Alanna Vimes


Gender: Female

Kit: Normal

Location: Africa, the Jungle of Carcaros


Alignment: Hero

Team: Infinium: The Engine of Perpetual Motion


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 45

Personal Losses: 49

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Hugo Fowl


Location: Highgate cemetery

It was a gloomy day for a funeral....Especially one like this, for an officer who did so much, yet received so little in return.... To the mind of Constable Clark, Vimes deserved so much more then this little gravestone....It was a strange funeral too....Consisting of merely four mourners, though there was ten people....Vimes wasn't really the sort to befriend easily, though when he did it was something he did for life. His reason for such when asked once, was along the lines of not wanting to clutter his life with useless people.

Blunt, but a good man and a fine officer, whatever others may have said. And as he reminisced, Constable Clark surveyed the rest of the mourners....There was poor Jenny, a high-class "lady of negotiable affection." She hadn't said a word since the beginning of the funeral. Her mouth tight and her makeup running as she cried silently...Even now, Clark wasn't ever sure if Vimes and her had ever....Nevertheless, she was a friend and her personal loss was genuine. Which was more then anyone could say, really.

Next to her was the Chief. A former soldier and while skeptical of the majority of Vimes methods, also was amongst Vimes close-knit circle....Finally, there was the young woman with the veil....Whose body shuddered silently in mourning he supposed...Vimes sister. He was shocked, he had no idea Vimes had any siblings....Much less one like this.

One of the "new women" apparently, she had come all the way from Africa in order to attend....And as they all stood there in the rain, she would speak hoarsely.

"How did he die again? Tell me...."

Sighing, the Chief would speak.

"He died in his duty and for Queen and Country....You should be proud."

When she replied, it was as though she was spitting out steel ingots.

"That's not what I asked....How did he die?"

Clark glanced at Jenny and together, they shared a brief "uh-oh" sense of foreboding doom as the Chief opened his mouth and said the worse thing possible.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you-"

"No....You just won't....He was after that, that...Magic crackpot, wasn't he? Lord Black!"

Trying to placate her, Chief held up his hands and spoke.

"Now miss Vimes, I can't-"

Wrong words....And the smack of a fist hitting flesh would echo in the graveyard as the woman clocked the Chief. Constable Clark would rush over to help, while Jenny attempted to use her gift of words.

"Please Alanna....I know your pain....I know your grief....Alex was special to me as well...But to brawl on his grave? Have you lost your senses completely? Is this what he would have wanted?"

The words would take effect and Alanna would pause before grabbing her hat and tossing it to the side, letting the rain fall freely upon her as she glared. Sunburned and tanned by Afica's sun, she was pretty...But not beautiful. Her eyes on the other hand clearly showed just who she was though....A Vimes....And she would speak.

"Your right....I know what my brother would have wanted...."

And she turned and stalked out of the graveyard, even as the Chief got up and spoke, calling after her.

"Alanna! You can't take the law into your own hands....If I see you do that, I have to arrest you! Don't make me do that! Please!"

At his words, Alanna would pause....And for a moment, the only sound was the rain before she spoke in amusement.

"IF you see me....If there is no proof, there is no crime....Right Chief?"

And as she ran out the gate, Clark would glance at Jenny and the Chief.

"I don't know about you....But I think Lord Black bit off more then he can chew this time...."


3 days later......

The Random Battle pub. A place well noted for its infamous brand of criminals, cut-throats, and general scum that manages to stay afloat in the world of crime. Even Scotland Yard goes in only in force, and for the four people at one of the tables, they have no qualms whatsoever in gleefully exchanging gossip on the latest news...In particular, the death of Officer Vimes. Shuffling the deck for the next game, the first man continues his story as he deals the cards.

"-An' so I hears after that, Lor' Black hisself up and slits his throat like some hog! Apparently, it was personal."

He smiles, revealing a case of halitosis fit to scare off the most gung-ho dentist as he nods and taps his nose, in the manner all men who seek to act wise do. His companion, more jittery then most stammers as he picks up his cards.

"I-I 'eard it was more....then what ye says....My mate Bill...He tells me hisself, that Lor' Black sucked him dry....Touched 'is cane on 'is 'ead and just...Sucks the life out of 'im like marrow from a bone! Ye can't say thats natural."

Making the sign of the cross to the humor of his compatriots, it would gain a barking laugh from the third as he tossed his weeks wages in the pot.

"Oh, sod off you! Ye an' Bill would believe anything, after a few pints of this tosh...But what about ye? Ye have heard both...What do ye say?"

This would be directed to the last person, who aside from a few cursory tosses of coins into the pot, had seen fit to keep out of the conversation....Until the person placed a full house down and spoke....With a womans voice, as Alanna Vimes lifted the brim of her hat in suppressed rage.

"Full House gents....Now why don't we talk?"



