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When World's Collide!! Round 2 Fight 1

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Kinetic War's Lei Choy
    • Marvel Man's Yoku Uzimayo

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Agility defends


If Lei Choy hadn't been in her current state of mind, she might've been impressed at Yoku's determination to save the women. She was a tad disappointed in her teammates, who, though they had meant well, had just endangered a room full of innocents.


However, being as angry as she now was, Lei could only see a sexist pervert with the belief that women are just objects to save for future... rewards.


Suddenly, Lei experienced a flashback. She wasn't usually the one to have these, but something about the presence of this man seemed to be causing it. Like battling a warrior such as this made it inevitable that flashbacks should happen.


The 17-year old Lei Choy was sitting on a park bench, crying silently to herself while leaning on the shoulder of a young man she knew as Kale. They had shared a magical night, first at the disco, then at the restaurant, and finally walking towards Lei's home together, sharing their thoughts and feelings. It had been the happiest night of young Lei's life. Everything had been perfect from the moment he had picked her up, and within the course of the evening, Lei had felt herself slowly falling in love with the charming and handsome, yet sensitive Kale.


But then they had seen the ambulance in front of Lei's home. Lei had felt her heart leaping into her throat, and the next moments had been nothing but a chaotic mixture of fear, horror, and guilt. It was her fault. It was all her fault. Everything...


Kale had been wonderful the whole night. He had taken her to the park bench, where she could cry her desperation away. And she did. She cried a river, all the time leaning on the shoulder of the only man she had ever wanted. Even in her deep sorrow, Lei was so happy that she had found a man she could... depend... on...


She felt the hand creeping inside her bra, and jumped up from the bench at that instant. "Kale!" she shouted at her date, who remained sitting, staring at the horrified Lei. "NO!"


"Come on, Lei, I'm just trying to comfort you."


"Kale, my grandmother just died!"


"But can't we still make each other feel good? I thought you wanted me?"


"I do, Kale, but not now! Not now!"


"I see", Kale said, his tone of voice suddenly changing drastically as he rose up from the bench. "You've just been using me. You never wanted to give it up in the first place, but you still liked how I bought you stuff."


Lei hadn't realized what an impact the rejection would have on the young, emotionally unstable Kale, but even if she had, she wouldn't have changed a thing about her behaviour that night. The young man Lei had loved so much had turned out to be a pig who wouldn't shy away from using a woman's emotional weakness to get laid.


"DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!" Lei screamed again, her words aimed more at Kale than at Yoku, whose kick she elegantly dodged. And for the first time since that night 13 years ago, Lei Choy felt the tears of rage she had bravely held down when she should really have released them.

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Yoku nearly jumped back at the sheer rage expressed by this otherwise unassuming police officer. Her cry sent a wave of memories flooding into Yoku's mind.


"Not again!", Yoku thought. He was normally a well balanced individual, but this fight seemed to bring plenty of flashhbacks. Yoku had always suffered from constant flashbacks, but these were a lot more vivid.


A 17 year old Yoku sits on a beach. The celestial body known as the Moon hangs far above. Before him, an open ocean stretches as far as his eyes can see. Its blue arms are spread wide open, ready to embrace him.


"Tomorrow.", he thought. Indeed, he and his pirate crew would soon depart. Sorrow, a swordsman who could wield ten swords at once (two in each hand, one in each foot, three with his mouth, and one which he tied to his rear end) guarded the ship. A strange elk kid who could transform into a larger (but still strange) elk stood farther off, gazing at the stars.


"Hey Yoku.", Tami said.


Yoku looked to his left, where their navigator sat. She was fast, sneaky, and incredibly beautiful.


"Yoku, I'm sorry your dog died. You can cry if you want, I don't mind."


Yoku looked at her.


Yoku then cried for two hours straight. Then, to his surprise, he felt a hand sliding under his shirt. His head snapped up.


