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    • My read on this fight is that in their "base" forms, Dr. Strange seems to tangle with stronger entities more regularly. If they're allowed to be at their most powerful, then Rand has a really good argument. He was able to make and destroy "countless" realities in a debate with the Dark One, even one where he successfully erased the Dark One (A universal-multiversal threat) didn't exist, and then he actively chose not to continue that reality because of some nonsense about free will. He is a casual universal+ entity and is immensely powerful when he's at his max 
    • Match Final Results RATINGS SCORE: 4.60 1 regular members rated the match. 2 CBUB Match Judges rated the match. MATCH SCORE Ayane: 7 Kunimitsu: 6
    • Well, I decided to focus all of my creative writing on the TMNT characters, and maybe some more obscure characters which have been seldom used on the CBUB or not even used at all. Originally, this was supposed to be an entirely different match up which was also indirectly Predator related (it would've had connections to the 2010 PREDATORS film, which I still don't like to this day) and it would've allowed me to use characters from different series and genres. I am so very glad that you found this quite entertaining, and that this is a close match up. That was something which I was indeed aiming for, especially considering the fact that I am writing with a version of the Turtles that seems to be largely overlooked by audiences even today all thanks to their more popular, cartoon counterparts. As for the SNK characters, well, I would like to think that I know them quite well enough in terms of personality and powers since I have played and owned a few SNK titles in my life time, and even watched some SNK media such as the Fatal Fury, and the King of Fighters: Destiny web-series on Youtube. I would like to think that Leonardo and Ryo are indeed neck and neck in terms of skill, so it might be a close match!
    • None of the other fights have been with any kind of prep. If they had, it would have completely changed the dynamics for many of the competitors. Lex has a suit from time to time, but it's definitely not "standard equipment" in my eyes. It's usually a pretty rare thing that he gets into a physical fight with anyone, so his suit isn't in his standard loadout
    • Glad to see so many matches recently. I have to find time just to read them all lol. Anyway, great to see you back to writing, Rakai. This was entertaining and I like how you portray the characters. You know them well. Having looked over your Mirage Turtles respect thread, I think Leo wins this bout. He's the most proficient ninja out of all of his brothers in my opinion and has the skill to fight most of TMNT's baddies solo. I don't see Ryo winning, but he will put up a good fight. Maybe close.
    • Thanks for the comments guys. Trying my best to experiment with different styles of matches beyond just the usual fight/comedy stuff I do.
    • This was written really well, but I don't think it vibed with me personally. The first half set-up was a bit too abstract, no central character or setting to ground me in where I was or what I was supposed to be getting out of the story as a reader. I really like the dialogue and the bar scene was great! I love that you introduced theme songs with the jukebox. It added to the atmosphere of the scene. And yes this felt very much like American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Never a bad thing. Odin has the power to keep up with Randell in my opinion. On top of that he is much wiser and less likely to make a mistake. Odin wins.
    • I have been looking at this today, and I just don't know how far down this rabbit hole I want to go. But here's what I came up with.  Let me know if you have any thoughts on it.   =============================   SOURCE of the Character - These are the current categories.   This sorts them by where they originated which was the original concept. ============================= American Comic Books Japanese Anime and Manga Cartoons and Animation Horror Movies, Books, Comics and Shows Sci-Fi Movies, Books, Comics and Shows Fantasy Movies, Books, Comics and Shows Video Games Specific Characters Pop Culture TV, Movies, History   ...Now we get into Tags... =============================   Genre - Check any that apply ============================= Adventure Comedy Crime and Mystery Drama Fantasy Historical Horror Mystery Romance Satire Science Fiction Western =============================  Character Taxonomy - Check all that apply ============================= Location - This is a physical location, NOT a character. Check nothing else. Event - This represents an Event, NOT a character. Check nothing else. Human - the character is a human or human appearing Animal - the character is a non-human mammal Anthropomorphic - the character is non-human but exhibits human traits such as walking on two legs. Typical of Toons. Toon - This is a very specific taxonomy meaning a hard cartoon character which defies laws of physics, physiology and often reality. Fantasy - The character is a human-like Fantasy species such as Elves, Fairies, Dwarves, Hobbits. Undead - The character is a skeleton, vampire, ghost, etc. Alien - The character is some extraterrestrial non-human species. Reptile - The character is from a reptilian species such as Dinosaurs. Monster - The character is a fantastical monster that does not fit easily into another category. Kaiju. Insect - The character is an Insect species. Giant - The character is giant sized. Deities - The character originates from a historical or fictional pantheon of gods. Genetically Engineered - The character was produced by scientifically engineered DNA Artificial Intelligence - The character is a program designed or engineered to think and make decisions Robot - The character is an android, golem or other construct.   Cyborg - The character is an organic base with robotic upgrades or replacement parts. Angel - The character originates from positive higher plane of existance. Demon - The character originates from a negative higher plane of existance. Super Powers - the character possesses powers and abilities allowing for feats beyond the peak of human potential. =============================  Primary Combat Mode - check one only if applicable to the character ============================= Ranged Melee =============================  General Overall Power Rank ============================= Street Level - The character posesses power which makes them a threat to single individuals (or small groups) and single structures. Regional Level - The character posesses power which makes them a threat to a large population of people and single cities. Global Level - The character posesses power which makes them a threat to a global population and single planets. Cosmic Level - The character posesses power which makes them an interplanetary threat of galactic concern.   ...Now deeper into the rabbit hole.... =============================  Skill and Trait Taxonomy - Check any that apply ============================= Artist Bookworm Dancer Detective Medical Doctor Military Archer Alchemist Assassin Beastmaster Bounty Hunter Charismatic Comic Relief Cowardly Engineer Gangster Hero Historical Figure Inventor Lawyer Magical Girl Mercanary Necromancer Ninja Monk Pirate Scientist Spy Thief Villain Etc.... =============================  POWERS ============================= Here I could pull the Fantasy Powers League powers table as Tags.   That's 161 additional tags that pretty much pigeon holes most powers a character might have.    
    • Another good match, Johnny. Even though Ayane is younger, I guess she takes this. She seems to be a bit better as a fighter than Kunimitsu from my research.
    • For some reason I really like this one. I like the characters of course but I I think you did a nice job with the flow of the story. I actually can't wait to read the next part. I'm assuming you're going to expand on Vanessa fighting Vice? Glad to see Urien make an appearance. Of course he'd be looking for the damn sword lol As for this encounter, I'm in Mature's corner. She's very fast and could kill Sarah will little effort.
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