A Mud Golem


Gender: None

Kit: Natural

Location: Moebius, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 5

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


A Necromancer must be careful when he works his magic. Necromancy requires more than just learning the words and summoning power. Necromancy requires concentration. It is true that a necromancer's work is to summon some life energy and inject in into a corpse, but half of the trouble is controlling the energy. A necromancer must make sure to keep the magic within the boundaries of his influence. Because life energy is lively, and it tries to escape.

A lone necromancer worked alone in his lab. The corpse on his table was beginning to jerk to life. The spell was finished and within seconds, the necromancer knew he would have a zombie, soon. He went to wash his hands in his lab's sink so that he could go eat a celebratory sandwich without ingesting the corpse's pathogens. As he washed his hands, the life energy which still clung to the pores in his skin flowed off with the water. It went down into the pipes, and flowed through the sewer where it emptied out into a muddy puddle.


The mud puddle bubbled. Clumps of earth congregated together where the magic lay. A rudimentary will, non-logical, unthinking began to form as the dirt piled itself together. It grew to about a foot whereupon it grew legs. The tiny, new creature slowly walked around in the mud. Simple locomotion, it had not much else. As it walked, it collected more mud from the floor and incorporated it into its own mass. As such,the tiny golem grew larger. Soon he had incorporated enough mud into his body that he obtained sensation.

Vibrations moved through the ground at a heavy rhythmic thump. The tiny golem began to walk towards the vibration. It was strange, different from its previous existence as earth. Everything was calm/quiet as the dirt and now there was noise. It annoyed the golem. He walked slowly toward the source of the disruption, slowly picking up more material as he went.


Earth Moves Earth

     Crushing Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack


Axl loved being on stage. It had been a while DayShift training and missions taking up all his time. Now he was back again to have an impromptu outdoor concert. His amps were blaring music out to a crowd of a couple hundred people. He was worried that he'd lost his crowd-drawing ability. The turn out was good enough, he guessed, but not really as good as he would have liked it to be. There was one reporter: only one.

The rest of DayShift was out in the crowd. Zombie Girl was in the front row, dancing as hard as she could. The rest of the crowd didn't want to mosh with her. Something about her skin, made them avoid contact. Thorn was in the back, nodding his head appreciatively, watching. A gaggle of Finns was having fun in the middle of the crowd. They were dancing to the music; some separately, some together in off-beat waltzes, and some with total strangers. Zach was in the back, sitting in the shade of a tree, chatting with a young lady he'd met named Eloise.

The concert was going great until a spear made of earth flying through the air destroyed one of the speakers. The sound of the collision ruined the end of Zach's favorite song, "Melted Pain Train". He looked off into the distance. He could barely see the outline of the monster.

It was lit from the back by the headlights of a car as it stumbled toward the outdoor concert. Whatever it was, it was at least ten feet tall. Axl whipped his head to Thorn and called his name. Thorn was on stage within a second, behind the microphone.

"That's our show. Now if everyone would please exit the venue in the direction opposite the big monster that would be great. Flash Mob, I need you to do crowdwork. Becki, Zach, you're up: Direct assault."

The crowd surged as one away from the monster, just as Thorn had ordered. Finn clones made sure that everyone was proceeding in an orderly fashion. The monster roared at the crowd and levitated a pillar of earth from the ground in front of him. It sent the pillar through the air like a spear, flying into the group of people. Axl jumped off the stage and swung his axe, reducing the projectile to dust in the air. He turned to look at the mud golem. It was closer now and they could see it. He couldn't think of anything sufficiently heroic to yell at the beast, so he just said what was on his mind.

"You ruined my concert!"


Earth Becomes Earth

     Energy Body: standard (rank 1)


As Axl charged at the monster, icicles flew over his head and embedded themselves in the monster's skin. Axl jumped as high as he could in the air, bouncing off one of the icicles to give himself extra height and swung down, embedding the axe head deep in the golem's. It didn't flinch. There was no indication it eve felt the pain except for a quiet gurgle from deep inside. The golem's big arms grabbed Axl and threw him at the stage.

