Queen Asilil


Gender: Female

Kit: Normal

Location: The City of Hami-Miji


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 503

Personal Wins: 42

Personal Losses: 26

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


The thick canopy of the Kenyan jungle fought against the rays of the sun which penetrated it, and lit the path for Issa and Senzi. Issa and Senzi pushed through the jungle until it came to an end and a large stone wall stood in their path. The great walls of Hami-Miji; the city of Hami-Miji was a city untouched by the outside world and protected by its massive and beautiful walls. Over time, due to an indifferent attitude to the outside world, this city has become a stronghold in Africa, and a safe haven for refugees. But the leaders of Hami-Miji refuse to be of further help in this attack on Africa and refuse to get involved in Issa’s guerilla warfare tactics.

Senzi marveled at the beautiful walls. Issa gestured him to follow and they circled around to a stone and metal gate.

Senzi gazed at the stone walls and then a question came to mind, “Why have I never heard of this place?”

“Pride. Most hold resentment towards the people of Hami-Miji, because of their superior technology and prospering city, they have become a proud and powerful people. Yet their refusal to share this wealth or knowledge with the rest of Africa…”

Just as the words left his mouth they were immediately joined by the guardians of the walls. They dropped down from the sky with authority and surrounded Issa and Senzi. Senzi manifested a ball of flame in his hand and began to manipulate it defensively as Issa simply stamped his spear. The warriors of Hami-Miji would be feared by any African in their right mind. If they did not hear of their thriving legacy and stories, then surely their tattoos would have warded off anyone who could understand them. Issa, however, was not new to the procedure. He dropped his spear and raised his hands to the sky.

Senzi whispered anxiously to Issa, “What are you doing?” Issa simply shushed him before speaking.

“I am here to speak with Queen Asilil.”

The warriors were unresponsive. Senzi whispered again apprehensively, “I don’t think they want to talk, Issa.” Issa ignored Senzi and repeated himself.

“I am Issa the warrior, of the west Kenyan tribe, this is Senzi. I am here to speak with Queen Asilil.”

Finally an older warrior dropped from the wall. His battle scars and tattoos were a statement of his battle presence and authority in the city and on the battlefield. He approached Issa and placed his spear to his neck. The warrior’s face then split as a smile appeared and he bellowed a hearty laugh, dropping the spear from Issa’s neck and embracing him. He then spoke with a deep and rasping voice.

“Issa my friend, it has been too long since you last visited the city of Hami-Miji! I see time has been kind to you. You haven’t aged a day since we last met.”

“Mother Africa keeps me young and well. I’m sorry I cannot say the same for you Tinpu!” Issa said in jest as they both laughed. Now the surrounding warriors eased their stances as Tinpu waved them off. Senzi extinguished his flame and followed Issa as Tinpu led him to the gate.

“Open the gate!” He yelled as Issa picked up his spear and followed.

Slaves on the other side of the wall pulled on the iron chains and the gate slowly ascended. Once they were inside the stone gate dropped with a solid thud.

The city was split into two sections, the outer wall and the inner wall. The outer wall held slaves and those who could not afford, or weren’t born into the luxury the inner wall entailed. Once they entered the city Issa and Senzi were surrounded by beggars and merchants trying to sell and beg for money. Tinpu quickly dispersed them.

Senzi eyed the dirty streets and the poor people and another question flew from his mouth, “What kind of ruler treats their people this way?”

“Watch your tongue Senzi,” He answered sharply, looking to make sure Tinpu did not hear the rude outburst. “…I wouldn’t speak so forthright unless you plan to lose it.”

“Forgive me for offending your beloved tyrant.”

Issa replied sharply, “Queen Asilil is no tyrant. Her position is simply… precarious. She is at constant heads with her council.”

Senzi contemplated before asking another question, “So you know Queen Asilil personally?”

“You could say that, yes. I watched her grow and even knew her parents.”

Senzi gave Issa a questioning gaze before speaking.

“This whole city is strange. They are led by a woman and have adopted the technology of the north and west. You really think you can get her to help?”

It wasn’t the question he wanted to ask.

“That is the plan…”

They approached the second wall which stood tall over the first wall. The city seemed to be planned for war, but at the expense of the weak and poor. The second wall was built stronger and taller than the first, in case the first wall was breached, the second wall could be lined with archers who would be able to pick off those who perched themselves on the first wall. The city’s building plan would be admired by some and detested by others. Senzi wondered which side the young queen herself fell on.

