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12:8 - Shan Yu vs. Bill Cipher

Shan Yu: 2
Bill Cipher: 8


12:8 - Abra Stone vs. Fortnite Island

Abra Stone: 4
Fortnite Island: 6


12:8 - Richard O'Connell vs. Warworld

Richard O'Connell: 5
Warworld: 7


12:8 - The Star Wars Fanatics vs. The Foot Clan

The Star Wars Fanatics: 4
The Foot Clan: 9


12:8 - Beta Ray Bill vs. Captain Marvel / Shazam

Beta Ray Bill: 9
Captain Marvel / Shazam: 3


12:8 - Trevor Belmont (Netflix) vs. Domino (Marvel Comics)

Trevor Belmont: 4
Domino (Marvel Comics): 8


12:8 - Ashley J. Williams vs. Predator Pyramid

Ashley J. Williams: 5
Predator Pyramid: 9


12:8 - Mr. Peanut vs. Wendy

Mr. Peanut: 5
Wendy: 6


12:8 - Lt. Ellen Ripley vs. New York City Penitentiary

Lt. Ellen Ripley: 14
New York City Penitentiary: 3


12:8 - Shocker vs. Rhino

Shocker: 8
Rhino: 3


12:8 - The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns) vs. Orcs

The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns): 3
Orcs: 9


12:8 - Bragi vs. Zeus

Bragi: 6
Zeus: 3


12:8 - George Volcano vs. Ronald McDonald

George Volcano: 4
Ronald McDonald: 5


12:8 - Angar the Screamer vs. Trapster

Angar the Screamer: 9
Trapster: 2


12:8 - Magpie vs. King Shark

Magpie: 3
King Shark: 9


12:8 - Ninjas vs. The 300 Spartans

Ninjas: 6
The 300 Spartans: 7


12:8 - Thor vs. Anubis

Thor: 7
Anubis: 2


12:8 - Apocalypse vs. Ultron

Apocalypse: 10
Ultron: 0


12:8 - Doomsday vs. The Hulk

Doomsday: 7
The Hulk: 5


12:8 - Demona vs. Lord Dominator

Demona: 7
Lord Dominator: 4

Match 17524 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs. Choriki Sentai Ohranger

Venom 2009

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Zombie Power Rangers: Part 23


Previously: The Original Rangers and Time Force Rangers were watching the fight between G.I. Joe, the Zombies, and the Super Hero Taisen Army on the Viewing Globe. That is, until they discovered Tanya as a Power Ranger was fighting the Moon Rock Aliens. In order to create the Zeo Rangers, they needed Tanya's Zeo shard and the Ohrangers' morphers. So, the Time Force Rangers were teleported to Africa to help Tanya fight the aliens, while the Original Rangers were preparing to search for the morphers.


Note: This takes place during the same time as the fights in Part 20 and Part 22.


Inside the Command Center, the Original Power Rangers (Tommy, Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly) were ready to head out to the Park.

“Ok, Alpha. Teleport Tommy, Jason, Zack, and Trini to the last location of the Ohrangers.” Zordon said to the robot.

This shocked Kimberly, “What?! But what about me?” She asked Zordon.

“I can’t send you out there. You don’t have your powers.” Zordon said.

“But I have the Badge of Darkness.” Kimberly said.

“You don't have your Ranger Powers. I have already warned you about the Badge of Darkness. The more you use the Badge, the more it will corrupt you with its evil powers. You have already used it two times. We will lose you for good, if you keep on using the Badge.” Zordon said.

“But Zordon, I feel fine. I need the Badge of Darkness to help me fight.” Kimberly said. She then looks at the Zombie Power Rangers (Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy, and Kat), who are still trapped inside the force-field cage. “If I’d realized sooner that someone wasn’t capable of doing my job, then I wouldn’t have given up my Ranger Powers.”

“Bite me.” Kat said.

“I don’t swing that way.” Kimberly said.

“Grrr... I’ll eat your face!” Kat yelled.

“I’d like to see you try, freak.” Kimberly said.

“Enough! Both of You!” Tommy yelled at Kimberly and Kat. He then looked up at Zordon. “Let Kimberly come with us. I will take full responsibility of her.”

Zordon let out a sigh, “Very well Tommy. But Kimberly, while its against my judgment, only use the Badge, if it’s an emergency.”

“I’ll be ok. Besides, we’re only going to the Park to get the morphers from those Dead Wanna-Be Power Rangers. We’ll be back here in no time.” Kimberly said.

“Just be careful.” Zordon said to her. He then looks at Alpha. “Go ahead and teleport all five of them to the Park.”

“Right away, Zordon. Good luck, Rangers.” Alpha said as he hit some buttons on the control panel.

The five teenagers were then teleported away.

“Was that wise, Zordon? That Badge seems to be making Kimberly worst already.” Circuit said.

“There is still a flame of good in Kimberly’s heart. I can only hope that flame doesn’t go out.” Zordon said.


The Original Power Rangers were teleported to the Park. Tommy had a sick feeling in his stomach as this was ground zero where the zombie nightmare had begun. The rest of the team were stunned by the sight in front of them. From a far distance, they could see the city of Angel Grove was in chaos. Buildings were on fire with black smoke mixing into the orange sky as it was now dusk. Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly had hoped to return to their home one day, but not like this.

Jason lowered his head in shame. “This is all our fault.” He spoke.

The others looked at Jason in confusion. “What do you mean?” Zack asked him.

“If we hadn’t gone to Switzerland, maybe this could have been avoided.” Jason said.

