Gender: Male

Kit: Super

Location: East Africa


Alignment: Hero

Team: Infinium: The Engine of Perpetual Motion


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 5

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled


“Quick. We must return quickly Ebo. We must tell the others what we have heard.”

Ebo and Dulani ran through the thick jungle with their spears in hand as the sun hit the middle of the sky. They had just finished visiting the neighboring tribes, who had some unsettling news to share. The country now known as Kenya, which had been able to escape the tyranny of the slave trade so far, had heard the rumors that swept over Africa. Hearing these terrible rumors, they weren’t sure how much longer they would be spared from this tyranny. The neighboring tribes already had out word of white men seen walking the coast and this unsettled all the nearby tribes. They prepared for war…

Issa knelt down to the ground and placed his hand in the cool dirt. He looked up at his wife, Nya and smiled. Simply her beautiful smile settled his anxiety. He, being the strongest warrior of the tribe, left the rest of the village looking up to him for action against the rumors.

“How are you feeling?” He said feeling her impregnated stomach.

“Fine Issa, you worry too much. You will make yourself old, and if you are old who will teach our son to be a hunter?”

“Ah, you are right my beauty. I must be young and strong so that I may teach our son, and one day he will lead the village with his wise decisions.” He said putting his head to her stomach.

He listened to the movement in her belly before he was disrupted by the yelling of Dulani and Ebo.

“Issa… Issa!” They yelled from a far, “White men have been seen walking the coast. Neighbor tribe says they will be here in at most two days time. Should we not leave or join the south villages in this time of war?”

“Easy Dulani.” He said chuckling slowly, “You do not know what these men want. We will not attack them unless they show as a threat, besides Mother Asili will protect us. Do not worry yourself over gossip my friend.”

Issa placed his hand on Dulani’s back as he walked him away. In the back of his mind Issa knew Dulani was right to call for action, but he didn’t want to believe it. Life in the tribe was perfect. The harvests were plentiful and hunters brought back enough for leftovers each day. He did not want to disturb it with this talk. He did not want to leave sacred land. He went to the Wiseman of the village for insight.

“Cheikh, I have come to you for insight.” Issa said as he sat down in his hut. Cheikh’s back was turned to him as he gestured his hands to the sky and to the ground. Incense rose within the hut as he began to speak.

“I know, I know. You have heard of the white men that come and you are worried that your inaction will hurt the village.” He looked over his shoulder at Issa for confirmation, “You look to me for an answer as what to do, but I tell you now Issa, they look to you for your decision not of this old man.”

“I know Cheikh do not worry Mother Asili will provide our protection, but what if these rumors are true? What if they do have weapons that spit fire?” Issa questioned anxiously.

“My son, Mother Asili will protect the tribe.”Cheikh said as he turned back to Issa, “Now go. Go enjoy our overflow of provisions provided by Mother Asili. I do not want to hear any more of this gossip from the south. Tonight you will address the tribe and show through your strong will that this village will continue to thrive and that will be the end of it.” He turned his back to Issa once again as he continued spreading the incense. Issa stood not pleased with his answer, and began to walk out the door.

“Thank you, Cheikh.”


The sun fell below the horizon and the night rose up. The drums that beat around the fire echoed throughout the jungle. The population of the tribe surrounded the fire as they danced and chanted along with the beat of the drums. The sight was mesmerizing, but the beating slowed as Issa rose from his seat.

“Tonight’s feast is a celebration of our growth. Of your growth…” Issa’s strong voice boomed through the crowd as he gave his speech, and the crowd attentively listened to every word he spoke. “…And I thank you my people for having so much faith in me, and our Mother Asili who protects us always!” He paused as he looked at Cheikh, “…but I feel we are in danger. The rumors of the men at the coast cannot be ignored!”

At these words the village exploded with voices. Their mixed emotions overwhelmed Issa. Cheikh stood to his feet and motioned his hand at the fire. The fire then roared up with life and silenced the crowd.

