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Pirates vs. Cowboys

Pirates: 1
Cowboys: 3


Sogetsu Kazama vs. Jin Kazama

Sogetsu Kazama: 1
Jin Kazama: 3


Chun-Li vs. Rachel (Ninja Gaiden)

Chun-Li: 2
Rachel (Ninja Gaiden): 5


Baron Zemo vs. Khan Noonien Singh

Baron Zemo: 3
Khan Noonien Singh: 0


Shiki (Samurai Shodown) vs. Yang

Shiki (Samurai Shodown): 4
Yang: 0


Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Kyo Kusanagi

Leonardo (Mirage): 3
Kyo Kusanagi: 1


Uchiha Itachi vs. Nasty Boys

Uchiha Itachi: 3
Nasty Boys: 2


Asuka Kazama vs. Crimson Viper

Asuka Kazama: 3
Crimson Viper: 4


Raphael (Mirage) vs. Iori Yagami

Raphael (Mirage): 6
Iori Yagami: 4


Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees

Michael Myers: 0
Jason Voorhees: 4


Domino (Marvel Comics) vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

Domino (Marvel Comics): 2
Cybermen (Mondasian): 3


Xu Wenwu vs. Sun Ce

Xu Wenwu: 4
Sun Ce: 2


Bonne Jenet vs. Darli Dagger

Bonne Jenet: 2
Darli Dagger: 6


12:15 - Clonetroopers vs. Orcs

Clonetroopers: 0
Orcs: 11


12:15 - Lucky the Leprechaun vs. Willy the Hillbilly

Lucky the Leprechaun: 9
Willy the Hillbilly: 2


12:15 - Copperhead vs. Shocker

Copperhead: 5
Shocker: 6


12:15 - The Flash (Wally West) vs. Supergirl

The Flash (Wally West): 4
Supergirl: 8


12:15 - Mandrill vs. Calender Man

Mandrill: 7
Calender Man: 5


12:15 - Necrons vs. The Shi'ar Empire

Necrons: 5
The Shi\'ar Empire: 8


12:15 - Mr. Peanut vs. Flo (Progressive)

Mr. Peanut: 2
Flo (Progressive): 8

Agent Carter S03E05 Match 17558 Black Terror vs. Stilt Man vs. Daredevil (Golden Age)


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Episode 5: The Long and the Short and Tall

August 3rd.  Brooklyn, New York.  Benton’s Pharmacy. 

Diana looked unimpressed through the window of the sedan at the faded sign of Benton’s.  “Just how many more of these dumps are you going to drag me to see?  I already told you, I don’t know what made me say Benton.”  Peggy opened the door and walked over to Jarvis in the driver’s seat with Angie sitting next to him.  “You also don’t know how you are able to shoot a gun.  At the moment, this is our only lead.  Mr. Jarvis, you know the drill.  Keep Miss Adams out of sight.  Angie, stay with Mr. Jarvis.”  Angie shot a salute with a grin.  “Yes, ma’am.”  Peggy turned and headed for the pharmacy.  “Jervis,” Diana moaned.  “I’m hungry.  Do you think we could get something to eat?” 

“Our instructions our to wait for Miss Carter, and render assistance as it is needed,” Jarvis said, not turning to look at Diana.  “But she’ll be fine!  I need some food!”  Angie turned around with a look of impatience.  “Listen, lady!  We’re all hungry!  But if you walk out there, someone could see you and call the cops!  So just sit there and be quiet!”  Diana looked taken aback, then sat back in her seat.  “Well put, Miss Martinelli,” said Jarvis approvingly.  “Hey, it’s all in the projection.  It’s acting thing.” 

