Gender: Female

Kit: Super

Location: Storm City, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 5

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled

The Rookie

Rory looked out her friend’s bedroom window as her large dark eyes scanned the suburban city street. While she had been excited about this sleep over for weeks she was still spooked from what she saw a few nights ago. Even with the other girls all huddled on the floor with her she couldn’t go back to bed.

Every squeak, shuffle and crunch caused her to awaken right away and run to the window again to see what was going on outside.

“Geez Rory it’s past midnight we need to go to bed!” Her host Ashley, a cherub faced blonde girl was rubbing her eyes as she physically tried to pull her friend away.

“Aw geez Ash, if you saw what she saw, you wouldn’t be able to sleep either.” Their third friend, Taylor, a tomboyish redhead was sitting up, fully awake and smiling at the two of them.

“It’s not funny Taylor, it was really scary.” Rory heard another scratch as she turned her head back out to the window. The street was still empty and dark save for a few street lamps.

“Did she tell you Ash? What she saw? It was so cool! I’m so jealous of her.” Taylor was on her knees in excitement as Rory finally slinked away from the window.

“What did she see?” Asked Ashley

“Frayed.” It was as if a cold wind blew through the room as the girls sat there in momentary silence.

“Frayed is just a story older kids tell us to spook us out on Halloween.” Ashley tried to remain calm as Rory shook from the mention of the name.

“Come on Rory! Tell her what you told me!” Taylor was practically bouncing at this point as Rory tilted her head away from the other girls and began to speak softly.

“Well ok it happened last weekend. I was already asleep when around this time I heard some scratching. I thought it was mice, mom and dad said we had a mouse problem so I tried to ignore it. Then the scratching got louder and louder but it wasn’t from inside the house. It was outside. I got out of bed and went to my window when I saw a man running down the street. He was going as fast as he could then all of the sudden from one of the street lamps dropped this woman. She was as tall as a house and looked all white with big teeth. She surrounded her body around the man who screamed just before he was engulfed. Just when I saw that I screamed and…”

Rory stopped talking as the girls all looked around the room. They heard what Rory heard that night, the loud piercing sound of scratching as they ran towards the window. All three girls watched as a white sheet looking being with a head crawled along the street. The scream from all three girls caused Ashley’s parents to wake up.


Officer Bailey had heard it all in the past but by far this confession was the craziest thing he had ever heard. They were about to crack the case of illegal human trafficking at the docks but were left with a warehouse full of mutilated bodies. Only one man survived. He was a catatonic young fellow who was covered head to toe in blood. As he sat on the back of the ambulance clutching a towel he simply shook and muttered to himself as his wide eyes peered into the darkness.

“I just read the report kid, seems like an odd reason to fess up.”

“I just… I just want to go.”

Officer Bailey shook his head as he said “you got to have an angle. Tell me from the start what happened tonight.”

He looked down at the floor as he recanted his account of that evening. “We were just doing the usual. Taking in the shipping crates, sorting out the families, the able bodied men, the girls, just the usual stuff we do every evening. It wasn’t any different, so why did IT show up tonight?”

Officer Bailey sat down beside him “are you sure it wasn’t a rival gang or one

of those costumed freaks out there?”

“No it was its own thing. We heard it. All of us heard it at first. The terrible sound of scratching that bled through the room. We all clutched our guns, had the merchandise run back into the shipping crates. None of us were scared. There were twenty of us that tonight for god’s sake! Then I saw it, that thing took Charles’ head clean off his shoulders as it slung from the ceiling! What’s worse ever it spat out his skull its face changed from a row of teeth to Charles itself. I admit, I ran. I ran like a little chicken shit while everyone else fired at it. Good lot it did them though. All I heard was the snapping of bone and the terrible screams of my friend and merch alike. God blood, it flowed n the floor like a water pipe full of it broke open and flooded the ware house. I was crying beside a wall when it finally came up to me. I felt its hand touch my shoulder as its long tongue lapped at my face. It asked me something.”

Officer Bailey’s initial skepticism had all but washed away seeing the boy re-tell this story with such pain. He wondered how someone could become this mentally disturbed as he continued to question.