The walk from the second wall to the main palace was much shorter. The Palace stairs had a warrior posted at almost every step. The large doors to the palace required five of these warriors to open it and once entering Issa and Senzi found the Council of Five seated at a table facing the palace doors. The palace walls were stone white and the room was filled with tinted light from the setting sun. An empty throne chair of marble and ivory sat behind them, and guards stood at the ready.

“Issa: Warrior of the West Kenyan tribe, what do we owe this honor?” The eldest of the councilors questioned with a vague gesture as Issa and Senzi walked to the middle of the room. Tinpu waited outside the door.


Issa bowed his head slightly, in respect, before answering, “I have come to request the support of Hami-Miji in the coming attack against Africa.” He said getting straight to the point.

Another middle aged female councilor opened her mouth to speak, “We have already stated our disinterest in your war, Issa.”

“Yes… I do remember, but you are unaware of this new attack that is on Africa’s soil. They are building machines that attempt to run through the heart of Africa. Their efforts are expanding despite my resistance. It will not be long before they are at the walls of this city.”

“We are well aware of these men’s technology and have also… experimented in it ourselves.We are well prepared for such an attack.” Another Councilor added.

Issa stifled his aggravation.

Then she entered the palace room. The evening’s sun graced her ebony skin and highlighted her strong but gentle face. Her hazel eyes then gazed upon Issa and his companion as she nobly approached her councilors, greeting each before seating herself at her ivory gilded throne. The guards of the room fell to a knee in bow. Her eyes lingered upon Issa, as she looked him up and down.

“Queen Asilil.” He bowed his head.

“Issa please,” She said waving off the bow, “What trouble have you come to start today?”

“No trouble, simply a word of warning and a plea for help.”

“A plea for help? Warning?” Asilil questioned, “Warning of what?”

Issa paused, in realization. “Surely, you have heard of the intruders?”

The eldest councilor then interjected, “We find no need to worry Queen Asilil with such insignificant threats.”

Queen Asilil narrowed her eyes with his words.

“I am slightly troubled, that I was unaware of this insignificance yet the mighty warrior, Issa, finds it so threatening… Nonetheless, a vote must be had.”


The Council went down the row, each voting nay.

The last to vote then spoke, “Then it has been reached…”

“Not quite…” Queen Asilil inserted. The Queen had the power to override the council of five, but such an incident was rare. “I will override my councilors and hear your pleas under one condition…”

“Which is?”

“You must spar with me, and defeat me.”

Issa smirked at the thought and then dismissed it. “I’m sure there is another way to-“

Asilil cut him off quickly, “No, this is it. You win and you will have the might of

Hami-Miji behind you. You lose… Well…”

“…Then I accept.”


A Different Fight

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


Issa stood in a large field within the second walls of the city. He breathed steadily as he waited for his opponent. The resting sun was nearly completely gone behind the walls. Senzi approached him.

“She obviously wanted to help, why challenge you to a sparring match she knows she will lose?”

“Do not underestimate any opponent Senzi, but yes, I had the same questioning thought.”

Their conversation was then cut short as Asilil could be seen exiting to the field, with her servants close behind. She had removed her traditional and royal dress and replaced it with a more fitting outfit. Her servants, behind her, each held a weapon of hers, beautifully crafted of the finest minerals. She then was handed her blades. She held her dual blades, accustoming herself to their weight and striking them together to create sparks before placing them in her sheath. She then eyed Issa.


“Of course.”

The two circled each other, Issa readied his spear and noted Asilil’s stance. She was somewhat trained.

She lunged at him, closing the distance, and sent a flurry of jabs and kicks at him. Issa was caught off guard by the assault. He blocked what he could with the wooden end of his spear before stumbling back from a blow to the jaw.

He wiped his mouth, “I see you have indeed grown up.” She gave a seductive wink before continuing her assault.


The Finest of Blades

     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Multi-Attack


She pulled her dual blades from their sheaths and went on the offense again once again. She ran towards him blades ready, but Issa simply raised his hand and the winds beckoned at his call, blowing her off her feet and to the floor.


Plenty of Practice

     Weapon Master: standard (rank 1)


Asilil flew through the air and landed lightly on her feet.

“Aren’t you growing bored of playing defensively all the time?”

“If you’re bored Asilil, you could always forfeit.”

“Not likely.”

She picked up her blades twirled them in hands. Swiping at the wind, she ran towards Issa. He threw up his spear as she brought down both blades on him; the blades gouged the wooden shaft of his spear. He then pushed her off, creating a distance between them before twirling his spear in his and smacking Asilil with the butt end. She hit the floor; she looked up to see Issa coming down with his spear. She rolled out of the way, and his spear punctured the ground. He quickly pulled it from the ground, and placed it to her neck as she tried to stand.

