Hansha (Shin)


Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Alignment: Villain

Team: KALI


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 25

Personal Wins: 6

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


In the quiet echo of a seemingly empty restroom, Takeo Takeda washes his hands. Hating late meetings, he was glad to be done with this one. Negotiations with the SEE Corporation did not go well tonight. Takeo hated not getting his way. Regardless of dealing with bad business associates, his stomach rumbles as he had eaten quite like a pig tonight. Considering he was not a man to turn down free food, he didn’t mind that the Gōhōmu Club had some of the best Sashimi in town. Nevertheless, it had been a long, bad night and he was tired and ready to indeed go home. As he turns off the faucet, he hears what sounds like a minor scuffle outside. Let it be known that men of his rather dubious profession often listen for erroneous sounds such as these. Takeo was no different. Bracing himself for trouble, his ears perk at the quick clatter. Then gradually, the door creaks open. Takeo pulls a gun from a hidden holster beneath his dinner jacket and poises to strike. No one enters the room. Cautiously he waits and begins to bide his time by taking aim. But nothing enters. Suddenly, something moves in the reflection of the mirror. His peripheral catches sight of it and he spins his head quickly in the opposite direction to catch the intruder. Again, there is nothing to find. His mind must be playing tricks on him, he thinks. “Damned SEE…got my mind all screwy. I got to get to bed.” He mutters aloud. Shaking the cobwebs from his head, he looks back down and cups his hands to his mouth and exhales. “Too much Saki.” He says to no one in particular. He looks back up to the mirror to inspect his eyes for weariness. In the reflection stands Shin Takeda, son of Takeo Takeda.

Takeo falls back in dread fear. He wheels around to face his long-gone son only to be faced with nothing. “Shin? Shin, my son is that you?” he voices to the air in mock concern. But Shin is not there. Nothing is there. Takeo rushes to the restroom stalls and begins to burst open the doors searching for his son who must be hiding somewhere within, “Shin! Shin!” he cries out frantically. “Stop playing games boy, is that you?” As the foreboding notion that he is truly alone reaches him, agitation begins to set in like a ton of bricks. “Juro! Katsu!” He stumbles clumsily for the door, frantically calling for his guards, despite his alarm; he quickly glances to the mirror again. His eyes lie, he believes. To his surprise, there is a note posted to the mirror. Squinting to read it, he notices the words are in some strange transcript. He scrambles to the mirror to pull it down and take it with him. Surely this is some prank. He reaches to snatch the note only to have his hands meet with the cold, unforgiving glass. Terror sets in as comprehension begins to take form. Takeo’s face becomes vacant. He slowly slides his hand across the mirror and laughs queerly. The note is on the other side of the mirror’s image. The note is not written strangely, it is written backwards; as if someone had written it from the other side of the mirror. It reads: eiD ll’uoY. Revulsion overtakes Takeo’s wits. Like a wild animal fleeing a predator he maladroitly stumbles to the exit.

Takeo slams through the doorway tripping and fumbling over the corpses of his recently executed security guards, Juro and Katsu. Stampeding forward, he curses under his breath in a hazy daze of fear as he views them. Within the blur, he realizes that he never heard a scuffle between his men until it was at the door – no gunshots, no yelling, no anything. Yet, the men were there and clearly beaten to death. Takeo reaches his car and doesn’t waste time hurrying to the driver’s side door, but instead slams open the passenger door. His driver’s mangled body pours from the doorway: a heaping, bleeding pile of human mess. Takeo wretches slightly as he pulls the body out. Quickly, he starts the ignition and presses the gas at full strength. The car screeches forth as Takeo peers through the rear view to verify that nothing has followed him from the restroom. There is no trace of Shin in the parking lot. The backseat however… is a different matter. Shin smiles in the rear view’s mirror reflection of the backseat coyly. Screaming in horror, Takeo turns and quickly shoots into the backseat finding naught but wounded car-seat fluff. His screams of mercy are heard throughout the streets of Yokohama as he plunders wildly to his home in Tokyo.


