Gender: Female

Kit: Super

Location: Storm City, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Creed


Strength: supreme (rank 3)

Agility: supreme (rank 3)

Mind: supreme (rank 3)

Body: supreme (rank 3)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 225

Personal Wins: 6

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled

The Rookie

A rainbow where every color of the spectrum is as bright and bold as the blue sky behind it.

A diamond so clear rays of light reflect and refract into the crevices of your hand.

The unblemished stark whiteness of a field covered in snow right after a blustering blizzard.

A handmade exquisitely designed Rolls Royce.

A bright full moon surrounded by stars uninhibited by the city lights.

A blood red sun that slowly rises above the desert horizon.

Crystal blue water in the south Pacific and the powder white beaches that I lay on.

A glass filled with golden champagne, effervescent and dazzling.


You don’t question it. You don’t think twice about it. You just accept that you’re looking at something special. Perfection in its purest form, the pinnacle that was achieved effortlessly, those that were born to be revered from conception.



The meat head that just got cold cocked and is now flying to the bay is named Captain Amazing. Yeah real original but hey when you’re sitting in a city infested with caped losers originality is difficult to come by. He hits the water pretty hard, a large geyser forms as I’m sure a few small boats capsize in the wake of his impact. Very little phases Captain Amazing though and just like that he’s flying through the air, right fist out, blasting through the pier as he flies towards his assailant.

That would be Tritus. The villain of our little story here though he’s about as much an idiot as Captain Amazing is. He’s this huge lumbering fellow, covered head to toe in metal except around his face. On his head are two metal bull horns. I know you want me to tell you about his background. Like a story about some freak accident that caused steel to fuse to his skin or how he was given a serum that caused his mass to expand so much the only way to contain the growth was with a special metal suit. Sadly for you at least I don’t know how Tritus came to be. Tritus is cut from the same cloth as Captain Amazing. Both immensely powerful both needing to prove they can do something with it and ultimately both are utterly boring.

I sip my Americano as I watch this all play out. The two stand around punching each other like a couple of punk drunk prize fighters at the end of their careers. Screaming fills the air as I watch a quick uppercut sending Captain Amazing into the air and crash landing on a car that promptly explodes like some Michael Bay movie. From the smoke Captain Amazing flies out and punches Tritus right on the chin as it seems him careening through a store front. The metal menace scream as he picks up a street lamp and starts swinging it like a baseball bat.

I see people run past me, looking at me in disbelief before they try to get away from the epicenter of destruction. I calmly put down my drink as I walk towards the brutes. Adjusting my collar knowing I have to appear presentable even as I step into madness. Like a salmon swimming upstream I fight against the crowds of people, smile on my face, cracking my knuckles, licking my lips. It’s been far too long since I’ve had some fun and this is an opportunity I’m going to savor for days.

They start to charge at each other from opposite ends of a burnt out city block. Screaming I start to move between them as they are almost blind to my presence. I calmly flip my hair back as I dig my feet into the ground, pushing out both my hands as they throw their fists…



     Berserker: standard (rank 1)


… which lands perfectly into the grips of my left and right hands. Their blind anger subsides as both men realize their blows didn’t land on one another. I open my eyes as I see the shocked expression on both of their faces. They stand there, staring at me, wondering what the hell just happened as I feel them trying to pull their fists out of my grip which is proving to be impossible to both of them. My smile grows wide as I watch these two men struggle to try and free themselves.

Frustrated with his current predicament Captain Amazing begins to scold me. “Now citizen your strength is impressive and I admire your need to see this senseless destruction end. However Tritus will not rest until he is beaten and with that I demand you unhand me.”

I turn to look at him and say “oh I don’t mind any of the collateral damage boy scout.” Lifting my right hand I watch as Captain Amazing flops in the air, slamming my right hand down and up again over and over as Captain Amazing is sent smashing into the street over and over. I let out a laugh after a few more times before I send him flying into a nearby building, watching as the bricks tumble and bury him into debris.

Tritus scoffed at my display of strength as he said “you’re about to find out about the mistake you just made. I don’t need that hand to beat you little miss.”

Turning to the metal encased Neanderthal I say “is that so, let’s see how good you are at proving yourself right then!” I start to squeeze his fist in my hand, at first barely doing much more than putting my finger dents into the metal. I squeeze harder and harder, digging deep into myself as I hear the metal crackle under my grip, buckling and snapping before I hear a different sound. The moist crushing sound of bone breaking as I hear Tritus scream, probably the first time he’s felt pain in a very long time.