     Environmental Awareness: superior (rank 2)


The reaction of the three thugs was instantaneous... But not enough.... Years of spending time in Africa....Away from civilization and all its conveniences, Alanna learned things that no other lady of her age would have dreamed of even contemplating, from slacks to fist-fighting....But her greatest strength was her patience, revered enough by the natives to earn her the nickname "Mamba"....."Crocodile" in Swahili.

Unlike her late brother who could look at you and know what you were, what you did that day, etc.....Alanna would lie in wait, observing all....Aware of everything around her...And then strike. Like hunting lions in the Dark Continent, her senses so expanded that she would note the least little things...The smell of oil behind her, giving her a weapon as she grabbed the lamp and smashed it into the mans face....The faint whisper of something swishing through the air, causing her to duck as the club swung where her head would have been, upon which she countered by aiming a kick to smash into his solar plexus....Leaving only one...Mr. Halitosis himself, who stumbled back in fear and sought to run out the door....He didn't get far....



     Marksman: superior (rank 2)


Thirty Years ago.... Vimes estate.

Hidden away in the stables, five year old Alanna would be crying. Sobbing with all the sorrow a child could muster, in a place she thought herself completely alone....When a voice spoke behind her.

"Oi, whats wrong this time?"

She gasped and spun, looking at the big man her mother said was her brother, Alex...Alanna would be awaiting the Courts decision on that one. For one, he looked nothing like her mother. Second, if he was her brother, why didn't she know of him before? And thus, would her logic be satisfied as she sniffed and looked away.

"Leave alone!" She winced. She was still unused to English, having been raised in Spain all her life up to this point....She expected Alex to ignore her, like how he did the past few weeks with her....Instead, he did something else....He sat down with her.

"What happened?"

Somewhat nervous, her sobs becoming hiccups....Alanna would clutch her knees and hide her face...Half-expecting him to leave her again....He didn't. To her surprise, he would hold her in a half-hug...Awkwardly, but it was still a hug and she looked up, tear trails on her face as she looked at him in shock. It ended up eliciting a reaction from him, as he spoke gruffly, his neck turning red.

"This doesn't mean I'm still comfortable around you....Father sure sprung a surprise when he brought you and your mum home...Was it that Jeffry? Just nod yes or no...Gods, you do understand me right?"

Alanna wouldn't really get to much...But at the name "Jeffry", she would burrow her face in his shirt, about to cry again...Which had Alexander Vimes narrowing his eyes as he patted her on the back and stood up.

"Stay right here...."

And he would turn, and jog out of the stable....Only to be followed by little Alanna....It would take her some time to catch up, but when she did...She gasped aloud.

Jeffry, the heir of the neighboring family was a brute and a bully, for all he was thirteen years old...And he would be pummeling his fists into Vimes stomach while two of his mates would be holding Alex, though he sported a black eye and a split lip which Alex would set against with some pride, despite the pain....For Alanna, her fear of Jeffry turned to rage. Brother was getting hurt! And looking around, she would close her fist on a rock and throw it with all her might....And by some divine intervention maybe, it would fling true and impact in Jeffry's teeth, causing him to howl in pain....And giving enough of a distraction for Alex to break free, quickly laying on the blows to the point that all three of the bullies would run...And heaving a sigh, Vimes would wince and look at Alanna...Or at least, where she was. Seeing her brother(and unknowing that in her mind, he became her brother) safe had her run as fast as she could, clutching his legs in a tight hug as she babbled on in Spanish if he was alright, if he was ok, and did you see me hit that idiot in the mouth-!

Vimes would be absolutely stunned and turning red, he patted her gingerly on the back and suddenly chuckled, kneeling and wiping her face.

"Your a good shot, aren't you? "Little-Bright-Eyes"....

Present Time....

"Little-Bright-Eyes"..... Alex's nickname for her, ever since that day when as a five-year old, she threw a rock with pinpoint accuracy at a bullies mouth...Now in addition to all she did in her life, it was one of her greatest talents....And whipping a weighted knife from her belt, it was the habit of a lifetime to do instantly what as a child she did by accident...And she would let it fly, impacting into his coat and keeping him fast. Slowly drawing out another, she stepped closer and spoke.

"Fenris Black.....Where is he?"


"Lovers Whisper."

     Piercing Weapon: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Long Ranged Attack


Three Hours later.....

Walking back to her home in London, Alanna would step inside and sigh. What a day....And she would walk through her hallway, tossing her wide-brimmed hat on the coat stand as she sat down in her armchair, contemplating what she had learned today from the thug.

Apparently, nobody would really talk....Those that did, would speak of odd stories...Black Magic stuff, the dead rising, levitation, hellfire....All intriguing, but Alanna didn't believe in magic....And even if it was true....

She stood up suddenly and walked to a special case, opening it to reveal a battered, but lovingly cared for Elephant Gun....Any Hunters special weapon and pulling it out, she placed it to her shoulder and peered through the sight....Besides her throwing knives, it was her only weapon and she would sight down to a gargoyle statuette and growl.

"Fenris Black....Prepare to hear my Lovers Whisper....It'll be the last thing you'll ever hear.....