The bell at the door of the pharmacy chimed as Peggy entered.  There were no customers inside at the booths or the counter.  Jean Benton stood wiping a glass with a towel before she noticed Peggy and set it aside.  “Welcome to Benton’s Pharmacy, miss.  How can I help you?”  Peggy approached the counter and reached in her purse.  “Good morning.  My name is Peggy Carter.  I’m wanting to speak with your husband about an urgent matter.”  She pulled out a newspaper clipping with a picture of Diana Adams accepting a bouquet of flowers.  “Have you ever seen this lady before?  Perhaps she came here as a customer?”  Jean Benton took the clipping at examined the picture carefully for a moment, then shook her head.  “I’m sorry.  I don’t recall seeing her around here.  Why?  Is she in some sort of trouble?”  The door to the backroom swung open and Dr. Benton hurried out.  “Jean, I’ve been looking over our supply of penicillin.  We might need a few more boxes in case of… oh!  I’m sorry, dear.  I didn’t know you were waiting on a customer.”    

“Robert,” Jean said in hushed tones.  “She was asking for you.  Something about a woman.”  Dr. Benton looked uncomfortable at Peggy.  “Well, miss, what exactly is this about?”  Peggy showed him the clipping.  “Dr. Benton, this woman.  Have you seen her?  Think carefully.  It’s most important.”  Dr. Benton squinted at the picture.  “I don’t know.  We do have a lot of customers come through here.  Well, not today anyway.  But what’s this all about?”  Peggy put the clipping back in her purse.  “Her name is Diana Adams.  She has found herself in a rather difficult situation.  She seems to believe you can help her.”  Dr. Benton shook his head.  “I’m sorry, miss.  But I don’t even know any Diana Adams.” 

“Robert!” Jean interrupted.  “Diana Adams!  Isn’t that the name they said on the radio?  The actress who went crazy?” 

“That’s what I’m trying to find out, Miss Benton,” Peggy said. 

Meanwhile, in the sedan, Diana sat up in the backseat and pointed at the window of the pharmacy.  “That’s him!  That’s Dr. Benton!”  Angie looked back in frustration.  “Are you sure?  Oh wait.  Don’t tell me.  You don’t know.” 

“Don’t be ridiculous!  I don’t know how but I’m sure of it!  I know that man!  I need to talk to him!”  Before Jarvis could lock the doors, Diana had flung hers open and ran down the street to the pharmacy.  “Does this happen a lot with you and Peggy?” asked Angie.  “More than you realize,” said Jarvis as they jumped from the car in pursuit. 

“With all due respect, miss…”

“Carter.  Peggy Carter.”  Dr. Benton nodded as he headed for the door.  “I don’t have any interest in getting involved in something that isn’t my business.  I don’t know this Adams woman and I’ve never seen…”  The door banged open, the force nearly causing the bell to fly off it’s mounting.  Diana entered the pharmacy with Jarvis and Angie behind her.  She looked at Dr. Benton with the expression of a woman trying to put a name to a face.  “Doctor?  It is you, Dr. Benton?” 

“I’m sorry, Miss Carter,” said Jarvis.  “She got away from us.”  Jean Benton rushed to the phone.  “I’m calling the police right now!” 

“Jean, wait!” shouted Dr. Benton, his eyes fixed on Diana.  “But, Robert!  She’s a criminal!” 

“Jean, please!”  Dr. Benton looked intently at Diana.  “Miss Adams?  This seems most unusual, but… I have the strangest sensation I’ve met you somewhere before.”  Diana nodded desperately.  “Yes!  Yes!  I feel the same way!  I know your name, your face!  But I don’t remember meeting you!  Please, you’ve got to help me!”  Peggy stepped in between the two.  “Dr. Benton, have you felt that sensation before?  Perhaps memories you can’t quite place?  Certain… skills you don’t remember learning?”  Dr. Benton gave a worried glance to Jean then back to Peggy.  “Can I trust you, Miss Carter?”  Angie looked at Jarvis.  “Just great.  We found another one.” 

Soho, New York.  Sky High Lounge. 

