Hinori Mona


Gender: Female

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Shanghai, China


Alignment: Villain

Team: Hell's Gate


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 6

Personal Losses: 13

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Hinori had just finished killing a new victim, as she began to walk off the victim had a glimpse of her past as he began to suffer his eternal existence of jealousy inside her mind.

Hinori lay on the altar, her little brother holding onto her hand as he too lay on the altar with her. Their fellow villagers had always treated them like slaves after their parents died and now that they were useless to them, they would be sacrificed to appease the gods who were wrathful to the people.

"I will go first Nieu, you will be right behind me." She said as the executioner prepared to remove their limbs from their bodies. Nieu's eyes teared up as he shook his head.

"No sister, we will go together, like we have done everything before." He gripped her hand tighter. She smiled as she closed her eyes and he did the same.

The executioner put on his mask and raised his axe. The crowd of people that gathered to watch the sacrifice looked on in awe as the executioner lowered the axe down on Hinori's legs cleaving them from her body. Hinori, in shock, took four seconds to actually let out a scream of pain as she writhed in pain, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her brother soon followed as his legs were cut from his body, his screaming matching in time with her own as they cried and held each others hands tightly. The executioner finished up with Hinori's right arm and was preparing to do away with her left, when she screamed for him to stop.

"NOOOO, not this one.....please....please just let me hold his hand until the end...." She pleaded with her tear filled eyes as he ignored her and chopped off her arm.

She screamed in pain, more so at the fact that she could no longer hold her brother's hand rather then the pain of losing her arm. As he finished her brother's arm he did away with her brother's head next as her brother smiled at her and closed his eyes she could hear him faintly say the words "I love you sister" just before his head was cleaved off. Hinori, realizing that they didn't die together like Nieu wanted, widened her eyes in shock as she received the axe next and had her head cleaved off as well.

Unbeknown to the people in the temple, a festering evil of jealousy and contempt known as Mona found its way into Hinori's mind as her brain had not yet died and held all her memories and thoughts. As the demon felt through her mind it found the perfect ingredients for its plans of terror.

"For Master Ezuma Revtami, I shall accomplish this task of horrific ends." The demon said as it took over Hinori's remaining existence, altering her sadness into jealousy. As Hinori opened her eyes, the dark veil of a fallen girl would descend upon the temple.

As the deed was done, the executioner took off his mask to address the people of the sacrifice being completed and proceeded to walk off the platform, as the people cheered thinking their sin was completely gone. They couldn't be more wrong..........The altar that the bodies were on began to dissolve and rot away, as if time had sped up for it. The executioner turned to find a pair of yellow eyes staring at him as a head and arms manifested itself in front of him, but no body or legs.

"You are a monster, not worthy of life. Though, the same can be said about me if not more so." Hinori spoke as one of the hands touched his face and it began to rot away to nothing but a skull, the rest of his body followed suit as she took the ceremonial armor from the temples prayer chamber.

The people looked on in horror, thinking that their sacrifice hadn't worked and that evil had finally returned. On the contrary, their sacrifice worked well. Well enough to give a demon a nice body to inhabit for all eternity.

"I have one thing to say to all of you peons who thought of my brother and I as devils and slaves for so many years." She said as she reached into the ground and pulled out a large claymore. "Jealousy is thy creed; thou shalt repent for thy sins." She said as she began to slash and thrust her sword in a violent blur of speed as she ran at the people gathered in the temple.

She ripped and tore them apart as her sword became stained with tainted blood of true sinners, their screams filled the temple walls out of fear of the revived Hinori coming after them.

"Blood on my sword proves that you are without a doubt responsible for the sins you have committed here today. May you live an eternal nightmare regretting what you did." She said as she left the temple grounds as Hinori Mona the Embodiment of Jealousy.

She would continuously roam the Earth for the next six thousand years, killing to appease her jealousy of not being able to accompany her brother into the afterlife and leaving him lonely in his grave for all eternity.


As the vision of the past ended, the man suffering inside Hinori's mind began to scream in agony as the events played over and over in his head. Hinori smiled as his tormented reflection could be seen within her eyes.

"Those that scream within a cage, only prove themselves to be the true monsters." She said as she looked at all the people inside her mind, trapped from being killed by her sword.

She walked onward, unable to control her spontaneous laughter as she prepared to head towards Stone Henge.


The Jealousy That Consumes You

     Decay: standard (rank 1)


"In my jealousy, I have been consumed. So shall you be consumed by the jealousy of my non existing heart. You shall fall apart and rot in your own envious fester hole. The only thin that can save you is death, and that comes as a blessing from me all to quickly as I shall steal your existence from your very body. Your life, extinguished by the very jealousy you conveyed onto others. How does that make you fell in the end? Depressed? Angry? Jealous of my powers? No? Well, who would be jealous of the powers to end the lives of monsters that call themselves humanity. I touch you and you're gone, wiped from time itself in a paradox of dust and ash."

-Hinori Mona to a priest in a Sumerian Temple.


The Shadow That You Thought You Saw Move

     Invisibility: superior (rank 2)


"My body is unique. It neither exists nor does it not exist. You be the judge, can you see me fully. If not take a closer look for I have all day to toy with your sight. Eyes can be a burden sometimes, relying on them to see me makes my task all the easier. Am I behind you? No? How about in front of you? No? How about my eyes, the eyes that glow brighter then the brightest sun in the brightest sky. If you can't see them then look in another place for I was never there to begin with. Your back is turned. I like that, it makes it easier to thrust my sword into your beating heart. THOUGH, I am sure that you have no heart to thrust through as you are only human and are incapable of having something so treasurerable as a heart."

-Hinori Mona to a rapist on the streets of England.


The Fencing Technique Of The Gods

     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


"Although my sword skills are great, my aim isn't. I tend to miss your vitals by mere inches. But that seems to be fine as I don't need to hurry to do you in. I have all eternity to wait for you to die by my blade. Honor amongst the honorless is a useless gesture as I have no use for it. Playing dirty is rather fun as I get to see the faces of anger and pain at the same time. If you can't dodge these blows you need more practice. I shall give you a lesson but it costs one life. How many lives do you have? One? Oh, then I guess your lesson is complete because I am talking to a dead corpse."

-Hinori Mona to a rouge samurai.


Envy Unbared

     Eldritch Energy: standard (rank 1)


"Envy can be a bad thing, maybe for you. For me it is like a raging fire. Put more wood on it and it grows bigger and hotter. As I become more jealous all of my powers increase. Nothing is impossible for me, well maybe flying. My jealousy is your nightmare. And even nightmares can happen while you're awake, this is no dream. In this nightmare you will be possessed by a demon, me, as I infest your soul and make your jealousy my own. Your weak? It matters not I will steal your strength anyway and kill you afterward."

-Hinori Mona to a random person.


Where Did Her Body Go?

     Armor: superior (rank 2)


"Underneath my armor you will find........absolutely nothing. My body is non existent. In fact, it is more accurate to say that my body disintegrated a long time ago. But don't think that just because I have no body I can't fight. My arms and Head are quite real and can do you harm. Be warned, this is no handicap. My body may be astral but my patience isn't. How cute, you tried to stab me in the back. Did you succeed? I guess not seeing as I don't have a back. I will turn to face you and stare into your eyes, distracting you as I carve into your body with my sword. What about your friend? Oh spare him? Why should I? Humans have bodies. One doesn't need a body to live. You all deserve to die for that imperfection you call a body."

-Hinori Mona to two thugs in a warehouse.