Doctor Blackwood


Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Los Angles, Calfornia


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: -25

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 4

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled


November 28, 2012 1:23 AM

Bouncer at the Roxbury didn't accept my 100 dollar bribe; and after that, forcing him to let me in would be to obvious. I guess I'll have to talk to him on my way out. Still, getting in this way is more fun. I round my way to the back of the club, and spot two security guards standing outside the back exit. I send one to go visit his grandmother downtown, the other to visit his wife in the hospital. God, its good to be back. Two months of nursing a broken leg took its toll on me. Freddy dropped a 1,000 pound solid oak coffin on my leg. I broke a werewolf's leg to tell me Freddy spends every Tuesday night at the Roxbury. Its time for me to take this guy off the streets.

I walk in through the back exit into the Roxbury, and see flashing lights, pole dancers, and Freddy. I walk up behind him, and grab his shoulder, acting like a good friend. "Freddy! Freddy, Freddy, Freddy. Long time no see huh? I've been occupied getting my leg back to full strength. It's all good now though! Ready to kick some ass," I say completely losing my old friend voice.

He eye's me carefully. He's scared, sweat starts dripping down his forehead. "I… I thought you were dead?"

"Of course not Freddy, a little broken leg is far from being dead. But speaking of death, I have something to talk about with y-"

He throws an elbow back, but I grab his arm and twist it in a 100 degree angle. Freddy screams in agony, but not because of the broken arm. He screams because his arm is slowly falling apart, disintegrating, right in front of his own, cold, dead eyes.

Then out of the shadows, somebody else leaps on me, bringing me to the ground. He opens his mouth, showing long, hideous fangs. I bash my fist into his face, and hurl him off me.

"I was hoping one of you would start something like this."

I take my axe out of my trench coat, about a yard long, made of silver, and blessed by a priest with holy water, every month. The vampire leaps at me, I step out of the way and bring my axe down into his neck, sending his head flying across the club.

The night club erupts in terror, and everybody rushes toward the exits in panic and fear. In a few seconds, the only people left in The Roxbury are me, Freddy, one two other vampires, and three security guards rushing in. I send all three of them to another night club to ask for a job.

"Just us three, boys. Let's get started."

I hurl an electrical current at one vampire, burning him alive (so to speak). While he falls on the floor in pain, I slash my axe into his skull, cutting it in half. The other vampire pounces toward me, but I duck and grab his face, releasing a burst of disintegration, completely destroying his face. This vampire weeps on the floor, and meets the blade of my axe as well. Freddy looks at me, terror in his eyes, and sprints the other way.

I send one more current out of my hand, this one weaker, than usual, to keep him conscious. He lands on the floor, writhing in pain.

I stride up to him and kneel down. I put my face next to his ear, and whisper, "Your name will be a lesson to all the younger vampires in this city. The supernatural community will know you as Freddy, the little vampire that messed with Doctor Blackwood."

The tip of my axe, is the last thing he sees, before it slices open his head.


Dr. Blackwood's Journal

May 4, 1997

Born and raised in London, I learned the ways of the black arts from a high school teacher of mine, Professor Taylor. For reasons I don't know, I sparked his interest, and he took me into his arms. My parents were abusive, so I accepted his invitation. He was the only thing that kept me from running away from my life. Everyday after school, he took me to his home, and taught me the ways of the black arts. I thought he was awesome, teaching me all this, until one day, he brought home a human body. This was the night he revealed to me, his true identity. He was a vampire, teaching by day, killing humans by night. He set the body on the dining room table, cut open the throat, and filled his wine cup with the blood of the corpse. He was a monster, and I thought I trusted him. He fooled me with his kindness. Infuriated, I looked for the nearest weapon; an axe rested upon the fireplace for decoration. While he was having his feast, I crept to the fire place and took the axe. Walking toward him, I stepped on a loose floor board. He turned, and I realized it was my last chance. I raised the axe, and brought it down upon his head, slicing it open straight through the middle. I stood there panting, realizing what I had done. I killed. I killed, but for the sake of mankind.

I explored his house afterword, and found his "lair" in the basement. He was not the only one. Pictures of other vampires all around the world, hung about the place. A map, with pins hung on the wall, noting the most vampire populated cities in the world. The biggest pin marked the city of Los Angles. "I must go there," I thought to myself, "and rid the world of these monsters, using the powers bestowed onto me by the monster himself."


The Exterminator

     Slashing Weapon: superior (rank 2)


The axe Dr. Blackwood found in Professor Taylor's house, is not the one he continues to use. Blackwood stuck with the weapon, and had one fashioned to his liking very soon after the events of Professor Taylor occurred. The axe Blackwood uses today is on yard long and with a silver blade. He has the blade blessed by a Catholic Priest every month with holy water. Dr. Blackwood spent years studying the art of axe wielding and has become one of the World's top masters when it comes to handling this deadly weapon.



     Disintegration: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack


One of three powers Dr. Blackwood has mastered from the teachings of Professor Taylor. Blackwood learned the power to cause spontaneous disintegration on anything, some being more resilient than others. Blackwood's skill in this power is very superior, and can disintegrate easily most non metals, and some weak/thin metals. Blackwood can send blasts of disintegration energy toward his targets from a distance.



     Force of Will: standard (rank 1)


The second power Dr. Blackwood has become very proficient in, is controlling the wills of others. Human, zombie, and (while still in human form)werewolf minds are relatively easy for him to manipulate. Vampires are immune to any form of mind control or loss of will power. Animal minds have simply not been cracked by Dr. Blackwood.


Black Lightning

     Electricity: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack


Dr. Blackwood's power to produce organic black lightning from his hands was the last power learned by him. He rummaged through Professor Taylor's books, to find a manual on how to master this power. Usually a sign of evil and deep dark magic, Dr. Blackwood mastered it, and uses black lightning for good, against the monsters that created it.