Quinne and Laverna, Steampunk Girls


Gender: Female

Kit: Techno

Location: Alternate Earth London, England circa 1868


Alignment: Hero

Team: Quinton Imports and Exports


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 1050

Personal Wins: 70

Personal Losses: 12

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

The Rookie

Quinne put on her goggles over her fiery red hair and calmly walked down the hallway of her familie's large Essex estate. She had just read the note left to her by her father on her bedside table and she was filled wth joy. It was her 16th birthday after all and she knew the Quinton family tradition which filled her with a sense of excitement. Ever since she was a little girl tinkering with various small toys she received for her previous birthdays she knew she'd be looking forward to this day. When she finally made it to her father's study she took a deep breath and tried to subdue all her giddiness and walked in, her head held high as she tried to have an air of professionalism to herself.

When she stepped in she saw her father there looking over some shipping manifests with his long time partner Harold Haveford. The two looked up and saw Quinne standing there as they her father Quincy greeted here.

"Quinne good to see you bright and early as usual!"

"Father you know if I'm to be a fine and upstanding member of our great society punctuality is key! It could be me who invents the next brass android or flying bicycle for all we know!"

"I hope not because I want to keep my little angel in the family business. And there's no bigger business for the great nation of England than Quinton Imports and Exports. Now I know why you're here and let me tell you that this isn't easy for me. I've made it no secret that one I wish your mother survived your birth and that I wish you were a boy. Not because you can't do this either..."

"Oh papa you know I can! I finished top of my class at the London's School for Adventuring!"

"... I know sweetie and it wasn't cheap to have them rig those tests for you, now let daddy finish. Where was I, oh yes! You have the ability but for a father to let his only daughter out like this, well, let me just say I remember the years after my sixteenth birthday. However it is Quinton family tradition that those who are elligible to be heirs of the compant must become Adventurers on their sixteenth birthday and must embark on a fantastic ten year adventure filled with treasures, love, friendship.... andpotentiallydeadlyautomatonsandpirates."

"Deadly what father?"

"Oh nothing pumpkin! Anyways as with tradition a member of the Haveford family will be part of your crew. You grew up with him, always playing together and such in fact he's here right now!"

Quinne looked to her left, then to her right and was startled by the well dressed and groomed black haired boy that was standing beside her.

"Oh my apologies but when did you get in here?" Asked Quinne

"What? I've been here the whole time. I was standing beside your dad and my dad."

"Well must've just missed you. Well, I'm Quinne."

"Quinne, I know you, you know me, you sent your little puppy after me when we were five."

"Are you sure?"

"You poured orange marmalade over my head when we were nine."

"Still not ringing a bell."

"My mom asked me to ask you out to the Country Ball when we were twelve and you said I was gross and that you would never dance with me."

"Are you sure you're not talking about another Quinne Quinton?"

Harvey sighed as he exntended his hand "Harvey Haveford, great to meet you."

"Likewise Harvey" said Quinne as she rigorously shook his hand "and you're a cutie too, play your cards right and you just might fill the romance part of my adventure."

"Believe me I'm thrilled to just be a part of this."

Quincy looked at the two teenagers as he said "So Quinne your ship is in the sky dock near East London, our driver will take you there. Harvey you will be acting as Book Keeper and Navigator for this quest."

Harvey held his hands up in protest "hold on here, if it wasn't for your bribing I would've graduated first in class instead of her."

Quinne tilted her head toward Harvey and said "but you didn't."

"Don't you start! Anyway if I'm the first member of her crew and I'm the most skilled person here shouldn't I at least be first mate?"

Quincy looked at him "but boy, for every Quinton adventure the crews first mate is always some stranger the Quinton family member randomly befriends at the beginning of their journey."

Everyone turned to Harvey in unison and yelled "it's tradition."

Harvey shook his head and said "this... is stupid. Whatever Quinne I'll be at our ship."

Quinne looked at Harvey and said "it's official name as of now is the SS Quinne!"

"Yes, the SS Quinne. You go pack and get whatever you think you'll need and we'll head off to god knows where."

