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12:7 - Alexandra Amberson vs. Danger Room

Alexandra Amberson: 4
Danger Room: 9


12:7 - Calender Man vs. Rainbow Archer

Calender Man: 6
Rainbow Archer: 4


12:7 - The Burger King vs. Flo (Progressive)

The Burger King: 6
Flo (Progressive): 9


12:7 - Artemis vs. Odin

Artemis: 5
Odin: 8


12:7 - Battle Droids vs. Clonetroopers

Battle Droids: 0
Clonetroopers: 14


12:7 - Tallahassee (Zombie Land) vs. The Town of Silent Hill

Tallahassee (Zombie Land): 4
The Town of Silent Hill: 7


12:7 - The Overlook Hotel vs. Din Djarin

The Overlook Hotel: 4
Din Djarin: 11


12:7 - Pele vs. Cúchulainn

Pele: 5
Cúchulainn: 4


12:7 - Android 8 vs. Midnighter

Android 8: 9
Midnighter: 3


12:7 - The Flash (Wally West) vs. Superman

The Flash (Wally West): 6
Superman: 7


12:7 - The Invid vs. The Romulan Star Empire

The Invid: 7
The Romulan Star Empire: 6


12:7 - Lucky the Leprechaun vs. Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Lucky the Leprechaun: 7
Snap, Crackle, and Pop: 5


12:7 - The Qu (All Tomorrows) vs. The Cylons

The Qu (All Tomorrows): 4
The Cylons: 8


12:7 - Michonne vs. Monster Island

Michonne: 2
Monster Island: 11


12:7 - Apollo vs. Quetzalcoatl

Apollo: 9
Quetzalcoatl: 2


12:7 - Tony the Tiger vs. Dig 'em Frog

Tony the Tiger: 8
Dig 'em Frog: 3


12:7 - Scar (Disney) vs. David Xanatos

Scar (Disney): 5
David Xanatos: 9


12:7 - Mario vs. Willy the Hillbilly

Mario: 3
Willy the Hillbilly: 10


12:7 - Lara Croft vs. Xenomorph Prime

Lara Croft: 7
Xenomorph Prime: 9


12:7 - Ryu vs. Sub-Zero

Ryu: 7
Sub-Zero: 5

Match 17519 Guy vs. Ryo Sakazaki


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PART 163


Ryu Hayabusa, the ninja who had defeated the current Yoshimitsu (REF: YOSHIMITSU VS. RYU HAYABUSA) to prove his worthiness to keep the cursed sword, Soul Edge, out of the hands of evil, stood at the edge of the never ending maze and waited patiently. Both Ayane and Momiji appeared behind him. Momiji was holding the body of Z.W.E.I, while Ayane had both Viola and Talim draped on her shoulders. (REF: IBUKI VS. MINA MAJIKINA)

“It would appear that you did much more than simple reconnaissance,” Ryu observed.

“I simply happened upon an opportunity and seized upon it,” Momiji replied. (REF: MOMIJI VS. VEGA)

“And you, Ayane?”

“I too did more than what you had initially asked,” Ayane answered. (REF: RACHEL VS. SHURA) “I took the shards of Soul Edge that had been extracted from the female fighter captured by the Mishima Zaibatsu.” (REF: AYANE VS. NINA WILLIAMS)

“There is nothing wrong with being assertive as long as it does not lead to being sloppy. I trust that you both ensured that neither the Zaibatsu or Shadoloo will be dropping in any time soon,”

“We were very careful,” Momiji assured.

“Master Ryu,” Ayane interjected. “Now that we have brought the bodies back, what are we doing with them?”

“Assist in reviving them,” Ryu responded.

Both Ayane and Momiji’s eyes widened at this answer.

“It is quite alright. The other ancient warriors that were in our charge have already been brought up to speed and are currently working with Yoshimitsu to find the rest of their scattered allies,” informed Ryu. (REF: HWANG VS. GUY)

“Do you really think that is wise? Were we not at conflicting goals with these warriors?” Momiji questioned.

“More like conflicting paths to the same destination. But, we all have agreed that working together to stop Soul Edge and the various forces that would seek to use it is much more beneficial to everyone involved than fighting amongst ourselves.”

“That sounds good in theory, but won’t having them all together create a large target for the pursuers of Soul Edge,” Ayane wondered.

“Yes, it will. That is the point. We stretch ourselves too thin trying to cover all the ground required to take them on individually. We stand a much better chance taking them on collectively.” Ryu paused for a moment. “Not to mention our odds will be helped by the fact that they won’t only be fighting us but also each other.”

“If a large-scale battle is our plan, then I am in,” Momiji announced. She and Ayane placed down the bodies of the three warriors they were carrying. Then Momiji looked around with curiosity. “Are Kasumi and Hayate not here with you?”

Ryu shook his head. “Not currently, no. Kasumi, Hayate, and the rest of the Mugen Tenshin are hunting down the evil forces that have been feeding into Soul Edge.”

Ayane appeared confused. “Weren’t you just saying we need to stick together.”

Ryu chuckled. “Yes, but the Mugen Tenshin’s mission is one of necessity. I have been close to the Soul Edge sword for awhile now. It grows stronger by the day, and if we don’t minimize its feeding then it may grow its power to a point that it’s temptation will become too strong for any of us to resist.”

“We have dealt with evil and cursed objects before,” said Ayane.

