The Red Neck Revolutionist: Ralph Willow


Gender: Male

Kit: Normal

Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: weak (rank 0)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 50

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 4

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Square Pickle

(From recordings found in the Little Rock Police Department. Recorded just before the escape.)

-Officer: "Alright, I have to tell you now that you are being recorded".

-Ralph Willow: "Thats fine".

-Officer: "Ok sir, for the record, is your name Ralph Willow?".

-Ralph Willow: "Yup...".

-Officer: "I need a yes or no, sir. Please try to use clear words".

-Ralph Willow: "I said YUP! What the hell do ya think that means son?!".

-Officer: "Sir, I need you to calm down!".

-Ralph Willow: "Boy Ive got half a mind to come off this chair an whip your ass!".

-Officer: "....Lets just be civil Mr. Willow, we need your confession?".

-Ralph Willow: "Then maybe ya need to adjust your tone".

-Officer: "Mr. Willow... Are you the man they call, The Red Neck Revolutionist?".

-Ralph Willow: "I suppose I am... Ive never called myself that for the record. Thats what the media calls me".

-Officer: "Do you know why you were arrested, Mr. Willow?".

-Ralph Willow: "Murder, I would think. Am I right?".

-Officer: "Correct, Mr. Willow. You killed ten men in Pine Bluff, is that right?".

-Ralph Willow: "Youre damn right I did. Someone had to kill those boys. They were killing everyone else in the bluff!".

-Officer: "Thats no excuse for murder! That makes you a criminal!".

-Ralph Willow: "Like hell! Its a damn good excuse! You know that because of those boys from Merro Springs, Pine Bluff has the worst murder record of any small town in America?! They had the run of the place, and you state boys sat on your asses until you heard about them being killed! You ask me, its the only justice the bluff has seen in over twenty five years!".

-Officer: "Killing a bunch of murderers, doesnt make you any better than they were".

-Ralph Willow: "I reckon about fifty thousand people in Pine Bluff would disagree with you, officer".

-Officer: "The Red Neck Revolutionist... You know youre not a good man right? You killed thirty men from Merro Springs. Youre a killer".

-Ralph Willow: "Yes sir... I know... Thats why I let you catch me".

-Officer: "Let us? We tracked you down to your little shack outside of town. Thats hardly letting us find you".

-Ralph Willow: "If you say so...".

-Officer: "You told the arresting officer not to put the hand cuffs on you until he got in the car. Why was that?".

-Ralph Willow: "Scotch dont like hand cuffs. Haha, one time I brought a woman hope from the Pine Pub, and Ol' Scotch nearly broke through the bedroom door when he heard her latch them hand cuffs (laughing)".

-Officer: "Scotch... Your dog... I hope".

-Ralph Willow: "Yes sir. He's a good dog... Unless he sees a gun drawn, and hand cuffs".

-Officer: "We'll its good that you put him up before we got there. We'd hate to feel threatened. We'd have to kill him".

-Ralph Willow: "(Laughing) Yeah right son. If Scotch wanted yo dead, you wouldnt have seen him comming. He listens to every order I give him though. If I told him to, that dog would you state boys alive".

-Officer: "Whatever you say, Mr. Willow... What about the weapons we found in your home?".

-Ralph Willow: "What can I say? I love my guns. Ive been into guns since I was a boy. My grand daddy gave me my first fifty calibure when I was ten years old. Hell that was back in 1975. Now Ive got gun room, you name it, Ive got it".

-Officer: "So you used these guns to kill the ten men at UHOP's, am I right?".

-Ralph: "Not all of them. I just used the Safariland Comp I Speed Loader to kill 'em".

-Officer: "Why you? What did they do to you personally?".

-Ralph Willow: "Honestly... Nothing. My daddy always told me though, Any man who sees people in need of help, and turns his back... Is just as bad as those who are spreading the pain in the first place... I seen these kids kill people and terrorize my town for the past ten years. The police never did anything... As soon as someone stops the bad guys, and saves the community, you came after me... The Red Neck Revolutionist. That names starting to grow on me".

-Officer: "We have your full confession. I think were done here, Mr. Willow. Youll be put away for a long time".

-Ralph Willow: "Dont you wanna hear Scotch's side of the story first? He's killed a few bad guy in his time too".

-Officer: "You need alot of help sir. Help we dont provide here".

