Gender: Male

Kit: Normal

Location: Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 3

Personal Losses: 7

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Falcon Dynasty

[Recording 256.32520, taken 10/20/2010]

Do we have to go over my personal history again? I mean I'm not going anywhere am I? Fine but I'm going to be arrogant and sharp about this crap.

My name is Dante Arceneaux. I'm 29 years old, raised in Gadsden, Alabama by my grandmother after a series of accidents happened to my family. My father drove himself and my stepmother off the Tobin Bridge in Boston when I was eleven. They left a note saying that they just couldn't stand the burden of raising a child while they themselves were fighting off suicidal depression and their own worthlessness, but that they couldn't bring themselves to voluntarily abandon me. So the only thing that they could think to do in their state was to leave a note and hope that the Air Force would put me into a decent foster home for soldiers' children. My mother in Alabama got custody of me after they died, since the government wasn't going to give a damn about anyone, see look at how you treat me now, and she drank herself into a coma by the time I was fifteen, killing herself one pint bottle of Wild Irish Rose at a time. My grandmother took me in, and she died in her sleep when I was nineteen.

I'm college educated. Went to UAB, lower-middle class and in jail for the alleged murder of one Lucinda Carpinter, April 2nd, 2003. Anything else you pigs need to know about? You want to know how I did in Pop Warner or JV Basketball to figure out if it'll give you a new and exciting glimpse into the way my mind works and my emotions, so you have a bullshit pseudo-scientific reason that'll look good on the paperwork when you send me back to solitary confinement for another month? Assholes.


The inmate shows marked levels of depression shown as Severely depressed when tested on Beck's Scale, only cured when he's around other people in which cases the subject becomes manically hyper within the time frame of several hours. We've also noticed that when he's hyper...blah blah blah. Look, let's skp the crap, I could read you my medical chart back and forth, and could do a better job of it than the glorified nurse that you have masquerading around here as a psychologist pushing pill samples that he gets from real doctors in Montgomery.

I'm depressed because my mother was an alcoholic from the moment I was conceived and that my life's generally been a shit slide ever since. That's what you need to know and since I've been here you've pumped me full of every drug you could get your hands on because you're too much of a worthless *vulgarity* to actually fix me, and can't get your head around the fact that you're too much of a hack to actually do anything to me that will ever work because you don't care enough to talk to anyone for more than twenty seconds before you push pills on them.

[tape is stopped for fifteen minutes while Arceneaux goes through a minor mental breakdown. Most of the time is spent with Dr. Claxton observing while Arceneaux cries.]


Steal From the Happy...

     Emotion Control: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


“Look, I didn't kill that whore. She got in the car at 50th and 1st North, yes I admit that, not to mention there were witnesses. We talked for a bit, we drove to a location near Oporto-Madrid she performed a paid sexual activity and then I was going to drop her her near 55th and Division and I never see her again when she spazzed out. She was massively depressed after um...the completion of the act, and she bashed her own head against the passenger side window to break it and get at the glass, then she started slashing herself open. I know what it sounds like, but she did it herself. I swear I never touched her, she cut herself screaming about how much she deserved to die, for all the wrong she's done. And then y'all came on the scene and you know the rest, y'all railroaded me because I couldn't get a good enough lawyer and the whore was some rich Hoover socialite's cracked out daughter.


...and Give to the Depressed

     Psychic Vampire: standard (rank 1)

  • Area Affect


But really, it was all my fault, and I've figured it out. See here, keep your head up, just listen to me. So the more I talk to people, the more manic I get and the more depressed they all get, but it's not my fault it's just something I do. It's why my parents abandoned me, because I drained them of their joy for life. It's just something that I have to learn how to control and I think I did in solitary, I mean I've been in here for thirty minutes and I haven't affected your mood in the slightest. But it's worth it sometimes to just not feel so damned worthless. It's worth pushing everyone else down to feel good for a moment. I mean look at how non-plussed you are at the fact that I just admitted that I think that I can control peoples emotions! Look how slowly Nurse Claxton's pen's going when he's writing down that I'm delusional, but he can't even muster up the mental energy to correct me and make me call him Doctor!


I can see Clearly, though...

     Empathy: standard (rank 1)


I know you don't really care about me, and aren't going to release me from prison, I can see it in your face. I can read your eyes, the way you look at each other when I say things, the way you grip your pen when you took notes. But you should know that I really thank you for everything that you've done for me today. You've listened to my whole story, which is more than the judge and jury ever did for me and you've treated me fairly even though I've had to be in solitary for the protection of the other prisoners. You made sure I could read, and got some sunlight and didn't stiff me on my commissary at all. That means a lot, even if I do have to go back in the hole for another few years before we do this again.


..That I apparently bore you to death.

     Induced Sleep: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


“Either way, whether you parole me or not, it's time I got the hell out of this place. I don't think you'll mind, do you Warden?”

“Zzzzzzz, grnnk....zzzzzzz”

“No, I didn't think so. What about the guards? No, they don't care either? I guess I've been so intrigued by talking to myself for the past ten minutes that I didn't even care that you were all out cold. In that case, I guess I should help myself to this key and to this fine pistol of yours, don't'll get it back, I can't take it with me on the plane anyways.”