“What did it ask?”

“It asked if I was evil.”

“And how did you respond?”

“I thought it was some sick costumed vigilante. I told it that I was evil and that I was a terrible person and I would change if it gave me the chance. It called me pathetic, said I couldn’t even fathom what true good or evil was. She said that I am a flea to her, a being so small, insignificant and dimwitted that the greater complexities of life are lost on me. Her hand turned into a spike as she speared my shoulder then tossed me towards the exit and said I had a head start. I ran out and saw you guys getting ready to raid. That’s when I turned myself in.”

Officer Bailey wasn’t sure what to make of the story. As the night progressed he busied himself more with cataloging and cleaning up the crime scene. It wasn’t until he passed by the boy one more time, this time being prepped to be taken away to prison before he heard the kid yell out.

“You’re the lead on this case right? Tell them I did it! Tell them I killed them all!”

Officer Bailey finally turned back, exasperated, and asked “and why would you want that?”

“I want to be locked up forever. I don’t ever want to see that thing ever again.”



     Shrinking: standard (rank 1)


Heckle and Jeckle hooted and hollered as they ran through the alleyway of the Bottoms. Their metal baseball bats sliding along chain link fences to fill the air with that tin chime as they laughed and screamed. Donning their clown make up the two brothers were nothing more than mindless trouble makers who were looking for bigger wasps nest to kick.

“Frayed we know you’ve been hanging around here” Heckle whispered out in his creepy tone.

“You can’t hide the dead bums from us, we wanted to kill them first” Jeckle added as he swung his bat into a brick wall.

“Fraaayyyeeeddd, we know you’re real and not some boogieman used to scare kids straight.”

“Fraaaaayyyyyeeeedddd, we know you get your rocks off killing people. Don’t worry we do too!”

“But there’s only room for one monster in this world.”

“And that monster is us.”

“And when everyone hears Heckle and Jeckle killed you.”

“They’ll be scared shitless of us.”

“So come out bitch.”

“We know you’re a girl.

“So we can rape you.”

“And torture you.”

“Make you cry.”

“And kill you!”

That terrible scratching filled the night air again as the brothers followed it to a dead end alley way. As the scratching grew louder they heard Frayed’s terrible laughs. “You idiots, I’ve been here the whole time.”

“Then why hide?”

“Why run?”

“No, I’ve been WITH you, like right behind you.”

The brothers turned around as they scanned the open alley behind them. All they saw was steam leaving a sewer grate.

“Look down morons.”

As the brothers scanned the asphalt they saw it; a tiny round white ball no bigger than a plum with small pointy feet, a pointed head and a row of large sharp teeth.




     Growth: standard (rank 1)


Suddenly the tiny white ball expanded in a matter of seconds, growing to almost two stories high as its pointed feet grew to the length of a mid size car. Crashing down the brothers never saw it coming as they were impaled by the massive spikes, leaving few fully intact remains behind.



     Elongation: standard (rank 1)


Johnny had it all planned out. He was going to take Helen to the woods and they would get “lost” only to end up at the clearing he had gone to since he was a kid. There they would kiss for the first time as they watch the night sky slowly fill with stars. He had been working on this for weeks. He figured he’d be seen as some great romantic.

He never thought he’d be running for his life.

“Johnny I can’t keep up stop running so fast!” Helen had long lost her flip flops and even intentionally tore up the side of her tight skirt as she tried to find her way through the trees at night. Johnny spent his childhood here but she was a city girl and wasn’t accustomed to every branch and fallen over log in her path. She screamed as she felt the weak branches of new saplings hit her before forcefully running through them and snapping them off.

“We can’t just stop Helen keep…” his words were cut off by Helens scream as a long tendril shot straight in-between them before being forced to be recoiled back towards the thing that was chasing them.

“I can’t, not when it can do THAT!” Helen was huffing and puffing as her heart felt like it was going to burst through her chest. The two of them ducked and covered behind a pair of trees as five more tendrils shot straight this time, some hitting the trunks of the trees they ducked behind before being pulled back yet again.