Meanwhile at the Gōhōmu Club…

Several highly influential executives of the SEE organization chatter ambiguously amongst themselves. The private club hums with the sounds of light jazz. A thick noxious smoke blankets the air. Within close proximity of the SEE representatives are armed guards and a few plain clothes security. The mood is good for the men. They bask in a night of successful business. The mood is about to be broken. As they converse, a well-dressed young man wanders a little too close to the party. Snapping his fingers to the beat, he leans in close to them and lowers his shades slightly. Security instantly bumps against the brash free spirit. “Excuse me sir.” He says as he coolly tries to slide past the large sentry. The security guard powerfully grabs his shoulder and pushes him backwards. “Beat it kid.” He says firmly. The young man smiles devilishly. “I’ll beat you.” Quickly, he seizes the giant’s arm, turns and brings his body close into his body. With the arm tight against his chest, he presses his buttocks into the guard’s stomach, jutting his waist backwards and pulling the appendage forward. The action is fast, so fast; the giant man has no time to react. By the time anyone realizes what has happened the oversized security guard is crashing through the table of the SEE reps.

They fall back from the table in anger and surprise, muttering infuriated words of annoyance. Before the action is settled, eight security guards have rushed the young man. “Come on. We can do better than that, can’t we?” He mocks. The guards pull weapons; Shin simply laughs and rubs a glass. He checks himself out in a nearby mirror. Going unnoticed by the others, Shin’s reflection winks back at him. One by one the opponent’s weapons are systematically and forcibly removed from their grips by an unseen force. Confused, but undaunted they rush ham-handedly into contention with the young intruder. For a second time, the eight men are bested and this time, beaten senseless by an unseen force. Meanwhile, Shin hovers over the crowd of SEE execs daring them to move. They do not accept the invitation. Steadily, eight broken bouncers fall to the ground, never aware of what invisible force thrashed them. Shin approaches the nearest executive and snatches his expensive cigar from his mouth. “Good evening gentlemen…” He says smugly. The men begin to ruffle up as if to protest. Shin presses the nearby exec down with a strong grip of his own to the man’s shoulder, “Let’s skip the trifling melodramatics shall we? Seems you gentlemen have problems with my father. I have problems with my father.” He glares down at the hapless sentries, “Seems you’re going to need better help as well. Let me introduce myself…I am Chimei-Tekina Hansha (Deadly Reflection) or Hansha for short.” He reaches out a hand and lowers his shade to reveal empty eye sockets. One of the execs quickly grabs his hand in fear. The evening promptly turns back to business.

Days Later…

Master Ten patiently waits in the lobby of the Takeda Toys: a murky cover establishment with all the trappings of real business, but the underlying workings of a considerably dangerous drug trade. Ten bides his time in meditation as if to absolve the sinfulness of his surroundings. “Ten-Sama! Takeda-Sama will see you now.” A chirpy receptionist says politely. As Ten slowly lumbers from his seat to Takeda’s doorway, he bows honorably to the young woman. She smiles and nods back, closing the door behind him. Inside the office, Takeda sits with his back turned to Masutā Tengoku while facing a window. His reflection shows him steepling his fingers. “Welcome to Tokyo, Masutā Tengoku...” He spews contemptuously, “…or should I say, Tengoku no shippai (Heaven’s failure)?” Ten growls angrily; slamming his fist across Takeda’s desk. “It is you who are the failure, Mr. Takeda! Your boys were flawed from conception. The beauty of my daughter’s life was tainted with foul sickness the moment you set eyes upon her. Now, that sickness has spread unto your offspring. Your honor is in jeopardy as long as they walk the Earth.” Ten looks down briefly, and then returns his gaze to the reflection of Takeda’s face. “No, I am wrong. You never had honor. It is I, who must atone for I failed them.”

Takeda laughs boisterously. He spins around to face Ten. “You think I give a chicken shit about your honor? That honor bullshit died with the samurai and ninja that you fancy yourself as. That shit is dead, old man. Nowadays, it’s about respect… and don’t you come in my business disrespecting me. I knew the boys were bad news when I had ‘em. That’s why I brought them to you in the first place… and what do I get in return: a little psycho magic-ninja threatening to kill me every time I turn around.” Takeda rises from his seat quickly and points in the face of Ten. “Shin blames me for his treatment at your school. He’s calling himself Hansha now? Just what the hell did you do to those boys up there in those mountains?” Ten falls back in self pity. “I did my best.” Once again Takeo, ever the predator, leans in for a verbal assault, “Apparently, your best wasn’t good enough… and now you’re going to make up for it by being my bodyguard.” Ten frowns. He rises up unhurriedly. Takeda begins to back down as he takes in the full height and size of Masutā Tengoku. He places his hand nervously on his security alarm as Ten leans in close. “I will handle my own failures, Takeda. You should look into handling your own before someone handles them for you.” With that, he meanders toward the exit, “I will be your bodyguard, but only until this state of affairs concerning Shin is over. After that, we may discuss your failures in greater detail.” The door slams behind Ten as he exits.



