Gender: Male

Kit: Alien

Location: Khazan City, Khazan


Alignment: Villain

Team: Brotherhood of the Beast


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 100

Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 8

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Bob Stout aka Burnface was a misunderstood child, always struggling to gain recognition and acceptance amidst a huge dysfunctional family that had far too many children to support on meager earnings of one parent. They were almost stereotypical in their existence in the hills of a small town, known to be strange and odd they were largely avoided. This had them lashing out, acting as if there was no laws to give hold or restraint on them. Bob had been in and out of youths correctional facilities and counselors offices on and off as far back as he could remember, his initial run ins with trouble involved the torturing of small animals. This only added to the 'weird' that hovered around the boy, leaving him with very little companions.

This all changed when young Mr.Stout became close friends with another 'strange kid' named Floyd Quick and his mentally damaged foster brother Jenkins, the three of them caused their own form of mayhem alone, out of supervision of adults and off in their own world. It was one night out with them sneaking alcohol and causing their usual destructive mayhem that they witness a meteorite touch to the Earth landing in the Quicks backyard, not more than a football field away from the three young men.

"Did you see that Floyd!?" Jenkins chimes up.

"Shut up dumbz3, we're trying to make this toad pop." Floyd would respond in an irritated voice to the younger adopted sibling.

"Heheheh squelch, pop." Bob would imitate poorly.

"No really see look, its glowing over there! Something fell out of the sky. I think it's in Mary's chicken coup!" The heavyset kid was running off now, racing after the glow.

"There is something over there dude, look." Bob was pointing as the m80's lost interest and they were following Jenkin's trail. "Lets go see what that fatf%^k is talking about."

They found it then, the glowing radiation green rock that would change their lives Jenkins had it lifted in his hands held above him. "LOOK!" In awe the three boys gathered closer, poking and prodding at it, tossing it back and forth and in general inspecting it like chimps discovering a working radio. "What do you think it is? It's from aliens huh?"

"No, that would be stupid. Theres no such thing as aliens." Bob snorts.

"It's mine, I get to keep it, I seen it first." Jenkins would smile large only to get struck by Floyd.

"Mine now, it is probably an alien egg or something."

"You boys put that down right now!" Came loud yells from the trailer not far off, the large female ogre shape of the one they called Mary was striding out in her stained dress, a phone in one hand a stick in the other. "The police are on their way, BOBBY I thought I told you to stay away from my house, get out of here! Shoo! Mongrel."

It was here that Bob lost his friends, when he returned to their home the next day it was empty, the rock was gone and everyone he had called friend lost to him supposedly relocated due to being evicted (not true of course), his life would have to go on friendless and shunned. It was some time during this period that Bob discovered he had a power, well, a gift from the alien rock that granted him the ability to turn his neighbors poodle into a living fireball with legs, this was his first discovery, he would have many more. Overjoyed with this new development Bob began to practice his powers on other small animals, eventually it got larger when he set his sister ablaze and fearful not overly upset he had roasted his youngest sibling into a horrid mess, but for the fact he could be incarcerated for such an act he ran. Left home and joined a carnival.

Later on down the road It was time as a carny that he truly mastered his power and became somewhat of a side-show celebrity, rather proud of his exploits, getting money, sleeping with conjoined twins. Stout had life made.

He was getting full enough of himself, vain and decided he would go to Vegas and start up his own act, become somewhat of a solo stage magician pyromancer. It was then that times fell apart, despite his amazing pyrotechnic abilities he could only find work as a demolitions man for a live show, upset with his lot in life he fell into drinking and gambling, living paycheck to paycheck he lost sight of his goals.

One day while wandering from pub to pub he happened across one of the dancers he knew from a previous gig, she was being assaulted by several men and Stout only wanted to sneak by unnoticed but this failed when the woman caught his gaze and held it, cries of 'help me' couldn't be ignored and he threatened them, strode up and demanded they release her. He was beaten, punched, kicked, thrashed until he was unable to move, the thugs persisted in their game with the woman and Stout found it in himself, that powerful surge as he once again remembered he was a gifted creature, something far more than human, ever since discovering the rock with his friends.

"I'll save you!" He would cry, then the wash of flames the bright surge of cleansing fire and the eruption of one man to the next would be met with his loud laughter, "Yes BURN, heheh, BURN ALL OF YOU!"

The woman cried in horror, her hands through into the air, "Oh my god what is happening? Please stop!"

Please stop? That was what his little sister had cried, please stop, you freak Bob, stop! You sick freak! These voices echoed in his mind, a memory played back and his anger grew.

"What did you call me!?"

The men around them were now laid to waste, piles of charred bone and flesh soup on the ground, skin melted away in steaming piles.

"What? I didn't call you anything. Just please, call the cops."

"Yes you did, after you said please stop, you called me a freak. I f%#king heard you!" He was stepping closer now, against the woman and had her by the arms, shaking her as he felt himself beginning to heat up. "You called me a freak, I hate being called a freak. Deborah, why did you call me a freak? You silly b$#ch!"

"My names not Deborah, ow OW my arms! Y-y-you're burning them, PLEASE STOP! STOP!" Shrill cries picked up and she struggled to get free of his arms shoving him and knocking him to the ground but he kept his grip on her, this enraged him and they were rolling grappling frantically for position, one to free herself as she was lit ablaze while the other seemed to be in a battle with his own sanity and the girl before him, it was then her screams picked up and were joined with his own. They burned together.

Newly mangled and deranged by his own actions and the pleasure he got from them he found himself staring face to face with a mirror, his burned face reflected back at him. "You're the man, yes you are. Burnt face and all, you're the man. No, no, you are. Oh flatterer, heheheh."

And so it began, Burnface awakened and a new spree of murders began, he targets mainly young women or those he believes to be bullies. Which bullies often come in the form of superheroes.