[Found on camera at the LRPD: After the interview, Ralph Willow's dog "Scotch" somehow found his way into the building. Following his masters scent (and possibly orders), the large mix breed found his way into the interview room. The Dog attacked the officer and held him down by the throat, growling.

As Mr. Willow stood up and grabbed the officers gun. He cocked the gun, and called Scotch off of the officer. When he left the room he shoot all of the cops in the police department in directly in their knees and walked out sparing all their lives, as he casually walked out.]

My Notes (FBI Only):

-After investigating Mr. Willow's home, we found him and all his weapons gone. We have no leads as to his current location.

- as he travels somewhere near Arkansas, he is assumed to be searching for killers and anyone else he considers a threat to society.

-Ralph Willow is considered to be armed and very dangerous. Approach with EXTREME caution!

-He has a well trained dog with him as-well. Approach with caution!

If found, "The Red Neck Revolutionist" is to be captured alive. If any weapons are visible on him, approach with force. Take no chances people!


"The Red Neck Revolutionist" Ralph Willow, is a 47 year old man, who is tired of the police and government not putting away criminals. He has had a very hard life, but doesnt like to discuss his past too much. The only things he likes to talk about are guns, his dog, and politics.

Ralph isnt considered to be a very smart man, but when it comes to right and wrong, he never fails when following his gut. He loves to hunt and workout when he is troubled, because they help to block out the memories of his abusive past at the hands of his mother.

When Ralph decides a man is considered evil, he will stop at nothing to kill them. He has made his "We tried justice, it didnt work" theory very clear to those in Pine Bluff. Most would consider Ralph Willow to be a very dangerous man to be around when up to no good. While he hates all authority figures, he does not kill the police who come after him or the feds who now hunt him. He is a patriot, and wants to better America and mostly his home state of Arkansas.

He seems to have a soft spot for women, because of the issues he had with his mother. While he can kill a woman who does evil, he will try to get sexually involved with any attractive woman he meets. Making it easy to trick him into traps (good luck with the rest of the plan).


Weapons Master

     Weapon Master: superior (rank 2)


Ive worked with guns for decades. When I was a boy, my grandaddy told me the most important lesson Ive ever learned. "If you learn to use a gun right, you can shoot your way past of all lifes demons". When my mother hit me in the head with he whiskey bottle (for the last time) at age 15, I discovered that my pa-pa was right. One shot, one hit, one kill.

The only time I dont carry my favorite revolver with me, is when I go into the police station to serve my weekends. They get a little edgey. My guns are my life, and if anyone thinks they are man enough to take them from me, then they wont be the first to try... The damn wont be the first to fail either.


Iron Will

     Iron Will: superior (rank 2)


I can take a hit to the head like hippy at the Woodstock. Its no wonder why though. I grew up the hard way in Pine Bluff. If you dont grow up tough, you never grow up. My mom sure never let me for get that lesson as a boy. She used to put her cigars out on my arm when I was bad, then hit me in the jaw with her whiskey bottles. She always told me, "No one ever died from getting hit in the jaw". Im not sure if thats true, but to be fair, I reckon I never died from it.

If scars where cars, Id be nothing short of a Ford truck factory. Its not the flesh wounds that hurt me, its the families of the criminals that break my heart. I once got ran over by an escaping convict who broke out of the state pen. As I made it to my feet, I fired a hollow point through the back window and blew his head off. Then I seen his little girl on TV a few days later. Wondering where her daddy was. Thats the only thing I feel anymore. Regret.

As for my body... Well, I took 78' Firebird at 65mph, so I assume Im in good enough shape.


Man's Best Friend

     Ally: superior (rank 2)


My dog Scotch is the only family member Ive had since my Pa died, that really loves me. My dog might tear through my trash can once in a while, but usually thats because I threw some of that lemon chicken in there. I dont blame him a bit.

When I tell Scotch to do something he does it. No matter what. If you ask me the dogs so smart, he could be on that Scooby Doo show, accept the mystery would get solved in under ten minutes. Haha... Seriously though, one time I told Scotch to go fetch me a news paper, and he came back from the store with exact change.

If I tell Scotch to take out a bad guy, the bad guy get taken out. If I need a distraction, a helping hand, a drug bust, or just a good friend Scotch is the only one I trust to get the job done. I might like the women at the Pine Pub for one night, but Scotch is the only one I share my life with.