     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


Two nights later…

It is dusk and a slow creak alerts Takeo as the door to his business office opens. Wearily, he raises his head. He knew his intruder. It had been four nights in a row that this visitor had visited him. Takeo smiles, for he knew that Shin had come to kill him. Takeo came prepared. All mirrors had been removed from his office. “What could the mirror manipulator do now” he thought as he pulls his gun from beneath his desk. Like clockwork, Shin waltzes through the door. “I’m assuming my guards are all dead?” Takeo says. “…As you will soon be.” Shin returns as he strolls in coolly, hands in his pockets. His hair hangs over the sockets where his eyes once were. Takeo points the gun at him cagily. “That’s quite far enough. Shin, my son…what the hell happened to you up there in the mountains. What did that old man do?”

Shin grins with no mirth. “He made me strong, father.” Takeo winced at the comment, “By plucking out your eyes!” He exclaims. “He said that now I can focus on inner understanding and martial supremacy and less on my own vanity. I did that, but I did much more than that as well.” Shin grinned again, only this time the toothy smile was full of malice. “For the past five years all I’ve been able to focus on is hate, father.” As he speaks, Shin walks around the room as if he had never lost his eyesight. He picks up a nearby trophy from his father’s mantle; it has a shiny reflective surface. He smiles at his reflection in it. His reflection waves back. “Did you think mirrors were the only surfaces that reflect my image?” At the statement, Takeo falls back in horror. “That’s a very impressive window you have there, especially in that pale moonlight.” Shin says. Takeo spins around in his chair only to be struck cold by the sight in the window. Shin’s reflection stands over Takeo’s own reflection in the mirror. The reflection grins with that familiar malicious grin. To Takeo’s dismay, it has eyes that the actual Shin does not. “It…it can sssee!” Takeo stammers. Shin chuckles, “Good observation pops. I learned that little trick way before I lost my eyesight, so yes…they can see. They can see and guess who can see through their eyes?” Takeo froze with gross realization. “They?” He says. Shin shakes his head and laughs again, “Damn you are good with the observations. I’ll have to watch you. Heh, get it!”



     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


Shin cackles loudly and then suddenly stops. His ears perk up. “You thought you could hide the old man here without me knowing?” He questions Takeo. Sweat begins to trickle down his forehead, his heart pounds. “Shhh, before I pull that worthless heart of yours out. I can hear him breathing. He always breathed like a damned freight train. Where is he father? Don’t toy with me.” Takeo’s eyes widen in astonishment. “But…but…he is…”

“…Next door.” Shin finishes.



     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


“By the way, you stink of fear. Your cologne does little to mask your stench of treachery.”


Not just Mirrors

     Telekinesis: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack


Although not a soul stirs in the room, Takeo’s gun is quickly smacked from his hand. It flies towards the ceiling, and then freezes in mid-ascent. Shin strolls forward and spins Takeo’s chair around to face the window. Shin’s mirror-image taunts the gangster by dangling the gun in the reflection. Takeo slowly looks upward to see the actual gun also dangling just above his head. Instantly, he begins to shriek, “Masut…” but his call for help is immediately squelched with a hard gun butt to the head. “Shut up!” Without warning, several small items are hurled simultaneously in the direction of Takeo. He falls clumsily from his chair in confusion. Looking around, he begins to realize it. The trophy, his window and even a nearby wineglass betray him. Takeo ducks for cover as the images of Shin within these surfaces flail any light-weight bits and pieces not tied down at him; laughing all the while.



     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


As Takeo is assaulted by the mirror-images, Shin presses his hand to the floor. Through the shallow surface of the floor, he can feel the slow rumble. His eyes go wide. Quickly, he leaps behind Takeo’s desk and lifts it just in time to avoid the small explosion that completely destroys a nearby wall. “It’s about time you damned fool!” Takeo roars angrily. As Master Ten steps through the haze from his destruction of the wall, he ignores the offense and focuses all his intensity on a now standing Shin.


