Gracie (Ghoster) Fletcher


Gender: Male

Kit: Super

Location: Khazan City, Khazan


Alignment: Hero

Team: The Angels of Mercy


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 53

Personal Wins: 14

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Gracie lay supine on her bed, furiously scribbling a letter on a piece of paper. Her emotions leaked out on the paper through her bright, sparkly, purple gel pen. This was her cathartic activity. She gripped the pen a little bit too hard and held back tears and she wrote. When she came to the end of her letter she signed it "With lots of hate, Gracie."

Gracie took a deep breath and put the letter in a shoebox which she kept under her bed. No one else needed to see the letter anyway. Comforted and satisfied with the transcription of her feelings to print, Gracie rolled over on her bed and picked up her novel to continue reading. She got through three pages before her older brother Ryan barged into her room, as he does.

His eyes widened as he swung his head round taking in the sight of Gracie's messy room. Eventually he locked his eyes on Gracie and exclaimed, "What is this?"

"My room," answered Gracie. She flipped a page of her book and continued to stare at the page, but she was unable to ignore her brother standing over her.

"This place is a sty!" he shouted. " Do you enjoy living like this?"

Gracie peered angrily over the top of her book while already thinking about her next letter. Ryan started aggressively cleaning her room. He picked a pile of clothes off her floor and tossed it towards the closet. Gracie silently wished that he wouldn't do that. Ryan whipped a pile of already-read books toward the bookshelf. As one lengthy tome - The History of Gothic Architecture - slid across the floor, it caught the corner of the shoebox Gracie had hidden under her bed. The shoebox flipped through the air, spilling out it's contents: assorted different papers all with letters scrawled on them in shiny, purple pen.

"Oh Jeez, I'm sorry." Ryan seemed to realize that he was tearing apart his little sister's room and looked up at her apologetically. Gracie had jumped out of her bed and angrily started shovelling the letters back into the box. Ryan picked up a post it note at the top of the pile. Gracie remembered that one well. It was pretty brief.

Dear Gracie,

Everyone hates you. Go Away.

Signed, Gracie

Ryan stared disbelievingly down at the letter he had just read. Gracie snatched it out of his hand and continued to push it into her shoebox. It didn't matter though, the damage was done. Ryan looked so crushed. He sat still and silent on the floor for a full minute while Gracie scooped all the letters into the box and pushed the box farther under the bed where it belonged. Gracie lied down on her bed and picked up her book again hoping that she could will the ensuing conversation out of existence.

"Gracie..." Ryan's voice trailed off. He wasn't crying-sad or yelling-angry. He sounded disappointed in himself for not making her better.

"Look, it's not your fault. I'm just a messed up person, okay?" Gracie re-read a line for the fifth time.

"Why didn't you tell anyone?"

"Tell anyone that I'm crazy? I like sleeping in my bed instead of a cell."

"What would dad think? He tried so hard for us?"

Gracie threw her book across the room. "Dad? Hmm, let me think. Dad would have told me that I need to work harder if I want to be a Sentinel and then I would go to my room and write letters. That's how all of my conversations with Dad went.

Gracie looked at her brother and saw tears. She figured she had gone too far.

"It's only been a month,"

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"It's those Angels who have you messed up." Ryan raged. He jumped to his feet. "Hanging out with them's got you screwed in the head. You need to leave them alone, like.... like dad said."

"No. When I'm with the Angels, that's the only time I feel, okay. No one screwed me up. I'm just screwed up."

Ryan walked out of her room, sniffling and as he did. Gracie felt a bit guilty. She had meant those letters to hurt herself, not anyone else. In some ways it was his fault for getting into her business. She still felt bad though.


There something special about clocks in schools in their ability to go so much slower than all their compatriots in the time keeping kingdom while still reporting the same time. Gracie pondered the magic of school timekeeping while barely paying attention to her teacher's lecture about derivatives. The second hand ticked slowly by, with twenty more full revolutions until Gracie was allowed to leave. The agonizing, paralysing length of each jerk around the clock forced Gracie to pull her eyes from the clock and focus back on the powerpoint.

After quickly giving up any endeavor to understand what was meant by "the power rule", she took to daydreaming about causing havoc in the classroom. What if she used her powers? The thought made her smile, but she knew she couldn't actually make any trouble. Her actions would get to the administration. The administration would call home. Gracie knew her mother wouldn't be able to handle that. So she sat, quiet and continued to not understand calculus.