The two fathers beamed at their children as they both left the office study. Harvey started to make his way out of the mansion and Quinne back to her bedroom when she looked back at Harvey.

"Hey Harvs, I can call you Harvs right?"

"I'd prefer you not to but go ahead."

".... this is going to be quite the adventure isn't it?"

"Yes, that's exactly the word I was thinking of... the adventure."


Quinne ran back to her bedroom as she looked for her travel trunk. Pulling it out from under her bed she noticed the window was slightly ajar.

"Hmmm I didn't open the window this morning" she said to herself as she looked around the room noticing the door to her private bathroom had been closed. She shook her head as she walked up to it and tried to open the door but it was locked.

Figuring one of the many maids had trapped themselves inside her bathroom again she slammed her palm against the door and yelled "Marta, you have to UNLOCK before you can get out." There was no immediate response at first. As Quinne was about to walk away the toilet flushed and the door opened. Out came a blonde haired blue eyed girl with a wicked little grin. "Oh excuse moi but I was lost and really needed to use the bathroom and now I must leave." She said as she climbed on Quinne's dresser to the open window.

"Oh no worries... WAIT A MINUTE! Why are you leaving through the window?"

"Oh well I came in through here of course silly."

"Well that sounds... WAIT A MINUTE! Why did you come in through the window?"

"Well, I was walking through the woods and I really needed to go to the bathroom and it's kind of early in the morning and I didn't want to distrub your hosuehold..."

Quinne interrupted "Oh well that checks out... WAIT A MINUTE! Why didn't you just pee in a bush or something."

".... I'm OCD?"

"Oh ok well that's such a hard thing to live with... WAIT A MINUTE! Why do you have my dad's pocket watch he gave me for my birthday today!"

The blonde girl dropped back down onto the floor and handed the watch back over to Quinne. "Ok you caught me, and I was almost free too. You must be some kind of genius or something."

"Top of the class at the London School of Adeventuring"

"Well if you can do me a favor do not call the police and have them chase me around the countryside ok."

"Ok but if I DON'T report you than I'm invoking the thiefs oath."

"Oh no... you actually know our stupid oath."

"Oh yes, father taught me about it in case I need to use it during my adventure. If I don't report you you must help me until you save my life. To fail to live up to the oath means to be shunned by the world of thieves."

The girl sighed and said "and not like dad taught me to do anything but lie, cheat and steal so I can be anything BUT a thief. I guess I'm in your servitude. The name is Laverna LeBlanc."

Quinne stuck her hand out as they shook "Quinne Quinton. And believe me as my... FIRST MATE you'll prove to be useful. I'm going on this ten year adevnture that will span the globe on my flying ship and you're a thief so you can disarm traps and pick pocket guards if we get trapped in a jail and stuff right."

"Eh usually I just walk up to people with my gun here and tell them to give me their wallets but I vaguely remember my dad teaching me stuff like that."

Laverna was about to walk out the room with Quinne when she had a double take. "Hold on a sec though, you said your last name is Quinton, so we're going on the world famous Quinton family adventure with lots of gold and treasure and stuff?"

"Of course!"

Laverna smiled wickedly and jumped in the air "yes! My own adventure!"

"OUR adventure."

"Ok fine, but still, I CAN'T WAIT."

"oh Laverna I know we'll be the best of friends!"

"Oh yeah, that too, but yeah, the gold, moreso. But the friendship will be nice!"


Quinne, Scatterbrained Girl Genius

     Detective: standard (rank 1)


"So if your family own this rich trading company why do you have to be some sort of steam monkey?" Laverna leaned against a tree on the roadside as she watched Quinne tinker underneath the hood of her familie's car. While the driver took some time to try and figure out the problem Quinne couldn't give up the chance to display her technical prowess infront of her new friend and took over the investigation.

"Oh you know, tradition is big in my family and the business started as a simple repair shop on the sky docks. However once my Great Great Great Great Grandfather Quintus Quinn got enough money he bought his own cargo ship and started trading. He earned greater profits and was able to keep costs down because he was already a skilled mechanic and thus didn't need any profiessionals to look at his fleet. Since then we've adopted this attitude as a cost saving measure for our company and as a sign that we're willing to be accoutable for the welfare of our fleet of ships."