On the fifteenth floor of a skyscraper, the Sky High Lounge prided itself on serving the richest, most well-to-do clientele.  Well-dressed couples chatted as they gave orders to waiters and ate their brunch.  Suddenly the large, floor length windows exploded, sending glass flying toward screaming patrons.  They ducked under tables and looked where the windows had been to behold the sight of a man in a silver suit, apparently standing as tall as the fifteenth floor.  He held a gatling gun and motioned toward the guests.  “Alright, ladies and gents!  This is a stick up!  Kindly hand your money and jewelry to your servers, and they will place them on the window sill.  Anyone tries to be a hero, and you’re all dead!”  Slowly, the helpless people did as they were bidden, and the pile of valuables was placed before Stilt Man.  He let his gatling gun hang by the strap on his shoulder, then lifted up a device that resembled a vacuum cleaner attachment.  The device sucked up the loot and deposited it in the canister on his back.  He attached the device to his belt, then hoisted up the gatling gun at the terrified guests.  “Pleasure doing business with you, folks!  Hope you didn’t lose your appetites!  Bye for now!” Stilt Man trod away from the building down the street, his metallic footsteps causing reverberations that could be felt for blocks. 

Suddenly, a boomerang collided with Stilt Man’s helmet.  He looked up at the rooftops to see the Daredevil, catching the boomerang with ease.  “What’s the big idea?!” Stilt Man yelled indignantly.  “This is my score!”  The Daredevil leapt off the rooftop and caught hold of Stilt-Man’s leg.  Stilt-Man swung the gatling gun into position and aimed.  “Get off!”  He opened fire, forcing the Daredevil to leap away to avoid a hail of bullets. 

Benton’s Pharmacy. 

Dr. Benton sat slumped in a chair, Jean by his side.  Peggy and Diana stood in front of the pair, while Jarvis and Angie looked on from the counter.  “I have been experiencing some… unusual symptoms,” Dr. Benton said.  “It started a couple of days ago.  I was having these rather vivid dreams.  Scenes of battle, chaos.  I assumed it was just aftershocks from the war, but these seemed so real.  Not just dreams, but… memories.” 

“Yes!” interrupted Diana.  “Me too!  I remember the same thing!  See, Carter?  I told you I wasn’t crazy!”  Peggy held up a hand to silence Diana, then looked back to Dr. Benton.  “Anything else you can remember?”  Dr. Benton closed his eyes and winced.  Jean took his hand comfortingly.  “Robert, please.  Talk to them.”  Dr. Benton opened his eyes, then he got up from the chair and walked to the backroom.  Jean looked back at Peggy.  “I really hope this is all worth it.  I really thought he was getting better.  Adjusting to being back home.  But now…”  Peggy put her hand on Jean’s shoulder.  “I assure you, Miss Benton.  We are going to find out exactly what’s going on with Miss Adams and your husband.” 

Dr. Benton returned from the backroom carrying the white gift box.  Diana gasped.  “What are you doing with that?  That looks like the box I got!  The one I got delivered to me before I…”  Her voice trailed off, as Dr. Benton lifted the lid to reveal the Black Terror costume.  “This was delivered to the pharmacy before my nightmares returned.  Then a group of racketeers came here to try to force us to pay up.  I can’t explain what happened next.  It was like I knew instinctively what to do, how to track them, how to fight them.” 

“Oh, Robert,” said Jean.  “It’s alright, Jean,” Dr. Benton said.  “But it appears Miss Adams and I have a similar problem.  And we may not be the only ones.” 

“What do you mean?” asked Peggy.  “Who else is there?” 

“While I was dealing with those hoodlums, I came across another gifted, masked individual.  People have been spreading rumors of a ‘devil’ in Hell’s Kitchen.  He certainly lives up to the name.  He would have killed those criminals in cold blood if I hadn’t stopped him.” 

Suddenly the music on the radio was cut short.  The radio announcer’s voice rang out.  “We interrupt your music to bring this special police bulletin!  Please stay clear of the Williamsburg area!  Police say there is a criminal getaway in progress!  That’s right!  Multiple reports of some looney with a boomerang fighting some hold up man on stilts!  Just another day in New York, eh, folks?  Well, either way, don’t go there to gawk.  Please stay at home until the police give the all clear!  We now return to your regular scheduled music entertainment!” 

The music came back on and Dr. Benton spun to face.  “It’s him!  I need to stop him!’ 

