Sin Eaters - Midnight City


Gender: Female

Kit: Super

Location: Storm City, Khazan


Alignment: Hero

Team: The Angels of Mercy


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: supreme (rank 3)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 75

Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 12

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled

The Rookie

Midnight City

(Redirected from The Jinxed)

Midnight City was an informal name to a Russian settlement in central Siberia operated from 1992 to 2010. Its creation was a result of scientific studies on children born during or near the Chernobyl Disaster site from 1986 to 1990 who began to exhibit what were described in government documents as “super powers.” After the discovery of the settlement from a group of Russian activist and the subsequent videos they made went viral on the internet international outcry forced the Russians to close Midnight City. The fate of those were being kept there however has not been disclosed.

1.1 Origins

From a time period between 1986 and 1988 numerous reports were made by Russian physicians about abnormal behavior and development from children born in and around the Chernobyl disaster area. Russian health officials sent out a document to all physicians to give these children the code word as “The Jinxed” for ease of filing for the future. According to underground sources (citation needed) the government began to house these children in the settlement known as Midnight City. Official government documentation states the settlement was designed to take troubled youth and train them to work within normal society. However records on children who attended Midnight City show some were not delinquents and many were from prosperous homes.

1.2 “The Lyra Video”

In 2006 a video mysteriously appeared on Youtube purporting to be a video taken from within Midnight City. The five minute long clip showed a young teenage girl who was called out at by the name “Lyra” as she was prodded with tasers. The attacks continued until a large military tank from behind her was lifted off the ground and suspended in the air. The video ends with Lyra laughing and the Tank exploding with static appearing on the video. While the video was removed ten minutes after it had been uploaded it had already garnered thousands of hits and was being re uploaded by other users as well as spread to other video sharing websites.

1.3 Closure

After a year of protest the Russian government finally closed Midnight City allowing all children within its confines to return home.

Documents showing who was released from the settlement were leaked onto the internet via Wikileaks. People were outraged when Lyra’s name was not on the list. The Russian government’s official stance is that no such person had been at Midnight City.



Guard 1: “Shock her! Shock her again!”

Lyra: (scream)

Guard 2: “Come on Lyra, do it again bitch. Do it!”

Guard 3: “She’s doing it! The tank she’s lifting it!”

Guard 1: “Good job Lyra. Maybe tonight you won’t have to…”

Lyra: (laughter)

Guard 1: “Why are you laughing bitch?”

Lyra: “See you in hell asshole…”

*end video*


Waiting for a Ride in the Dark

     Hyper-Senses: superior (rank 2)


She stood there underneath the light of a single street light as she stared into the darkness. Her long platinum blonde hair veiled her face as she shuffled her feet. She wondered when they would pick her up as she had once again proven to be useless. The night was too quiet, there was nothing for her to stop and she knew that wasn’t good for the cameras.

She sighed when her ears perked up. They began to burn red hot as she walked into the darkness. There were barely any lights on in the neighborhood, partially because it was late, partially because half the houses had become long abandoned. However she felt at home in the darkness as her fingers glided along the rough edges of a chain link fence.

As she rounded a corner she stood there and watched as a young girl with thin black hair pushed herself in a swing, dangling as her soft cries echoed into the still night. Making her way towards the girl she held out a hand as the girl pulled away from her.

“I won’t hurt you” she said softly as she knelt down to look at the girl in her eyes.

“Who are you?” the girl was cautious, lines formed on her cheeks where tears had run down as her fingers were red from gripping the chains of the swing too hard.

“My name’s Lyra.”

“Claire…” the girl finally reached out and touched Lyra’s hand.


Look and See Her Eyes, They Glow

     Telekinesis: supreme (rank 3)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attack


Lyra didn’t ask why Claire was out so late but she was determined to walk the girl home. As they passed through the back ways and old parks she could feel the young girl clutching onto her as they walked through the tattered streets of Lowtown. Lyra kept shooting back looks at unsavory types who kept eyeing the two of them. Most often they would look away almost immediately.

Claire looked over at Lyra and asked “aren’t you afraid of them?”


“The bad men, you know around here.”

Lyra stopped for a moment and looked at Claire “I’ve dealt with bad men all my life sweetie.”


Lyra smiled as she looked at a beat up pick-up truck. Her eyes glassed over and glowed as she raised it off the ground, lifting it high up as Claire looked on in awe. Clenching her fist Lyra crushed the pick up into a small ball as the tires flew every which way. Claire squealed in excitement as Lyra looked over at her.

“Want to have some fun?” The young girl nodded.

Lyra pulled her other hand out and pointed it at Claire. The young girl soon started floating in the air as she screamed “higher! Higher!”

She flipped the girl, making her do loop de loops as the two continued to play in the middle of the street.


Looking at the Mutating Skyline

     Combat Supremacy: supreme (rank 3)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Super Area of Effect


“This is your home?” Lyra looked at a dilapidated bungalow that smelled like it was next to a fertilizer factory. The girl nodded as Lyra pushed her along as the girl didn’t seem eager to return home. Using a quick finger wag Lyra forced the girl forward up to her door as she knocked on it with a telekinetic thud.

When the door opened Lyra saw the greasy and obviously inebriated man in only his boxers. He looked around before finally looking down at his daughter who didn’t dare look at him in the eyes.

“Where the fuck have you been you little shit.”

“I.. she… helped me get home.”

Claire pointed back at Lyra who just stared at the man. The man looked at Lyra as he laughed “you want some kind of reward? You want something for bringing this little shit back home? How about this as you reward huh?” He reached down and slapped Claire with a nasty back hand.

From out the front door another girl, teenage, ran to the father wielding a broom as she tried to hit him. She got a few good whacks on his head screaming “leave her alone!”

The man suddenly turned around grabbing her throat and throwing her against the wall of the house as he reached into the girl’s pants.

“You want me to pay attention to you? Jealous or something? I can do that if you…”

Lyra’s eyes started to glass over as she walked towards the front door.

“Bitch, if you think you’re going to… nngghhhhhh!” The man started to grab his throat as he was lifted into the air. Claire ran to her sister and hugged her as they both watched their father suspended in the night sky. Against the red smoke of the factories around them he had an eerie glow as Lyra flicked her finger up and down. Suddenly a large incision formed on his torso as he tried to scream in pain. Lyra clapped her hands together and ripped them apart as if she was trying to open a pair of barn doors. Suddenly the man’s ribs cracked open as his screams filled the evening. She started to shake the man vigorously as his entrails spilled from his chest cavity onto the grass. Lyra finally closed her eyes, opening them again returning to normal as the father dropped to the lawn in a dead heap.

As she left the home Claire and her sister just stared, unsure at what had transpired before them.