On a normal day Bobby Stout is a quiet man who keeps to himself and seems to quick to smile and tell rather mild jokes, he has learned to keep himself appearing humble and friendly, he works as a photographer and keeps up his disguise of being a cheerful happy guy who suffered a serious burn accident, if pestered too much about it he will claim it happened overseas while he was doing wartime photography. Most people tend to like blue eyed smiling Bobby with his sordid past and rarely does his crazy side come out.

As Burnface he is quite different, aggressive, wild-eyed and quick to erupt, his violent streak oozes off of him and he seems to have little restraint, an animal who cares only about inflicting pain on others. Thankfully he has managed to create a 'costume' for these times and that is when he lets out his inner demon. Becoming an entirely different person than he presents himself as.


Some odd facts:


*Obviously Burnface is a pyromaniac and a sadist.

*He will lash out violently and irrationally if called a freak.

*Burnface is a serious fan of Coheed and Cambria.

*He has a bad sense of humor and tends to think the grotesque, offensive and morbid is funny if he gets too comfortable around others and lets the mask slip.

*Burnface seems incapable of putting on any form of muscle, gaining or losing weight despite being a very healthy eater. Always looking like a very thin and frail man.

*Burnface is a serial killer who targets females. His favorite victims are Emos, Goths and Lolitas. Occasionally he'll target superheroes, preferring female ones who fit his tastes.

*At times when around Genocide, Burnface will resort to talking like Beavis.

*His entire left side and right hand up to the elbow is horribly and permanently covered in burn scars that can not be hidden (when in costume they are covered).

*Bobby is a highly skilled photographer and in the past few years finished courses for it and has gotten work for major news companies.

*Bobby loves Spider-Man and surprisingly enough his costume looks similar though different in colors, (yellow, orange and black versus blue, black and red with flame styles instead of Spiders)



     Fire: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attack


Burnface has near complete control over fire near his person, he can even conjure up his own with focus and a slight bit of friction. Through his powers he can spontaneously combust in an area around him, turn flames in the air, create streams of fire or build his own fireballs, even make shapes within it. In the years he has grown quite talented in the manipulation of his abilities.


Both of his hands were illuminated in a hellish glow as fire broils to life in palms snaking out off of him like vipers heads they coil around towards the man before him, a police officer who had no clue whom he was tangling with. Within seconds the man was a blazing living inferno...

"Freeze! EARL! Officer down I repeat officer down! Keep your hands in front of you and slowly turn around." These sounds came from behind Burnface, whose hands were now in the air risen high with no sign he was resisting.

"Oh, I don't need my hands or to turn around to do... THIS!" With a sudden burst the area around Burnface centering on his body bursts into a globe of flame, screams of the law enforcement officer who was about to apprehend him cut short. "Mmm, bacon."


Hot Foot

     Leaping: standard (rank 1)


Through use of placing his hands towards the ground and firing jets of flame or simply concentrating towards his legs Burnface can propel himself through the air in jumps and leaps! This works for closing range, gaining a height advantage or just escaping.


"There you are little pretty. Do not fear me! I bring you cleansing through fiery release!" Burnface in his iconic (in his mind) orange, yellow and black costume shouts towards the girl with the pale legs and black dress who ran from him.

"Leave me alone you demented freak!" Came the teary sobs of the woman he was chasing.

"FREAK! YOU called me a freak!?!" His yell had he a more masculine voice would have sounded more impressive, though it wasn't entirely necessary he had already burnt the girls boyfriend into a crisp, tear stricken she was racing from him.

With a bend of his body he threw his arms behind him in an uncomfortable looking bend both hands splayed out wide fingers in all directions as he rocket propels himself into the sky to land before her. "Now you shall burn!"


Stuff Blowing Up

     Concussive Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


Burnface loves his powers, he has that fantastic ability to just erupt things in fire flowers whenever he gets the urge, sometimes though, that just isn't enough. Not when you have Gothic Lolita superhotness superheroes. They tend to be harder to roast so he devised his own plan, Anarchist Cookbook style.

Around each wrist Burnface wears bracelets that are super condensed and very flammable explosive launchers. These spring propelled grenades give him a little more kick when it's required.


"Zombies!? That is so cool, let me show you what I can do though! Mine is much better!" Both of Burnfaces hands rose up and he set ablaze one zombie then the other, but... they didn't go down.

"Oh sh%t!" Now before him shambling flaming corpses staggered and flailed in their walk towards him.

The fire reflected in dark set eyes, seemingly shadowed in circles around them from the life taken to the animation given. A mere reflection of everything going on, even her shambling zombies set up in flame cast back an eerie glow in those eyes. A smile stretched chapped lips and one hand rose, a sarcastic wave offered to Burnface. "Keep trying, almost there."

"How about... try these!" Burnface enthusiastically lifts up his arm and pulls back on a wire lever a snap was heard and a pellet launches out sticking into the first zombie before an eruptive 'kra-koom' was heard, that undead corpse that was struck now became a shower of fleshy embers and ash.


Great Balls of Fire

     Energy Body: standard (rank 1)


His focus has grown over the years, Burnface learned he can turn his powers in on himself one time while trying to burn his way out of existence in an attempted suicide what it did instead was turn him into a living wisp of fire. While in this state he learned he can't be hurt by his own conjured fire.


The backlash was rushing down the hallway, climbing rapidly towards him, wide-eyed and frozen with awe and fear Burnface began to concentrate within less than a breath he was glowing bright orange to red then quickly he burst becoming a living silhouette of flame in the shape of a man. The onrushing flames sweeping around him harmlessly. "I AM THE MAN!" His maniacal laughter absorbed in the roar of fire while the apartment complex around him caught up in a blaze.