Gender: Female

Kit: Divine

Location: Northern California


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 35

Personal Losses: 39

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


The front hall looked as if a freight train had steamrolled straight through it. The door itself hung awkwardly on it's mangled hinges. Pictures and books littered the floor, and upturned end tables and other furniture laid around the thick sand-colored carpet like fallen soldiers. Clusters of shattered glass peppered the floors of the halls and holes spotted the dirty white walls.

A young Detective was kneeling over a broken picture frame. The glass was cracked and the wooden frame splintered badly. Underneath the fractured pane lay a picture of a happy young couple. The young man had dark eyes and hair. He wore a leather jacket and a reckless smile. The girl at his right couldn't have appeared any more different. She sported a dusty blue Atlanta Braves baseball cap over her straw colored hair. A faded navy V-neck and a worn in pair of hip hugging jeans painted her as a farmer's daughter. The couple were both beaming broad smiles at the camera, a giant Ferris Wheel rising up behind them, lit up like the Fourth of July. He carefully pried the distressed photograph from the wreckage and placed it carefully in his suit pocket.

“You better not have any ideas of keeping that evidence to yourself Simon”, growled a commanding figure in a dark blue officers uniform. “All evidence pertaining to this case must be surrendered to our forensics team.”

“That won't be necessary Captain. I've already solved our little mystery here by myself, and just in time for my afternoon tea I might add.”

“Is that so?” Questioned the officer gruffly, a skeptical smirk on his face. “I am well-aware that you came here highly recommended by several departments as a private investigator, but that does not mean that you can interfere in an ongoing criminal investigation in any way. You work with us, or you don't work at all. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal clear Captain. Lighten up a little though, you might just have a heart attack and honestly my First Aid Certification is expired. Don't worry, you call off your boys in blue, I already know precisely what happened here. I suggest you take advantage of this rare opportunity and use the rest of your day to take the boys out to Hooters or something equally barbaric.”

“That's it Simon, you're out of here,” bellowed the irate cop as his face grew purple with anger.

“You sure sir? I really could save you and the fine gentlemen of the 7th Precinct some legwork. I'm even willing to push back tea time.”

“Get out!” bellowed the Captain a second time. A couple of his men leaped to his side closing in on the Detective like the Vandals descending on Rome.

“No need for that guys, I'll just let myself out”, the Detective winked and he turned to leave.


Back at his hotel room he lay on his bed, hands folded across his chest. A tall, gentle-looking figure paced nervously by the door. His features were dark and handsome, his eyes an eerie hue of green that seemed almost unnatural in the dim light of the room. His hands were clasped behind his back as his footsteps treaded the cheap hotel carpet.

“So where is she?” Questioned the pacing figure intently.

“That I do not know my dear friend. It seems as if she just disappeared, like a ghost”, he whispered loudly in a mocking tone and shooting a glance at his friend. A scalding look was returned by the tall fellow. The detective smirked and continued, “Several witnesses claim they saw a woman that fit her description walking towards the ocean. Of course by moonlight alone they were hesitant to make any guarantees that what they saw was accurate. Anyways she was spotted walking alone along the ocean. I've already scoured the beach looking for any signs, but if there were any the tide has washed them away.”

“So the trail is cold?”

“ Oh come on, you know me, the trail is never cold. I have a number of interesting leads. I've already figured out what happened up to the point she left the house, a few more days I will be able to locate her. You just sit back and relax, watch some of those I Love Lucy episodes on TVLand you're so crazy about.”

“I do love Lucy”, the mysterious man said a little too seriously. “If you don't mind me asking what exactly have you pieced together so far?

“Glad you asked mon ami”, the Detective said excitedly sitting up and abruptly pouring himself a second cup of chamomile tea. He sat there for a minute blowing on the freshly poured tea. “It's a pretty boring story actually. Young couple, Johnny from the wrong side of the tracks and Rosie little miss All-America. Typical teenage love story from what I gather. She fell in love with the bad boy and brought out his softer side, he gave up his 'extra-curricular activities' for her.”

“Extra curricular-activities?”, interjected his partner questioningly.

“Yeah, you know. Not exactly legal things he happened to do on the side just to earn a buck.” He paused looking knowingly into the odd green eyes. “You know sometimes I wonder about you. All these years and you still haven't mastered the English language. How many has it been now? Must be damn near a century.”

“Eh, it's not important. You're making me feel old now.” he replied sheepishly.

