Gender: Female

Kit: Divine

Location: Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 438

Personal Wins: 44

Personal Losses: 25

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

The Technomancer of Nesh

[Translated from Japanese]

April 23, 1126:

My husband is stressed. His mind is clouded by worry, I sense it. It has been this way since his father was exiled for killing that cursed Shukai. The Shukai wish to destroy us not because of my husband's father but of bad blood between our clans, that dates back hundreds of years. Now my husband who was not yet ready to lead the Mashasaki must because his people were so afraid of retribution from the Shukai that they have left themselves vulnerable to it by depriving these fools of a leader strong enough to protect them. These fools will be the death of me even if indirectly. Nevertheless I will stand by my husband, he needs to be calmed.

I think I shall lay with him tonight. Oh, how hard I pray to the gods to end this suffering. They’ve listened before and have saved me much grief; I can only hope they listen now.

April 25, 1126:

Today my doctors have confirmed that I am with child. This has brought my husband great confidence and reason to live. The dissension within the clan grows. I feel a great tragedy will soon befall the Mashasaki clan. I know not if these are my instincts merely heightened by maternity or if the gods speak to me but the darkness is coming.

Have my prayers to the gods failed? Have the Holy Ones forsaken me, my husband and my precious Mashasaki clan? No, I must not think these demon thoughts, the gods are greater than man and they alone know what is best. Let what comes come, the gods will watch over me.

May 3, 1126:

My husband woke me today and told me we must leave. When I ask why he told me that the Mashasaki clan has broken into civil war and he means to abandon it. For a moment I hesitate, for I know the journey will be difficult for one with child. I quickly cast the doubts aside, the gods had warned me of this for a reason; they warned me so that I might escape.

My husband asked me to pray at the shines of the gods, for I am more in tune with the will of the Holy Ones. After much fasting and pleading to the heavens, the gods sent me a vision to direct us. We are to head north to the land of the Botataka clan.

May 7, 1126:

My husband and I have begun our travel north to the stronghold of the Botataka Clan. He thinks I do not see the assassins waiting in the shadows as he has not warned about them. I can feel his doubt, to me it is as maddening as it is him but as long as he continues, so shall I. He tells me to hide me during the day and travel in the night; he wishes for me not to be discovered by the enemy. We shall travel together today only.

I pray to the gods to spare my husband from death, that he may make it to the Botataka clan safely, I know he does the same for me.

May 23, 1126:

I have not been able to rest long enough before now for me to keep record of my travels. Today we both arrived at the Botataka hideout. We breathe a sigh of relief as we are accepted graciously by the Botataka but we steel our resolves for war is coming here as well, oh how conflict follows us like locusts.


May 30, 1126:

The battle nears, I sense as it does my husband.

As my husband fingers his blade I become sick with a flu that passes quickly, this is an evil omen. It has a strange feeling of finality to it. I see images of bloody grass in my dreams and I now know my time or my husband's shall soon come. I beg my husband not to fight for the gods have condemned this venture, he refuses. May the gods watch over and protect us as they always have.

June 3, 1126:

Today I played with our son in the forest west of what the Botataka now call the Mashasaki training grounds because my husband trains alone there. Our son Naruhan giggles happily and then abruptly starts crying as I fell a sharp pain in my chest. I look down to see a Shukai blade in my chest. As my world goes black I hear the scream of my son and then I die.

June 4, 1126:

As woke in a grand conference room. Sitting at a large table are figures I recognized instantly: the gods. The speak to my mind, they say they have use for me. They're going to send me back with a purpose that I will know when I return.

When I wake I arise easily, the wound from the sword that killed me is not healed for it is a reminder of my purpose. I fell hatred for the Shukai clan, my assassins but even more so for my husband who abandoned me to fight. If he had stayed with me I would not have died, my purpose is to kill them all I think about killing my husband, I don't want to kill him; in fact I don't even what to hate him. I don't know why I now hate him so, I try to fight against it but it is then I feel the raw power of the gods' emotions. They want me to despise him despite my love for him and try as I might a human's love is no match for a god's anger. My love for him is killed so that the gods may use me to make my husband pay for fighting in a war that was another clan's concern, leaving me unprotected and thereby unjustly killing me. I know the gods do this because they love and they know better than I what is best. so I have snuffed out my love for the leader of the Mashasaki clan, it is the will of the gods and I am their tool.