“You’re not going anywhere, Robert!” Jean said.  “I must agree with your wife, Dr. Benton,” said Peggy.  “It’s too dangerous.” 

“Don’t you understand?” Dr. Benton snapped.  “He will pursue that man until he kills him!  And he won’t care who gets hurt until he completes his objective!” 

“And what is his objective, doctor?” Peggy asked sternly.  “What else are you not telling me?”  Dr. Benton tried to gather his composure.  “I don’t know.  Honestly.  But I can help.  I can make sure that whoever he is chasing can be brought in safely.  Please.   I might not know where my abilities came from, but I can still use them!”  Peggy looked at Jarvis and Angie, then back toward Jean Benton.  Jean sighed, and hugged her husband.  “You promise me you’ll come home.”  Dr. Benton returned her embrace.  “I promise.”  Jean looked to Peggy.  “And you make sure he’s alright?” 

“You have my word, Miss Benton.” 

“And I’m coming too!” said Diana.  “No!” Peggy said firmly.  “You’ll stay right here with Angie and Mr. Jarvis.  You say you’re an actress?  Take that as your direction.  Is that clear?”  Diana sat in a booth and pouted.  “And you be careful as well, Miss Carter,” said Mr. Jarvis.  “Whenever possible, Mr. Jarvis.” 


Black Terror wins by capturing Stilt Man. 

Daredevil wins by killing Stilt Man. 

Stilt Man wins by evading both heroes. 

Peggy will be there to lend assistance to Black Terror. 

Can our heroes stop Stilt Man?

Stay Tuned and find out! 

Game On!   

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Howard Stark’s sedan spun around the corner with Peggy Carter and Black Terror and screeched to a halt.  The two stared for a moment at the sight of Stilt Man standing in the middle of the street at over 150 feet tall, with the figure of the Daredevil climbing up his metallic leg.  “I would hope that some of your unexpected memories might give us a plan of attack, Dr. Benton,” said Peggy, as Daredevil swung out of the way of another blast from Stilt Man’s gatling gun.  “The suit he’s wearing must be able to control his height and maintain balance,” said Black Terror.  “Perhaps if I can reach him, I can find the mechanism that can bring back to normal height.  But first, I need to stop Devil.”  Black Terror jumped out of the car before Peggy had a chance to reply.  “Brilliant,” she said sarcastically.  “I’ll just wait here.”  Black Terror gave a mighty leap and reached halfway up a nearby apartment building. 

Daredevil finally reached the top of the stilts.  Stilt Man swung the gatling gun towards him, but Daredevil leapt back just in time, letting the gun clang against the stilt.  He grabbed hold of the clung and heaved himself onto Stilt Man’s helmet.  “Get off of me!”  Stilt Man screamed as he flailed wildly.  But Daredevil brought his boomerang down on the helmet, over and over again.  Stilt Man grinned up through the glass.  “You can do that all day!  You can’t break that!”  Daredevil continued smashing the helmet, until, to Stilt Man’s shock, a crack began to show.  He quickly reached for a dial on his chest and turned it.  The stilt legs started to grow, causing Stilt Man’s torso and the still attached Daredevil to rise even higher to the air. 

Black Terror second leap got him to the roof of the apartments.  He watched as Stilt Man continued his ascent.   Stilt Man reached to another button on his suit.  “Sorry, buddy, this is your floor!”  He pressed the button and a current of electricity charged through the suit in Daredevil.  He grunted in pain as it coursed through him, causing him to freeze with his boomerang upraised.  “Insulated suit!”  Stilt Man yelled and grabbed Daredevil by the arm.  “Let’s how tough yours is!”  He yanked Daredevil from the helmet and sent him tumbling into space. 

