Gender: Female

Kit: Super

Location: Storm City, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Creed


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 75

Personal Wins: 6

Personal Losses: 3

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

The Rookie

Chester William was not having a good day. He got into work late that morning after sleeping in and getting caught in traffic. When he got into the office his boss reamed him out for a quarterly report that he had just ruined. He worked through lunch to try and correct his mistakes and while eating at his desk he spilled his strawberry banana smoothie in his lap. Chester’s afternoon was long. He barely had time to catch up with his day to day stuff. He worked late into the night on a Friday and was disgruntled to find that even at night he’ll be stuck in traffic again due to a chemical truck that flipped on the highway. He spent nearly three hours traversing side streets to try to get home at a reasonable hour. His modest plans of ordering Thai food in and watching Netflix vanished before his eyes as he felt the fatigue of a long week settle into his bones.

His day was so bad he thought the elevator was going to get stuck when he felt it shake a little. Chester lived on the fourteenth floor of a very old apartment complex in an area that was slowly being gentrified. He watched as couples only slightly younger than him leave their apartments to go out on the town. Chester often wondered what sort of rut he had gotten himself into. What sort of cruel joke was his life and who was perpetuating it. When he finally made it to his door he leaned forward, pressing his forehead against it as he slowly turned the key to his lock. Stumbling into his apartment he noticed something. The kitchen light was on.

Chester was expecting a lot of things. Maybe a break in and someone also stole a snack. Or maybe the stove had caught on fire and his apartment was about to be burnt down with him in it. Maybe his neighbor through some loophole in the legal system was able to buy his unit and started breaking down the walls without notifying him. All the worst case scenarios flew in and out of Chester’s head as he turned the hall to look into his kitchen.

What he saw was the last thing he expected, a beautiful blonde in a dress with a skull print on it sitting in his kitchen eating from a jar of peanut butter with a spoon.


The blonde was startled as she fell out of her kitchen stool, landing backwards on her butt as she let out a yelp. Chester ran in and helped the girl up as she smiled at him.

“Oh geez mister you startled me!”

“Well I can say you startled me first.”

The blonde brushed herself off. She beamed a wide white smile as she stuck her hand out asking for a hand shake. “Hello there I’m Frogurt. Chose the name myself, do you like?”

Chester leery extended his hand and softly squeezed Frogurts and started shaking. “Chester here, good to meet you I guess?”

She giggled as she said “I was expecting you home a little earlier. It is Friday after all, figured you’d be out early!”

Chester was still flummoxed by the fact that a cute girl was sitting in his kitchen. “Sorry Frogurt I don’t mean to be rude but why are you here?”

Frogurts eyes lit up before she straightened herself up and put on a serious face. “I’m here to grant wishes for you.”

“What are you some kind of genie?”

“Hardly, I can give more than three and I don’t live in a bottle. Now come on Chester we’re going to have fun tonight. I assure you this will be a night you won’t soon forget.”

Chester was beside himself. On one hand he felt he should call the cops to get this raving lunatic out of his apartment. On the other hand what if this is what life was setting him up to do? What if he had to endure one of the worst days of his life just to get this reward? Part of him felt like that this was a half dream and he should ignore it. However deeper inside he was too curious and too angry at his life to let this go. He needed it, he needed to test it.

“So Frogurt just how the hell did you get into my apartment anyway?”

Frogurt snapped her fingers and smiled.


Anywhere at Anytime

     Teleportation: supreme (rank 3)


Chester couldn’t believe it. He was sitting at his favorite Thai place just down the street. Across from him sat Frogurt in a traditional Chinese dress and her long blonde hair tied up into two buns on the side of her head. A waiter was taking her order as he listened in.

“Let me start with the Tom Yum soup and for dinner the Pad, no tell me if I’m pronouncing this right, seeee ewwwww?”

The waiter nodded as Frogurt smiled “yay I finally said it right! Chester what do you want?’

“Pad thai and some spring rolls please.” The waiter quickly wrote down Chester’s order as he hurried off into the back.

