Gender: Male

Kit: Divine

Location: The Chaos Spire


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Children of Sayang


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 5

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


The sun’s lingering rays gave its final goodbye as it disappeared below the horizon. A young boy leaned on his balcony over-looking the Egyptian sunset as the night’s dusty winds ran against his face and blew back his straight black hair. Young Heptah’s heart sunk along with the sun for reason unbeknownst to him. The sorrow took hold of his body and shook him violently until he no longer could stand it.

He pulled away from the balcony and retreated to his large palace room. Then pulling his fine wig from his head, he threw it to his bed revealing his natural curly black hair.

He slumped on the bed and then laid his head to the pillow. The soft goose feather allowed his mind to drift to and fro. The pounding settled and after sighing heavily, he closed his eyes. But when he closed his eyes he dreamt. His mind threw together horrible plots that grew more frightening by the hour. They were dramatic and confusing. Each scene more detailed and unrelated than the last.

The first was of a young girl that stood on a floating chunk of earth. The terrain floated above a devastated landscape and defeated enemies, with screams of terror and chaos filling the background. Dark figures stood behind her, but it was impossible to make them out no matter how hard he tried his eyes. Her eyes, however, her eyes peered deep into his soul as if she knew him. He would call out; asking who she was, but this would wake him in a cold sweat.

This morning was different however. He pushed the thoughts of his night terrors to the back of his mind and anxiously ran to the palace room. His father, a prominent general of Pharaoh Tephrim’s army, was returning today from a victorious battle against a nomad tribe from the south. Heptah leaned against the stone pillar and peered into the throne room. The royal family had already assembled along with the musicians and dancers who had already begun their work. The crimson tapestry floated from pillar to pillar and billowed against the warm breeze as only silk could. The pleasant music drifted throughout the kingdom and along the halls of the palace as Pharaoh Tephrim pushed aside the veil that hung behind the throne.

The music stopped. Silenced ensued and then was followed by hearty welcomed and strong applause. He then bowed and held out his hand towards the veil. The majestic queen grasped his hand as he led her out. The applause doubled. They seated themselves at their throne and the music began again, until the horns began, announcing the arrival of Heptah’s father along with his small elite unit. They strode through the large doors and pedals descended upon them until they stood in front of the royal couple. The music stopped as the group knelt in respect. The Pharaoh then stood and gestured his arms flamboyantly as he began his speech.

“My brother in spirit, welcome home! You have yet again not disappointed in your ventures. Rest assured the gods are pleased, as am I. You have Pharaoh’s blessing and thanks along with the rest of Egypt!”

“Thank you, I live to please you.”

Amun, Heptah’s father, spoke to Pharaoh but his eyes wandered to the queen, and she blushed slightly, trying to hide her affection.

Their absence from one another had made them careless. It was obvious to all but them and Pharaoh, who refused to believe such a thing. His figurative brother and wife together, he laughed at the thought.

“But of course.” Pharoah added flamboyantly, “Tonight we drink to your victory. Enjoy yourself men!”

With those words the music blared again at new heights. But barely over the music, Heptah could hear his name being called. Prince Anu called to him eagerly. He could see the rest of the children playing and dancing to the music. He went and stood among them, but knew he could never join them. He knew he was different.


It couldn’t have been more than couple hours after midnight when Heptah awoke to the screaming, the fighting. It no doubt shook the whole palace as the signature sound of steel striking steel resonated through the halls. The sound of the blades was followed by shouting and then a woman’s cry.

Heptah leaped out of bed and followed the sound. Running down the halls it wasn’t long until he could see the flickering shadows from around the corner dancing upon the wall.

“Amun!” The shadow cried as he pointed the tip of his sword to the other shadow that lay on the ground. “You have sinned against me, and the heavens! And for that…” Pharoah bared his teeth, fighting the words that were about to leave his lips.

“You must be punished.” The sword fell and a cry both male and female let out.

Heptah could feel his legs grow weak, and the onset of a terrible headache as he fell against the stone wall.

A tear trickled from his eye before the blackness engulfed him, and there he saw her, smiling.


The Voice of Chaos

     Communication: standard (rank 1)


The books landed against the roaring embers and flew open as if the pages were trying to escape the ethereal flames. Heptah, in a fit of rage, continued to plunge the books into the furnace. His shadow loomed against the stone walls; its movements seeming to have a certain madness to it. He threw the final book into the furnace and then followed it with a clay bottle that crashed and made the flames dance with joy. He, however, fell against the wall as he ran his hand through his thick black hair and his equally thick beard. He could hear the whispers tickling his ear and he whispered back, mad mumbles to the listener.

Then there was a knock at the door.

Heptah jumped at the sound, but calmed as he saw the golden scepter, followed by the crown and silk beige robe.

“Heptah, are you alright?”

Heptah sighed. “I am fine.”

Pharaoh Anu ventured deeper into the cave-like room. The only light coming from the crackling furnace created a warm, yet terrifying atmosphere. Papers littered the floor and the shelves were empty.

Anu leaned against the wall and sat beside Heptah.

“I do know what day it is my brother.”

Heptah looked away.

Anu continued.