"What are you doing? Are you taking advantage of my moment of weakness?!", Yoku cried out.


"Yes.", Tami replied.


Yoku shrugged. She was really, really beautiful. Yoku moved in for a kiss.


"Ahh... Good times.", Yoku thought. "Wait, I was doing something before this. Nighting? Righting? Lighting? What was it? Oh, that's right! I was fighting!"


However, at that moment, another flashback appeared.


Yoku was in extreme pain. His eyes watered while his face flushed red. Before him, a pretty young woman stood. Her leg retreating from a deadly kick to his "family jewels". A cry of pain began to build...


"Wait, that was just a few moments ago.", Yoku thought. However, he was quickly interrupted by yet another flashback.


The 7 year old Yoku is running through a field full of flowers. Warm sunshine and bright blue skies erase all of Yoku's pain. The soft flowers brush his legs, sending tiny insects buzzing into the air. Yoku let's out a loud laugh, which is soon carried farther off by the gentle breeze.


Suddenly, a long dark shadow appears. Yoku, surprised, turns around.


Before him stood a 70 foot tall robot! The giant gundam was a harsh gray, which clashed with the vibrant flowers. The giant robot screeched with effort as it lumbered forward. The giant's steps caused small earthquakes.


"It can't be!!! Not a Gundam!"




Yoku's fury manifested intself into a mass of energy. He was no longer fighting a cute Hawaiin police officer. He was facing off against his only fear. Giant robots.




Yoku unleashed a tremendous energy blast from his fists.


Energy attacks Strenght

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OOC: Now that's just mean... ^_^


The energy blast threw Lei backwards and into the wall. She fell on the floor face-first and felt her ribs ache. Damn it. Damn it damn it damn it. This wouldn't do. She needed a clear head, or the fight would be over before it had had a chance to begin.


She lifted her head enough to be able to look at the strange character building up some sort of mystical power in his hands. What was he? How could he do these things? And, more importantly, how could she ever hope to defeat him if he was that resilient? Bullets had bounced off of him, he had taken a kick in the face and several to his torso, yet he didn't show any kind of physical exhaustion. She herself still felt the burn of the energy blast. What could she possibly do to him?


Then she saw her teammates, who were still struggling to break free from their bonds. She needed to keep on fighting, as hopeless as it seemed. She had to do it for them. It was her duty.


Faster than the eye could see, officer Choy was on her feet again, running towards her powerful opponent. She was going for a running kick to her opponent's elbow area at a pace that could really hurt if she missed...


Agility (w/luck) attacks arms

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Yoku's 10th move: Energy attacks Strength


Attack succeeds, average damage caused to Choy


Lei Choy's 10th move: Agility (w/Luck) attacks arms


Attack succeeds, average damage caused to Yoku



Lei Choy's Health Status: warning+

Yoku's Health Status: warning+


(OOC): Uh oh, might be a photo finish.

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OCC: I know. I play mind games. ^_^


Yoku groaned. The kick sent more flashbacks crashing down. However, due to a terrible English dub, these scenes shall be skipped over.


"There it is again! The center of her inner strenght.", Yoku thought. His eyes focused on her right elbow. This was where the will power within a person typically rested. Her kick had caused him some damage (which he had been able to hide so far), but it had also brought her dangerously close. His foot moved, even as he thought about his tactic.


Agility attacks Energy

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Lei Choy bit her teeth together. The impact of the kick was echoing inside her, shattering her will into a thousand little pieces. Pain, shock and reality became one, and the inability to move for a second was as much due to physical pain as to mental anguish.


But, like the shattered remains of a broken window still reflect the light cast upon them, officer Choy's broken will still acknowledged and confronted the threat outside. As long as I'm standing, she thought, I will be standing between the innocents of this world and monsters like this.


"Quid pro quo." Choy's troubled breath carried the words out in the open. They remained hanging in the air for a moment in time as a blur, vaguely resembling a human foot, shot up from the floor at the right elbow of the powerful, though crudely-drawn warrior.


