Jack Rizer


Gender: Male

Kit: Normal

Location: Anywhere in the US


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 30

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 1

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Blocked


A man lays down on a large operating table, getting strapped in place. The straps were incredibly tight, he could barely move, but some part of him felt they would be necessary.

"You ready for this Jack?" Comes a voice over a loud speaker. The man on the operating table, Jack as he is called, thinks this over for a moment.

"Am I ready? Is it really going to be THAT painful? Ugh, how did I even get myself into this?" He asks himself. But there really was no point in asking, as he knows. He knows how ho got into this all to well. He thinks back, back nearly two decades. He sits inside a crowded police station, listening to the voices of the two cops that brought him here. They were inside a room, and there voices were muffled. Jack couldn't hear a word of it. Something about his father...

"Jack? Jack did you hear me?" Comes the voice again.

"Huh? O-oh yeah, yeah I'm ready." He says.

"Ok, good, brace yourself Jack, this will be the hardest thing you've ever done in your life. Good luck, and may god be with you." The man over the loudspeaker watches Jack from above, looking through a glass window. He gives Jack a thumbs up, and flips a switch. Instantly, Jack feels pain like he's never felt before. He didn't know exactly what they were doing, but it felt like he was being electrocuted. He received several injections prior to this, the needles were the size of two regular needles put together. But that was nothing compared to this. Jack was dying, he could feel it. He starts thinking about the past again, about his childhood, his motivation for doing this...

Jack exits the police car along with two cops. It had been a few weeks since his fathers...accident, and he was being admitted to an orphanage. His mother died in childbirth, and there was no one else to look after him. He looks around the outside of the dull building, a few painted on rainbows were fading away, an it looked like no effort had been put into re-painting this place. Various cracked window's lay scattered across the wall, and a small playground is visible in the back. It was rusted down and looked pretty dangerous, in fact, just about everything in this place looked dangerous! If there's a storm the already damaged windows could brake and severely cut anyone nearby. All forms of rats were running about, carrying god knows how many diseases. The building itself looked like it was about to collapse! But even so, Jack walked on inside. He sat down on a chair while the police men talked to some lady at the counter. He stares down at the floor, lost in thought. Thought about his father, oh how he would miss him.


Jack flashes back into reality as the pain suddenly spikes, it was completely unbearable now. Jack started seeing spots, his vision was fading, and he couldn't breath. He was about to signal them to stop, he couldn't take this pain anymore. But as he slipped in and out of consciousness, he started remembering again, remembering the day at the police station, before the orphanage. The two police men stepped out of the room, and walked up to him. One knelt down and looked at Jack.

"Listen, son...there's been an accident. Your father, he was a cop right?" The man asked. Jack nodded, still not understanding what was going on.

"Well...eh, he was on duty, and he pulled over a car. It was a simple thing, the car ran a red light, and all he was going to get was a ticket. But you see, the man in the car had just robbed a bank, over in the next town, and the driver was trying to escape. When he saw your father, wearing a police uniform, he panicked and...pulled a gun out..." The officer trailed off. Jack leaned in, he was now understanding what happened.

"...Your father is dead Jack, and the killer escaped." The police man said as he dropped his head. Jack's jaw dropped, he didn't know what to do. He panicked, he started yelling and crying, a few days later the funeral was held. So Jack didn't signal, he kept going, he didn't quit. He powered through the pain, using his father's death as his motivation. The killer never was caught, ever since that day, it had been Jack's goal to change that. As soon as he turned 18, he left the orphanage. He kissed that hellhole goodbye, and walked on. He had always received very good grades, finding a nice, high paying job shouldn't have been hard. But Jack didn't want an easy job. He wanted to be a police officer, and that's what he did. He breezed through training, and pretty soon he was out on the street. After a few years of being a cop, something happened that changed Jack's life. It was a regular day, just like any other, until he heard that alarm. It was a bank robbery, and Jack remembered what happened to his father. He was killed by someone who had just robbed a bank. The killer was never caught, but a security camera did get a good picture of his face. Jack memorized that face, and continued to think of it as he drove towards the alarm. He heard gunshots, and pretty soon 4 masked men armed with machine guns ran out.