“Come on Helen we can do this. We HAVE to do this we can make it!” Johnny stepped out from behind his tree to try and grab Helen’s when he saw it too late, the long tendril shooting right at his head as it knocked him out and sent him slumping to the ground.



     Energy Body: standard (rank 1)


Helen stood over her boyfriend’s prone body as she reached down and picked up a large wooden log. She gripped it tight as tears fell from her eyes and down on the floor as she looked around. Nothing, not a single sight of the thing that was chasing them, only that horrible scratching sound as she constantly turned and looked around the woods.

“What do you want from us?”

“To amuse me.”

“You find this fun? Scaring the crap out of people? Killing people? Is this fun to you?”

“You do what you’re built for sweetie. You were given the gift of beauty, so it’s only natural for you to fuck hard body boys in the woods. Me, well, they decided to make me a monster. Why fight who you are I say. Why not relish in the fact that this is what you’re made for.”

“I’m not afraid of you sick freak. Show yourself.”

Helen kept looking around to see any sign of her monster.

“You’re thinking too on the nose sweetie, look at the ground.”

Helen watched as shimmering pools of liquid flesh started to crawl towards her feet. They gathered more and more until she saw it again, the towering white headed monster with the row of razor sharp teeth as it laughed it diabolical laugh. Helen screamed out as she swung with the tree trunk, her lack of energy sapping away her fear as she watched it slam into the beast’s side, at first happy that it had sunk in only to watch it continue to go through the gooey white flesh and then come out clean the other side of her body.

The monster shook its head and growled as it spoke, “I’d be lying to you if I said that didn’t hurt. Of course now I’m pissed.” The beast’s body turned back into liquid flesh as it cascaded down onto Helen. The poor girl screamed as the flesh reformed full once again, the sight of Helen’s hands and legs kicking at the flesh, bending and pushing it outwards as her muffled screams escaped into the night. The struggling slowed down, the screams became softer until Helen finally gave in, suffocating inside the monster’s body.



     Duplication: standard (rank 1)


“Say your prayers monster!” Svetlana was use to fighting Werewolves and Vampires but not beasts like this. Still as she crushed the head of the white beasts underneath her heavy combat boots she pulled out her wrist mounted cross bow and aimed right for its eye, firing a bolt that caused it to scream and eventually squirm before dying underneath her.

Svetlana leaned against the tombstone as she took a look at her broken sunglasses, the right lens broken off, as she muttered to herself. “Wish I could get monster to pay back for…”

She was startled when she heard that scratching again. That eerie cue that caused her skin to crawl and she brought her crossbow back up again. She gritted her teeth as she swung around, seeing a white figure coming to rush at her from the left she fired her bolt quickly, catching the beast right in its open maw as it fell to the ground right away.

The scratching still filled the evening air as she turned to see another beast coming right for her. She jumped on the headstone and leapt off, firing right into the top of the monster’s head as it fell to the ground. Scanning the field she fired bolt after bolt at incoming monsters, all falling with ease as she backed up into something warm.

“Having fun fighting these empty husks?”

Svetlana looked up and saw those rows of horrible razor sharp teeth again dripping blood onto her face.



     Transformation: standard (rank 1)


Svetlana spun around as she pulled out her sword from her back. Swinging it with all she had she aimed for the left hand of the beast only for it to turn into a shield that blocked her attack.

“Don’t think you as the only one with toys here little slayer.” Frayed screamed out as her right hand turned into a large hammer, smashing into the ground as Svetlana performed a back flip to dodge it. Keeping her sword up she countered with a strong thrust only for Frayed’s left hand to turn into its own sword, slashing and parrying Svetlana’s attacks while her hammer hand tried to knock the slayer down.

“Unholy beast! You will burn in hell this evening!”

“Unlikely!” Frayed grinned, spikes formed all over her body before she simply leaned forward and dropped her body onto the ground in Svetlana’s direction. The slayer rolled away at the last second onto to see the monster shatter on impact, the spikes swirling about her, cutting her up like a thousand razor blades were floating in the air before reforming the gruesome beast in front of her.

“Had enough?” asked Frayed as her two hands formed into a pair of swords.

“We just started monster.”

