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    • Elbine reaching the camp finds a rock to hide behind, while using the enhanced vision of a cat, he notices only female bandits as well, though seemingly few in numbers as far as Elbine can see it may be best to be cautious. This might just be a test used to eliminate some of the unworthy members of the group. Instead Elbine will wait until the moon shows its full face, that's when Elbine's abilities shine brightest. To stay cautious however Elbine pulls out a bow, only one arrow is in the quiver, though that is merely a deceptive tool as the quiver has many more arrows than appears.
    • Ooc: Did Elbine just leave the group? "Thanks for the welcome. Happy to be here, but umm..." "Anyway, nevermind, this is the way." "Oh my. I hope they are more kindly toward each other. That sort of violence is uncalled for." Farley gets up from his seat and stands waiting for everyone else to get ready to go. "Please let Jim know I thank him for his hospitality."
    • OOC: Only like...5 minutes passed you're not far away lmao
    • "I agree. We'll have plenty of time to talk along the way, but first thing's first."   "We need to get to higher ground and stay two steps ahead of the zombies. Let's head upstairs, hopefully we'll be lucky enough to meet up with the rest of my team. As I said before, we all landed on different parts of the building so I'll radio in and give them the heads up that we're coming. Each of us brought packs as well for additional supplies extra ammo, rations, flares, and a flare gun, etc. We get to my boys and the packs, we'll all have a fighting chance of getting out of here. I'll take point, Steve watch our six, and doc you're in the middle between us. If you see anything unusual give me a tap on the shoulder and point it out. Everyone clear? Let's move." Sgt. Fisher takes the lead and heads upstairs as he uses a small walkie talkie handheld speaker mic to coomunicate with the rest of his squad. "Zeus, Hermes, Artemis, this is Neptune, over. I got two survivors and we're making our way upstairs." He looks back over to the two and talks into the mic again. "A Ned Flanders and Frankenstien. What's your location, over."
    • Elbine noticing none of the other guild members followed, uses the cat like agility to dash towards the destination as quickly as possible. What would take a normal man 3 days should only take Elbine a mere few hours to reach. 
    • Drondos studied his fishy initiate, this one will be difficult. "Yes, majority female from what the report says." As he speaks, he pulls out this lunch. A piece of bread and a sausage. "Do be careful, from what I hear, they don't take too kindly to men, fish or not." As to add emphasis to this, he quickly drove his knife down, and chopped off the tip of the sausage.
    • OOC: can't unquote you, ignore that    IC:  "Ok, so what's the plan?"
    • “Ladies, you say?” Muggy said to himself, trying to conceal a smile. 
    • "Well you see, my fish friend, here on land you exchange money for goods and services." Drondos explained. "If you wanted free water, I suppose you can go to the lake, feel free to drink your fill hehe." The old man giggled at his joke, slapping his knee. "I am glad you asked, I'd hate for one of you to walk away without knowing important details of the...oh see, like he just did." He said, gesturing towards Elbine.  "They call themselves, 'The Maiden's Revenge', sounds dramatic, just a group of women who are beating up and robbing people trying to travel. We'd send the guards, but they've been rather occupied with the Lord's political deeds, never you mind that however."   He faced the rest of the group, "Any other important questions?"
    • The fishman thanked his employer for covering his tab, but that did not stop him from muttering his grievances under his breath, “10 Copper? I’ll never understand you ground-walkin’ types. I thought water was supposed to be free. Where I come from, water is as plentiful as the air you breath. Next time that bartender is underwater, I’ll charge him for bottled air, see how he likes that.”    He then stopped his griping and asked, “Wait, which bandit group?” OOC: He will ask follow up questions to see if that group is pirate like in nature or if they’ve had dealings by the shore where he used to reside. 
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