School ended, and Gracie walked outside into the bright weekend air. She crossed the parking lot where a familiar car was waiting for her under the shade of the big tree. She hopped into the passenger seat and smiled at her friend Derek in the driver's seat.

"I thought you weren't coming" he said.

"You knew I was," Gracie teased. "I'm never quitting this game, Derek"

"Well that's good because we've got a job to do tonight." Derek pulled out of the parking lot and started driving. As she sat in the passenger seat, Gracie started thinking back on what her brother had said the day before.

"I'll be right back," said Derek as he parked the car. "I need to go pick something up."

Derek got out and walked away and Gracie was alone. She put her hand on the door handle, arguing with herself as to whether she should open it and run home. "Home to what?" she asked herself. "Home to a sobbing mother and a self-righteous prick brother? Home to write yourself another hateful letter and then go to sleep with tears on your pillow?" Gracie pulled her hand away from the door handle and turned up the radio, letting the music drown out her thoughts.

The driver side door opened soon enough, and Derek crawled back in. He tossed a small, round package into Gracie's lap. "It's a chicken burger, your favorite. It's from that weird fast food place that you said you liked so much " He took a big bite out of his own. "I forgot to eat today, so I figured, why don't I stopped and get us both something?"

Gracie licked her lips as a piece of absolutely delicious burger disappeared down her throat. "All right, so what are we doing tonight?"


Before you Judge

     Energy Body: standard (rank 1)


Rosario climbed into the backseat, pausing only to say hello to Gracie before lying down,and flagrantly disregarding seatbelt laws so that he could more comfortably lounge in the car. Once Derek was reasonably sure that Rosario was in the car, and not about to roll out of his seat, he took off driving toward Dockside. Gracie sat in silence waiting for Derek to deliver the mission info.

"So, here's how it's going down," Derek began. "I hear from the men up top that there's an office building with some files we want. We steal those files, quickly in and out, and collect a bounty, ya dig?"

"What files?" Gracie's asked.

"Well, apparently the office building is a Syndicate haunt. What exactly the files are, probably plans."

"So we go see what the Syndicate has planned and bring the plans back to the Angels?" Gracie asked for clarification.

""That's right, doll. The skinny bastard in the back seat will be running tech work. He'll be getting all the files and junk. But first, you have to get us into the joint."

The car stopped. Derek tapped Gracie on the shoulder. "You're up doll."

Gracie concentrated for a second and let her power flow through her. Her eyes glowed slightly around the iris and then dimmed as her body slumped over. Gracie flew, without her body toward the office building where she nestled in the head of one of the men standing guard.

Gracie crawled inside his mind and took up residence behind his thoughts.where he wouldn't notice. A stranger walked past the guards and into the front door. The guard in whose head Grace was hiding nodded and allowed the man to pass. Gracie shot into the man entering the facility and hidden within his mind And so she was in.


Be Sure to Walk a Mile

     Leaping: standard (rank 1)


The office was brightly lit and divided into cubicles all down the buildings. There's was something to the restricted feeling of cubicles that really depressed Gracie.Was this really the kind of work her mother did every day? Sit in a cell and type away at a tiny screen until her soul is sucked away and she dies at 50. Gracie hoped the person she was riding wasn't a cubicle worker. Maybe he was a manager or something

The man walked inside and straight to his cubicle. If he was supposed to sit still, he would be of no use to Gracie, so she shot out of his head to the nearest man walking by. She had to find the boss of this facility somehow, watch for some symbol, or maybe just jump from head to head around the facility until she stumbled upon someone with enough authority.

Gracie saw a redheaded guy walking toward the corner offices, so she jumped into his head. He walked to an office with a small sign near the door which proudly proclaimed General Manager in all big, capital letters. The redhead pulled the door open and stuck his head in.

"Hey, boss, do you have a minute?"

Gracie realized that this was the moment she was waiting for. She rushed into the bosses head just as he was yelling at his employee to go back to work. Safely nestled in the back of the bosses mind, Gracie started working on the second part of the plan.


In another man's shoes

     Mind Control: superior (rank 2)


Gracie started stretching her power around the boss's mind. After some time, she was inside, around, within, and beyond his mind. She could feel him struggling against her control, but she pushed him to the back of his mind as easily as she could her own thoughts. She could feel bits of his existence bubbling up into her mind. His name was Stewart.