"Yeah if I knew I was going to get some kind of history lesson I wouldn't have asked." Laverna fiddled with her gun and spun it around on her finger.

Quinne continued somewhat ignoring what Laverna just said as she added "oh and besdies I love dealing with this stuff. Like I'm good with the business end but getting hands on, that's fun! Trying to figure out what's going wrong with a mechncial issue when you got all these gears and gaskets. Hey I pretty much like any brain teaser that's thrown at me, I always seem to have an eye to find out what's going on. Like here, one of the automators wasn't correctly connected so if we adjust this here and change this up..."

When Quinne was finally done she went to the driver side seat and turned the ignition as a puff of billowing black smoke blew out the back.

"Wow I have to say I'm legitimately impressed Quinne."

"Why thank... oh no!" Just as Quinne was beaming with pride the wheel of the car started turning on its own and it began to drive off into the distance.

"I think I may have mixed up some of my training with automotans with my knowledge of vehicular mechanics there."


Laverna, Thief Savant

     Invisibility: standard (rank 1)


"Well that was certainly some colorful language" remarked Laverna as they watched the driver leave them on the roadside.

"He probably picked it up from Marta, she's always saying stuff like that to me."

"Well Quinne guess we're walking the rest of the way to London."

As they walked through the wooded passageways Quinne became curious of Laverna's past. "So Laverna can I ask you questions about your past or will you need to slit my throats"

"Oh please Quinne, that's just stuff we say to scare people you don't need to worry about that. Besides what's knowing your past going to help you when I got a gun stuck against your ribs. My family is part of the LeBlanc clan of thieves back in France. My sisters are all older and all better than me but I usually yield the best results in terms of income."

"And why's that?"

"Because I don't screw around. One sister sets up elaborate traps, another seduces men for their riches, another gathers information and blackmails people. Me I just walk up to someone and say 'hey, the money or your life.' And it works here so well because everyone is so rich! They'd happily give you a sack full of coins if ou don't kill them, they got like fifty more sacks at home. But my dad still thinks I'm a bit of an embarassment so yeah I'm just looking for that big score."

"Well let me tell you a Quinton family adventure always is a big score."

"Oh I know, my family makes it a habit of ripping yours off whenever you come back from these big quests."

"Heh well you know what... HEY! What are those guys in black pajamas doing following us."

"Aw crap, Noir family. Rivals of my family or they think they are. They're just a bunch of meathead brothers who follow me around so we can shake them off easy."


"Well I'm good at ONE thing traditional thing thief wise." Laverna knelt both girls down as she muttered something to herself. All of the sudden it looked like there was a thin veil covered them. The two men in black full body suits started walking towards them.

"Eh they were walking this way, I saw her."

"Yeah I did too, let's keep moving they couldn't have made it WHAO!" The second Noir brother tripped over the girls as he crashed onto the ground as the girls tried to stifle a cry.

"Oh man I just tripped over an invisible rock!"

"An invisible rock? Are you daft or something brother?"

"Are YOU daft is what I should be asking. We live in a world with flying ships and coppper monorails. What's so crazy about an invisible rock?"

"Then let me ask you this; why is an invisible rock in the middle of the path?"

"It fell off a man's wagon."

"Then why didn't he pick it back up?"

"Because he woudn't know it fell off until he was unloading his wagon because it's invisible."

".... that does make sense. Ok let's carry on."

Laverna looked at Quinne and said "heh see told you I was good.

The two brothers stopped and looked at each other and looked back at where the second brother tripped before they both said in unison "talking invisible rock!"

The first brother patted the second on the back and said "wonderful world we live in isn't it?"


Quinne has a HUGE Wrench

     Concussive Weapon: standard (rank 1)


Quinne carried her exceedingly large wrench in her hand leaning up and over her shoulder as she turned to Laverna, the head of the wrench smacking a passerby in the face as it sent the man to the ground. "Sorry I didn't quite hear what you said?"

Laverna quickly ran behind Quinne's back and walked up to the other side of her forcing Quinne to turn to look at her, swinging her massive wrench as it hit another passerby. "Oh I was jus wondering why you're carrying around that huge wrench."