"This is squad car 14, I have a code 211, I repeat, a code 211. Bank robbery in progress over on Harrem Street, I need backup." He said into the radio.

"Copy that, backup has been dispatched. Do not engage the enemy until backup arrives, we can't risk you dying." Replied a voice.

"Well, where are the others?" Jack asked.

"The closest units to your position are over on 22nd avenue."

"Shit!" Jack said as he dropped the receiver.

"It'll take them forever to get here! I-I can't let these guys escape." Jack said.

"You are ordered to stay put! Don't do anything reckless!" Jack grabbed his gun and exited the car, ignoring the man on the radio.

"FREEZE!" He yelled as he aimed his gun.



     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


"Aww shit! It's the police!" One robber yelled. Each of them opened fire at once. Jack quickly rolled over behind a tree, and took cover.

"Damn!" He said. He started blind firing at them, and pretty soon he heard a satisfying yelp. He took his chance and jumped out of cover to aim more precisely.


Practice makes perfect

     Marksman: superior (rank 2)


Jack noticed one of the robbers on the ground, but still alive. Good, he didn't want to kill any of them, for the time being at least. All it took was 3 seconds, 3 seconds to paint each target, and then pull the trigger. They were at least 20 yards away, but each bullet hit, exactly where it was supposed to. 6 bullets were fired, each landing in each leg of each robber. Jack then got up and ran in, the one hit with blind fire was about to get up, he would be first.


Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, and CQC.

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


During training, Jack had excelled at two things. Shooting, and hand to hand combat. During his childhood at the orphanage, he had took karate lessons, and mastered the style. Then during police training, he mastered Kung-fu, Judo, and CQC. Most cops barely knew one of these styles, but he knew, and mastered them all. Jack quickly sprinted up to the robber, just as he got up to his knees and pointed his gun. Jack quickly kicked the gun out of his hand, and followed up with a kick from his other leg. He looked around and saw another robber fumbling around, he would be next. A patern similar to this went on for about 50 seconds, before all four robbers were out. Jack didn't even brake a sweat. But now, it was time. He walked up to one of the robbers and pulled his mask off. It wasn't his father's killer. He tried to the next, it wasn't him. He tried another, it wasn't him. Now, there was only one robber left. Jack knew it was him, it had to be! He walked up to the robber, placed his hands on the mask, and pulled...

"SHIT!" Jack screamed. It wasn't him. His father's killer was still out there, and Jack was powerless to stop him!


Never give up

     Force of Will: standard (rank 1)


And that's why Jack went on. He didn't give up, as he knew the only way to find his father's killer was by going through with what he was doing. After pulling that stunt at the bank, Jack was disbarred from the force, he was deemed to reckless. So he joined the Marines. He did that for a few years, and just like when he was a cop, he was the best there was. After a few years Jack had seen plenty of action, and saved plenty of lives. He was deemed a war hero, and won many medals. That's what got him into this situation in the first place. Some government agent called Alex White came to him, and told Jack about some kinda experimental super steroid. It could potentially bring out every ounce of potential in a human being, but it had side effects, the main one being all test subjects had died during the initial experiment. The pain had been to great, those that didn't die gave up. But there was something about Jack, the Alex's agency thought that all it look to survive the experiment was a human in well above average physical shape. That would eliminate most of the problems with the experiment, and Jack was deemed perfect for this. And that's how he got here, dying in some twisted science experiment. But still, he didn't give up. Jack was offered that in turn for participating in this experiment, the agency would help find his father's killer. So Jack went on, he didn't give up. But, perhaps that was a mistake. Several minutes later, the treatment stopped. But, so did Jack's heart. It had...just stopped beating.

"Oh no!" Alex said as he rushed to Jack's side.

"Damn! Dammit! Someone, quick hurry! We need a defibrillation!" He yelled. A woman quickly ran over, and did as Alex said. She tried to defibrillate Jack, to get his heart going again, but it didn't work!

"Come on, come on!" Alex yelled.