“What I believe Issa means is…”

The sound was foreign, and the villages stood to their feet as Cheikh fell over to the floor. Men then flooded through the jungle into the fire’s light with their weapons drawn. The villagers scrambled at the sight. The warriors ran to their tents and grabbed their spears and daggers. Issa didn’t move from his position as he knelt down to Cheikh, but it was too late he was already gone. His face filled with anger as he stood to face the intruders. He let out his war cry as he charged towards them, but they fired their rifles once again. The bullets pierced through Issa’s body, and he fell to the ground. His sight began to blur, and all he could hear were the screams and cries of his people as they were captured and roped up. He tried to will himself to stand, but his body just wouldn’t agree. He blacked out.



     Regeneration: standard (rank 1)


Issa groaned to life while the morning sun beat on his back. He looked down at his wounds, but they were gone. He stood and gazed upon the desolate village. The sight of his once lively village made barren in such a way made his eyes began to water, but he wouldn’t let the tears fall. He walked back to the body of Cheikh and fell to his knees. Issa then crossed Cheikh’s arms, and laid his forehead upon his. He knew what he had to do. He stood up from Cheikh’s body, and stormed to his hut.


A Warrior's Spear

     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


He walked into the hut and pulled back a curtain of animal skin. It unveiled a large spear that nearly equaled him in height. He grabbed the spear and touched the sharp tip, inspecting the weapon before running out of the hut. He ran through the jungle as he tried to follow the slightly cold trail the intruders left from the previous night. Using his knowledge of the land and the “gossip” of the villages he knew that they would be heading back for the coast. He also knew he had to prevent that.

He ran until he neared a large brush that stood between the thick jungles and the oceans beach. He stopped and observed the land before slowly walking through the brush. As he neared the center he stumbled upon the massacre. The south villages had indeed followed through with their plan to wage war. Issa carefully stepped through the plethora of bodies that laid, between him and the coast. He spotted a fallen warrior with a metal breastplate, and quickly placed it over his chest before storming forward to the coast.



     Detective: standard (rank 1)


The sun had rose high in the clear sky now. Issa laid on his belly as he looked over the hill at the beach. The sight of his people in chains filled him with so much anger, but he laid still as he observed the situation. The slave traders now moved in haste after they were ambushed in the brush. There weren’t enough of them to take another attack by the natives. They wanted to set sail as soon as possible, so while most of the crew was packing onto a small boat to send back to the larger ship only two guards guarded the captives. Issa got up to a crouch and picked up his spear as he slowly made his way behind one of the guards in the brush. He waited for the right moment before he leaped out at his unknowing target. He pushed his spear through the back of the guard until it pierced through the front of his body. Issa roared with rage, and guard cried in pain. This caught the attention of the other guard as he drew his pistol. Issa pointed his spear to the ground and pulled it out of the guard’s body to point it to the other. The other guard spoke a foreign language to Issa before firing his weapon, but the bullet bounced off the skin covered metal breastplate, and Issa charged once again this time piercing the stomach of the guard. The captives cheered in their chains, but the gunfire and yelling attracted the attention of the rest of the crew. They ran from the ship and circled Issa as they all held weapons varying from rifles, to swords.


One with Earth

     Weather Control: superior (rank 2)


The men taunted Issa as they circled him. He held his large spear outstretched to keep the men at their distance, but it did little good. The two with guns opened fired. One bullet was deflected by his breastplate but the other burrowed its way into his leg. Issa yelled in pain as he fell to one knee. He kept his spear up in an attempt to still keep them at bay, but the numbers game caught up. A rifle butt met the back of Issa’s head sending him into the dirt. The crew laughed as they kicked Issa’s weapon aside. Issa’s face laid against the cool dirt as he once again found himself in this predicament. He looked over at the worried face of the captives as he dug his hands into the cool earth. Clouds began to form, blocking out the sun. The previous gentle breezed roared as it turned into gusts of wind. The waves of the ocean tossed the boat back and forth as it floated on sea. The crew who had turned their back on Issa to watch the drastic weather change turned back to Issa to find him standing strong once again.