“I cannot help but hate my father for what he did, but I cannot change his decisions. I remember when we were little…”

Anu’s voice was suddenly drowned out as the whispers returned with a vengeance like a white noise. It filled his ears, but none of it could be deciphered. The voices, many but one, jumbled over each other and overlapped but the meaning seemed to somehow seep into his subconscious.

Kill Anu.


Poison the Pure

     Poison: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack


He waited until the completion of the great west temple. There was to be a celebration in the palace room and with all of the drinking and revelry no one would notice if Anu took a step out.

Music and fine wine along with beautiful and colorful fruit filled the room along with the boisterous palace men and women. Pharaoh Anu sat above them all upon his golden throne, puffed with pride over the accomplishments of a few slaves. He then leaned over and kissed his wife affectionately before Heptah stepped forward. He enticed him to follow with sayings of a bad misfortune to fall upon Egypt.

“My lord,” He said in bow.

“Heptah, the wisest of my wise men, how are you? I hope you are feeling better. Drink! Have fun my friend.” Anu said with a warm and strong smile.

Heptah’s looming demeanor did not change, “I have bad fortune to tell of the land, Pharaoh Anu.”

“Must it be done now Heptah? On such a magnificent day? Surely, it can wait ‘till the rise of tomorrow sun.”

“I apologize, but it is quite urgent my lord. The window of clarity closes as we speak.” Heptah tried to stress the importance in his voice to the young Pharaoh, hoping that it would be enough for him not to put it off until tomorrow.

“Very well Heptah. Show me the future of the land.”

Anu stood from his throne and grabbed his Golden scepter that leaned upon his seat, and after correcting his large crown upon his head he followed Heptah into the flame lit walls of the palace.

The statues of the Gods held up the ceiling, each intricately chiseled with every detail. The largest statue was of Ra, the sun god, and stood prominent above the rest. The marble statue stood to the ceiling with the body of a man but the head of a hawk. A sun-disk sat on its head and, in it, burned a never-extinguishing flame.

Heptah fell to the floor in servitude to the god, only going through the motions of service to the stone, as he knew the now where the only real power came from. He rose several moments later and laid a bowl of water in front of the statue. He stood in front of the bowl and spoke out loud as Anu watched on.

“I call on you gods of Egypt to show the future of the land. Ra, Sia, Hu, Heka…” He called on the names of these gods as he threw a potion into the bowl of water. The water bubbled and foamed producing a yellowish smoke to fume from it. Heptah picked up the bowl and carried it to Anu.

“Inhale deeply, my lord.” He then spoke the incantations that he was instructed. The whsipers began to become excited as the Pharaoh breathed in the toxic fumes. Kill him. Kill him. They said over and over again.

Pharaoh Anu then opened his eyes in shock as he swayed backwards, dropping and shattering the ceramic bowl he held. Heptah smiled as he could see the potion taking effect.

“Heptah? What is this? What have you done to me?”

Heptah’s smile grew sinister as he spoke, “I am doing only what is right, avenging my father. Killing the son of my father’s killer!”

“You fool,” He coughed. “That is not what happened!”

“Yes, an assassin slayed him in his sleep, but no I saw it with my own eyes. Your father cut down his friend in jealousy, he knew he would make a better king than him, and I than you. I have seen the future Anu, it has been whispered in my ears alone. Through me will be ushered in a new era!”

Pharaoh squirmed in disgust in an attempt to fight off the drug that coursed through him.

Kill him.

“Now, my King, I must say good bye.” He reached into his clothing and when he revealed his hands which shimmered a disgusting yellow hue. He reached out for Anu…



     Reflection: standard (rank 1)


Anu could feel the poison coursing through Heptah into him. He looked about frantically, not strong enough to fight him off himself. Gratefully, he spotted his golden scepter lying just outside of his reach. With the last of his strength he reached for it and pulled it to him, its emerald sitting upon its heavy top and fired.

He missed.

The energy blast shot, reflecting off of Heptah, and flared between the two. They both yelled in agony as the green energy and Heptah’s magic mixed in the air. Heptah slowly staggered back as he looked at his hands. They began to glow more intensely with a golden aura and in his stomach he could feel a churning. His whole body began to scream, ripping at itself, and in a flash the pain was gone. He felt nothing, he was nowhere.


Chaotic Will

     Polymorph: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack


His eyes opened to darkness and silence. The whispers had abandoned him and a sudden feeling of loneness swept across him as he took an unsure step forward.

“My friends?”

His voice barely could penetrate the black void before him, but after a moment a solemn, auburn light appeared. It appeared like a sun over a horizon, but this light was no sun light. Its intensity was nothing like Heptah had ever felt before, it’s presence was so powerful.

It pulled him closer with invisible strings and then finally a voice returned to him. This voice however so much clearer, more commanding than the chaotic whispers he used to hear.

Bow down, Heptah.

He slowly removed his sandals as he fell upon his knees. The auburn light had grown even more in intensity and he could barely stand the heat, yet he could not look away.

“My queen! Please place your hand upon me and direct my step so I may further your plans.”

Yesss… Your hands themselves will create chaos for the world.

“Hail Sayang.”