Agility attacks arms

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Yoku nearly shouted in fustration.


How was it possible?! Yoku had battled giant robots, giant sumo wrestlers, and giant monsters that had put up less of a fight. This girl, pretty as she was, was a great fighter. Definetly strong of heart. And will. He could not forget will.


Yoku's thoughts were interrupted by an sudden burst of pain. His tongue tasted the harsh flavor of blood. His blood.


Choy's kicks were having a greater effect that he had cared to notice. How much longer could he last? Yoku didn't know. What he did know, was that he mustn't appear weak. Not this far into the battle. If Choy could read what Yoku was thinking, no, such a tragedy could never occur.


Yoku gave Choy a wink. Her kick hurt, but he must keep the expression that it didn't. Mind games.


"Surrender! I'd hate to mess up that pretty face!", Yoku exclaimed. Raising his right fist up, Yoku let out a fierce battle cry. His energy charged punch should end the match. Nothing could survive it, specially this close. In some cases, Yoku had even caused fighters to explode from his punches.


Of course, that had a lot more to do with preassure points. Besides, killing was such a terrible thing to do. A concussion? That wasn't so bad.




Energy attacks Body

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A stroke of energy. A flash of light. Pain. The claws on her chest were there again, she saw the blood and felt the sting. She even went back in time to the ambush, and felt the bullets, one in the leg and two in the stomach, one right next to the liver, and one barely missing her kidney. It had been a miracle she had survived that time. Greg hadn't. Choy still felt that her misjudgement in the operation had led to Greg's death, though the ambush had been set up by the mob, and executed by hired assassins. But how come she hadn't seen it coming? She should have... she should have...


Harshly, agonizingly, Lei Choy was drawn back to the present, where she was lying on the floor of the ruined bureau, her ribs aching and her skin rippling with tiny shots of a strange burning sensation. It hurt so much...


Go on, Lei, she whispered to herself. Go on. Go on. Go on...


Miraculously, the shaking officer was back on her feet. Battered, bruised, but standing. She saw her opponent in the eyes and called out for her akuas. Pele, let's end this madness. Lei's eyes were flaming with the fire of the goddess of volcanoes and violence. Let's put an end to this all.


A tiny signal in the brain. A leap. A kick towards the head of her opponent.


Agility (w/ luck) attacks head

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Yoku's 12th move: Energy attacks body


Attack succeeds, yet is equally matched by the vivacious bod of Choy. No damage.


Lei Choy's 12th move: Agility (w/Luck) attacks head


Attack succeeds, average damage caused to Yoku's thick skull.



Lei Choy's Health Status: warning

Yoku's Health Status: warning-


(OOC): The more I read Marvel Man's character...the more I wonder what is wrong with Marvel...mentally.

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A flash of light. Joy. Happiness. His fist had struck home. When this was all over, Yoku would apologize. Yoku had just paralyzed a woman.


Just like Flute, Yoku's blue skinned alien rival. Their last mission burned brightly in his mind. They were on his home planet, Yamek, when a terrible warlord appeared. The warlord's femenine voice, which came to him in nightmares, laughed in a mocking fashion. The warlord, who wished to gain immortality through the use of the six magical Gryffin-spheres, was extremely powerful. He remembered the attacks.


Two punches to his chest. One energy blast through his right lung, and a powerful kick to his shoulder. It was a miracle he had survived. Flute, however, had not. Despite combining with Yamekian warrior, Knail, Flute was no match. Ripped limb from limb before his very eyes, Flute's last cries for mercy still echoed within Yoku's mind. It was his fault. Somehow.


"Uh!", Yoku cried out. His body betrayed him. Choy's kick, which had come from nowhere, had really hurt. How much longer he could keep fightning, he didn't know. Even now, Yoku fought the blindness and simple mindness that came with a kick to the head.


