk from the gutters manage to form the largest gang in New Hall?" Albtraum watched as the veins on Benjis shining skull started to swell with rage.

Niko chuckled exposing his red stained teeth. "Come on now. I know we're his captives but there's no need to inflate his ego." He spat blood and continued. "He obviously got help from his boss."

Benji Bolo sent his rock-like fist into Albtraums gut and smacked Niko with the side of his blade. "I don't work for nobody." He turned and looked at a white muscled bound thug and growled "gag them." as he walked out of the dark moonlight room.

The thug pushed a dirty cloth into Nikos mouth and took off Albtraums mask and shoved into his mouth. As he started to walk away Niko turned to look at Albtraum as words started to tumble into his mind. "Give me a few more seconds and then we can get out of here."

Niko slightly nodded his head as he silently responded with his own thoughts, "So did you get all of the info?"

"Nope. It seems he doesn't know who's paying him either. He gets payed by a middle man." Just then Benji re-entered the room just as angry as he was when he left.

Benji removed the gags from their mouths and folded his arms. "Now I'm gonna ask you again. Who sent you?". The room went silent as all the eyes in the room turned towards Albtraum and Niko. "Who Sent you?" Benji repeated.

Albtraum coughed and looked down at the floor and then looked into Benjis eyes. "Is it so hard to believe that we don't know who we are working for?" Albtraums voice lowered as he continued. Especially since you don't know who you are working for?" Benjis face turned bright red as the words floated from Albtraums mouth. "Surprised?" Albtraum continued, "We know all about the job they gave you. How you murdered the ministers daughter. I can give vivid details if you like." Benji clenched his fist but something held his fist at bay. "Yes Benji, I can tell you how you used that blade at your waist to to butcher her security guards and how you tortured that innocent woman cutting her with surgical skill, the same skill you learned at medical school.".

Even after the many years he knew Albtraum Niko was still surprised by how deep Lex could dig into someones mind to pull out even the smallest detail. "Can you hurry this up?" Niko thought to himself knowing that Albtraum would hear.

Benji wrapped his steel hard fingers around Albtraums neck. "Who sent you, who told all of that?" Benji was steaming now, and what made it worst was that Albtraums clean shaven face was as blank as a bowl of milk.

"We don't know pays us, but we do know who delivers the cash." replied Albtraum as he felt Benjis hand move from his neck. "It was Don Yama. The same guy who hands you your paycheck."

Benji chuckled, "Am I supposed to believe you, how stupid do you think I am?" Benji slowly unsheathed his blade.

"Call him and ask him. I'm sure he'll tell you same." Albtraum responded looking Benji straight in the eye.

"Fine." Benji responded as he walked out of the of the room.

As the ropes binding his hands and feet were undone Albtraum turned to Niko. "Time to go."

Niko smiled as he ripped his bonds apart. He watched as Albtraum quickly put on his mask chuckled "What did I tell you Lex, one hell of a time.


Who's In Control?

     Mind Control: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


On a busy street in Heureux, in the office at the back of Club Dharma, six men were in a battle of wills.

“So this is where you were hiding Raj. Or should I call you Don Yama now?” Nicko took a gulp of vodka and continued. “The Syndicate was looking all over for you.”

Don Yama rubbed his coal tinted beard and answered his old peer. ” Well you finally found me. Too bad The Syndicate isn’t going to find out.”. Don Yama knew this day would come, but he didn’t think they would send these two men. “I’m sure you guys see that your at a disadvantage.”

Albtraum was weighing his options. He knew Don Yamas mind would take awhile to fish through. But that was the least of their problems. He had to deal with the three muscle bound thugs behind him. “I see you got yourself some muscle, Raj.”

“This whole club is filled with my muscle, and junkies who cant afford to see me die.” Don Yama gestured towards the three men thugs behind him. “These guys are my most trusted and dangerous men, the best protection I could find.”

Albtraum poured Southern Comfort into the empty glass in front of him. “Not that you need anyone to protect you. Last time I checked they used to call you the ‘God of Death’”.

Don Yama took a sip of cherry red wine. “They still do. Now tell me, why are you still working for The Syndicate, it’s a shadow of what it used to be.” He leaned forward and shifted his tawny eyes between his two old associates. “Surely the pay can’t be as good what it used to be.”. Just then one of his guards sneezed and broke his concentration.

The muscle bound guard slightly bowed his head and mumbled “Sorry boss.”

Don Yama continued. “Surely you don’t want to kill me, not when I could set you up with better opportunities with my new……partners.”

The room went silent except for the tick of a clock and the fidgeting of the three musclemen. It was Albtraum who broke the silence. “Who said we were sent for you? We want to know who you work for.”

“I see, well the only way I could that is if you take up my offer. Leave The Syndicate.”

“You know leaving The Syndicate isn’t as easy as your making it out to be”. The sneezing and fidgeting of the guards were enough of a signal for Niko to know that Albtraum had done what ever he needed to do. “How about this, we go spend some money in your club, consider our options and then we can make a deal.”