Gracie-as-Stewart rolled her shoulders back and stood up from his desk. She loved the feeling of being in the familiar body of a man. It felt more like a body that fit her than her own did. Gracie-as-Stewart stood up and walked out of the office.

"Where are you going, sir?"

"Out." Gracie barked. Stewart had a lovely, deep voice. Gracie-as-Stewart smirked as he pulled on his coat and walked out of his office with long, powerful strides.


It's comfortable here

     Force of Will: standard (rank 1)


Outside, Derek reached back and smacked Rosario awake. "Here she comes, it's go time."

Gracie was walking toward the car in her new body. She was making a sign with her hands so that they could identify her. Derek and Rosario walked out of the car to meet her.

"I can't believe we're doing a break in at five in the evening," Rosario said rubbing his eyes. Gracie and Derek ignored him. They'd each been there before. While the trio discussed the plan once more for clarity, Gracie had to concentrate of subduing Stewart.

It started with full sentences. "Get out of my brain, you bitch!" he screamed without his mouth. Gracie maintained control, and continued to push him down. Eventually it was just single words being pitched through the void. "Stop". "Help." "Ow". "Ow". "Ow". Gracie's denial continued, she pushed Stewart down, harder and harder and harder within his own mind. Thereafter, Stewart's resistance came only in periodic psionic waves. In a completely non-auditory way, it sounded exactly like sobbing.

"Go it?" asked Derek.

"Yup." "Yuh-huh."

"Let's go."


But if you pry

     Digging: standard (rank 1)


Two keycard swipes and a biometric eye scanner later, Gracie had led her the other two into the Bowdoin server room. Rosario was connected to the computational infrastructure.The servers of the building were connected to every computer in the building, even the smart phones. Rosario was scanning through the files for the files they want. Gracie and Derek stood guard by the door.

"Uh guys," Rosario called from inside. "I think I found what we need, but this folder is password protected. It's under the name Stewart Cane"

"Can you crack it?" asked Derek.

"If I had three hours, maybe."

"Can't you go any faster?" Derek said.

"Hey!" shouted Rosario defensively. "I'm doing my best."

"Don't worry, I got it." Gracie turned towards Stewart's mind and burrowed deep inside for the information. The password was SamanthaRodriguez87. It was Stewart's wife and the year he married her.Gracie got a pretty good look at what she looked like: thin, tall, slightly but not overly-muscular. Stewart's love for his wife also bubbled up with the password. Gracie felt a little jealous.

Gracie crawled back out of Stewart's mind and delivered the password. Rosario typed it in and started downloading the files onto his flash drive. Gracie turned to walk back out of the room when she heard Rosario gasp at the lines of text running down the screen of his smartphone.


"If these files are what I think they are, this is much bigger than they told us. We have to get this stuff back right now."


Can't Stay for Long

     Mind Blast: superior (rank 2)


It's amazing the lengths to which a brain will go in order to protect its integrity. It will go even as far as beginning to destroy itself, curl up in a ball of insanity rather than let foreign entities take over and run wanton with their bodies.

Gracie was catapulted out of Stewart's head, rejected like a bad organ. For a second, she thought she knew what her father's transplant kidney had felt like: Unnecessary and Unwanted. Granted she was a parasite in Stewart's brain, but just once, Gracie wanted to be able to spend time in a body that she liked that liked her.

Gracie found herself unceremoniously dumped back in her body, outside, alone, in Derek's car. It was cold and lonely in the car, as no one had stayed behind to make sure Gracie's lifeless body was okay. Gracie-as-Gracie watched Bowdoin's front door eagerly through the passenger side window. Derek and Rosario walked leisurely out the front door, strolling back to the car. Gracie's face brightened. Derek slid into the driver's seat, Rosario made himself comfortable in the back, this time fully awake, scrolling through file names on his smartphone with a mixture of awe and fear on his face.

Derek, breathing heavily, turned to Gracie and said, "Did you knock that guy out on purpose? It was a wonderful job, wonderful."

Gracie didn't feel like explaining that she hadn't really knocked him out, and in a more real sense he had knocked himself out or she had knocked herself out or he had knocked her out; so she just laughed, reclined her seat and went to sleep. Derek laughed along and drove Gracie home.