Svetlana was clearly the better swords woman, even with two weapons Frayed was having a hard time dodging and blocking her opponent’s constant slashes and thrusts while Svetlana deftly parried most of the monsters attacks.

“I have you beast!”

“Are you sure of that?”

“Of course I am…” silence. Svetlana tried to speak but instead wad of blood came out of her mouth. She looked down as she saw the piercing of a sword through her from behind. Looking around she had seen the monster used its elongated tail to stab her in the back.



     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


Frayed sat on her perch, her flesh now resembling the bubbling contents of a scientists beaker as it beaded into the air and dissipated back onto her form. She watched from above as she tried to follow the path of her prey. Hunting was now an intuition, an almost sixth sense as she licked the night air. His sweat still lingered as she dropped down into the streets. Her tongue sloshed as his flavor became more pronounce. She felt a longing to consume him whole soon.



     Environmental Awareness: standard (rank 1)


He wasn’t an idiot. In fact if seemed like he’d be in one of these chases before. He grabbed garbage cans and turned them over, ducked and weaved between alcoves and crevices. Ducked underneath overhangs and quickly double backed. However this was her home, the urban jungle. For every turn he made she leapt to the roofs to survey his path. For every obstacle she overcame, grabbing onto fire escapes and sling shot herself with her extended limbs. The man tires, he thinks he’s safe but little does he know that the underpass he’s hidden under has a surprise.



     Wall Crawling: standard (rank 1)


Above him she hangs, discreetly, clinging to the ceiling as the rain begins to pour all around them. What he thinks is thunder is actually the thud of the monster dropping behind him.



     Super Speed: standard (rank 1)


She gives chase again as the man splashes through puddles. He’s no longer trying to clutch his coat close. He simply runs without thinking of where to go or what to do. He runs past people who watch in disbelief. However he’s not making any progress. He takes a moment to look back at the ashen white face with the terrible row of teeth. He concentrates and digs deep only to turn back and see those blood soaked teeth closer than before. He feels his body giving in and that’s when she acts.



     Leaping: standard (rank 1)


The sound of splashing water can barely heard through the crashing heavy rain as the man tumbles, his skin scrapping along the asphalt. Even though he could see it coming there was little he could do to stop it. The beast leaps through the falling rain, clearing over parked cars as howled with excitement over her impending kill. For such a grotesque being she was oddly graceful in the air, her leap an almost perfect arch as she came crashing down on her prey. His screams of pain chilled the very air around them as she feasted on his flesh.



     Regeneration: standard (rank 1)


Frayed slithered her way underneath the crack of the door to the apartment she called home. It had been a long night, one with a number of fresh kills and new encounters. She dropped onto the plush carpet of her old apartment as she concentrated. It was getting harder and harder for her to remember how to do it but she forced herself to as she screamed out. The former anonymous mass of flesh and limbs began to become a cohesive form; a slender figure with alabaster white skin raven dark hair that was now crawling on its hands and knees towards the closet. Frayed gave out one final scream before she completed her transformation.

Her legs wobbled when she tried to stand up in front of the mirror. Numerous cuts and scratches covered her fair skin. She even suffered a few nasty stab and gunshot wounds that oozed black blood. Frayed rubbed her sores, felt the thickness of the oozing liquid as she did every night. The wounds slowly began to close, the bleeding slowly stopped. For now there would be scars but by morning she will look fine. All it will take is one painful and agonizing night in her bed and she would be fine.

Frayed hated coming home for it is here is where she realizes that she was born normal. There was nothing extraordinary about her when she came screaming out of the womb and into the world. She looked normal, she sounded normal and she behaved normally. For her what she does every night is twofold. One she is able to show herself, her real self, the monster that she tried to kill before she was allowed to be it. Second was the fact that she felt she was doing a service of ending the mundane and ordinary lives of the unexceptional. What’s the point of living if you weren’t the pinnacle of anything? What’s the point of continuing in the world if you lacked the power to break the rules?

As she looked at her face in the mirror she views the face she was born with. Soon it disfigures into the pointed head ashen visage of the monster, the beast, what Frayed has always felt was her true face.