Becki went in for an attack,swinging for the kneecaps. She hit it dead on, but the bat stuck into the mud. With a loud squelch it was wrenched from her hands. A clod of dirt under control of the golem rocketed itself up from the ground and slammed into Becki's chin hard enough to lift her off the floor.

Thorn leaned into the microphone. "Finn, try blinding it."

"Will do." Flash Mob charged at the monster, while splitting farther into a whole gang of Finns. Some of the clones got knocked out by bits of earth that the monster fired at them, but most of them got through and grabbed onto the monster's limbs climbing up.

"Hey, Finn," shouted one clone.

"Yeah, Finn?"

"Where's this thing's eyes?"

"I don't think it has eyes, Finn."

The clones exploded in a glorious burst of light. All of DayShift shielded their eyes, which stopped Thorn from seeing the massive boulder coming. It slammed down onto the stage. He was barely able to flow out of the way as the boulder destroyed the microphone and smashed the stage to splinters. An idea came to Thorn.

"Axl, come here."


Earth Hears Earth

     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


"Zach, we're gonna need to see Mr Mammoth out here," Thorn ordered Zach glanced back at the young girl sitting under the tree and sighed. Thorn caught him. "Now's not the time for glamour, kid. I need a giant elephant putting the freeze on this thing."

Zach nodded and transformed. Mister Mammoth's thundering feet, pounded the floor as he assumed his stance to throw a basketball sized chunk of ice at the mud golem. The ice slammed through the monster and smashed to bits on the other side. The mud monster responded in kind with a similarly sized ball of mud. Mister Mammoth put up a wall of ice to protect him.

"I figured it out." announced Thorn. "This thing can't see. It's been feeling vibrations through the floor."

Axl smiled and nodded at Becki. "So I guess this thing calls for some aerial maneuvers."

Becki grinned back. "You betcha."


Earth Shifts Earth

     Seismics: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


All of DayShift stood tensed and ready to act. They stayed absolutely still, waiting for Thorn's commands. Axl moved them all one by one using his telekinesis, very slowly, very gently. Zach had to transform back into himself before Axl could move him, Mister Mammoth was just too heavy. The mud golem continued to aim at where they used to be, throwing clods of dirt at nothing.

Once everyone was ready. Thorn gave the command and DayShift sprung into action. Screaming as loud as they could, a crowd of Finns began to run in place as fast as they could. The mud golem turned to meet the disturbance. A shelf of stone flying into the crowd took out a few clones. Zach used the distraction created by the Finns to transform again. He trumpeted as loud as he could and then focused all of his energy on the golem. Slowly, the monster stiffened up.

Thorn smiled. "Becki, Axl, go!" Axl got down on one knee and placed his hands on top. Becki charged forward, bat clenched tightly in her right hand. She took a step on Axl's hand and with a telekinetically assisted push, shot up about fifteen feet into the air.

The frozen mud golem had no idea what was coming. Becki's bat smashed it into a thousand pieces. The shards of the monster lay in the grass while DayShift celebrated. Thorn congratulated his entire team on working so well together. While they weren't looking, the frozen chunks of dirt melted back down into the floor. The life energy that had created the mud golem wouldn't give up that easily.

The ground began to shake. It was a small localized earthquake, in the middle of nowhere. The stage cracked in half and suddenly half of it disappeared into the earth. The ground began to open up in a huge cavern. DayShift turned and ran, keeping away from the hole. Zach was careful to keep Eloise in front of him.

As they reached the end of the park, the quaking stopped, leaving behind a huge crater where there used to be a park. Axl went back to check it out. He climbed back over the fence that marked the edge of the park and walked down into the center of the hole. From the middle, the lowest point, he couldn't even see his friends. It was just quiet and empty down there. Axl shrugged and hiked back up to DayShift.

"S'nothing there," he reported.

Thorn nodded and they all left.


Earth Begets Earth

     Growth: standard (rank 1)


It rained the next day. The rain fell down into the park. The water washed down into the big crater and lubricated up the mud. Slowly, the mud began to congregate together, piling on top of itself. Within a half hour, the mud was a foot tall and able, rudimentarily, to sense.