Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: East Africa


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: -25

Personal Wins: 30

Personal Losses: 34

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled


“Aaaaaahhhh!” The scream was force out from the rushing air as his face stopped inches from embracing the cobblestone floor. He hung there for a moment, regretting he ever knew the nut job known as Mr. Covey. When the operation noted hunting down a super powered maniac with revenge issues, he should have seen the red flag. But he didn’t have much time to reflect on the matter. Just as he caught his breathe it was pushed back out of him by a quick and sudden yank. He was back to where started, hanging over the edge of a roof top at the whim of sociopath. He looked at his attacker. He nonchalantly lounged in his lawn chair as he picked at his unusually long finger nails. His medusa-like locks freely roamed the roof top, but the main lock of hair he was worried about was the one coiled around his feet. Dreadlock finally looked up to captive.

“Now mon, are ya ready to chat?”Dreadlock said revealing his thick Jamaican accent.

“Ye- Yes.,” The captive gulped hard as he answered, “I’m ready to talk. Whatever you want.”


Dreadlock dropped him onto the roof top and the rest of his rope-like hair seemed to fall back into place on his head.

“Chat time, Mr. Berkley. Tell me why Mr. Covey sent ya after meh.”

“Um… He- He said you were becoming a bit erratic. Uh… that your judgment was becoming overly capitalistic and if you continued you would end up jeopardizing his reputation.” Dreadlock paused and then smiled revealing his not so pearly whites. Berkley followed suit, attempting with his own weak smile hoping this was the time when he’d let him go. “Good, very good Mister Berkley.” He stood up from his seat and patted the grown man on the head. “Now I have one more question for ya Mister Berkley. Where is Mister covey?”

“He’s staying at the Mivarts Hotel. He checked in this morning.”

“Ah, The Mivarts.” He said rubbing his chin, as if he was in deep thought. “But you see Mister Berkley, now I have quite de dilemma. I know where I’m going now, but now so do you. This cannot be, my friend.”

Mr. Berkley’s weak smile left his face and realization poured over him. He stood and charged at Dreadlock in a last ditch effort to preserve his life. Dreadlock’s hair reanimated and swarmed at Berkley. The hair coiled around its prey like a python and constricted, suffocating Mr. Berkley. Dreadlock looked on menacingly as he squeezed the breath from his prey. Finally, Berkley fell limp. The hair slowly uncoiled the corpse and it fell to the floor with a thump.


The full moon that hung close in the sky shined brighter than the street lights of Londons streets. But even with the beautiful full moon creating a natural spot light for people of London, the streets were empty due to superstition. He arrived at the fancy hotel, and nodded at the doorman who gave him a puzzled gaze. He ignored the gaze and strode into the lobby as if he belonged. Removing the hair from his face he leaned leaned upon the counter and eyed the young concierge that stood behind it.

“May… May I help you, sir?”

“I am here for Mister Covey. I’m sure he’s expecting meh.”



The concierge ran his finger down a small booklet and looked back up to Dreadlock, “My apologies, but there’s no Dreadlock here, sir.”

“Well… That’s just too bad.”

His hair jumped from his head and pushed the Concierge to the opposing wall. The hair then began to aggressively rifle through his pockets, pulling out a golden key. The young man tried to yell, but his screams for help were drowned as the locks coiled around his neck then his mouth. Dreadlock picked up a brochure and walked to the elevator while his hair trailed behind with the golden key. The Doorman heard the ruckus and ran into the lobby to find the unconscious concierge and the fleeing attacker. Dreadlock stood in the elevator and stared down the doorman before pulling a lever to the elevator. It hissed loudly as wheels turned in the mechanism and the elevator slowly began to ascend.

The bell dinged and steam was released from a gasket as the elevator came to its stop and Dreadlock stepped out of the elevator. His foot barely left tapped the hallway floor before he was tackled to the floor by a gang of henchmen. They struggled on the floor briefly before two of the three guards were tossed backwards into the wall. Dreadlock and the remaining guard stood to their feet. Dreadlock fell into a boxing stance as he hair danced wildly behind, but the guard simply reached for his gun holster. Empty.

“C’mon mon, fight like a mon!” Dreadlock said revealing his gun as his hair dropped it the floor between the two. The guard then reluctantly put up his fists and began to close the gap between them. He swung left wildly, but Dreadlock stepped back from the swing and delivered a head butt, breaking the guards nose. The guard stepped back as he felt the blood drip onto his mouth. He didn’t waste another second as stepped back into the fight and let out his fury as he swung left and right at Dreadlock. The guard’s combination of strikes landed one after another as he backed Dreadlock into a corner. He spit blood to the floor as he looked back up at the guard.

“Now… THAT I wasn’t expected, mon.”

The guard grunted in response and Dreadlock leaped into the air and delivered a dropkick. The guard fell back, but was caught by the anaconda-like strength of Dreads hair. Dread’s locks squeezed the guard’s body until the crack of his ribs and the exhale of the guard’s final breath could be heard. He threw the body to the floor as it folded over in a lifeless ragdoll effect.

“Now…,”He said cracking his neck. “Where are you hiding Mister Covey?”

He walked down the hall to the last door, and knocked twice before kicking the door down impatiently. Mr. Covey stood on the other side with his pistol drawn, leveled between the eyes of Dreadlock with his other hand holding tight onto a metal briefcase. Dreadlock stood in the doorway and slowly entered the room.

“Dreadlock, what took you so long?”

“It was those damn elevators contraptions mon. They’re too slow.” Dreadlock stepped further into the room. “Now what do ya plan to do with that pistol dere?”