"Flute, let's do this, old chum.", Yoku thought. A sad song played in the background (although, still in Japanese).


A kick to Choy's left shoulder.


Agility attacks Strenght

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The kick to her shoulder stunned her for a moment, but didn't knock her down. Now that's an improvement.


This creature was mocking her. She didn't know how he did this, nor how she knew this, she just knew. She had barely paid attention to the fact in the heat of the battle, but there was something... off about her opponent.


The apparent ease at which he moved, almost as if he was immune to such phenomena as air resistance and inertia. The storing of the energy, which could be released so effortlessly as a concentrated beam. And, perhaps most strikingly, the hair, which defied the most basic laws of physics.


What she was looking at was a physiological impossibility. Remington, the werewolf, meeting him had been strange, but somehow, on a very substantial level, understandable. However messed up the Remington guy had been, he had acted, moved, and more generally speaking existed on a plane of existence that reminded Choy of the world she was living in. The wolfman had been subject to the same forces as she: Gravity, momentum, inertia. It had been logical to fight him. There was nothing logical about this guy. Whatever this "collision of worlds" problem was, it had brought together theoretical planes of existence that could not reasonably exist anywhere near together.


Officer Choy's rational mind had returned. Once again, she was able to detach her feelings from the battle, and ignore the impulses that had overwhelmed her for a while now. She could even examine her opponent's sturdy build without getting weak in the knees.


Enough with the speculation, she thought, grabbed her opponent's arm, and prepared to smash his fingers on her knee.


Agility attacks arms

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Yoku was soooo distracted.


It wasn't unusual for him to flirt with women, but he had never been in a situation like this. The chick was holding his hand! Maybe she was tired of fighting? Clearly, the people of this world weren't used to such intense excersise. Yoku doubted Choy could pick up a car. She also refused to use energy attacks, ninyutsu, or any common fighting techniques. Once she apologized, Yoku would make sure she got some training. We'll start with one of those eco-friendly cars, Yoku thought. Then we'll move on to something heavier.


Maybe a van?


Or how ab-.... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!


Yoku's mind errupted with pain and... well, more pain.


Luckily, this pain had also cleared Yoku's mind. No longer did he stare at places he shouldn't. Wait, nevermind. Scratch that last part.


Still, his mind could focus on the fight... somewhat.


A kick to her stomach, Yoku thought. As he did, his body moved and followed suite. However, Yoku was still staring at Choy's... I mean, admiring Choy's shirt. It was well made...


Distracted, Yoku tripped himself, and went crashing forward.


Body attacks Body

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Choy felt the air escape from her lungs for a moment when the massive fighter tripped and fell on top of her. Ouch. But after the initial shock had passed, Lei Choy had a quickly passing moment of safety, of warmth, of being where she wanted to be...


He was affected by gravity after all. He was strong and muscular, used to hard training, just like her. Though his body had somehow improved to superhuman levels, he looked relatively normal. He was sweating from the intense battle, just like her. He wasn't that different after all. Maybe, if they stopped fighting for a moment, they could...


Suddenly, as she was lying under the powerful, energetic fighter, she found that words were coming out of her mouth, words that she couldn't control.


"Yuh... You sure know how to show a girl a good time, buddy..." She was speaking silently, almost whispering. "Uh... but we just met and all... take it... you know, easy..."


The unthinkable was happening. She was flirting. Awkwardly, but still.


"I mean, I, uh, keep your shirt on... I... uh... mean..." she stammered. This was all happening too fast. She felt her rational, neutral facade crumbling again. Her hands were shaking, she was blushing, and she looked at Yoku's lips, feeling her own draw towards them...


No. NO! She was not that weak!


"Get away from me!"


Lei used the strength of both of her legs to push her opponent away. Damn that man, she thought as she got up to resume the battle. Damn that man to the deepest pits of hell.


