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Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 9 Match 17107 Chloe Bourgeois vs. Roxy Rocket vs. Red Claw

Chloe Bourgeois: 3
Roxy Rocket: 2
Red Claw: 1


11:7 - Master Shifu vs. Ted Lasso

Master Shifu: 6
Ted Lasso: 4


11:7 - Apollo Creed vs. Zordon of Eltar

Apollo Creed: 6
Zordon of Eltar: 7


11:7 - Mercy (Overwatch) vs. The Holographic Doctor

Mercy (Overwatch): 3
The Holographic Doctor: 8


11:7 - Middle-Earth vs. Mini-Me

Middle-Earth: 3
Mini-Me: 9


11:7 - Mickey Goodmill vs. Phil (Disney)

Mickey Goodmill: 8
Phil (Disney): 3


11:7 - Ethan Hunt vs. Carmen Sandiego

Ethan Hunt: 2
Carmen Sandiego: 10


11:7 - Iroh vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Iroh: 5
Sgt. Slaughter: 7


11:7 - Ratchet vs. Julian Bashir

Ratchet: 4
Julian Bashir: 6


11:7 - President Thomas J. Whitmore vs. Master Roshi

President Thomas J. Whitmore: 8
Master Roshi: 2


11:7 - Raccoon City vs. Bob (Agent of Hydra)

Raccoon City: 7
Bob (Agent of Hydra): 4


11:7 - Hoth vs. Marco Diaz

Hoth: 8
Marco Diaz: 1


11:7 - Amy Wong vs. Westview, New Jersey

Amy Wong: 8
Westview, New Jersey: 2


11:7 - Rafiki vs. Gouken

Rafiki: 6
Gouken: 3


11:7 - The Town of Silent Hill vs. Genie (Disney)

The Town of Silent Hill: 2
Genie (Disney): 7


11:7 - Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon) vs. Genji

Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon): 1
Genji: 7


11:7 - Kato vs. The Cube

Kato: 4
The Cube: 6


11:7 - Dr. Gregory House vs. Bones McCoy

Dr. Gregory House: 4
Bones McCoy: 6


11:7 - Vanellope Von Schweetz vs. Princess Calla

Vanellope Von Schweetz: 9
Princess Calla: 3


Tournament - The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) vs. Midgard Serpent

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans): 2
Midgard Serpent: 3

Match 17109 Fran vs. Freya Crescent


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World extermination is imminent. Commencing hunt for the ultimate adventuring party to save us. Only the best of the best. Our world’s only hope. Starting extraction of potential candidates 

"Moogle Representative" Team Member: Lulu

Team Gunblade: Lightning

Team Dragoon: Aranea Highwind

Team Brawler: Tifa Lockhart

Non Human Male Team Member: Kimahri Ronso



Thirteenth Target: Fran

Sky Pirate

Partner and Navigator to Balther

7'1 (including ears) Viera Warrior

Can create a Shiva like ice attack during her Quickening technique

Mist will drive her into a Feral Rage

Sensitive about her age


Fran and her partner in crime, fellow sky pirate, Balthier, flew across the skies of Ivalice aboard the Strahl airship in search of the next big score. Balthier sighed from his pilot seat.

BALTHIER: I must admit, things have been rather dull since the Empire’s reign of terror has come to an end.

FRAN: Are you suggesting you prefer the way things were?

BALTHIER: No. I am merely lamenting the fact that the sense of danger and adventure has been severely lacking as of late.

FRAN: Although I have no desire to see Archades return to its former status, I… I wouldn’t be opposed to some trouble.

A gauge on the dashboard near Fran suddenly began to flash red. 

BALTHIER: Ask and you shall receive.

Fran tapped on the gauge with her long viera fingers and nails

FRAN: This is not the kind of trouble I meant. There appears to be something wrong with one of the glossair engines.

BALTHIER: We should be entering Rabanastre airspace. We can make an emergency landed if needed.

FRAN: If we are not careful, We won’t be able to land at all. I am going to go check it out.

Fran stood up from her navigator chair and walked briskly toward the engine room. Once inside, she immediately noticed a strange blue glow coming from nearby the engine in question. Fran was unsure of what thing would emit such a glow so she slowly grabbed the bow slung over her shoulder, doing her best to prepare for anything.

When she reached closer to the source of the glow, Fran realized it was some sort of portal. Before she could react fully to this new revelation, the viera warrior was sucked in by the portal and spit back out in a densely forested area. She was immediately approached by a golden chocobo.

CHARLIE: Greetings noble warrior, my name is Charlie.

FRAN: How did I get here? What has happened to Balthier and the Strahl?

CHARLIE: I brought you here, I am seeking your help. Don’t worry, your companion is safe. My portal left no lasting damage to the engine. In truth, I am going to ask Balthier for help as well very soon.

FRAN: Help with what?

CHARLIE: Help saving my world. Surely, two roguish sky pirates who fought the good fight to save one world would be willing to do it for another. Perhaps, if the price is right. There are treasures I can offer Balthier the likes of which he has never seen and for you… for you my dear I think I can help you recapture what you miss the most.

FRAN: And what would that be?

CHARLIE: Your connection to the Wood.