As dinner rolled on Chester was still trying to figure out what has happened. A strange girl was in his apartment and just seconds later here they are, she changing outfits, him sitting in his favorite restaurant. He watched as Frogurt slurped her soup loudly making comments throughout the meal.

“This is really good Chester you should really try some.”

“Thanks I’ve had it, it is good.”

“So Chester you got a lot on your mind?”

“Well I…”

Before he could respond Frogurt started to ramble on “your apartment door is closed and locked, I turned the air conditioner down so it’s not too cold when you get back, the lights were all turned off and yes I can take you almost anywhere you want with ease.”

“Really? You can do that?”

“I can do a lot of things believe me and I can do them for you!” Frogurt said with a cute tone pushing the tip of her finger against Chester’s nose.

“Ok then, take me somewhere warm.”

Frogurt snapped her fingers.


Be Careful What You Ask For…

     Tactician: standard (rank 1)


Chester grabbed his chest as he heaved loudly. He could feel sweat pouring off his body as he fought to unbutton his shirt. The ground was burning hot and craggy and the air seemed to be full of rocky powder as he looked around. He saw someone standing there in a full protective white suit that covered head to toe.

“Hey Chester!” It was Forgurt’s voice slightly distorted by the helmet as

Chester looked over at her waving.

“Where the hell are we NOW?”

“We’re on the summit of Pujo Volcano on Monster Island!” Frogurt said with great enthusiasm.

“What in the holy hell? Why would you take me here?”

“Oh GEEZ you said somewhere warm! Well I guess I did flub a little. This is a little bit BEYOND warm and maybe just downright hot. Oh geez Chester you don’t look so great maybe you should get one of these awesome volcano suits I have on.”

“Yes Frogurt! Yes! Give me a volcano suit now!”

Frogurt snapped her fingers


Wish Maker

     Creation: supreme (rank 3)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Long Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


It was a sudden process as Chester felt the suit around his body. Instead of boiling a live he was now merely roasting in his own juices. He felt the ground shake as he watched a plume of lava fly up into the air. Running down the side of the volcano Frogurt followed as the two watched the lava slowly flow down the volcano side.

“Aw geez I’m going to die, I’m GOING TO DIE!”

“At least you lived a full life right?”


“Oh well why don’t you ask for something else to help us?”

“Frogurt we need a wall!”

Suddenly a wall made of wood appeared in front of Chester as he slammed into it.

“Damn it Frogurt one that won’t burn and behind us!”

The wooden wall disappeared and a large stone wall appeared behind both of them as they continued to run.

“What next Chester?”

The wall was soon overcome with lava as it started to ooze over it. It had bought them some time but it was now flowing at a quicker rate. Chester stopped, catching his breath as he reached out and grabbed Frogurt’s hand. He began to cry out as he said.

“I don’t want to die! I don’t want to be here!”

“Geez Chester that’s all you needed to ask!”

Frogurt snapped her fingers.


… You Just Might Get It

     Tactician: standard (rank 1)


When Chester opened his eyes the suit was gone. His clothes had been replaced with a safari get up. Khaki shorts, hiking boots, khaki jacket covered in pockets. He looked over at a smiling Frogurt who was dressed similarly, the shorts riding high up her thighs and a red handkerchief tied around her neck.

“You could’ve done that and you didn’t do it right away?”

“Correction YOU didn’t do it right away. All you have to do is ask and I give Chester. You had to goof around asking for volcano suits and walls.”

Chester sighed as he leaned against a tall palm tree “ok so where are we now?”

“Well you didn’t specify and I didn’t have time to be creative on account of almost being smothered in lava so I took us to the other end of Monster Island.

The lava won’t reach here so we’re safe from that.”

“Wait you keep calling this place Monster Island. That’s just a name right?”

Suddenly the horrible scream filled the tropical air as a swath of palm trees tumbled revealing a large Tyrannosaurus Rex.

“It’s a name in the fact that huge horrible flesh eating monsters live here.” The T Rex roared as Chester.