"Oh well it's a Quinton tradition that we carry these large wrenches around. It's a symbol for us, showing that we're willing to carry the heavy burden of the workload and not grow fat and lazy from our wealth."

Laverna slipped back to Quinne's other side as she asked "so it has nothing to do with the fact that the wrench can crush some serious skulls in?"

Quinne turned again slightly annoyed as she knocked out yet another passerby "oh well yes that too. I mean you've must've read some of the books of our family adventures from Quinton Press. Like how my uncle Quimby once bashed a T Rex's teeh out with one of these very wrenches."

Laverna quickly switched sides again as she said "well good to know you're armed."

Quinne turned once again as she knocked another person out as she asked "hey now a question for you. Why do you keep switching sides like that?"

"Oh uh, it's thief training, you know, keeping me on my toes!"

"Hmmm makes sense."


Laverna has a Gun

     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Long Ranged Attack


"I think you should quit while you're ahead" said Quinne as she sat back on the roadside. Laverna pulled out her gun with its scope as she waited when suddenly two ducks came out of the marsh. She fired her gun quickly shooting down one but not the other.

"Geez it's so hard when two come out."

"Shoot the purple one I think it'll net you more coins when you sell them in town."

"Oh that's an urban legend."

Laverna said "ok ducks, come back out, two at a time, I'll hit you BOTH for sure this time." Two ducks came flapping out as she fired shots into the air, trying to lead off but both of them flew away.

"Crap!" She screamed as she threw her top hat down onto the ground.

"Come on Laverna they were really fast and this was the hudreth wave of ducks, pretty sure no one has ever made it to this level... of excellence."

"Yeah I guess you're right..." just as Laverna was about to put away her gun a dog popped out of the marsh grass and started laughing at her.

"Oh you jerk take this!" She fired shots into the grass at the dog as it continued to laugh and run away into the swamp.

"It sucks how I can never seem to hit that freaking dog..."



     Emotion Control: standard (rank 1)


When they finally made it into London night had already fallen as the lanterns were starting to be lit. Quinne and Laverna ran to the Sky Docks to the newly christened SS Quinne. Harvey was there looking at his pocket watch as he glared at the two girls.

"You're late Quinne, like six hours late."

"We got into a little car trouble."

"Yeah it's currently rampaging across the English country side as per the evening newspaper. And who's that?"

"Well Harvs."


"This is Laverna and she's my new first mate."

Laverna looked at Harvey as she said "charmed to meet you acquaintance there Harvs."

"Harvey and Quinne where did you find this girl? She looks like either a thief or a harlot."

"Hey! I'm only one of those things!"

Quinne interrupted "well I did meet her when she tried to steal my watch this morning."

Harvey shuddered and calmed himself down as he said "look let's just head out and see what happens. Maybe we'll find some treasure or fight some villains from various historical backdrops of varyng powers."

"Well navigator just lead us the way to adventure!" Laverna cheered as the three made their way on the ship.

"Quinne, can I ask you a quick question?"

"What is it Harvs?"

"Har... nevermind. Your goggles, I've never seen them put over your eyes. I think the crew commented on this too and they were wondering what the hell."

"Why would I put goggles over my eyes? They look WAY cuter on my hair."

Laverna nodded as she said "no I have to go with her on this one."

"People wear goggles around their necks or their head so it's easier to put over their eyes. They do this because the work in the boilers or are welders so they don't damage their eyes."

"Sorry Harvs not really following you. Why protect my eyes when I can look this cute!"

Harvey began to shake trying to fight off the anger that was welling inside of him. "So you never used those goggles to protect your eyes, EVER?"

Quinne just shrugged and made a weird sound as Harvey sighed. "See you two in the morning we'll need to chart our course."

Harvey walked away and turned a corner as Quinne and Laverna bursted out laughing.

"Oh man he was totally going to get angry over your goggles! I mean they look super cute!" Laverna said as they made their way to the captain's quarters.

"But you know now that you mention everyone back at adventuring school everyone use to ask me the same question and they usually got about as mad as he did when I told them why I wear them like this."