“Don't look a day over thirty buddy”, the detective remarked grinning. “Anyways where was I? Oh, yes I remember. So Johnny was an ex-gang member. He rolled with a very dangerous group called 'Las Cinco Diablos', or 'The Five Devils' in English. The name deriving from the five founding members. Very tough customers. They were involved in a plethora of illicit activities including racketeering, money laundering, drug trafficking, and prostitution. Johnny boy tried to get out to live a better life for himself and Rosie, but his gang members didn't like the thought of that too much.”

“And how do you know this?” the man inquisitively asked rolling his eyes.

“It's simple. Johnny has a unique tattoo on the lower back of his neck. It's barely visible the naked eye in a number of these photographs”, he remarked pulling the photo from his suit pocket and laying it on the bed where his partner could see it. There's also the fact that his body posture shows that he is proud, but harbors deep lingering guilt for something in his past. Reading a few of Rosie's diary entries solidified my theory as she all but spelled it out in black and white.”

“ So what happened?”

“Well it's all pretty hush-hush as you can imagine. Luckily I've been able to piece it together from old photos, diary entry's and other paperwork I found tucked away in the kitchen. Johnny needed to make his old crew believe he was dead. With the help of his childhood friend and fellow gang member Sidney Black he faked his death. He then traveled up the coast and relocated here. His last name and several records were changed.” he explained gesturing excitedly with his hands.

The pacing man unclasped his hands and used one to cover his mouth stifling a yawn. He moved toward the empty bed on the far side of the room where he sat down and proceeded to mockingly snore. “Wake me up when you have something impressive to tell me.”

“A hundred years old and you still have the sense of humor of a five year old.” the detective retorted fidgeting with his empty tea cup. “Just listen, this is where it gets interesting and pertains to us. Johnny and Rosie were living here for three years happily together. Two days before the incident Johnny received a call from a restricted number. A little digging with the phone companies' records indicate that it originated in the section of Los Angeles run by his former gang.”


Hyrdokinetic Form

     Energy Body: superior (rank 2)


Suddenly there was an erratic rapping at the door. The two men looked at each other and then after an exchange of glances simultaneously at the door.

“You think he could be back already?” questioned the dark haired one.

“ Only one way to find out”, replied the detective cheerfully as he bounded from the bed and excitedly put his right eye up to the peep-hole like a child spying on his Christmas presents. A second later he smiled and opened the door to a well-built young man. The new guest was muscular with short straw colored hair. He wore a red and white three-quarter length baseball shirt, grass-stained bluejeans, and he was walking around barefoot. He storde in confidently and grinned joking for a moment about how the receptionist had given him hell for his lack of footwear. He then stopped suddenly looking over his shoulder and closing the door, quickly revealing a much more serious demeanor.

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news.” started the young man as he leaned against the wall. “I picked up her trail and found where it leads, which brings me to the bad news. It doesn't look promising, she apparently did a nose dive off a sixty foot cliff into the sea.”

“She's still alive”, reassured the detective.

“How do you figure that one Simon?” replied the new guy shooting him a disbelieving glance.

“You just have to pay attention Matt, don't worry I'm right as always, just leave the actual thinking to me.” He winked at the blond. “Now listen while I unveil the rest of our story here.” The blond began to grumble but stopped as an unhappy expression grew on his partners faces. The detective continued, “ As I was saying I did some digging, interviewed a few people, and I can tell this is all very boring for you two so I'll cut to the chase. Two days before the incident Johnny received a phone call from his old buddy in the gang. Obviously it must have been a dire situation for them to be in contact. Turns out someone really scary was on his tail. He called Johnny out of desperation and Johnny was unable to refuse the favor. Of course Rosie didn't take this too well. From what I read in the pages of her diary her and Johnny got in a huge fight over the situation. There was plenty of screaming and throwing of objects and before he left she told him she didn't give a damn if he died in Los Angeles.

“Harsh words”, sighed the dark haired fellow.

“Yes, indeed. I'm sure she lived to regret those words when she got the call two days later explaining how he died, brutally murdered with a knife and shot three times. It seems she just went crazy when she got the call. The phone was thrown across the kitchen, it's cord disemboweled from the wall. Cupboards where broken and the contents strewn all over the floor like the scene of a tornado. Most importantly a clock was torn off the wall and thrown into the fridge. The clocks hands indicate this rampage took place in the mere minutes after the call is registered as having gone out. She made her way through the house in an uncontrollable fit and after trashing everything including the front door she fled into the night.”

“ You've got to be kidding me. How did a hundred and ten pound girl rip a solid oak door nearly off it's hinges?” retorted the muscular youth.