Agility attacks body

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Yoku's face became a tomato. Not in shape, or nutrients, but in color. His face too, switched from a goofy grin to a determined/serious frown, and back again. He actually looked quite funny, as if he had an itch or was holding in a sneeze.


Raised by a strict teacher, Expert Roshy, Yoku had been taught to respect women. They were talented (at cooking and cleaning), smart (made great teachers), and great to look at. Many days had been spent in the company of a fine gal. To say Yoku enjoyed women would be an understatement.


Despite his vast experience in this field, Yoku was still at a loss of words over the current situation. He would never force himself on a woman, and had always defended them. So, what could he do now?


Should he apologize? Do girls like a guy sweating on them? Did I put on deodorant this morning?


These and many more thoughts whirled around one side of Yoku's mind.


On the other side, a desperate voice cried out to him. Attack, it commanded. She's the enemy, it reasoned. Yoku realized this was true. He was about to strike too.


Then she began to talk. Or, more specifically, she began to flirt.


It wasn't the best Yoku had heard. Not the smartest thing to say or the nicest, but, at the moment, none of that mattered. Yoku couldn't resist it any longer. Years of training, his fear of giant robots, and the death of his friend were all forgotten. The logical side of his brain was being beaten senseless by the emotional side. It took all his willpower to remember his own name. When she looked up at him with those eyes, Yoku forgot that too.


And then it was over.


The kicks hurt. But not as much as his heart. Was it better to have loved and lost than to never have lived at all? Or is a lonely heart better than a broken one?


The sad Japanese music was back. Violins?


Then came the anger. With his formal training gone, Yoku felt the wolf demon inside him howl with rage. It clawed through his mental defenses and attempted to take over. A sudden burst of adrenaline combined with his internal wounds to create a distorted version of a plan. Without even thinking, Yoku jumped back into the battle. His hair sprouted even more than before. It soon reached his knees.


"Lady, you don't know who you're messing with! I'm Yoku D. Uzimayo! And nobody says no to me! I can make supermodels out of thin air! Supermodels!"


Yoku threw himself forward. A triple dragon front kick (with a twist) flew toward Choy. A small voice cried in the back of his mind. Don't do it, it pleaded.


Yoku held back. Just a little.


Agility attacks Body

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Despite the obvious holding back of her opponent, the kick sent Lei Choy flying against the wall behind her. The relatively thin wall gave in somewhat, but officer Choy found herself on the floor again regardless. The damage to the room was extensive and very visible, but no one could see what the battle had done to the cop. Her body showed no severe symptoms on the outside, but the internal damage done to her was horrible. She wriggled on the floor from pain, and as she coughed a couple of times, a strong taste of iron reached her mouth.


For the first time during this fight, Lei Choy realized she might be in serious physical danger. Her opponent was a powerhouse, a real monster in the body of a man. Instead of scaring her, that thought sent the much-needed adrenaline flowing through the veins of the battle-weary female warrior. Life-threatening situations had been the bread and butter of her career. It had all started on that fateful night, which had forever severed all ties she might have had with her former, peaceful life. Before that, she hadn't given a thought to joining the army, let alone making a career of putting herself in mortal danger to save others. Now there was nothing else left for her.


Are you sure you just genuinely want to save people, Lei? Or could it be that you do this because you want to taunt Death over and over again because of what it did to your family that night? Could it be that you're just as self-centered and petty as everyone else, yet too proud to admit it?


Continue, she thought, slowly got back on her feet, and spat on the floor. She ignored the red stain left on the white carpet and concentrated on the task at hand: Disable your opponent. Don't give up, don't flee, not even in the face of certain death. Keep fighting until you can't move your feet or lift your arms. Then sink your teeth in his ankle and refuse to let go. Never surrender. You want to see pride? I'll show you pride.


From the back of her mind, a small noise carried itself out in the open. Her lips conveyed the message, aimed at her pompous opponent's ego. "You're full of hot air, buster."