“Ok then big guy, now let’s see you make good on that promise.”



     Berserker: standard (rank 1)


He’s good even with one hand I give him that. He’s absolutely livid too as he swings his left fist at me. He keeps coming at me with quick jabs and solid kicks. He even takes a knee and charges at me and tries to gore me with those metal horns of his. I decide to simply side step him as he sends himself crashing into an abandoned bus. His head stuck in the side as I walk over to him and kick him in the ribs.

“Well so much for needing only one hand there eh…” I cut my words short as I hear it just in time; the sound of air sizzling from extreme heat as I roll out of the way. I watch as two red laser beams cut through the asphalt and leave two thin but deep grooves in the ground. Looking over I see the Boy Scout fire his heat vision at me. He’s a good hundred feet away and he thinks he’s got the drop but I feel my muscles tense as I rush at him, his beams firing in wild patterns as I don’t do anything fancy. No back flips or somersaults to get by. I just dip, dodge and duck with a quickness he’s never seen before as I step in front of him kicking him hard in the chest as I send him flying into a nearby warehouse.”



     Berserker: standard (rank 1)


Captain Amazing’s normally cool demeanor gives way as I enter the warehouse, watching a large slab of concrete fly at my head as I duck behind a large beam. He comes and swings at it, knocking his fist through the pole as I quickly roll away, giving him a quick shin kick before running and hiding again.

“You coward, come and fight me!” he bellows as he slams his fist into another pole. I watch it crumble as I poke my head out of the one I was actually hiding behind.

“I’m over here moron!” Captain Amazing’s eyes grew wide with anger as I hear the wall come crashing down behind me. Leaping to the next pole I watch as Tritus comes crashing in, head down and horns out smashing through whatever was in his path.

The two of them were now working together, something I don’t think either would imagine at the beginning of the day. However amongst us there are no such things as morality, good and evil and the hero and villain spectrum. They all do it to prove they’re the best much like what I’m doing now and at times when you’re proven you’re not you do something rash like work with a guy you found repulsive only an hour ago.

They smash, throw their fists, fire their beams and toss any debris they can find as I slowly back away from them. My steps are deft and controled, making sure to conserve my movement, to conserve my vast amounts of energy for fear that they could wear me out if I wasn’t careful. I watched them, noticed their habits, used them against each other as I watched heat vision beams hit Tritus while the metal fiends head charges miss me and nail Captain Amazing back into a wall.

As the dust settled I watched as the two men huffed and puffed in front of me. “Why don’t you fight us you sick bitch?” Tritus succumbed to calling me names as he tried to figure out what was going on.

I stepped on a crate and started to slip out a window. “No need to sully my hands when I can make the two of you beat yourselves.” As if on cue the walls and roof of the building started to collapse on top of the two idiots, the entire warehouse crashing down on them as I walk away from the carnage.



     Berserker: standard (rank 1)


Captain Amazing flies out at me and he looks like hell. When people are so high up and you bring them down they do the most pathetic things you can think of and in a moment of hurt pride and need to prove something he punches me, right in the base of my spine. I stop moving, but not out of pain, more out of insolent anger as I spin around kicking him the head as I watch him tumble to the ground.

He’s hurt but he’s quick to get up, coming at me with a barrage of punches, the initial flurry I side step and duck out of fun but then I just stand there, feeling his fists hit my flexed muscular body as I smile at him. He swings with lefts, rights, tries to knock me out as I stand there, absorbing the punishment until I grab his fists again and make him stop.

“Bow down before you betters maggot!” saying this in a low raspy voice as I shove the heels of my boots into his knees forcing him to kneel.

“All that fancy dodging all those grabbed fists all that outwitting is mostly just for fun. The fact is I have the body of a goddess. Now I hope you’ve learned a lesson of respect about your betters. Even so I’d like to leave you with a parting lecture.”

Bringing my foot up I kicked him straight in his face, my heel crushing his cheek bone as I let go of his fists. I watch him drop backwards into the dirt as I straighten my collar standing above him. He was a god amongst men however amongst gods he was practically ordinary, utterly boring and ultimately no match for me.

Of course it’s unfair to make comparisons. I am after all Flawless.