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12:8 - Shan Yu vs. Bill Cipher

Shan Yu: 2
Bill Cipher: 8


12:8 - Abra Stone vs. Fortnite Island

Abra Stone: 4
Fortnite Island: 6


12:8 - Richard O'Connell vs. Warworld

Richard O'Connell: 5
Warworld: 7


12:8 - The Star Wars Fanatics vs. The Foot Clan

The Star Wars Fanatics: 4
The Foot Clan: 9


12:8 - Beta Ray Bill vs. Captain Marvel / Shazam

Beta Ray Bill: 9
Captain Marvel / Shazam: 3


12:8 - Trevor Belmont (Netflix) vs. Domino (Marvel Comics)

Trevor Belmont: 4
Domino (Marvel Comics): 8


12:8 - Ashley J. Williams vs. Predator Pyramid

Ashley J. Williams: 5
Predator Pyramid: 9


12:8 - Mr. Peanut vs. Wendy

Mr. Peanut: 5
Wendy: 6


12:8 - Lt. Ellen Ripley vs. New York City Penitentiary

Lt. Ellen Ripley: 14
New York City Penitentiary: 3


12:8 - Shocker vs. Rhino

Shocker: 8
Rhino: 3


12:8 - The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns) vs. Orcs

The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns): 3
Orcs: 9


12:8 - Bragi vs. Zeus

Bragi: 6
Zeus: 3


12:8 - George Volcano vs. Ronald McDonald

George Volcano: 4
Ronald McDonald: 5


12:8 - Angar the Screamer vs. Trapster

Angar the Screamer: 9
Trapster: 2


12:8 - Magpie vs. King Shark

Magpie: 3
King Shark: 9


12:8 - Ninjas vs. The 300 Spartans

Ninjas: 6
The 300 Spartans: 7


12:8 - Thor vs. Anubis

Thor: 7
Anubis: 2


12:8 - Apocalypse vs. Ultron

Apocalypse: 10
Ultron: 0


12:8 - Doomsday vs. The Hulk

Doomsday: 7
The Hulk: 5


12:8 - Demona vs. Lord Dominator

Demona: 7
Lord Dominator: 4

Match 17337 Michael Myers vs. Candyman

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(Spoiler Alert: don’t read the set-up if you don’t want the endings to Halloween Kills and Candyman 2021 spoiled)


Haddonfield Memorial Hospital

Haddonfield, Illinois

October 31, 2018


“I get that this town is in some kind of state of emergency, that’s why I’m trying to find my parents!” The teenage youth flipped her hair out of her eyes to give the hospital receptionist a hard look. “Marcus and Vanessa Cartwright-Jones? They’re 2 of maybe 5 black people who live in this town, so I’d think you’d know if you saw them!”


“I’m sorry ma’am, but we’re kinda swamped at the moment. May I have your name?” 


“Mikayla Cartwright-Jones. I go to High School here.”


“Well Mikayla I’ll try to find your parents as soon as I’m free to. Please have a seat while you wait.” 


“Goddammit, why the hell couldn’t you guys have come with me to check on Aunt Brianna?” Mikayla sighed to herself as she took a seat at one of the chairs against the walls.


“Excuse me? You said you were looking for Marcus and Vanessa?”


Mikayla looked up to see another teenage girl standing in front of her. She looked like she had a bad night: her hair was a mess, her eyes looked tired and baggy, and her clothes were absolutely filthy, covered in dirt and… was that blood? 


“Yes. Who are you?” Mikayla cautiously asked.


“I’m Allyson Nelson. I meet your parents only a few hours ago but they seem like nice people.”


“Where are they? Are they here?” Mikayla stood up looking around to see if her folks were nearby. Seeing Allyson not looking her in the eyes and hesitating to answer, Mikayla already high anxiety sky rocketed. “Are they alright? Tell me their alright. Please tell me their alright!”


“I-I’m so sorry Mikayla. I should’ve been there. I shouldn’t have let them go.”


“No… no, no, no, no! Don’t say that! Don’t… Oh god. Oh god no…”


Guiding the crying Mikayla into a nearby hospital room, Allyson hugged her and tried her best to comfort the poor girl.