She applied a Chuck Norris-inspired roundhouse kick to the side of Yoku's head. Despite the weak state she was in at the moment, the wide range of the move would guarantee that there was enough momentum to hurt her opponent.


Agility attacks head

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Yoku's 15th move: Agility attacks Body


Attack succeeds, minimum damage caused to Choy


Lei Choy's 15th move: Agility attacks Head


Attack succeeds, minimum damage caused to Yoku.


Lei Choy's Health Status: critical+

Yoku's Health Status: critical+


(OOC): Well, final stretch...This match has swayed from one side to the other and now has landed in the dead center. At this point, you two are completely even and I don't know if you guys are going to fight or make out??? However, ThreeDark just won his match and I believe his Kaiju hasn't found a mate yet. If I were you, I wouldn't want to win that prize. :rolleyes:

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"You're full of hot air, buster."


Yoku stopped. The demon inside him stopped. His senses tensed as he tried to hold back the one thing that could defeat him. His eyes glanced around, shifting from left to right. His teeth dug into his lower lip, as he fought a losing battle. Finally, it was over.


".. HAHA!!", Yoku began. The laughter had errupted like lava from a volcano. Like water from a dam. Yoku closed his eyes as tears of laugher and joy formed. Yoku would've laughed until he could laugh no more... Had it not been for a roundhouse kick to his head.


Thankfully, Yoku's head was hard as rocks, and no true damage was done. However, Yoku was forced to go through a series of flashbacks while a Final Fantasy type music played in the background.


Yoku is a young teen. He is about to perform forbidden magic. His brother, who is not related to him, Alfonse, stood besides him. Their tattered clothes moved with the wind. A strange symbol laid painted on the floor.


"Will this bring my mother back?", he asked. Yoku looked up at him. He wasn't really sure, but everything was possible, right?


And so they began. Yoku and Alfonse, both so young, had no idea what they were messing with. The powerful magic sent waves of energy whirling around, like a small tornado. What happened next is a mystery to Yoku, for he passed out. All he can remember is the sharp cries from the otherworld, as the dead reached out to touch the living. When he awoke, Yoku was missing his right foot. His brother, Alfonse, was in a large and clunky robot body.


The next scenes flash faster than the rest. This is, after all, a 20 minute long post.


Yoku has met Ray Camaro, a trained magician, and member of the National Army. Yoku, determied to aquire his brother's body & his own right foot, joins. Luckily, Yoku is soon given a robotic foot.


Yoku's head hits the ground, interrupting his backstory. My foot, he thought. He had totally forgotten about it. As a former member of the Nation's Army, Yoku had been given a robotic foot. It was made from a special metal, and could strike a person's spiritual energy. A friend named Yinry Stonebell had given it to him.


"What luck.", Yoku thought.


"Eat Deus Ex Machina, woman!", Yoku shouted out. He leapt up and threw a kick at Choy's mid section.


Agility attacks Energy

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OOC: So, when is Yoku going to tell us about the time he was fighting nazivampires with the Death Note?


Agility defends


The world stopped around Lei. Her opponent was aiming a kick at her, but she couldn't move or react. Lei's senses were... heightened. She could feel the bleeding inside her. Her stomach felt strange, but she was no longer capable of experiencing pain. She could read Alice's lips where she lied on the floor, and hear her voice, odd and distant, like someone shouting near a waterfall.


"That f+#%ing bitch is gonna get herself killed! Someone call an ambulance!"


See them. See them fearing for your life since you're selfish enough not to. Don't you care for anything except your pride? What about the people who care for you? Can't you see that even your opponent doesn't want to hurt you anymore, but you keep pushing?


That meant nothing to her. It wasn't her fault. Her family had put her through hell, and she had endured because she had loved them. All these years, she had attempted to prove that she was worthy. That through her selfless sacrifice, she would gain their respect, and prove that they had been wrong about her. That they should have accepted her, been proud of her, loved her. If anybody was to blame, it was them.