Don Yama looked at the two hitmen in front of him, “Fine, don’t try anything funny though. And Niko, don’t drink too much.”

As he began to get up Niko grabbed a full bottle of vodka but quickly released it after Don Yama gave him a vicious glare. “Calm down Raj, since when did you get so tense?”

Albtraum grabbed Nikos sleeve and began pulling him out the room. “Come on Niko, let’s go buy some orange juice”. As he left the room Albtraum glanced at Don Yamas guards and then shut the door.

“Could you get anything Lex?”

“It was easier than I thought it would be. Raj has been slacking off, but I found something strange in that old noggin of his. Somethings not right Niko.”

“What was it?”

“I don’t know exactly, all know is that it revolves around the word KALI.”

“Hmmmm. By the way,Lex, how much time do we have?”. By the time Niko could finish his question the muffled bang of three gunshots came from DonYamas office.

“About two minutes.” Answered Albtraum as he began to briskly walk out of the club.

“So long Raj.” Mumbled Niko as he took a mans beer and followed Albtraum


The Strongest Muscle

     Telekinesis: superior (rank 2)

  • Multi-Attack


There are many buildings within Electrum Road owned by men with blood stained pockets and countless vices. Agni Tower is one such building, owned by the ruthless business man Tony Ravana. Being rich and successful attracts many enemies, but when you gain your success on the shattered bones and dreams of thousands karma becomes your greatest foe.

“Will you stop fidgeting Niko, you can’t will the elevator to go any faster.”

“Why do kingpins always have to have their offices on the highest floor?” grumbled Niko as he paced around the elevator. “Its not like it makes them any safer.”

“I’m trying to sense how many guards he has protecting him. So calm down.”. Albtraum knew that Tony Ravana was an extremely intelligent man and that he must have heard what happened to Benji Bolo and Don Yama. The only way to get to him was to be quick and silent. So far so good.

Niko stopped abruptly and watched as the numbers over the elevator door reached their end. “What should I expect?” He asked Albtraum without looking at him.

“The moment that door opens you run straight towards the door at the end of of the hallway.”. Albtraum paused and continued, “As soon as you get in neutralize his guards and hold down the old man.”

They tensed as the elevator slowly lurched to a stop. As the door slowly opened all Niko could see was the barrels of countless guns, but instead of fighting he ran, and as he ran he heard crack of necks like popcorn as the men around him fell as if hit by invisible bullets. “Keep it up Lex, I’m almost there.”. Between Niko and the door stood three men, three shots flew towards him but were deflected into the ceiling and the three men were launched through the door. “Here we go!”

Albtraum slowly walked towards Tonys office so he could regain his energy. He could here the cacophony of skulls smashing against concrete and bodies being sent through walls, then silence. He tried to touch Tony Ravanas mind but there was nothing. “Don’t tell me you got carried away Niko.” As Albtraum entered the decorated with crushed skulls shredded limbs and corpses mingled with the walls and ceilings his hidden eyes were stuck to the center of the room. Standing over an unconscious Niko was a tall slim cleanly shaved man in his early forties. “Who are you?” asked Albtraum his voice soaked with awe and anger.

“I must say, when I heard of how you dealt with Benji and Yama I was quite impressed, whats even more impressive is the fact that you were able to reach here undetected.”. He stepped on Nikos back and continued. ” Who ever is paying for your services must be extremely rich. So rich that they believe i cannot buy you from them.”

“Who are you?” repeated Albtraum as he tried to enter his opponents mind. The information given to him by the Syndicate stated that Tony Ravana was an eighty year old crippled recluse. The Syndicate never gave faulty information, this man couldn’t be Tony.

“I am Tony Ravana, owner of Atman Industries. Surely you were told who you were sent here to kill?” he turned Niko over with his foot.

Albtraum pushed his mind to its limits but still nothing. He didn’t want to attack this man before he got any information but time was running out and and he was getting desperate. But then the stranger lifted Niko into the air by his throat. Big mistake. Slowly the veil blocking the strangers mind fell and information started to flow into Albtraums mind. And there it was again, that single word. KALI. By the time Tony Ravana realized what was happening and threw Niko to the ground it was too late.

“I’ll kill you were you stand!” Shouted Tony as he speed towards with the speed and force of a rhino.

Albtraum made a gesture and sent Tony tumbling crashing into the floor. “So you are Tony. Who ever you work for gave you one hell of a body.”

“I’m not telling you anything.”

” Ahh. But you see, I already have everything that I want to know……except one thing.”. Albtraum gestured and broke one of Tonys arms which was followed by a desperate scream. “I can end you quickly or painfully. It all depends on how you answer this one question thoroughly. What is KALI?”

Tony Ravana sniffled as bloody tears crept from his eyes. “I-I don’t know. You have to believe me!”.

“Oh, I do.” replied Albtraum as he released Tony.

As Toney tried to get up he stumbled into a hard object. When he looked up at it he realized in his dismay that it was Niko. “You.”

Niko smiled as he took a swig from a bottle. “Painfully it is.”