“I… I don’t understand. Why them? They never did anything wrong. They never…” Mikayla cried for a minute or two longer, before finally composing herself enough to speak properly. “I need to know who did this. Tell me.”


“Some people call him the Boogeyman or the Shape, but in Haddonfield we call him Michael Myers. I don’t know if he’s just a psychopath or something more, but 40 years he killed dozens of innocent people for no good reason, and now he’s back and he’s killing even more people, including your parents. And mine,” Allyson sadly explained.


“One man is causing all this chaos in town? How?” Mikayla asked.


“Because he’s not just a man anymore kid. He’s pure goddamn evil!” Mikayla was startled by another woman entering the room. She was far older then her or Allyson, with grey hair and a gravelly voice that reminded Mikayla of her own grandmother. The woman brushed past the two younger girls, opening the closet in the back and pulling out a freaking shotgun! “I don’t know how but he can’t be just a mortal man now, not after everything he’s done and survived through. He’s becoming something greater, eviler. That’s why we have to destroy him, tonight!”


“Grandma we’ve talked about this! You can’t face him again! He’ll kill you!” Allyson tried to talk sense to her grandma.


“Well I’m not about to just sit here and wait until he decides to come after you or me again! I know where he is and I’m gonna stop him once and for all!” The old lady insisted, grabbing a handful of shotgun shells.


“The police already have his house completely surrounded. They won’t let you in and they definitely won’t let him out. Sheriff Barker said the National Guard will be here soon, please let them handle it.”


“No fucking way! They can’t stop him, no one else can stop him. I’m the only who can destroy him!” The elderly woman loaded shotgun shell after shotgun shell into her gun and gave it a badass cock for emphasis.


“How? We’ve already tried shooting him! And stabbing him, and bludgeoning him, and even burning him! If an angry mob of over 20 people can’t kill him what can?” Allyson demanded from her grandmother.




Allyson and her Grandmother turned to the almost forgotten Mikayla, silently asking about what she just said.


“Y’all heard about Anthony McCoy from the news right? How he killed all those people in the Cabrini-Green Projects a couple months ago? Well my Aunt Brianna told me it wasn’t Anthony who killed those people, not really anyways. It was something called Candyman, basically the Hood’s own Boogeyman.” Mikayla exposited. 


“The ‘Hood’s Boogeyman’ was named after a song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?” Allyson asked.


“Just listen to me! Candyman is real, and he’s bad enough to smoke 4 cops armed to the teeth. Maybe, if y’all can get me to your man’s crib, I can summon Candyman there and-”


“And what? Have a super evil showdown? Have you actually seen ‘Candyman’ before?” Grandma Laurie asked.


“Why? Does it sound less believable then a 70 year old white dude surviving getting shot and burned back to back? Are y’all gonna help me or not?” Mikayla demanded.


“….How exactly would we bring him to Haddonfield anyway?”


“We find a mirror and say his name five times.”




Crouching behind the wooden fence outside the backyard, Laurie looked around for any sign of Michael before turning back to the two teens with her.


“We go in through the basement, we stay quiet as fucking mice, I’ll lure Michael into the basement, you’ll do your Bloody Mary bullshit and then we get the hell out of here,” Laurie Strode said.


“How certain are you that Candyman won’t just kill us himself?” Allyson asked Mikayla.


“Aunt Brianna thinks that Anthony is still somewhat in control of Candyman, that’s why he didn’t kill her when she summoned him. So I’m… reasonable sure he won’t harm us,” Mikayla explained.


With that somberly thought the three women made there move. Quietly entering the basement they creeped through the dark room as silently as they could manage, stopping at the middle of the room. Signaling the others to freeze, Laurie looked over a dirty old table, seeing a set of tea cups still sitting there, collecting dust and cobwebs. Laurie swept her hand over the table, sending the tea cups to the ground breaking loudly upon contact. The old woman waited one second, then two, and then turned back to Mikayla.


“He’s coming, do it now!”