Seeing Daredevil falling, Black Terror started running across the roof top.  He reached the edge and leapt into the air with arms outstretched.  He caught the falling Daredevil and both heroes crashed onto another roof, with Black Terror taking the brunt of the hit.  Black Terror rolled out of the small crater their impact had made, and took in the sight of Daredevil on his back, and shaking his head.  “Now I guess we’re even,” Black Terror said dryly.  Daredevil responded by kipping up to his feet, and delivering a kick that Black Terror just barely dodged.  Black Terror rolled to his feet, and saw that Daredevil was swaying slightly, but still looked ready to fight.  He drew his boomerang across his throat.  “Yes, yes, I know,” Black Terror snapped.  “He’s a criminal and he deserves to die.  I’m here to stop him and you.”  Daredevil charged forward and threw the boomerang.  Black Terror drew his sword and knocked the boomerang aside with a slash.  Daredevil pulled two of the metallic spikes from his belt and took them in either hand.  The swing with the spike in his right hand was caught by Black Terror’s sword, but the other spike caught him in the ribs.  Black Terror, his teeth gritted in pain, yanked the spike out, then landed a punch that dropped Daredevil to the roof. 

The familiar sound of gunfire caused Black Terror to duck and cover.  Stilt Man had regained control of the gatling gun and was peppering the roof.  “Just how many of you creeps are there?!”  Stilt Man took aim again, only to feel a vibration running up his stilts.  He looked down and saw Stark’s sedan with Peggy at the wheel.  She put the car into reverse and sped back up the street to charge again.  “Sorry about the dents, Mr. Jarvis,” she said under her breath.  She pumped the gas and accelerated toward the stilts.  “That does it!” Stilt Man fumed as he aimed at the sedan.  “You want some of this too?!  Fine!” 

Black Terror ran and leapt off the roof, landing on Stilt Man’s back and grabbing a hold around his waist.  “Aw, not this again!” Stilt Man moaned as Black Terror reached his shoulders.  “Trust me, mister, you’re getting off easy!” Black Terror yelled and deliver a punch that shattered the helmet.  He delivered another strike to the dial, causing sparks to fly. 

“You idiot!  You’re throwing off the gyroscopes!  We’re gonna whooooooooooa!”  Stilt Man’s ranting was lost as his stilts grew another 50 feet, then dropped, then grew again.  Black Terror hung grimly onto the suit as the legs extended and retracted, swaying dangerously to keep balance.  Peggy and the sedan collided with the stilts head on.  With the creaky scream of metal, Stilt Man started to fall backwards.  Black Terror jumped off and bounced off an awning before landing in a three point stance on the sidewalk, just in time to watch as Stilt Man crashed down to earth.  The telescoping stilts returned to their normal size.  Stilt Man coughed and slammed his fist on a button that detached them from the suit.  He rolled over and tried to crawl away, but Daredevil landing from rooftop in front of him.  He shook his head and raised the boomerang.  “Daredevil!” 

Daredevil looked up to see Black Terror standing a few feet ahead of him.  “That is your name, isn’t it?  Your callsign?  I don’t know how I know that, but it doesn’t matter now.  Let the police deal with him.  Stand down!”  Daredevil didn’t move.  Peggy got out from behind the wheel of the now smoking sedan with a drawn pistol.  She took aim at Daredevil.  “You heard the man!  He’s like you!  You’re not the only one with powers.  Stand down and we can help you!”  Daredevil stared at Peggy Carter with his expressionless mask.  He tilted his head, and slowly lowered the boomerang.  Then he took off at a run down the street, giving a mighty leap to a rooftops.  “Wait!  Come back!”  Peggy yelled as Daredevil disappeared and the sound of police cars drew closer.  “I think it’s time for us to leave, Miss Carter,” Black Terror said, picking her up in his arms.  “Doctor Benton!” 

“Forgive me, Miss Carter, but since you’ve permanently damaged the car, this is the best course of action.  Hold on!”  Black Terror jumped to the roofs, leaving the police cars to surround the unconscious form of Stilt Man. 

August 3rd 1946.  The Mojave Desert, California. 

Arcade pulled up in front of the abandoned looking shack.  Mr. Chamber’s truck was already parked outside, and light shone through the window.  Arcade honked the horn loudly.  “Mr. Chambers!  Miss Locke!  Daddy’s home!”  The door opened and Mr. Chamber’s walked out.  He held the car door open for Arcade.  “Was everything satisfactory, Arcade?”  Arcade breezed past him and walked to the door of the shack.  “Well, I didn’t get to kill everybody, on account of those SSR killjoys and the goofball in the hat.  But I guess Manfredi will be satisfied with the results.” 