“But Jason; you, Zack, and Trini went to the summit to help bring peace to the world. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were doing a fine job while the three of you were gone.” Tommy said.

“But what’s the point of having peace in the world, if everyone is going to get eaten by zombies.” Jason said.

“Jason, if it's anyone’s fault, its Zordon’s.”  Kimberly said.

The rest of the teenagers looked at Kimberly in shock. “What do you mean?” Trini asked her.

“Well according to those Future Power Rangers, Tommy and the others were supposed to become the Zeo Power Rangers. If they had the Zeo Crystal already, then this zombie outbreak could have been avoided. But no, Zordon just had to send the shards to different points of time. Because of him, were now looking for second rate powers to make the Zeo Rangers.” Kimberly said.

“But Kimberly, you have to understand that Zordon didn’t want the Zeo Crystal to fall into the wrong hands. Sending the shards to the past was the only way to keep Master Vile from getting the crystal again.” Tommy said.

“Oh, so Zordon couldn’t... I don’t know... Keep the crystal inside the Command Center. The one place Rita’s daddy couldn’t get in. Seems to me, we shouldn’t put our trust in Zordon. Especially, since he put his trust in people that tried to kill us not too long ago.” Kimberly said.

“Zordon knows what’s best, Kimberly. The Time Force Power Rangers and us want the same thing; To stop the Zombie Apocalypse. That’s why Zordon put his trust in them.” Tommy said.

“But that doesn’t mean they are on our side. How do we know as soon as they get the Zeo shard from Tanya, they won’t stab us in the back with it? For all we know, they want the shard for themselves. Heck, Zordon would probably want those Power Rangers over us. As soon as Zordon no longer sees a use for us, he will throw us away like junk.” Kimberly said.

“Zordon isn’t like that, and you know it!” Zack yelled.

“Kimberly, you’re worrying me. Ever since you started using the Badge, you’ve been acting different, and not in a good way.” Trini said.

“All I’m saying is we should be careful of Zordon and the Time Force Power Rangers. Especially, when we get the Ohrangers' morphers. Speaking of, where are the Ohrangers?” Kimberly said.

The five teenagers looked for the Ohrangers, but couldn’t find their bodies. “I don’t see them anywhere.” Jason said.

“Uh, guys. I know the Zombie Rangers like to eat people. But you don’t think...” Zack couldn’t finish it.

“I don’t think each of them could eat a whole body with clothes and other items.” Trini said.

“So where are the Ohrangers?” Tommy asked.

“Could Alpha have teleported us to the wrong spot?” Trini asked.

Just then the Rangers heard some screams, and saw at a far distance, a group of people were running away from something. “That can’t be good.” Zack said.

“Let’s check it out.” Tommy said.

The Rangers started to run towards the area that the people were running from. Once the teens had reached the spot, they were stunned as right in front of them were all six Ohrangers eating on a body. The Zombie Ohrangers still have their suits on, but they weren’t wearing their helmets.


Zordon, Alpha, and Circuit were shocked as they saw the Ohrangers on the Viewing Globe. The three then looked at the Zombie Power Rangers. “Well, we didn’t finish eating them.” Rocky said.


“Well looks like we found out why there were so many zombies in the city.” Trini said quietly to her teammates. 

Kimberly then notices something about Riki. “Eww!!! That one has an adult’s body with a child’s head!”

The Ohrangers stopped eating the body as they heard Kimberly. "YOU!" Goro yelled as the six zombies got up from the bloody skeleton.

“Nice going, Kimberly.” Zack sarcastically said to her.

“Your friends did this to us!” Shouhei yelled.

“We want revenge!” Yuji yelled.

“Tell us where those zombies are, and we may not eat you.” Juri said.

“They’re somewhere safe. Somewhere you’ll never find them.” Jason said.

“Then you have chosen death.” Momo said.

“But it will be the death that you won’t come back from.” Riki said.

“Unlike your friends, we’ll eat every bite of you.” Goro said.

Jason let out a sigh, “Things can never go easy for us.”

“Come on guys, let’s put the Ohrangers down for good.” Tommy said.

“Right!” The four other teens yelled together.

"Its Morphin Time!" Tommy yelled

"White Ranger Power!" Tommy yelled as he morphed into the White Ranger.

"Mastodon!" Zack yelled as he morphed into the Black Ranger.

"Mutant Ranger Power!" Kimberly yelled as she morphed into the Mutant Pink Ranger.

"Saber-Toothed Tiger!" Trini yelled as she morphed into the Yellow Ranger.

"Tyrannosaurus!" Jason yelled as he morphed into the Red Ranger.

So, there you have it.


-As you read, all six Ohrangers are zombies.

-The Ohrangers are still suited up, but they don't have their helmets on.

-Tommy is powered by the White Falcon Power Coin.

-Jason, Zack, and Trini are powered by the Dino Coins.

-Kimberly is powered by the Badge of Darkness that is as powerful as a Dino Coin.

-Tommy can use the Metallic Armor.

-I will post videos of the Metallic Armor under the Callisto Post.

Who do you think will win?

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The Metallic Armor 







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Good set-up, Venom. Nice development with showing Kimberly's steady turn to darkness via the Badge of Darkness's influence. 

As for the match, it looks like the zombie Ohrangers are wearing the Zeo Suits. That being the case, they may just be more powerful than the Morphin Rangers. Between that and Kimberly's potential turn, I don't like the Morphin Rangers' odds here. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.40 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
1 Total Votes cast
4.40 Total Combined Score
4.40 / 1 = 4.40 Final Rating on the match

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 3
Choriki Sentai Ohranger: 3

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