Unslinging her backpack, Mikayla pulled a small hand held mirror from the pack, held it to her face and spoke out loud:


“Candyman. Candyman. Candy-”




A dull pain erupted from Mikayla’s lower back, causing her to gasp in shock and pain. It was a dull, agonizing pain that seemed to travel across her back and into her insides. For half a second she was confused as to what had happened, but as she felt warm liquid start to run down to her legs and a harsh breath brush against the back of her head, she suddenly realized she was being stabbed by Michael freaking Myers.






Dropping unceremoniously to the ground, Mikayla found herself unable to feel the lower half of her body. Her legs felt so numb and heavy, and no amount of mental commands could get them to move. Looking up she saw Allyson being thrown to the ground roughly to the ground by Michael, she landed with a hard thud and didn’t get up. Michael then quickly grabbed the neck of Laurie’s shotgun and forced it upwards, discharging the blast into the roof.


Feeling her breathing becoming labored and painful, as well as the numbness in her legs creeping up her stomach, Mikayla willed her hand to grip the mirror tighter and tilt it back up so that she could see her face once more.


“C-Candyman… Candyman…Candy…..man…”


As Michael stared emotionlessly down at Laurie, his hands around her throat choking the life from her, his gaze became drawn to a small yellow dot crawling up his hand. Dropping the now limp Laurie Stroud, Michael briefly regarded the little bee that had perched itself to his hand. The tiny bee buzzed seemingly angry at Michael and plunged it’s stinger into the skin of Michael’s hand. The masked killer didn’t even flinch at the sudden pain, he just slowly moved his other hand over the bee and smashed it between his hands. To Myers confusion though, the annoying buzzing sound only increased in volume and two more bees suddenly appeared right in front of his face. 


Angered, Michael swung out his hand, hitting one of the bees out of the air. But once again the buzzing increased in volume and two more bees appeared to swarm him. Now annoyed and slightly alarmed, Michael slashed out at the growing number of bees with his kitchen knife, the hair on the back of his neck stood up as the buzzing grew louder and louder, almost until the boogeyman felt like he could hear the annoying sound coming from inside his own head! Michael stabbed at the swarm of bees again and again, until a sudden reflection from his stainless steel knife caught his attention. 


From the knife’s reflection Michael saw something moving just behind him, still in the shadows of the dark room, yet he could still make out an even greater number of the yellow insects perched all over it’s face. Slowly turning around, Michael’s eyes began to adjust to the darkness, to the point that the mysterious figure began to take the form of a tall, slim man wearing a brown fur trench coat and a bloody hook on his right hand. Michael gripped his knife tightly and glared hatefully at the stranger.


“Hello, Boogeyman of Haddonfield. Who am I? I am the writing on the wall, the whispers in the classrooms, the sweet smell of blood. Be my victim.”




The Boogeyman vs The Candyman


Halloween 2018 & Kills Michael Myers vs 2021’s Candyman. Who wins and who dies?


(Sorry for posting this late. Wanted it to be on Halloween, but life got in the way.)

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It is with great sadness that I cannot read this setup (haven't seen Candyman yet), so will rate on the match up and prior setups - so a 5! 😀 

Ive always seen Candyman as more of a tragic figure than Michael, almost fighting against his own impulses to kill - so going to lean towards the more brutal killer on this one.

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Great idea for a match. It made me curious to see if they had squared off before. Looks like they have and unfortunately for the Candyman I think he is going to go 0-2 against the OG slasher although I have admittedly not seen the latest Candyman.

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Awesome set up! I really enjoyed the build up. I haven't seen either of the new ones so I honestly don't know who could take it. I feel like with Candyman being a supernatural entity, he might have an edge but from what I have heard about the Halloween Kills, Michael pretty much becomes an unstoppable entity himself. It could go either way or no way. Maybe neither one kills the other 


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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.00 - patrickthekid
5.00 - Culwych1
5.00 - Mercenaryblade
4.50 - Boratz
5.00 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
5 Total Votes cast
23.50 Total Combined Score
23.50 / 5 = 4.70 Final Rating on the match

Michael Myers: 6
Candyman: 2

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