Oliver V. Humphries


Gender: Male

Kit: Super

Location: Qaanaaq/Thule(Greenland)


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 20

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Until a few years ago, I was a regular guy living in London, with a regular 9 to 5 job, but then, three years ago, that all changed...

It started out mildly, with simple mood swings, heh... I thought it was just a hormonal thing, but oooh boy was I wrong... A few weeks later, after the mood swing had gotten bad enough that I was beginning to consider seeing a shrink, I started hearing voices... Yeah, I know what you're thinking.... Hearing voices is never a good sign, that's what I thought as well, however, as I mentioned, that was pretty much just the beginning.

It culminated a few days later, when I finally decided I was going insane and went to see a shrink because the voices had grown so much more frequent... Sitting in the bus, on my way to the good doctor, my life went down the drain.

I have later been told that I collapsed, screaming, in the bus. But all I remember is the feelings and emotions flowing through me so rapidly I couldn't distinguish one from the next, and the voices filling my head.

Now, I live in the most desolate and God forsaken place on Earth. The locals call is Qaanaaq, but for the rest of the world, it's simply known as Thule. That's right, neighbor to the North Pole, and the absolute arsehole of the earth.


After 2 years spent in a solitary room in the asylum, I had finally gotten enough control of myself to be among the regular population, without getting the shakes, or falling screaming to the ground, at least for small periods of time, and I got myself released.

From long talks with my appointed psychiatrist, I had realized that going back to my old life was not an option, I had also realized that being able to live among other humans was also not an option, so I looked for the most desolate places I could find, where there was still the possibility of convenient things like housing and indoor plumbing, and eventually settled on this little piece of heaven... That's right, Thule in Greenland.

On arriving here, the few locals were friendly enough, at least I think they were. Of course, seeing as I couldn't understand a word they were saying, they could have been insulting me the entire time...

However, I digress, I got settled down and started trying to get used to my new life as a hermit.

In Thule, there is only 2 occupations, you are either a fisherman or you're a hunter. Being the happy owner of exactly 0 boats, I decided that fisherman was not for me, and procured an old rifle from one of the locals.

A few days later, the same guy who sold me the rifle, Sakarias is his name, invited me to go hunting. I was, of course, excited to start my new career, and filled with thoughts of the praise I would receive when I returned triumphant as a successful big game hunter, so I accepted the invitation.

A few hours later, we were on the ice when I noticed a small black dot, that my... abilities, told me were some form of animal, and I pointed it out to my hunting partner. As it turned out, I had just spotted a seal.

Excited as I was, I crouched down with my trusty rifle and carefully, under guidance of Sakarias, took aim on the seal. A few moments later, I gently caressed the trigger, and... that's right, fell screaming to the ground.

As it turns out, being a hunter was apparently not for me either, my... abilities, effectively prevents me from harming any life form more advanced than the mosquito's and the flies, because I share their emotions, and incidentally, the pain of being shot, or hit, or injured in any way, is among the things I share.

So, I am not just a hermit because of my abilities, I am also a pacifist...



     Empathy: superior (rank 2)


Through thorough research, I have discovered that my ability to sense, and share, the feelings and emotions of life around me, is called Empathy... I call it a pain in my arse.

Any feeling or emotion felt by others, I can sense and feel as well. If you walk by me and you are angry, I will become angry as well, if you are happy, so am I, likewise, if you have a stomachache, then my stomach hurts as well.

In general it only seem to work in a limited area, I have got it narrowed down, through some experimentation with the help of some friendly locals, to an area the size of a movie theater. However, if I focus, I can extend the range to a certain point, and if I focus on an individual, like the seal, it extends the area to line of sight.

I quickly learned to stay in my house at the outskirts of the... town, for the lack of a better word, when any kind of party or celebration was being held. I also learned that the packs of dogs kept by some of the locals, were things to stay away from. Not just because they would eat me if they could. But because of the multitude of emotions in a group of 15 or more dogs. Say what you want, but feeling hungry to the point of pain, while feeling intense loyalty towards the alpha dog and my erstwhile neighbor, is just not right.


Environmental Awareness

     Environmental Awareness: superior (rank 2)


I quickly found out, that my ability to sense and share the emotions of others, also lets me know where everyone is at any given time. As long as they are within sensing range of course.

This helps me avoid the various locals, that for some reason all want me to marry their daughters.



     Telepathy: standard (rank 1)


On top of being able to sense the emotions of others, I am also blessed with the ability to read the surface thoughts of those around me.

Yes, surface thoughts, Thank god it isn't any more than that. Just hearing the mental blabber of everyone around me is bad enough, I don't even want to consider the thought of being able to see the more deep lying thoughts of others.



     Invisibility: standard (rank 1)


The only saving grace to my abilities, is that I can apparently affect the minds of others to a certain point. More specifically, I can make people ignore me.

This took some practice, but I am happy to say, that Jonna, the wife of Sakarias, and the mother of a, supposedly, lovely and eligible daughter in a marriageable age, never sees me on my rare, but regular, trips into town.



     Communication: standard (rank 1)


The one good thing about being bombarded with the thoughts of others, is that I apparently learn languages really fast.

Of course, if you were being constantly bombarded with say... Chinese, to the point where you can't hear anything other than Chinese, even your own thoughts, you would probably pick it up quite fast as well.

In my specific case, I was coherent in Greenlandic, 5 days after arriving here, and fluent in the language 3 weeks after that.