Chimei-Tekina Hansha: Deadly Reflection

     Combat Supremacy: superior (rank 2)


At first, no words pass between them, only a burning, rising aura of furious intensity. Then Shin breaks the silence, “I am KALI now and KALI never fails.” Master Ten scoffs. “Then you are a fool; for to fail is to learn and those who do not make mistakes will never learn.” Shin turns his back. Then without pause, Hansha spins around with a flying roundhouse kick. Ten deflects and spins with his other arm for a powerful backhand hatchet fist. The blow misses, but is quickly followed by various flurries of attack. They all miss their target. “Fool, I have trained my ears, nose and touch to peak proficiency.” Ten ignores the boasts and continues the charge with failure. “…I can feel the current of your attacks before they reach me. I can smell your bloodlust, which warns me that every strike is deadly. I can hear your thunderous footsteps which give away your fighting stance.” Regardless, Ten pushes the youngster against a wall. “You can not harm me.” He boasts.


All together now

     Duplication: supreme (rank 3)


Suddenly, Ten is barraged with what seems like a dozen stealthy punches and kicks as Hansha’s images from the various items within the room join the fight. With utmost skill, Ten commences to forming a defense of hands and feet. Hansha himself joins in the fray and pushes Ten back towards the adjacent window. “In ancient times, the believed that mirrors trapped your true soul. Tell me old man, what do you think of my soul now?” Ten does not answer. As he falls back from the multiple blows, Ten wisely smashes the various reflective surfaces in his path. Shin’s aggressive attacks are methodically lessened with every broken image. “You will die.” Hansha hisses horridly. “Now who is the repetitive one?” Master Ten questions. With his back pressed against the window, Ten smirks and slams an elbow into it. The last remaining reflective surface shatters unto the floor. Hansha halts his onslaught briefly and bowls over with laughter. “Look down old man. You just opened up a whole can of whoop ass.” Ten unflustered begins to take in deep breaths. He glances down and notices that the single pane of window that he shattered has now become many dozens of shards upon the floor…all reflecting a laughing image of Hansha. Heedlessly, Ten’s arms flow in a smooth circular motion oblivious to Hansha’s amusement. Without hesitation, the reflections attack Ten in concert. His body is assailed relentlessly as he takes blow after blow, regardless he continues to hold his position and gather force.


Ninjutsu mahō: Ninja Magic

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


Suddenly, Master Ten raises his hand high above his head. His fingers pull inward into a hardened coil, tight against the palm. With a massive exhale, he brings the palm down into the floor. “Tengu and Tennu combination: Heavenly Conqueror Palm Strike!” He bellows. With a booming crash, his hand collides with the floor. Shin cannot believe his eyes. The authority of the strike not just shatters the glass shards upon the floor, but it completely atomizes them. The glass billows in the air causing a misty haze. Completely blinded by the lack of reflective surfaces, Shin remains motionless in disbelief. Master Ten bows and then attacks. Blind, Shin focuses on his other senses to defend as best he can. Slowly, Shin raises his head and faces Ten who is already readying himself for a killing blow. “Your eyes!” Shin yells. Unknown to Ten, Shin has found another reflective surface: the eyes of Master Ten. In Ten’s eyes, Shin sees the likeness of Takeo who hides cowardly beneath a desk. He uses the opportunity of vision to cause his mirror image to relentlessly attack Takeo’s. The distraction causes Ten to turn to the screaming Takeo in confusion. As Ten turns his eyes from his opponent, Shin’s reflective surface also goes. Without vision again, Shin quickly kicks in the direction of Ten and makes a wise exit while he remains diverted. The kick catches Ten off guard and he stumbles forward. As quick as he can muster her turns and strikes hard, but it is too late. Hansha is gone.

Meanwhile as Hansha makes his way to the exit stairway, a voice calls out to him. He turns at the sound, but finds nothing. The stairwell lights flicker and shatter one by one, coming from the top down as well as the bottom up. In an instant, it is pitch black. Blind at any rate, Hansha barely registers the transition. Nevertheless, his body senses the cool of the darkness and he smiles. “Hello Brother.” The familiar voice calls. “Hiroaki…!” Hansha returns. “I knew it was you. You arrived just in time.” He speaks to the darkness. “There is plenty of time for that. Let’s you and I play catch up first. I hope you’re not afraid of the dark.”