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    • I'm unfamiliar with the Izuku character. It's not really required, though, as I purely rate on the quality of the fight set-up writing itself. The first half Peter Parker narration was good. It had a hook and I was interested to see where it was going. The second half from the Izuku perspective didn't stick the landing for me though.  Now, I know who Peter Parker is, thoroughly, so I kind of glossed over that that there was nothing there in the first half that would have clued me into the character if I didn't know it already. When I got to the Izuku half, I really wanted that one sentence that would give me, the reader, an information burst about the character. That's the kind of thing that adds context into understanding motivation and stakes, when they are presented to the reader. The other problem I faced was this line:    And this took me out of it because I know the Peter Parker character too well.  My expectation of the character's actions here would be a lot of dodging, a lot of jumping around and a lot of talking to defuse the situation and get help to figure out why he was mysteriously in Japan. Solid attempt.  Looking forward to the next match. 
    • I have not seen these series, so I can only go by the Fight Set-up. What I want out of the Fight Set-Up is something that introduces me to the characters, gives me some stakes so I'm interested in the outcome and provides an entertaining scene.  And do all that in the micro-story of the Fight Set-up without running on or belaboring the point.  That's just good writing.  A hook, like found on the back of novel covers. Bonus if it actually makes me want to see the show that the characters are from. I'd say this hits all the marks and also makes me intrigued about the shows themselves. Nice job.
    • I think it's interesting that both of them have a sort of long range attack. Spidey with his webs, and Midoriya has his shockwave gloves at this point. I think those will throw Pete off his game for sure.
    • I'm liking the input on this one you guys. I can totally see how Sandman would be too much for Batman with no prep. But playing devil's advocate, the fight is on Bruce's turf (Gotham) and he has disposal of his suit, belt and car. He knows how to counteract sand, it's just a tale if he is able to even counteract it at that level. Sand turns to glass with fire and turns to mud in water. He could do something with that.
    • I think these two will give Spider-Man a run for his money. But Peter isn't a stranger to stuff like fear toxins or gas. And he could handle the riddles, but it would take him a while.
    • Not gonna lie, I'm expecting it 😂
    • Spoiler alert: Yamcha dies. 😆
    • I agree with this.  Marko's shapeshifting abilities were more on the level of Clayface when he was first introduced (sans the perfect human disguising, that is), but Sandman's since become much more powerful.  On a side note, I never did like what the DCAU did with Clayface's ability in his final appearances on JL. On Batman: tAS, Batman and Batgirl were able to knock Clayface around to an extent, but when he joined the Secret Society, he was suddenly able to hold his own against Superman and J'ohn??
    • Huh, Crane and Nygma have a decent chance of winning here with their combined intellect. Spidey's quite intelligent and cunning in his own right, though.
    • Good tourney entry, IKA. I've never watched either series, but from a glance at the characters, Class 1-A seems to be the group with most of the powerful abilities, while Class 3-E seems to be more skilled and strategic. I can't tell if Class 1-A has the smarts to keep its least powerful members from "dying" or if Class 3-E has the power to take all the heroes out, so I probably can't vote on a winner here.
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