Yet you still blame yourself for the death of Jim, Greg, and above all, your grandmother. Because it's so easy, right? It's so simple to blame yourself for deaths instead of accepting that there was nothing you could have done to stop them. That you can't stop death, no matter how hard you try. That power and control are illusions. That in the end, you're no more capable of defying death than anyone else. That you are not God. People around you are going to die, and Death is not going to give a damn about your martyrdom. Nor will any gods for that matter.


"Tell Kali Ma..." Lei coughed. "Tell that bitch..." she coughed again, and saw tiny drops of blood fly from her mouth towards her opponent. "...that she's on my list."


Yes, blame death and gods, blame your father for not being there for you, blame Kale for hurting you, blame your mother and sisters for abandoning you, blame your grandmother for dying on you. You, you, poor you. And everybody else is guilty.


Lei was way too close to the ultimate realization. Her rationality had always been her insanity, and her impulses had always been her wisdom. Yet she had fought the one thing that could have made her happy, and blamed everyone else around her for her unhappiness. Her perfectionism and self-sacrifice had always been there so she could rationalize that she was deserving of happiness, and that it was the rest of the world's fault that she hadn't acquired it. Though she had actively denied it, deep down she was fully aware of who the real demiurge in her life was.


Lei's legs couldn't hold her weight anymore, and she fell backwards, unsure of if the kick had hit her or not.

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OCC: Hey, my Manga references aren't that obvious, are they? I mean, who knows more about Manga than me?


Yoku stepped back. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead. The sun's bright rays caused Yoku's already golden skin to gleam. His muscles, carved out of stone like an ancient statue to some god, tightened. His long flowing hair swam in the gentle breeze. His uniform, once new and formal, was now in shreds. Yet even these shreds and torn pieces were now symbols of a long and hard fought battle. Regal robes for a true warrior.


However, inside his mind, things weren't the same. The scars of war are not just lost limbs and purple hearts. No, for some, the wounds reach deeper. Far deeper until they reach a fighter's soul. Like claws, these memories and moments stretch out until their venemous reach can attack the fighter's center. For a warrior like Yoku, who has battled in a thousand battles against a million fighters, these facts can often build up.


Sadly, at this moment, Yoku's internal walls were overwhelmed. It might have been the stress of having his mentor killed by a robot. It might've been the fact that a thousand worlds had perished to form this new and strange one. But mostly it was Choy. The woman's inner strenght had shocked Yoku like no other. Her womanly ways had thrown him off balance. Her well planned mind games to break Yoku from within were about to be harvested.


In Yoku's defense, nothing in his training had prepared him for such a battle. How could Yoku know that Choy had suffered from a childhood trauma and now hated men? How was Yoku suppose to know about her grandmother? And more specifically, how could he expect a woman to resist him? Seriosly, how did that happen?!


These were Yoku's last thoughts before his past caught up to him. Memories of a hundred lovers, a thousand battles, and a million opponents swept over him like a tsunami wave.


"No, please, not my leg!"


"Yoku, if you really love me, sing to me. Sing Journey."


"Yuda Yuda?! What type of battle phrase is that?!"


"If you can read this, thank a teacher."


"Yoku, what are you doing?! Is that my sister!"


"Yoku, we've been fighting for a long time. Now, let's end this."


"Good luck in the tournament. May we meet on the battlefield. Be it here, or in the next world."


"I've never done this before. Wait, is that a camera?!"


"If I die here today. Tell my mother... Actually, no. I'm not going to die! Not here. Not now. Not EVER! Oh crap, not my spin-... AAAAAHHHH!!!!"


"Stop crying. Seriously, stop. STOP! Wow, I can't believe you got me to watch the Notebook."


"Are you sure this is legal? I can't afford a third strike."


