Gender: Male

Kit: Natural

Location: A small town in Oklahoma


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 3

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Like an idiot he'd turned himself in. He thought it would be for the best; the right thing to do. At first it was fine, he was treated well, fed well, and most importantly they taught him to use his "gifts". Oh how they taught him. First they had him learn chemistry, or more to the point gases. These gases did this, those did that, and if you mix these together youd better look out. Next they taught him about his pyrokeninis. He could actually control fire with his mind and make it do what he wanted. Granted it wasnt as powerful as his command of gases but cool none the less. And lastly (and quite by accident) they discovered his body had created its own force field to protect him from any damage he might cause himself. Not bad for an orphan from small town Oklahoma he often thought.

Unoftuately he soo realized he wasnt so much the gue$t he thought he was and decided it was time to leave. Well his new friends had other ideas and... Well lets just say that leaving an underground secured military compound isnt that easy.

Now alone and wanted he runs from the government. With a tracking chip in him that can only be shorted by a force field that only works when hes in immediate danger he joins a fight league of people like him so cant be found.


The only goal hes ever known was survival but now he has another. Fame and glory.



     Binding: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


Power to control gases. Bind or split different molecules to create any he desires.



     Fire: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack


Power to control fire. Create fire balls, walls, and anything else he wants.


Dont hurt me

     Force Field: superior (rank 2)


A feild that protects him from most physical damage