Austin Zachery The Black Plague


Gender: Male

Kit: Normal

Location: New York city, New York


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Jason Voorhees fan

Austin Zachery was born into a family of superheros. His father and mother both had powers but because of this Austin never got powers. His father wanted him to at least train. So once he could walk Austin was training up until he hit the age of 18 but even then he trained. One day Austin was down with his father in their hideout, Austin found his grandfather's old costume "Hey dad do you mind if I take this?" Austin asked. "Sure son it's not like you're grandpa is going to wear it any times soon." His father said laughing. After Austin asked some questions about the costume he put it on. "Wow it fits perfectly." Austin said then if figured out something he could become a vigilante. From then Austin became Black Plague.


Four days after Austin got his suit, he and his best friend were out shooting. "Hey I have an idea my dad says this suit is bullet proof how about we try it out?" Austin asked. "What do you think will happen." "Something like boom, ping." after an hour of shooting at the armor they figured out that it was bullet proof. Then it was time for Austin's first mission. He was in a facility filled with assassins "Sword, spear, or staff?" He said to himself jumping down to a pile of boxes. He pulled out his sword and killed the two that were on the boxes. After 5 minutes of killing he brought it down to two. "So do you want a bullet in the head?" he asked the one on the left who looked up at him and spit in his face. The gunshot was heard all around the room. The last one looked up and said "You are not a hero you will die." "I can beat you up in five different ways." Black Plague said doing all of his stances. "So what is your power?" Some one said from behind him. "My power is my mind." Austin said kicking the five men in the face and then shooting them in the head. He then ran more and more people were killed and by their bodies was left a note that said "The Black Plague strikes again.


"I can beat you up in five ways"

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


Since he started when he could walk Austin's father took him to Brazil to learn Capoeira at the age of three he finally mastered this fighting. His father then went to a Karate dojo at the age of five he finally mastered this fighting also. His father then made him him learn Muay-tai at the age of six he was finished. Next his father made him learn Kung-fu this time it took him twelve years to master this. Since he was now 18 Austin took a break from learning after three years he learned and mastered boxing he was now finally a great fighter.


"Sword, Spear, or Staff?"

     Weapon Master: standard (rank 1)


While learning Kung-fu Austin also had to learn how to fight with weapons. His first four years of learning was all Kung-fu and sword but the last two four years were spear and staff plus some Kung-fu at the same time.


“So do you want a bullet in the head?”

     Marksman: standard (rank 1)


Also while taking time off from hand to hand combat, Austin bought some guns and practiced with them. He became so good that he could snipe some one six rooftops away with a pistol.


"My only power is my mind."

     Tactician: standard (rank 1)


Since he had to train hard since he could walk at the same time he learned more and more that people are easy to figure out. He learned how to master most of the fighting because of this. He now can figure out what you are going to do two seconds before you do it.


"It will be like boom, ping."

     Armor: standard (rank 1)


Once Austin found the armor he had to learn if a bullet would kill if it hit the armor. He got his best friend to shoot him the armor worked but it was just strong enough to take one rocket launcher shot.