“Even with the death of his sister?” asked Mr. Chambers.  Arcade waved his hand and reached for the door handle.  “Meh.  Who cares?  If he really wanted to keep that hack-tress safe, he wouldn’t have hired me to rig the place!  As long as he pays me my money, then we should be all…” 

Arcade’s chatter stopped.  He had opened the door of the shack and had finally beheld the scene in the kitchen.  It was Miss Locke, sat at the table, still in her nurse outfit.  And she had a bullet hole in her forehead.  Arcade looked stunned at the sight of his dead employee.  He pointed a finger at the body as his breath quickened.  “Mr. Chambers?  What happened to Miss Locke?”  Arcade could hear Mr. Chambers’ voice behind him.  “Miss Locke?  Oh, I shot her.  Right after I shot Mr. Chambers.”  Arcade looked behind him, and was able to see the gun in ‘Chambers’ hand before the bullet pierced his brain. 

‘Chambers’ watched Arcade bleed out until he stopped breathing.  Then Dimitri removed the mask of ‘Chambers’ and tossed it on the kitchen table.  He checked his watch, then walked over to the wall mounted telephone.  Dimitri took out a handkerchief to cover his hands as he dialed. 

“Yes?” the voice answered on the other end of the line. 

“The mission was successful.  Operative Fighting Yank proved to be match for both Arcade and for the SSR.  He was last seen flying east.  He may be heading for New York, possibly the Midwest.  The file did detail a relationship with the Joyce woman.” 

“Don’t worry.  We have our operatives in place and ready for them.  And for Miss Joyce if necessary.  What about Arcade and his people?” 

Dimitri glanced behind him to view his handiwork; Arcade on the floor, Miss Locke at the table, and Mr. Chambers’ body still in the van.  “All dealt with.  Any further instructions?” 

“Dispose of the bodies in the most efficient manner, then return to Los Angeles.  Joseph Manfredi will undoubtedly be asked questions about the death of his lover Miss Frost.  You will be contacted when you will be returning to New York.” 

Manhattan, New York.  The laboratory of Doctor Jonas Harrow. 

Count Nefaria hung up the phone, then turned his attention to Doctor Harrow.  The short man with a mustache and glasses was dressed in a white smock and pants, looking impatient at the count.  “Really, Count, how can I show you the results of my genius with these constant interruptions?!” 

“Calm yourself, Doctor,” Nefaria soothed.  “I was expecting that call.  No one else will disturb us.  Now, how are your patients doing?”  Harrow grinned and motioned to Nefaria to follow him.  They walked through a door way and Harrow pushed a plastic tarp aside to reveal two muscular men in hospital gowns strapped to gurneys.  “The first one, with the concussion?” Harrow chattered.  “Very, very difficult work that.  But it gave me chance to experiment with that metal my supplier found.  Said it came from some jungle in Africa.  Very resistant to damage.  And grafted to this one’s skeleton?  Not only has it repaired his skull, but it shows signs of increasing his strength!  He should be very useful to you!”  Nefaria glanced at the other man.  “What about him?  He’s the one who actually volunteered for the procedure?” 

“Oh yes,” Harrow chuckled.  “He brought this one in after the attack by the boomerang man.  He was curious about what would happen to his friend, and when I described the benefits, he wanted to join him!  Took some thought, but these animal grafts have proven quite successful in increasing his endurance and strength!”  Nefaria raised an eyebrow.  “What sort of animal exactly?”  Harrow coughed and tugged on the collar of his shirt.  “Well er… I happened to have some left over grafts from a kangaroo I had dissected last month.  But I assure you, Count, both men will be strong and loyal only to you!”  Count Nefaria smirked as he looked at the two men.  “Perfect.  Just make sure they are ready for tonight.  I’m sure Silvermane and the Maggia will find them quite interesting.” 

Stay Tuned for Episode 6: She Floats Through the Air! 

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