“ Adrenaline my friend. You'd be amazed at what a person can do when they have enough running through their veins.”

“So what do we do now? Asked the dark man pacing once again.

“We nap”, replied the detective innocently flashing a broad grin and peeling back the covers.


Hydrokinetic Awareness

     Environmental Awareness: standard (rank 1)


Sixty hours later a full moon shown brightly down on white sand beaches, wispy clouds crawled slowly across a star filled night sky and long black waves beat the shoreline. A strange female figure appeared suddenly among the surf as if it had sprung up from the wave itself. She moved toward the shoreline, shimmering in the moonlight against the dark backdrop of the tumultuous sea. A few abandoned rowboats lay just beyond the reach of the tide, sitting haphazardly as if belched upon the sand and beached by the mighty throes of the ocean. She began moving toward them mysteriously, her silhouette still vague in the salty night air. As she approached them words came from her lips, the first spoken in many days.

“No point in hiding ya'll, might as well come out. I can sense the water in your bodies, I know you're hiding in those rowboats and that you've been following me these past few nights.”

Two darkened figures rose out of the boats slowly, a third materializing at their side out of the balmy night air. The middle one spoke first. His smile shone bright under the full moon, even as his face still remained draped in shadow. “Rosie, right?”

“Yes”, She replied cautiously letting the word roll slowly over her tongue.

“We've been looking for you. Most of this town thought you were dead, but then again there were reports of a mysterious woman who walked the beach at night and would disappear into the surf when seen. We believe that we can help you.”

“How do you figure you can do that?” she questioned. “I'm a lot more powerful than you know. What do I need your help for?”

“Actually I think I have you pegged pretty well power-wise. Let me guess, you can control water. Not only can you control it, but you can also sense it, and even turn your body into a sentient form of it.” She didn't say anything, but he could tell that he had hit the nail on the head. He paused for a second before adding,“And I know who killed your husband.”

“How did you know? How did you even find me these past few nights? Wait, johnny wasn't my husband?” she stammered clearly confused.

“Well, ok, I may have jumped the gun there. Actually he was going to propose on the Fourth, at the top of the Ferris Wheel, you know the one in this picture.” He pulled the photograph from his coat pocket and handed it to her. Tears were already beginning to stream down her face. One fell gently on the photo, forming a small puddle. With the flick of her wrist it jumped from the picture and landed harmlessly on the sand.

“How do you know? Who are you, are you some kind of psychic?” she whimpered under heavy breaths.

“I'm Alan Simon, I'm an investigator. Some of my friends like to call me Insight, and no, I am not a psychic. I am merely paying attention. I know what to look for, know how to read people and decipher the clues. There is one thing that I have been wondering if you're up for a few questions.”



     Telekinesis: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker


Tears were still streaming from her eyes. They were red and swollen from crying. She whimpered for a second, and then collected herself. “What's that?”

“What happened after you tried killing yourself by jumping off that cliff?”

She sat down on the sand and started talking. She explained how she had jumped off the cliff hoping to die. The water had been like concrete when she landed and the jarring blow knocked her unconscious. The next thing she knew she felt as if she were hooked around the waist by some invisible rope, it was pulling her up through the darkness and just as she felt as if she had emerged from water she woke up in a torch lit temple. She was laying there on a hard marble floor surrounded by strange looking men and women. As she came to find out they were the Olympian Gods. Poseidon had found her body just as the life extinguished from it.

Capturing her soul he brought it to Olympus as a gift to Aphrodite. Claiming that her human soul was so moved by Aphrodite's power, that she flung herself into the sea upon the death of her lover Poseidon presented the shivering naked soul. Aphrodite was flooded with compassion when she looked into the girl's eyes, and along with Poseidon she decided to give life back to the girl. However her body was too long separated from her soul and would no longer provide a suitable home. Using their combined powers they formed a new body from the waters of the ocean and giving her a small piece of each of their life force they grafted her soul to the body granting her unimaginable power. They then returned her to the beach. She had been walking these beaches at night, longing for Johnny, hoping to find some clue as to the location or identity of his assailant.

“Well it looks like you're in luck. If you join our group I can promise you the chance to bring the man who killed Johnny everything he deserves.” For the first time the detective's face sank, covered in shadow. His voice became very weak and a teardrop fell from his eye. “He's the same monster who killed my wife and son.”

One of the other men, silent until now raised his head and looked into Rosie's lucid eyes. She could see an anger swirling deep inside him as he spoke, like a maelstrom of hatred and pain. “And my Father too.”