She winked before speaking, “Fine, Issa. You win this round. You have earned this city’s support.” He pulled the spear from her, “Come. We will discuss it further over a feast.”

“Very well.”


Simply Stubborn

     Iron Will: standard (rank 1)


Asilil walked back to the palace. At some point the Council of Five had stepped outside to watch the match, and were not pleased with the results. They followed her as she went to freshen up for the dinner later.

The eldest council approached her from her side and began to speak, “Queen Asilil, we believe you are making a mistake. Joining Issa in this endeavor will endanger all of us.”

Asilil spoke without turning to her council and continued to her chambers, “But councilor, it was you who said that these attacks were ‘insignificant’,” She said with a smirk. “Besides, my mind has been made up. I will dispatch warriors under Issa’s supervision to help him in his mission. I will not be convinced otherwise. Until dinner councilors…” Her servants closed the doors behind her as she retreated into her chambers to prepare.


Igni Warriors

     Commander: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack


The feast began. The large table’s platters entailed some of Africa’s rarest delicacies, and were rightfully fit for a king, or in this case a Queen.

The room had grown full of voices; most circled and were directed at Issa and Senzi, asking of their journey and their plans now that they have gained the support of Queen Asilil. Most conversation however eventually leads to a political agenda, as was the norm for nobles.

“I must say Issa. You must have quite a persuasive tongue to have persuaded the Queen to favor you so…” The woman spoke affectionately to Issa from across the table.

“She only did what she thought was right.” He put simply.


All of the conversations then came to a halt at the sight of the royal guards. They led Queen Asilil as she stepped into the dining hall. The two elite guards stopped at the door and stood as living sentries while Queen Asilil approached the table. At their sides the butt of their weapons could be noticed, but Issa couldn’t make out much of anything else in the fray of things.

The nobles all stood in respect as the Queen entered; Issa and Senzi followed suit. She sat elegantly at the table and her subjects followed. She then blessed the food and welcomed her guests.

The night continued like so until the dinner ended. The room steadily was emptied of the nobles as they left to reside in their own rooms about the palace. Servants then came to lead Issa and Senzi to their rooms for the night.

Issa entered his room and laid down his spear near the bed. On the bed were a bundle of clothes. The cloth was so soft; Issa wasn’t even sure what it was. After placing the clothes out of the way he then lay on the plush bed and fine linen, sighing heavily. Though he was comfortable and weary from his travel here, he could not sleep. He stared out his window into the stars and thought of his tribe and all he could now accomplish with the help of his new alliance. He could return with renewed hope and zeal.

Eventually, he rose from the bed and explored the palace, engrossed in his own thoughts. He leaned on a ledge and faced the city walls when he was startled by a voice.

“I see I am not the only one who sleeps seems to evade.” Asilil said with a smile.

The same two guards from the palace feast followed her at a discreet distance as she approached him. They were obviously palace guards, but they differed from the rest; even carrying themselves differently.

Lion skins were thrown across their chest broad and muscular chests. Necklaces of the slain beast’s teeth hung from their neck. In the moonlight Issa could now see that the one to the left was even a woman. He was impressed by their artifacts of prowess that they carried, but was still appalled by their choice of weapons.

Though they carried spears in their hands, they still carried the weapons of the enemy. The woman wore a percussion pistol at her hip while the man had a rifle strapped to his back. Asilil realized Issa’s analyzing eyes and commented, “Those are Igni warriors.” She said closing the distance between them, “They have given blood oaths to guard me with their lives after their tribe found refuge in Hami-Miji. They were fierce warriors, but the numbers of the Europeans unfortunately overwhelmed them.”

Issa nodded in comprehension and looked back towards the walls, avoiding eye contact. There was a long silence between them as they both stared off into the star lit sky. Asilil then pondered deeply on how to break the silence and then said abruptly, “…I’m accompanying you on your journey Issa.” She stated with much conviction.

Issa finally turned to her, looking into her hazel eyes. “Your place is here as Queen. Why forfeit your kingdom and place yourself in danger?”

Asilil retorted quickly, “Oh please! Issa you are not blind to the politics of Hami-Miji or to my skill on the battlefield. I suppose what I’m saying is… I would be better suited at your side.” She reached to caress his cheek, but he lowered her hand and looked away.

Issa was torn and it showed momentarily on his face before he dismissed it. “You will not accompany me back to Kenya.” Issa stated unmoved from her advance. He then dismissed himself from her company, not allowing the conversation to continue. Asilil seemed unfazed by Issa’s rude declaration as she watched him walk away. Her guards then appeared at her side, silently reassuring her. She smirked lightly as she turned back to her chambers.