"Will you stay? Even though I'm sick? Oh Yoku, I knew you woul-... Wait, where are you going? No, Yoku, wait! Are you coming back?! Yoku, NOOOOOOO!!! DA** YOU YOKU! I'LL KILL YOU!! YOU HEAR ME! I'LL FIND YOU!!"


"Yoku, you're good. But no match for my GUNDAM!!!"


"Not Gundam! Not them again!", Yoku screamed. His leg shot forward. His special leg. As in, the plot device leg.


Agility attacks Energy

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(OOC): Uh Oh!! Game almost over. So much so, that I almost ended it. However, there is somebody in this tournament that previously came back from defeat with 1 point, so... the fight must go on.


Yoku's 16th move: Agility attacks Energy


Attack succeeds, Heavy damage caused to Choy due to this...


Lei Choy's 16th move: Agility Defends


Defense misses! You just took damage lil lady.


Lei Choy's Health Status: critical-

Yoku's Health Status: critical+


(OOC): Lei Choy seems to always end up in these predicaments. Play Smart. :)

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The kicks had hit her. Damn. Strangely, the blood that was supposed to carry precious oxygen to her brain was now running wildly around her stomach area. She remembered reading that internal damage of this magnitude would definitely kill a person, if quick medical care was not applied. Heh, I might just be dying here, she thought. It's about bloody time.


I couldn't feel any better or I'd be sick.


Her spirit had received the biggest damage, however. After being exposed as the reason for Lei's unhappiness and wasted life, the rational part of her mind had revealed its true nature: A cold, calculating, manipulative psychopath that was determined to fight this losing battle to the end, until either she or her opponent was dead. For honor and glory, and for the acceptance of her family. In Lei's defense, only the rational part was there, still craving for control after all the pain it had caused poor Lei. Her instinct was chaotic, all over the place, talking gibberish.


My head keeps spinning.


Meanwhile. Alice had somehow managed to get on her feet, though she was still tied up. She wasn't even trying to fight Yoku anymore. Instead, she was pleading him to spare Lei's life. Pleading like only she could.


"You stupid brute!" Alice shouted at Yoku. "Us people, we're not like you, big chunks of a weird, bulletproof material! If you cut us, we bleed! And right now, you're killing her!"


Why was Alice bothering with that guy? Granted, she had always been better with people than Choy, and maybe she had seen some redeeming qualities in Yoku, but why was she conversing with a terrorist? Then again, Alice talking to the guy made him forget about Choy for a moment, and she could use this time to get up and prepare for an attack that could still change the direction of this battle.


"Thanks for the distraction, Alice", Choy said, and made a jump towards her opponent. She had used this move before on Remington, but hopefully her current enemy didn't have a healing factor.


Like a fella once said, ain't that a kick in the head?


"LEI!" Alice screamed, seeing her friend attempting an attack that in her state could prove fatal. "NO!"


"Come fly with me, big boy!" Lei shouted. And as they flung to the ground, officer Choy's thighs tightly wrapped around Yoku's neck, she laughed. Not the kind of laugh that a cute little Hawaiian police officer would reasonably let out; It sounded more like a demon being exorcised. And she sang. And laughed. And sang.


"Tell me quick, ain't love a kick in the head?"


Agility (w/luck) attacks head

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Match Closed - Fates sealed. Soon fates will be revealed. :)

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Congratulations Marvel Man, our winner of Round 2, Fight 1 of When Worlds Collide!!


Attribute bonus:


+1 to Body for defeating Lei Choy


Final People's Poll vote:


Marvel Man's Yoku D. Uzimayo [7 votes]

Kinetic War's Lei Choy [8 votes]


People's Poll bonus


No bonus to Marvel Man for once again losing the People's Poll. Twice. Two times. 2nd time losing that...I'm just saying.


Next Match:


Final's bonus round: Team Redeem: Opalord, Nesh, KevinDWolf and Hugo vs. AGNI - God of Fire/Messenger of the Gods.

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