“Not like this.” Ryu looked over Ayane. “The shards in your possession? Were you planning on handing them over to me?’

"No? I assume that would be a bad idea given the amount of exposure you have already had,” stated Ayane.

“And that is the only reason you have chosen to hold on to them yourself? Have you even considered splitting them up between you and Momiji to lessen the temptation?” Ryu questioned.

Ayane became defensive. “What are you suggesting, Master Ryu?”

“I am only pointing out the subtle ways that even small amounts of Soul Edge can affect your decision making,” answered Ryu. 

Ayane reflected on this and felt a twinge of shame. She bowed respectfully. “I apologize for doubting your reasoning.”

Ayane pulled out her pouch of Soul Edge shards and split it between herself and the Dragon Shrine Maiden. Momiji made sure not to touch the shards with her hands.

“Ayane, Momiji and I can resuscitate these warriors, my assumption is that you would like to rejoin your clan in their quest,” Ryu guessed.

Ayane agreed. “I am a clan leader and I wouldn’t want them to feel abandoned during a dangerous fight.”

“Your victory against the Mishima Zaibatsu would indicate that you are exactly what they need for the battles ahead. Hayate has kept me apprised of their movements. He is leading a large contingent while your Hajinmon sect is with another fighter who has become an ally in this struggle,” Ryu informed. (REF: DHALSIM VS. RYUJI YAMAZAKI)

Ayane was skeptical. “Hayate entrusted the Hajinmon to an outsider?”

“This outsider proved himself in a skirmish against Hayate. (REF: HAYATE VS. RYO SAKAZAKI) He would not come right out and say it, but I believe he actually beat your half brother,” Ryu theorized. (REF: KASUMI VS. MASTER RAVEN)

“What about Kasumi?” Momiji asked.

“She went out on her own.” (REF: KASUMI VS. KAZUMI MISHIMA)

“Typical,” Ayane mumbled. Once a deserter, always a deserter, she thought to herself. But, that would have to be dealt with later. For now, Ayane was eager to meet up with her clan and get a close look at this stranger that was deemed worthy to travel with them.



The cloud of orange smoke that appeared from the drone explosion quickly encompassed the entire alleyway where Mai Shiranui, Guy, Hwang, and Zafina all stood. (REF: MAKI GENRYUSAI VS. MAI SHIRANUI) Hwang recognized the presence of Soul Edge immediately and did his best to shield Zafina, who was recovering from the blast close to him, with his cloak.

“We must leave this place immediately!” he declared.


“I have never seen it in this form before, but this is Soul Edge. We must escape this exposure before we become malfested,” Hwang explained.

“What about the others?” Zafina exclaimed.

“Everyone must save themselves. We will be no use to them if this smoke turns into rage fueled monsters,” Hwang reasoned.

Zafina tried to peek above Hwang’s cloak. The smoke was thick enough that she could not even see where the blast had thrown the others.

“We can circle back when the smoke has cleared,” Hwang suggested. “Hopefully your friends… will still be your friends.”

“Everyone shield yourselves as best you can!” Zafina shouted.

She then ran with Hwang out of the alley.

Guy pulled himself up next to a dumpster. He was unsure what the orange smoke around him was, but its aura reminded him immediately of M. Bison. Guy instinctively felt the need to shield himself from this malevolent substance. He looked for a way out of the alley that did not involve running through the thickest part of the smoke. But the sounds of shouting interrupted his planning. One of the voices was definitely Mai’s and the other voice was instantly recognizable as well, but Guy was in disbelief that she could suddenly be there.

Guy followed the sounds of the voices and was shocked to find out that SHE was there. It was his bushinryu rival, Maki Genryusai, swinging her tonfas at Mai while trying to avoid Mai’s flames. How did she get here? More importantly, why were they fighting?

“Maki. Mai. Stop this!” Guy pleaded.

Guy caught a glimpse of Mai’s orange tinted eyes and it sent a shiver down his spine. Before he could react further, a kick to his back sent him sprawling to the ground. Guy quickly rolled to his feet and turned to face his mystery attacker. The man had blonde hair, an orange gi, and tinted eyes just like Mai.

“Must destroy! Must demolish!” Ryo threatened. “It is the only way!”




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While Ryo scales to fighters like Terry and Geese Howard, Guy as I recall scales to Ryu himself. In fact I believe there was an UDON comic where he and Ryu fought and Guy actually beat Ryu thanks to his superior speed and training to fight multiple enemies at once. Since in my mind Ryu>>Terry/Geese then I must cast my vote for Guy.

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Another good set-up, Johnny. I like how you're not leaving your characters behind. 

On 11/22/2021 at 1:20 AM, JohnnyChany said:

“That sounds good in theory, but won’t having them all together create a large target for the pursuers of Soul Edge,” Ayane wondered.

“Yes, it will. That is the point. We stretch ourselves too thin trying to cover all the ground required to take them on individually. We stand a much better chance taking them on collectively.” Ryu paused for a moment. “Not to mention our odds will be helped by the fact that they won’t only be fighting us but also each other.”

“If a large-scale battle is our plan, then I am in,” Momiji announced.

What's this? Do I sense a potential free-for-all in the arc's finale? 

As for the match, this might be a close one, but I think Guy's superior agility and cooler head will prevail here. Ryo seems to be a very good fighter, but the Soul Edge's influence may have him a bit too enraged to think as clearly as he normally might.

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