“I’m not going to shoot you Dreadlock. I still need you.” He said throwing the briefcase to Dreadlock’s feet, “There’s what I owe, plus interest.”

Dreadlock picked up the briefcase without taking his eyes off of Covey and placed it on the bed. He opened it and eyed the money stacks.

“How very generous of you Covey, but there’s still the part where ya sent a half wit assassin for me.”

“Just to get your attention Dread. You’re not the best detective, so I knew you wouldn’t find me by your own methods. I needed you to find me, and quickly.”

“That wasn’t Mister Berkley’s final words.”

“He was just a pawn Dreadlock. Recently, you’ve been… hard to get a hold of.”

“Okay… I’ll play this game Covey. What exactly is this job?”

“A railroad company… They’re having some problems with some ‘gifted’ Africans that are opposed to them building their railroad through their land. They tried everything. Negotiation, gifts, and cleansing them from the land, but it all failed. I told of our unique talent at solving problems for the right price and now they’ve hired us to go down there and… fix the problem.” Covey said as he put his gun back into the holster. “You don’t have a problem with flying, do you Dread?"



     Elongation: superior (rank 2)


One week later, East Africa

“That be the last time I let you get me on one of these flying death traps, Covey. It’s unnatural.”

“Oh, stop whining Dread. It wasn’t that bad.” Covey said as they stepped off the ship onto the hot African soil.

“I should kill you, mon.” Dreadlock said as he wiped his sweating forehead with a cloth.

“I’m sure you’ll get your chance Dread, but for now… business first.”

They arrived at a small house. Covey walked in and nodded gentlemanly like at the secretary that sat in the lobby.

“Michael Covey” The woman said as she giggled.

“The one and only. I see the African sun has done wonder for you Jane.”

“Oh you! Hold on one moment I’ll get him for you.” She ran and knocked on the door before peaking her head in. “Mister Helm, a Mister Covey is here to see you.” She said with a smile as she held the door open for him.

The husky man that sat behind the desk jumped out of his seat, awkwardly knocking papers and such off his desk as he outstretched his hand to Covey. “I’m Jeffery Helm. How yer doing there Mister Covey? Would ya like some coffee?”

Covey looked down at his sweaty hand and decided to get straight to the business.

“No I’m fine. Just me about the problem your having Helm, so we can rid them as soon as possible.” He said as he took a seat.

“Okay then,” He said wiping his hands on his shirt before he sat down across from Covey. “It’s these damn Africans…” Dreadlock casually walked in on that note and pulled up a chair.

“And this is my associate Dreadlock… Now you were saying you was having problems with the natives?”

“Oh yes,” He said as he eyed Dreadlock and then placed his glasses on the table and gestured them outside. They walked outside and Helm led them to a large construction site. Large machines let out thick black smoke as they moved metals and placed down tracks. “You see this track. Because of them Africans we’re months behind. We tried to be diplomatic about this, but they’re fighting the inevitable. This track is getting built whether they want it or not, and you’re here to make sure they don’t get in the way anymore. Now you chargin’ me a steep price so you better be able to do what you say you can.” Helm said as he suddenly grew a backbone.

“Don’t worry mon… Problem fixin’ is our specialty.” Dreadlock said as his hair slowly extended to the floor.


Like a mon'

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


The bright hot sun hit the middle of the sky and the beams of light shot through the canopy of the jungle. Dreadlock led the way as Covey followed closely behind.

“So what is your plan mon?”

“So far?... I’m still workin' on it.”

As the words left his mouth his body was pulled up into the thick canopy and four native warriors dropped down in his place. Without hesitation the three larger warriors pointed their spears at Dreadlock as the forth, the youngest looking of the warriors, stepped forward. He opened his hand and fire ignited in his palm.

“I am Senzi the Demon and you are not permitted to walk this land.”

Dreadlock began to put up hands but then he whipped his hair at the young warrior, sending him crashing to the ground. The three other warriors leapt forward with their spears. Dread caught the first spear under his arm and twisted hard, pulling it out of the warrior’s hand. He then side stepped the second warrior using his stolen spear to impale him. The first warrior then charged, but dread stood his ground and simply front kicked the warrior into his chest. He pushed off from the front kick and barely avoided the third warriors spear, watching as it flew by centimeters from his face.


Good Hold

     Binding: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack


His locks then slithered forward as they tightly coiled around the three warriors squeezing the life out of them. Senzi finally stirred from the previous attack from Dread and rose to his feet. He held his sides with one hand as he held out his other. A small ball of fire began to conjure in his palm.

Dread finally took his gaze off of his captives and realized the boy. He dashed to the floor as he released the other warriors from his grip and the flames shot over his head. Dread then dove behind a large tree for cover.


Strong Roots

     Crushing Weapon: superior (rank 2)


Senzi’s eyes lit up from the flames.

“You can’t hide forever, coward!” He yelled above the burning brush.

“I don’t plan on it boy.” Dread said as he stepped from behind the tree and whipped his hair. It swung and struck like a mallet to Senzi’s sides as he again fell to the now torched soil. Dreadlock stepped through the flame as his hair coiled around Senzi and lifted him into eye to eye view. Senzi struggled to breathe under the anaconda-like locks of hair that held him tight. He opened his mouth revealing the blood on his teeth as he spoke.

“You have not won.” He struggled to say, “You may enter this land today but Issa will return. He is the greatest warrior alive and he will purge you from our land.”

Dread neared the boys face to his, “I’ll be waiting.”