"I'm doing my best!" Yelled the woman. But the defibrillator was useless, and Alex knew it. Now, whether Jack lives or not, was up to Jack.

"Wake up." Comes a voice in Jack's head.

"Come on Jack!" Alex says.

"Don't give in."

"I'm increasing the voltage!" The woman says.

"So your just gonna give up? Is that it? After everything you've done, is this it?" The voice continues.

"Come on Jack, pull through!" Alex yells.

"Just open your eyes! Just do it!" The voice says.

"Sir, I'm getting a reading." Someone says the Alex.

"Good, great! Keep going, he's alive again!" Alex says.

"That's not good enough Jack! You have to wake up!" The voice practically screams.

"Ok Jack, now just open your eyes." Alex says.

"Wake up Jack! Wake up! You can't give up now! Not after all this! Never give up Jack, never give up!!!" Jack suddenly springs to life, gasping for air.

"Wha-h-he's alive! He's alive!" Alex screams. Everyone erupts into cheers as Jack looks around the room, panicked, but alive.


Kessling XP 2.5

     Armor: superior (rank 2)


It had been several weeks since Jack successfully survived the treatment, and so far, the results have been better then expected. He has lifted a maximum of 1000 pounds, ran 30 MPH, and achieved a score of 220 on an IQ test. Yes, it seems this miracle drug was defidently worth it. The only problem is, between now and when Jack first tested the drug, 5 more people have tested the drug, each in top physical condition. 2 died, and 3 gave up. So for the time being, it seems like Jack would be the only successful test subject. Jack entered the large government complex for another day of training. He was informed that today would be his last day, and after that he would be given the location of his father's killer. Jack couldn't wait, he still couldn't believe they found him. He entered the building and was greeted by Alex White.

"Alex." Jack said.

"Jack, I'm glad you're here, we have much to discuss. Come." Alex said as he led Jack away.

"So uh, what's up?" Jack asked.

"Jack, as you know, you will be deployed on your first actual mission tomorrow. So today, we-"

"Wait wait wait, hold up. What about my fathers killer?" Jack asked.

"Yes, he has been located, and his location will be given to you, after you complete your mission." Jack didn't bother arguing, he knew there was no use. So with a sigh, he just continued on. Eventually, they made it to a metallic sliding door. Alex had to enter a key code, and get a retinal scan to open it. As the door opened, the two were bombarded by cold air.

"What is this place?" Jack asked.

"This is where you will be receiving one of your most important weapons, come, I will show you." Alex led Jack deeper into the dark room, which lit up more as they got deeper. Eventually they found what looked to be some kind of storage container.

"Inside this container, is going to be your greatest ally when in combat." Alex then opened it up, and pulled out what appeared to be a bullet proof vest.

"A...bullet proof vest?" Jack asked.

"Not just any bullet proof vest, this, is the Kessling XP 2.5. Virtually indestructible. During testing, handguns have left nearly no marks, and weapons such as AK's and M4's leave dents at best. We even shot a rocket at it, afterwards it was admittedly damaged, but still in good enough shape to continue with whatever mission your on." Alex said.

"Really now?" Jack asked with a smile, not believing a single word.

"You don't believe me?" Alex asked.

"Well Alex, this is a bit hard to believe." Jack said.

"Then test it yourself." Alex handed him the vest, then pulled out a 45. Colt and gave him that as well. Jack examined the gun for a moment, then through the vest in the air. He then pulled the gun up and fired 6 rounds into the vest. He caught it as it fell, and examined it again.

"What in the-"

"Impressive isn't it." Alex said.

"There's not even a dent! What the hell is this made of!?" Jack asked.

"That is classified, all you need to know is how durable it is." Alex said. Jack examined the vest some more, then tried to bend it. It bent in nearly any direction he wanted with minimal effort.

"And it is also very flexible, it will not hinder movement in any way." Alex continued.

"Well, what if someone shoots me in the legs, or head?" Jack asked.

"That is only the body portion of the full suit, there is also a head piece, duel arm pieces, and duel leg pieces." Alex said. Jack looked at the armor in amazement, and smiled.