     Weapon Master: standard (rank 1)


He then picked up his spear again and threw it into one of the five men. The large spear sliced through the man as he fell back into the sand. The others, just coming out of shock, attempted to reload their guns while the swordsman lunged himself as Issa. Issa sidestepped the sword as he grabbed hold of the handle and disarmed the man. With a swift move of his hands he pushed the sword back up towards the swordsman’s neck stabbing his jugular. He pulled the sword back out letting the man drop to the side of him. The other three stood there, panicky, as they still attempted to reload their pistols. Issa stepped forward and three looked at each other before dropping their pistols and running towards the smaller boat that sat on the beach. Issa pulled his spear from the lying man’s gut as he watched them row away to the larger ship.


The Wrench in their plans

     Tactician: standard (rank 1)



Issa continued to protect his people along with the neighboring villages from these attacks. Eventually, many warriors with “special” abilities joined Issa in the fight to protect their land from the intruders. As time went on, however, it wasn’t small bands of pirates invading East Africa, but large companies sent in from the European nations. Britain and Germany had found interest in the area, and because of their resources they started work on a railroad to go through East Africa, but they soon discovered a wrench in their plans. Issa set into motion his plans to stop these companies from disturbing his land.

“Yes, I understand, sir… But the natives are out of control. They have turned every one of our plans upside down.” The husky man said.

He stood up from his desk and wiped his sweaty face before looking back at the man sitting on the other side of his desk.

“Yes, we’ve received all of your letters. They make lightning strike the equipment, breathe fire upon the tracks, and speak to the men with their mind.”

“This is all true! I’ve shown you the damage done already, and you’ve talked to the workers!”

“Calm down, Mister Helm. I’ve seen the damage done, and I’ve heard their stories, but I still find this whole situation quite hard to believe.” He paused and gathered his things off the desk and put them in his briefcase. Wiping his glasses as he continued. “But this still is your problem, Mr. Helm, and if I was you… I’d find a solution before I return… By any means necessary.”

The lanky man put his glasses on, stood up and walked through the door. Mr. Helm watched him wait in the dirt road until he was picked up a car driven off. His assistant walked in. She walked up behind him as he leaned on door frame, and began to rub his shoulders.

“Oh Mr. Helm, you feel so tense.”

“Not now Jane. If I don’t make these damn Africans disappear, I might just disappear.”

“Well… He did say by any means necessary. I could make a meeting for you, but it might cost you a shiny penny.”

“What kinda meetin’?”

“A meeting that just might make your problems… disappear.”

Mr. Helm smirked, “By any means necessary, babe.”


Issa ran through the jungle as his newly recruited partner, Senzi, followed closely behind him. Senzi was a pyromaniac teenager who had the ability to spit out fire. They called him Senzi the Devil, mostly because his actions weren’t very hero-like at his village, but because of his abilities Issa knew that the power he had should not be wasted and instead put to good use.

The night sky served as their cover as they swiftly ran towards the newly built civilization. They got down low as they got to the end of the thick brush and looked out into the dark dirt road. Across the road were the new supplies that were dropped off after the last ones were mysteriously set ablaze. Two guards sat in front of the supplies as they played their card game with their rifles lying on their laps. Issa peered at Senzi and signaled numerous hand signs before disappearing back into the foliage. Senzi nodded, and jumped out of the brush as he opened his mouth releasing flames upon the guards. They fell over in their chairs from the heat alone, attempting to scramble behind the boxed supplies. They took cover and then took their aim. Senzi danced on the road as he sprayed fire over the boxes. The moment the fire died down the two guards lifted their heads over their cover ready to open fire at the flame spitting teen. Fog rolled in and by the time they lifted their head nothing was visible. The fog was too thick. They eyed each other, barely making out their partners faces. The first guard turned his head back to the fog and the scream he heard was so loud and piercing it sounded as if it was right beside him. He whispered for his partner in the now silent foggy night. No answer. He turned his head back over the boxed supplies and Issa towered over him with his large spear in hand. He grabbed the guard’s throat and pulled him closer.

“Tell your boss that this will not stop. We will not be removed. This machine will run through our land once I breathe my last breath.”