“Frogurt, give me a weapon!” She snapped her fingers and a spear suddenly appeared in Chester’s hand.

“There you go!”

“What are you stupid?” Chester threw the spear which landed in front of the T Rex as it roared again.

“A spear is a weapon! And don’t call me the S word ever again!”

“Give me a weapon that can kill the T Rex!”

As the T Rex came closer to the two of them Chester saw a shadow slowly growing larger from the sky. Chester looked up as a sword the size of a small house came crashing down on the ground. Landing right between the T Rex an Chester as he ran and rolled away.

“Why Frogurt? Why a giant sword?”

“If you could pick it up you can kill this T Rex, am I not wrong.”

Chester slapped his face as he said “do something to the T Rex then! Change him into something else!”

Frogurt snapped her fingers.


The Change Up

     Polymorph: supreme (rank 3)


The T Rex stopped in its place as its shape began to wane and wobble as Chester was beside himself with joy. He pumped his fist as he saw the dinosaur’s form disappear only for his face to change again as a giant ape appeared beating its chest. With that Chester ran into the woods, darting quickly as Frogurt joined him.

“You changed it into a giant APE!”

“Well you weren’t…”

“I wasn’t specific I know, I get it! Something a little less ferocious please Frogurt?”

Frogurt snapped her fingers again and the rampaging ape started to change its shape, dropping down to the jungle floor as a large tiger now chased the two of them.

“Tigers are less ferocious right?”

“Something not dangerous Frogurt! Something cute and fluffy that won’t kill us!”

The tiger continued to take long strides chasing the two as Frogurt concentrated again, her will changing the form of the tiger until it stopped in its tracks turning into a little white bunny. Chester turned back and laughed as he saw the rabbit sort of hopping in circles.

“Haha isn’t he cute!” Chester walked up to the bunny picking him up in his arms.

“Careful there Chester I wouldn’t pick up him up.”

“Aw but he’s so white and fwuffy what is he going to…” before Chester could finish the rabbit leapt up and scratched his nose before hopping into the jungle.

“Frogurt can I ask for something?”

“I’m here to give Chester!”

“Take me home.”

Frogurt snapped her fingers.


Puck, Loki, Coyote, Anansi, Frogurt

     Tactician: standard (rank 1)


Chester slumped in his kitchen chair as Frogurt sat on the counter. She picked up the jar of peanut butter and started to ear it with the spoon she grabbed from the sink as she looked over at Chester.

“So did you have fun?”

“Fun? FUN? I almost died like a dozen times back there.”

“Chester I am insulted. I only gave you what you asked for!”

“Wrong Frogurt. Dead WRONG! You gave me twisted ideas of things I asked for in great distress. Look do you do this often? Because I don’t know if anyone has said this to you or not but you’re really bad at it Frogurt, like freaking terrible!”

Frogurt’s tears started to well up in her eyes as she whined “I only wanted to help you Chester because you had a bad day and…”

“You want to grant me one more wish Frogurt. Leave, never come back, can you do that right?”

Frogurt fought back her tears as she leapt off the counter and made her way to the door. “Fine then Chester, if that’s the way you feel I will take my leave.”

As Chester guided Frogurt out the door she stuck her hand out stopping him from closing it.

“Chester can I say one last thing?”

“I want to object but considering the fact that you can turn me into a sno cone I will allow one last word from you.”

“What were you really going to do tonight before you met me? Jerk off, go to sleep, wake up tomorrow morning and play some X Box. I rattle the foundations of your life for a moment and you’re ready to kick me out. Know this though, while you almost died you never ACTUALLY died. And once you get past all the fear you were experiencing, deep down you knew you had fun. Hell you’re still thinking about it now even though you don’t want to. You said it yourself on that volcano Chester. You haven’t done everything in your life. So I ask this, how come you refuse to live it once the danger is all gone? Maybe you just needed someone like me to push you along.”

Chester stood in the doorway as Frogurt snapped her fingers, the apartment door closing between them.