     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


Upon arising I find I sword in the ground. A gift from the gods. As I pull the blade out I gasp, this is the legendary Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (Grasscutter sword) that the sea god Susanoo used to defeat the demon Yamata no Orochi. The gods were clear, this blade was a tool gifted to me help carry out my mission.


Blessings of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi

     Weapon Master: standard (rank 1)


As I grasped the hilt of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi images flooded my mind sword swipes and techniques were ingrained in my memory. The gods were teaching me how to use this legendary sword to it’s full potential. In mere seconds I had truly mastered the Japanese sword style. The gods smile upon me! After a few practice swings, I sheath the legendary blade and set off on a random path, knowing the gods will guide my feet.


Blessings and guidance from Inari

     Beast Master: standard (rank 1)


As I was wondering in a rice field today a kitsune of pure white approached me. As white kistunes are a good omen I did not panic, that is until the fox began to speak to me. The kitsune told me that he was a messenger of the god of rice Inari and that it had been sent to guide me on to the right path. The kitsune began to run and I followed it to a crossroads where it told me I must take my leave by the left path. The messenger of Inari told me that he must leave me but that if I should need the help of it or it’s brethren to pray to it’s master Inari. We parted ways, I taking the left path as instructed, it taking the right.


Blessing of Chimata-No-Kami

     Super Speed: standard (rank 1)


June 7, 1126

A man approached me. I sensed something holy about him, and being spiritually in tune immediately discerned that he was a god and fell on my face to worship him. He told me to rise, calling me by name. He told me that he was Chimata-No-Kami, the god of crossroads, highways and footpaths. Chimata-No-Kami instructed me to always stay to the path defined by the gods, to stay humble, always traveling on foot and that if I did so I would always have his blessing.

Chimata-No-Kami proceeded to give his blessing to me that my travel would me safe and swift. The god of crossroads told me to continue down the highway and took his leave of me. As I walked I noticed I was faster than before and only tired when I stepped of well laid paths…

June 8, 1611

My travels continued to today, as I walked I found myself not questioning which path to take, just instinctively knowing. This is no doubt another blessing from Chimata-No-Kami.


Flames of Amaterasu

     Fire: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


June, 15, 1611

I’ve traveled for a week straight now only stopping to honor the gods and to cook and eat the rice I take from the fields. Today, I arrived to a place close to my former home: The Shukai hideout. Hatred burns inside me as I approach the home of my killers. However I fell ill at ease, I sense a great evil coming form the Shukai stronghold. Remembering the promise of the kitsune I pray to Inari, and in mere seconds a white nine tailed kitsune is by my side. I feel more at ease now Inari’s messengers have the power to ward off evil and this one, judging by its number of tails is extremely wise and powerful. I unsheathed Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi and marched into the compound, only to white out the second I stepped in.

I find myself in the presence of a beautiful woman. The woman introduces herself as Amaterasu , the goddess of the Sun, calling me by name before she does so, and I bow humbly. Amaterasu tells me to rise, I do so still shocked to be in the presence of the god I worshiped above all others. She called me one of her most blessed followers and bestowed upon me some of her power before sending me back to the Shukai hideout.

When I returned to the mortal world I knew exactly why Amaterasu had bestowed some of her powers upon me, she wanted to wipe out these cursed Shukai in one stroke. Calling upon her name I summoned a giant fireball from the heavens that engulfed the compound. When the smoke cleared I saw the Shukai leader standing in the crater that was once his home. With him were seven horsemen, I sensed great evil from them. They were demons, for only demons could have that amount of evil in them and they were obviously protecting the Shukai leader. I charged, meaning to end the Shukai leader's life; Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi flashed in the sunlight. Suddenly I was cut off by the nine tailed kitsune sent to me by Inari, the kitsune growled at the horsemen One of the housemen grabbed the Shukai leader, put him on a rider less demon horse and the eight of them rode off. The kitsune had warded off the demons, the message was clear: This was a fight for another day, my target is now my warmonger husband who let me die.