FRAN: You may know some things about me, but you presume to offer me something that is not yours to give. Even if it was, it is not something that I would willingly take. I understood and respected the sacrifice I was making  when I chose to leave my village, to circumvent it now would not feel right.

CHARLIE: Fair enough. Maybe I can offer you something else. Despite your chosen profession as a sky pirate, I don’t believe you are motivated by material things. No, you linked up with Balthier because it gave you an opportunity to see all of Ivalice, something you could never do in the secluded Eruyt Village. What I am presenting you is an opportunity to see a world beyond Ivalice and to help defend those not strong enough to defend themselves.

FRAN: It is an enticing proposition. What do you require of me?

CHARLIE: Only that you prove that you are the warrior I believe you to be. There are ruins to the north of this area. Go there and challenge the fighter present. She is also from a race populated with strong warriors, although she is not Human, or Seeq, or Bangaa, or Garif, or any race you have come across before. She is Burmecian and a highly skilled knight.


Fourteenth Target: Freya Crescent

Dragoon Knight

Buremecian Warrior

Top competitor in the Festival of the Hunt

Utilizes a Jump attack where she jumps to great heights for an extended time before coming back down to strike

Can create a sandstorm with other Burmecians for protection through ritual dance

Is driven by her love for Sir Fratley


As Freya entered the city of Alexandria, she tried her best to hide her melancholy. It was a ceremony for the new queen, Garnet, and it marked the first time Freya would see Garnet as well as many of her other companions in a long time. Alas, her reconnection with her lost love, Sir Fratley, was not going as well as she had hoped.

Freya understood that it was going to be hard to rebuild the bond she once shared with the amnesiac Sir Fratley, they were starting from two different places. Still, it was proving even more difficult than she had feared. Perhaps it would never be the same again. Freya did her best not to dwell on this as she traversed the streets of Alexandria.

Suddenly, a small black mage caught her eye. It looked a lot like Vivi. The sight startled Freya. The mage was briskly walking in the opposite direction.

FREYA: Vivi? Vivi, is that you? Vivi!

The small black mage did not respond or even turn his head to acknowledge Freya.

FREYA: Vivi, where are you going? The castle is not that way.

Freya followed what she believed to be her small, scrambling friend onto a side street and then into an alley. Freya gasped after she turned the corner. Several clones of Vivi walked directly into a blue portal without hesitation from several different directions.

FREYA: What is going on?

Freya held her Dragon’s Hair spear tight and jumped in after them. Freya landed on her feet in the middle of ancient ruins covered in plant life. She looked to her left to see a golden chocobo staring right back at her.

CHARLIE: Excellent. I knew if I deployed enough black mage clones, one of them would catch your eye and lead you here. 

FREYA: Clones? The factory in Dali was destroyed. How is it that you came upon them? Has Kuja returned?

CHARLIE: That’s a lot of questions. First, let me introduce myself, my name is Charlie. Yes, they are black mage clones, once you learn how to create them, a factory can be built anywhere. And no, I am not affiliated with Kuja in any way. I am not even from Gaia or Terra. I just figured the best way to get a hold of you and your comrades lies in your connection to Vivi. You were the first one I tried it on and it appears to be a success.

Freya lifted her spear and aimed it at the verbose bird.

FREYA: State your intention for bringing me here, chocobo.

CHARLIE: Yes, of course. No need for physical intimidation. I am in desperate need of your help to save my world from the brink of destruction. You showed yourself to be an amazing warrior during your battles alongside Zidane and the others against some very formidable foes. I am hoping you will lend your strength to my cause.

FREYA: I am not some kind of mercenary. You would have better luck recruiting the likes of Amarant Coral or even Lani. 

CHARLIE: Intriguing possibilities I grant you, but you are the standout that I have seen.No doubt the pride of the resilient Burmecian race.

FREYA: You are mistaken if you think I am susceptible to flattery.

CHARLIE: Just stating the facts as I see them. In exchange for helping save my world I can offer you something so much better than compliments. I can offer you a reunion with the one you love. A real reunion with memories intact.

FREYA: Sir Fratley? How? This is not meant as a slight on your ordinary appearance, but how could you even begin to promise such a thing?

CHARLIE: No offense taken as this is merely an avatar. I have the ability to reach out through space and time, which is how I brought you here in the first place. Would it really be that hard to believe that I could do the same thing with your beloved before he tragically lost his memory.

Freya hesitated before she responded. The offer sounded too good to be true, but also there was a big part of it that felt wrong. Also, Freya did sympathise with this stranger if his world was really in the dire straits that he claimed. Freya knew first hand the desperation of trying to protect a home in shambles. She made up her mind to see where this went.

FREYA: I will help you.

CHARLIE: Splendid. There is just the small matter of the trial at first.

Freya eyed Charlie with suspicion from underneath her giant hat.

CHARLIE: Hey, I meant everything I said before, but it took a lot of energy to bring you here and it would take a whole lot more to bring you to my world so I have to make sure you are up to the challenge. 

FREYA: What is the trial?

CHARLIE: A battle against the Viera warrior, Fran. She is a master of weapons, although she seems to prefer the bow and arrow. My guess is that might change once she gets an eyeful of your impressive spear. She is a little on the stoic side, I actually think the two of you would get along fairly well under different circumstances. Oh, and she will probably be arriving at this location any minute now.







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